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School of Graduate Studies – Coordinators





Dr. Rowena M. Libo-on
Acting Dean of School of Graduate Studies

Program Coordinators:

Dr. Carmen N. Hernandez
Doctor of Management


Prof. Althea U. Denuevo
Master in Business Administration

Dr. Merle L. Junsay
Master of Arts in Education/
Doctor of Education
Prof. Kareen Jay D. Lozada
Master of Science in Social Work
Prof. Renia F. De La Peña
Master in Public Administration/
Master of Arts in English
Language and Literature /
Dr. Charlie D. Baldon
Master of Arts in Nursing
Engr. Ceaesar Rico S. Acanto
Master of Engineering
Prof. Rose Leah Joy A. Ojacastro
Master of Science in Computer Science
Prof. Ana Mae B. Cantel
Master in Library and Information Science
Prof. Ma. Cynthia T. Peleña
Master in Library and Information Science
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