Central Philippine University



Memories and hopes, these are what these songs are all about.

Memories of those golden years of yesterday’s youth. Dawn beckoning at tomorrow’s hopes.

In the lyrics of these songs are etched the special joys of each Centralian. In these haunting melodies are heard to remembered the laughter of childhood, the blush of blooming love, the pain of growth, the glory of success, the serenity of wisdom.

These are the songs of challenge and songs of achievement , songs of promise and songs of fulfillment.

These are songs have different special meanings to the life each Centralian. But as love spoken in different tongues would mean the same thing, all these songs, in different ways, speak of the same bond that holds us all together. After all, these are all songs of faith. That faith manifest in our Central Spirit.

The songs in this collection have been selected for their familiarity to all Centralians, both young and old. To preserve the peculiar charm and the familiar meaning of these songs, they are presented here in arrangements faithful to their original concept and flavour. To make these songs singable by musicians and non-musicians alike, these arrangements were kept simple and limited to four-part harmony in some numbers, and two-or three-part harmony in others. In some selections the melody is presented in unison, adaptable for use by a unison chorus or by a soloist.

These selection may be sung with easy piano or guitar accompaniment, or sung unaccompanied.

As music is the proverbial language of the soul, we hope that the songs in this new collection will serve as the language that will forever keep the Central Spirit alive.

Central, My Central

Alma Mater Song

Tune : How Can I leave Thee 

Central my Central Our Alma Mater true
Our praise we’ll sing to you
Day after day
We’ll keep thine honor dear
Save thee from every fear
Thy name we will revere
When faraway

Central my Central
Loved honored be thy name
And everywhere the same
Through north and south
May thou forever stand
Renowned in every land
Supreme in heart and hand
We love thee best.

Central Spirit

Tune : There’s A Long, Long Trail 

Hope of coming generations
Gleaming dawn of day!
Filled with lofty veneration
All we think and say;
Central Spirit lead us onward
Loyal make each son
Till we find our efforts honored
with the Master’s words “ Well done!”
We’ve a wealth of school mem’ries
That makes for manhood in man;
And a rich and broad horizon
Central Students scan

Here’s a leadership fraternal
For Eastern nations to see
For a renaissance supernal sweeps
Our isle from sea to sea!

Raise A Song

Tune: “Wave the Flag of Old Chicago ”

Raise a song for dear old Central!
Fair and far renowned
Let her campus ring with echoes
Let her halls resound
Franklin Weston Roblee ringing
Lopez Hall replies
Hark! Upon the distant mountains
How the fading echo dies!


Central is bidding us stand for the right
Each to be proud
He’s a Centralite, Searching for truth
We shall come to the light .

Fortunate students of Central
Here we prepare, learning to share
All for a purpose enduring,
In life’s earnest race
May we all have the grace
To stand for the precepts

Always Central

Faithful we will be Always
Ever true to thee
Always Central school so dear
Fill our hearts with cheer
While we study here always, always;
Serves us with a smile always
For her work’s worthwhile, always;
Not for just an hour,
Not for just a day,
Not for just a year, but Always.

The Gold and Blue

The Gold and Blue
When we leave thy halls dear Central
To waiting tasks we go;
Will school day joys our hearts enthrall
How much pain will our hearts know?

But we’ll faithful be in life’s
Noon or shade
Pledge our torch each day a new
‘Gainst the time when memory shall fade,
Here a song that will keep us true.

These treasures ours who are Central’s
Golden chains that bind us too;
The love of friends who spurn the false
And would have us to be true blue;
Open minds and hearts all ready to share
A neighbor’s ill or woe.

For this heritage beyond compare
Here’s a song for the Gold and Blue

A Lovely Campus Spot in Iloilo

Tune : Ah! Sweet Mystery of Life

There’s a lovely campus spot in Iloilo
It’s a place that has been touched
By God’s own hand
In the life of every one
We see His power
In strength of faith in light of joy divine
In this lovely campus spot in Iloilo

In this place where the tree and earth
And sky meet God!
In the songs of birds,
Blooming of the flowers
All Central students learn
To walk with God

Track Song

(Softball Song)

Score for Central More for Central
Drive that ball sky high
O’er the palm trees
O’er the rice fields
They can’t catch you fly
Watch the pitch or she’ll get her
Can do if you try
Rah! Rah! Old Central’s gaining
Ein! Zwe! Drei!

Clear the race track
Central’s coming
Push that sideline back
They can’t beat her nor defeat her
What she’s got you lack
Trim and Training no complaining
Round the stake and back
Rah! rah! Old Central’s gaining scores in Track!

Whoop’ Er Up

Oh there is a school that’s known in this part As Central Philippine University
And she has won our hearts
Ohhh! We’d like to know
A school with more go
We’ll stand by her to the end boys!
Whoop ‘er up! Whoop ‘er up!
Some more Central Philippine University
The school we all adore
We stand for truth and honesty
We stand to play the game
We love our alma mater dear
We’ll ever praise her name!
Zsssss Boom!