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Weekly Centralian Link (September 8, 2017)

U-Day 2017 begins with a Sports Parade; kicks off with power and fantasy

AHS Unicorn mascot on a bike.

On a sunny Monday afternoon, as early as one o’clock on September 6, students from different colleges assembled at the Half-moon Drive, where the Sports Parade will take off. The activity formally signals the start of the sports events, a prelude to the University Day Celebrations 2017.

An aerial shot of the College of Computer Studies Warriors during the opening parade.

The different departments chose names of strong and wild animals to signify dominance and power. They are the Junior High School Jaguar, College of Hospitality Management Wolf, and the Arts and Sciences Dragon. Then there is the young and vital image of the Colt for College of Education; the College of Medical Technology, College of Nursing and Pharmacy combined as Allied Health Services Team – chose the mythical Unicorn for its color, and vibrant image; the CBA is Phoenix, the College of Engineering students are the Titans. A supernatural image, the Steel Hawk was owned by the Senior High School’s team.

CARES to be number One!

With pride, one of the students of the College of Computer Studies confided why they chose the name Warriors for their team. She said “We’re gonna slay the Titans, Dragons and all!”

The teams paraded around CPU’s Big Field before getting into the Alumni Promenade and Concert Park at 1:30 PM with their banners, insignias and symbolic headgears. The Promenade was full-packed as the CPU Symphonic Band played triumphant music; everyone was ready for the opening program.

Ma’am Dugayo joins her COED’s Team Colt.

Dr. Teodoro C. Robles, CPU President delivered the opening remarks. He welcomed the participants and the teams, reminding them that “they can beat each other in the competitions, and still remain Centralians by the end of the day.”

The ceremonial Mother Torch was lighted up by Jacqui Rose Lamparero, the Champion of 2017 Sprint Distance Women’s, NATG Leg 1. It was followed by an Oath of Sportsmanship by Quinn Pauline Hormigoso, a Mayor’s Citation for Sports Awardee.

U-Day Steering Committee Co-Chair, Atty. Alejandro Somo declared the Opening of Games. CPU Republic Prime Minister Charles Arthel R. Rey, and College of Education Representative Ma. Jechsa Louize De Guia delivered the closing remarks and closing prayer, respectively. The sports competition began with Triathlon as the first event.

Junior High Jaguars roar.

Frisbee contigent of the CBA Team Phoenix.

The College of Engineering CPUR officials receive their over-all champion U-day 2016 trophy.

CPUR President John Christian Espanola(l) and CPUR Prime Minister Charles Arthel Rey with last year’s U-Day Championship Trophy.

College of Business and Accountancy Team Phoenix.

The Theologians Team.

The red Dragons Team of the Arts and Sciences.

The Eng’g Titans with their 2016 Championship Trophy.

Team Steelhawk of the CPU Senior High School.

Philippine Triathlon Champion Jacqui Rose Lamparero bears the symbolic Mother Torch.

Who’s afraid of the wolf.

Unicorns unite- Allied Health Sciences Team.

Triathlon signals start of the U-Day 2017 sports events

Contestants get ready to dive and start the triathlon event.

Into the second leg of the triathlon.

The University Swimming Pool was jam-packed up to the stands; swimmers in their swimming suits, ready to jump off at the signal for the start of the first leg of the Triathlon – this is the opening competition of the U-day Sports Events.

The U-Day Triathlon consisted of swimming back and forth eight times in the 30M length of the Olympic size Swimming Pool; eight laps of bike race around the roads surrounding the CPU Big Field, and 10 times of circling the grounds of the CPU Big Field.

The bike race-the 2nd leg of the triathlon.

Finishing strong – Lamparero shows strength and consistency as she finishes her last lap.

The willingness and determination to win requires an excellent stamina to finish the race. Still dripping from the swimming pool, the participants started biking and then after finishing the required laps on the bike race, they continued to run towards the finish line.

So on Monday afternoon of September 4, 2017, shortly after the opening program of the sports events for U-Day 2017, the Triathlon organizers gave the spectators a taste of an exhilarating sports event inside Central Philippine University. Pastor James Peter Trasporto, University Swimming Pool Supervisor and Race Director of the event, made sure that all the needs and requirements of the race particularly in the transition – movements from the swimming pool to the bike race and running in the field were all prepared. Students extended help as coordinators, timers and scorers; thanks to the CPUR for believing that the most critical and important factor in the event is good coordination.

Atlast! Senior High contender finishes first besting all other male athletes.

Jacqui Rose Lamparero, CPU’s Ironwoman, garners the top spot in the woman’s category.

Winners- Triathlon Elementary Category.

Winners-Triathlon Women Category.

winners-Triathlon Men Category.

Results of the race are still to be released pending details and confirmation of the individual and team standing. More updates on the sports events in the next issue of the Weekly Centralian Link.

Congratulations to our new Centralian Registered Electrical Engineers!

CPU got a 100% passing percentage (15 out of 15) in the September 2017 Electrical Engineer national board exam. The national passing percentage is 63%.

Here are the list of the board passers:


FORTALEZA, Fredelino Jr. Medrocillo

Registered Electrical Engineer Board Exam Passers (September 2017)

ANCAJAS, Joenel Acallar
BIBOSO, June Ronel Sobrevega
BOLIVAR, Derven Besana
BOSQUE, Gian Carlo Tesoro
CABALLERO, Charly Villono
CARTAMA, Norberto Jr. Dionio
DEMASANA, Lawrence Caine Dusaban
DONGON, Ydsan Franz Palabrica
ESCRUPOLO, Lewart Junel Legaste
OSANO, Pio Lorenzo Debaja
RETERACION, John Paul Peña
REYES, Erick John Bacalso
TERRE, Mark Dominic Taronga
YSULAT, Ken Gyro Joting
ZUNIEGA, Ian Harvey Cioco

Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) reported that there were 2,807 out of 4,460 examinees that passed the Registered Electrical Engineer board exam. To God be the glory!

Son gives out cash awards in honor of his father

(L to R) Mr. DR June I. Sanico, a generous Centralian donor poses with Dr. Margen A. Java (Director, SDP) and scholars Estrevencion, Ma. Roisa S – BSBA FM 3; Palmes, Gelyn – BSBA FM 3; Caycong, Gladys  – BS SW 3; and Guilamo, Ciarra G – BSBA BM 3.

Mr. DR June I. Sanico, son of the late Mr. Dandino Sanico who was a work student, and a long-time proctor of the Franklin Hall Men’s Dormitory, put up a scholarship fund for deserving work students. Last September 6, 2017, Mr. DR June I. Sanico went to the Office of Development Programs. In the presence of Director Dr. Margen A. Java, he personally handed in the cash award to the recipients of the Dandino Sanico Memorial Scholarship for Work Students for the First Semester, SY 2017-2018. The following scholars received Php 5,000.00 each: Estrevencion, Ma. Roisa S – BSBA FM 3; Palmes, Gelyn – BSBA FM 3; Caycong, Gladys  – BS SW 3; and Guilamo, Ciarra G – BSBA BM 3. This is the second year that the cash awards were given by the Sanico family.

CPUR 2017-2018 distributes pads and coloring books from recycled materials

CPU Republic, the oldest student government in the Philippines established in 1906, launched a very laudable project called REPADS, an acrostic of REcycling Paper, Advancing Development in Society.

The current list of CPUR Officials in the Executive branch.

CPUR promotes environmental consciousness in their advocacy project.

In with CPU’s 112th year, CPUR released a coloring booklet as part of their advocacy for a cleaner environment.

According to the CPUR President, Jan Christian Española, “The REPADS Project started in July 2017 as an initiative of the Office of the CPU Republic President to collect scratch papers from the different offices at Central Philippine University. The gathering of papers was intended to be compiled and reused as notepads or notebook. In addition to such, the concept of creating coloring books and storybooks came to mind. These books will be donated to different beneficiary schools in far flung areas with limited access to school supplies and materials.” CPUR gives a timely reminder to all of us through this tagline, “Help save the environment. Help educate children! Help hone a mind, one book at a time.”

CPU President, Dr. Teodoro C. Robles, gave his full support to this project of CPUR. The CPU Press compiled, bound and printed the covers of the project free of charge.

Let’s get physical!

The 2017 Alumni Homecoming of CPU promises to be an exciting event which will extend not only the program and fellowship to the Centralians but new events that can bring up everyone to the next level. Beyond the usual, the list of events this year will include physical fitness segments and enjoyable collective participation.

CPUAAI President Daniel P. Dorillo, presiding the Council of Presidents meeting at the Alumni Affairs Office on Thursday, September 7, lifted up the Central Spirit as he gave the list of events to the representatives. The reason is that there are more than meets the eye in the Homecoming days.

The Central Spirit is alive – the CPU Alumni Association Chapter presidents and representatives gathered to discuss ideas and plans for the alumni and the university.

Here are the events that would effectively impact on the physical fitness aspect of the attendees: September 27, 5:30 AM to 9:00 AM, CPU Campus: University Bike Ride organized by the Centralian Cruisers Cycling Club Alumni Chapter (C4). Next day, September 28 – Foot Parade starting on the CPU Grounds; Rotary Club of Jaro Centraline Alumni Homecoming Run on the 29th at 6:00AM, starting /finishing in CPU.

There is a gap to the physical fitness events – because the last day, September 30 is the big CPU Alumni Homecoming Celebration at the Rose Memorial, and the 112th CPU Foundation Day which will be held at the Fil-American Cemetery on October 1 at 6:00am. Be aware of the time since on September 30, there will be an Alumni Night at Hotel Del Rio.

You can come back for another physical fitness event during the 15th CPU Invitational Golf-for-a-cause on October 7. It will start on 6:00am at Sta. Barbara Golf Course, Sta Barbara, Iloilo. Welcome Centralians and have more fun!

All set for the RCJC Homecoming Run

A partnership agreement was signed between the Rotary Club of Jaro Centraline and the event sponsors: The CPU Alumni Association, Inc. and Central Philippine University, The CPU Office of Communications; Allianz PNB Life and the Philippine Extreme Sports Explorer Club (PESEC), Inc. (Technical Consultant and Race Organizer).

The partners in the upcoming Fun Run on Septmber 29, 2017 formally sign an agreement.

The signatories were RCJC President Engr. Jude Marsh Grande, CPU AAI President Daniel P. Dorillo; Office of Communications Director Rev. Francis Neil G. Jalando-on and Federico Senen Rentoy – PESEC President. Also present at the signing ceremony was Rotarian Cyrus A. Natividad, Director for RCJC Public Image and Homecoming Run Event Manager; RCJC Past Presidents Evelyn Catilo and Rosemarie Aguirre, and Rotarian Lydia Grio.

Engr. Grande and the benefactors expressed earnest support to the event. The first ever Fun Run for the Rotary Club and the Homecoming event is expected to gather many students, alumni and enthusiasts. Registration is on-going. For details and reservations please contact (033) 3291971 local 1047 & 2129.

HRDO holds Orientation-Seminar for New Faculty and Staff

Rev. Cris Amorsolo V. Sian encouragees newly hired employees to treat their profession not only as a means of income but as service unto the Lord.

With the aim of enlightening newly hired faculty and staff about Central Philippine University, the Human Resource Development Office held an Orientation-Seminar at the 4th Floor Henry Luce III Library on September 8, 2017.

For the invocation and devotional, Rev. Cris Amorsolo V. Sian talked about the importance of treating one’s profession as more than just a means of earning economics but of serving God through one’s talents and abilities.

CPU President, Dr. Teodoro C. Robles welcomes new employees to the CPU family.

In his opening remarks, CPU President, Dr. Teodoro C. Robles highlighted the importance of loving one’s work and the people he serves wherever office he may be assigned. “I hope that you will also love your work. I love my work and that’s why even at this age I am still here. We are partners in the endeavor of educating students all over the world. CPU is a Baptist university – it means that we respect all persons from all walks and beliefs of life. We welcome you to the family and together we will work together for the mission of the university.”

The CPU Culture was lectured by Rev. Francis Neil G. Jalando-don, Director of the CPU Office of Communications. He talked about the colorful history of CPU as a product of the prayer and hard work of the Baptist Missionaries.  “The history of CPU is connected to the birth of the Baptist Church in the Philippines. Eric Lund, a Swedish missionary in Spain met Braulio Manika who became the first Baptist and Baptist Pastor of the Philippines. They translated the entire Gospel of Mark into Hiligaynon, and later the whole Bible. The American Baptist missionaries and Filipino pastors and layworkers established a three-pronged pattern of ministry — preaching, teaching and healing that resulted to churches, hospitals and schools in Negros, Capiz and Iloilo. One of these schools is the Jaro Industrial School, now CPU. Heritage is not only about history but what we learn from history and the legacy that we need to continue.”

Rev. Francis Neil G. Jalando-on, Director, Office of Communications talks about CPU Culture and Heritage.

Rev. Jalando-on also shares that the birth of CPU is also related to the love story between its founder William O. Valentine and wife, Ian Van Jane. Valentine was a missionary in Burma who went back to the United States after suffering from heatstroke. He questioned God because of his problems but later on thanked Him for meeting the love of his life, who was a nurse in the hospital he was admitted. “Ina Van Jane was instrumental in convincing Valentine to go to the Philippines as a missionary and in 1905, together with American Baptist missionaries and Filipino counterparts, they established Jaro Industrial School which became the Central Philippine University that we know today.”

After his lecture, Rev. Joniel Howard H. Gico, Vice President for Student Affairs oriented the participants with the Vision, Mission and Core Values of CPU. Rev. Gico quoted Ivancevich and Matterson in their 6th Edition of Organizational and Behavior Management that “Values are the conscious, effective desires or wants of people that guide behavior.”

According to him, values play an important role in the success of an organization. “Values inspire people to action and create a unique identity in the ministry world. In CPU, we cherish our values as it enhances leadership and contributes to our success.”

Prof. Rodel C. Palomar, Human Resource Development Office Director, talked about the benefits and other faculty and staff concerns new employees may encounter. He goes on to discuss about the role of the HRDO office in the recruitment, selection and compensation of CPU employees. “The HR Office is open to suggestions and feedback if there are things you want to improve. We want to improve our services better. He goes on to encourage the new employees to work smart and aim for excellent performances. “It is not always about working hard, rather it is about working smart – it is the output and results that determine how well you perform.” 

37 newly hired employees participated in the said seminar.

RCECC in partnership with UP Los Baños holds Seminar Workshop on Scientific Writing

RCCEC Director, Dr. Lenny Rose P. Mucho, University Research Acting Director Dr. Mary O’ T. Penetrante and Prof. Emma T. Gico, CLGIPS member and guest speaker, Dr. Jezie Alix Acorda together with seminar workshop participants.

Highlighting the importance of research in the academe, the Review, Continuing Education and Consultancy Center in partnership with the University of the Philippines Los Baños held a seminar workshop on scientific writing at the Educational Media Center on August 1 and 2, 2017.

For the welcome remarks, Dr. Lenny Rose P. Mucho, RCECC Director, acknowledge participants and thanked them for their interest in joining the seminar.

Participants eagerly listen to guest speaker, Dr. Jezie Alix Acorda.

Resource speaker, Dr. Jezie Alix Acorda is has works published in over 80 journals of the Philippine Journal of Veterinary and Animal Sciences. He is a distinguished alumnus for Research Award of the College of Veterinary Medicine Alumni Association, University of the Philippines Los Baños in 2002.

He is also received the BAR Director’s Award (Research and Development Paper Published in Refereed Journal) for publishing three papers in 2002 and the Department of Agriculture Secretary’s Award (Research and Development Paper Published in ISI Journal) in the same year. Dr. Acorda is the Most Outstanding Veterinarian of 2004 in Research awarded by the Veterinary Practitioners Association of the Philippines.

Dr. Acorda spearheaded scientific writing exercises during the seminar workshop and gave tips and advice on how to make published-worthy research proposal and outputs.

The Power of a Storyteller

A group picture with fellow Centralians.

The school bell rang as a crowd of CPU Elementary School students rush their way towards the exit doors for lunch. A cheerful sight fills the corridors with loud conversation and colorful laughter – friends tug each other for a playful show of endearment, others coyly whisper to each other about a secret crush while some are already talking about next week’s homework.

Kristelle Jan B. Pascua, a grade 5 student inches her way to the crowd looking for a familiar face. Alas, she sees her mother, and a smile is painted on her face. They proceed to walk towards the Administration Building, where her mother, Novi B. Pascua, works as an Internal Quality Auditor in the Office of Quality Assurance. They have their lunch and with 20 minutes to spare before afternoon classes begin, Kristelle grabs her notebook, a pen and the rest is magic.

Kristelle was awarded as part of the Best Ten during the JOURKNOWS Iloilo Journalism for Everyone 2017 held at Ateneo De Iloilo.

At ten years old, Kristelle has developed a passion for writing that exceeds her age. She has written stories that have great depth and lessons – a feat every experienced writer wants to accomplish. According to Kristelle, she feels a sense of fulfillment every time she finishes a story. “I write whenever I feel bored and every time I finish writing a story I feel happy. I like to write about legend, myths, fantasies mysteries and adventures, anything that I can imagine.”

Two of her favorite stories that she wrote is “The Legend of the Strawberry” and the “The Poor Daisy”. The first story is about a disobedient princess named Berry who went into the forest only to encounter a witch, who turned her into a strawberry. Her father recognized Berry, as she wore a red dress with yellow polka dots. On the other hand, the second story tells about a beautiful girl named Daisy who won the heart of a King through her great kindness.

The Legend of the Strawberry by Kristelle Jan B. Pascua.

The Poor Daisy by Kristelle Jan B. Pascua.

For her mother, Kristelle’s writing skills show not only dedication to her craft but also victory over the challenges she faced.  Having been born with pseudarthrosis of the right tibia, Kristelle was once a shy and timid girl who wanted to discover a new perspective in life. “One of the reasons why I encouraged my daughter to pursue what she loves, especially writing and drawing is to divert her focus on her leg and to let her see that her life is beautiful. I always tell my daughter that there are different kinds of beautiful and that God made everyone with a purpose. It is important to always to be supportive of our children’s passions, to be one with them and love what they love.”

Parents have a crucial role in the lives of their kids. More often than not, they help their children realize their dreams by giving them something to dream about. It is not always easy, the challenges may seem endless but in in the end, it is the faithfulness of God that gave Kristelle’s family the strength to persevere. “I waited for seven years to finally have a daughter. For nine months, I took care of myself and followed all of the Doctor’s advice in preparation for labor. It was really hard on my part to see that my daughter cannot play like the other children and run or do things children her age would do. I asked God why, why her, why us. It was a tough but in the end I worked myself out and saw that in our journey God has never forsaken us.”

Kristelle has undergone two operations costing half a million pesos, her mother shares that the medical expenses were overwhelming but God has always provided. ”My husband had to stop work in order to take care of our daughter. I was thinking to myself that maybe this is my lot in life. Whenever people testified about the goodness of the Lord, I thought that it was for show. But eventually we experienced His goodness firsthand, people who were not close with began helping us, we had friends by our side who continue to encourage and pray for us. Our daily needs were met with God in miraculous ways.” She talked stories of friends dropping by at their house to give rice, soap and other necessities just when they have ran out, people would give them little blessings that were timely to their specific needs.

When asked about her dreams, Kristelle shares that she wants to be a doctor and a writer when she grows up. Her face beams as she shares about how she wants to own a mall where her stories will be sold in the bookstore and how she will be a Pediatrician in her own hospital.

Pascua Family – Rodolfo, Rodolfo Godwin, Novi, Kristelle Jan.

Recently, Kristelle was awarded as one of the Best Ten in an editorial contest held at Ateneo De Iloilo. The topic for the said contest was “Paano Makaahon ang Isang Mahirap na Pamilyang Pilipino.”  In her winning entry, Kristelle wrote that Filipino farmers can gain more family income by encouraging other members of the family to help sell the produce and put up a sari-sari store. They can use the money to send the children to school or to fix their house. “I didn’t expect to win. I was happy when my name was announced in the Best Ten. My parents, teachers and friends congratulated me. I really hope that I can join writing workshops so that I can improve my writing skills.”

Kristelle started writing at the age of seven. Her mother shares that apart from writing stories, she makes illustrations of the characters and the settings of her story. “She always loved to draw. One of my friends gave her a notebook where she can draw and write her stories. I keep it with here in my office, for when she stays here and wants to draw and write. I am really proud of her.”

The power of making stories has greatly changed Kristelle’s outlook in life. She confidently makes the world a canvass for her imagination where anything is possible. As a child with big dreams she has given warmth to everyone she meets by sharing to them her stories and insights about life. She is a powerful storyteller with a gift of transforming words into pictures.

As the suns hangs hazily in a turquoise sky the school bell rings again, students walk slowly towards the classroom. After kissing her mother goodbye, Kristelle pulls her pink trolley bag – excited for another chapter of the day.

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