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Weekly Centralian Link (September 22, 2017)

Centralians showcase talent and wit in U-Day 2017 competitions

Throughout the years, the University Day Celebration has been a platform for Centralians to display their skills in sports, culture and the arts. The Rose Memorial Auditorium, the Alumni Promenade Concert Park and the CPU Football Field bear witness as venues of such talent.

Battle of the Wits – apart from being a talent competition, the Centralian Star showcases the wit of contestants through the interview portion.

Contestant No. 5 from the College of Business and Accountancy answers questions. 

Jan Floyd Gelario from the College of Business and Accountancy won Centralian Star 2017.

Highlighting the theme “Centralians Sharing 3 Ts (Time, Talent and Treasure) for One CPU @ 112,” this year’s University Day Celebration once again thrilled students and spectators as the contestants and athletes gave their best for the glory of God and their respective colleges.

For the Literary-Musical competitions, the College of Law topped the Extemporaneous Speaking competition. In her answer to the question on how a Centralian can use this year’s University Day theme to encourage others to stay away from drug abuse, the College of Law contestant said that it was important to spend time with one’s friends, to listen to their problems, and to have a sense of empathy for what they were going through. She also highlighted the importance of encouraging others to pursue their talents and passions and most of all, to treasure one’s faith in God in serving others.

The contestants of the 2017 Mr. and Ms. CPU pose with the judges after the Pre-Pageant Talent Competition. The pageant proper will be on September 26, 2017, 5:00 at the Rose Memorial Auditorium.

Contestant No.1 from the College of Computer Studies endeared the crowd with his singing skills.

Mr. and Ms. College of Law 2017.

Ms. College of Medicine astounded the crowd with her acting skills.

Mr. Allied Health Science performed a Character Interpretation of Joker.

Mr. and Ms. Allied Health Sciences 2017.

Mr. and Ms. College of Arts and Sciences.

Mr. and Ms. College of Business and Accountancy.

Mr. and Ms. College of Computer Studies.

Mr. and Ms. College of Education.

Mr. and Ms. College of Engineering 2017.

Mr. and Ms. College of Hospitality Management.

Mr. and Ms. College of Medicine.

Mr. and Ms. Junior High School.

Mr. and Ms. Senior High School.

Mr. College of Arts and Science exuded confidence in his performance.

Mr. College of Hospitality and Management performed spoken poetry followed by a dance number.

Mr. Junior High School internalized Jafar from Aladdin during his performance.

Mr. College of Law performed an original work of Spoken Poetry.

Mr. College of Medicine played the piano while singing during the talent competition.

Ms. CARES performed a drama number highlighting women empowerment.

Ms. College of Business and Accountancy Spoken Poetry accompanied by a short video.

Ms. College of Computer Science sang On My Own from Les Miserables.

Ms. College of Engineering played the violin for her performance.

Ms. Junior High School showed grace and beauty in her Spoken Poetry number.

Ms. College of Law performed a dance number.

Ms. Senior High School performed a hola dance number.

The College of Arts and Sciences dominated the English Oration, Filipino Oration and Character Interpretation competitions while the College of Business and Accountancy won the English Declamation contest. The Junior High School triumphed in the Binalaybay and Filipino Extemporaneous competitions whereas the College of Education topped the Filipino Declamation contest.

The University also witnessed the showcase of beauty, wit and talent during the Mr. and Ms. CPU 2017 Pre-Interview and Talent Competitions last September 19 and 21, 2017 respectively. Candidates from the different colleges displayed their cleverness and humor in answering questions from interviewers Prof. Franklin Robite, Chairperson of the Department of Social Sciences, and Prof. Sharlene Gotico, Chairperson of the Department of Languages, Mass Communication, and Humanities, both of the College of Arts and Sciences. Candidates exuded talent and confidence during the Talent Competition.

Centralians showcase discipline and skill during a football game.

Focus and Passion – a Guitar Solo Contestant pours his heart out in his performance.

Contestants in the General Information Quiz proudly represent their respective colleges.

Sportsmanship and fun – College of Medicine Women’s Volleyball Team share smiles in between games.

Beauty and talent – Contestant in the Vocal Solo competition delivers grace and vocal skill.

Birit Queen – Contestant gives her all in the Vocal Solo Pop Competition.

CARES and CCS battle it out in Men’s Basketball game.

Contestants in the Barbershop Quartet Competition showcase their musical talent.

College of Law contestant in Character Interpretation internalizes “Malificent” from Sleeping Beauty.

A contest during the Binalaybay competition delivers a passionate speech.

Athletes battle out speed and discipline during the swimming competition.

The “Centralian Star XIII Reborn” continued the search for over-all talent as contestants from the different departments showcased their skills in dancing, singing and acting. During the singing competition, contestants had an opportunity to express their faith and creativity as they sang original compositions that highlighted the Centralian spirit of faith. Jan Floyd Gelario of the College of Business and Administration took home the title.

As the University Day Celebration continues, different colleges and departments battle it out to be the best among the best. However, despite the rivalry, the Central Spirit encompasses all competitions and unites the University together for the glory of God in the lives and talents of Centralians.

CPU formally signs contract for the construction of SHS building

 Chairman of the CPU Physical Facilities Committee, Engr. Eddie Cañuto, CPU President, Dr. Teodoro C. Robles, and President of BSP & Company, Inc.,  Mr. Ben-azel S. Ponio, officially sign the contract. 

Dr. Teodoro C. Robles, University President, Engr. Eddie Cañuto, Chairman of the CPU Physical Facilities Committee, and Mr. Ben-azel S. Ponio, President of BSP & Company, Inc. formally signed the contract for the construction of the five-storey Senior High School Building (SHS) on September 21, 2017 at the Administration Conference Room.

Finally a reality – the CPU Senior High School will be welcomed in the Academic Year 2018-2019.

Engr. Cañuto said that the Physical Facilities Committee of the CPU Board of Trustees saw to it that a Triple-A certified construction company was chosen to undertake the construction of the SHS building. He also added that the contract was ironclad, especially with regards to the timeline. The project will be finished in 11 months, in time for the start of the 2018-2019 school year.

The signing was done at the Administration Building Conference Room. 

Prof. Edgar A. Eriman, Director of the CPU Senior High School expressed his gratitude that by the next school year, the Senior High School will have 40 classrooms to accommodate the projected 1,600 Senior High School students.

Dr. Teodoro C. Robles, CPU President, related that the administration at first proposed a three-storey building, but later decided on a five-storey edifice due to the influx of Grades 11 and 12 students. Aside from classrooms, the building will also feature laboratories, offices, a conference room, and an audio visual room.

Mr. Ben-azel S. Ponio, President of BSP & Company, is glad that CPU has chosen his Triple-A certified company. He promised that by the start of the School Year 2018-2019, a modern, spacious, and beautiful infrastructure would be ready.

The Senior High School building is situated at the back of Lenwood Edge Building, next to the covered gym of the Junior High School.

CPU, US Embassy holds Make-A-Thon Workshop

Prof. Leilani Fatimah L. Trompeta, Director of the CPU International Programs, shows Ms. Carolyn Glassman and Mr. Randolf Mariano an exhibit of partner universities of CPU.

With the aim of encouraging Centralians to be storytellers in the age of digital media, the CPU Office of International Programs and CPU American Corner in partnership with the Public Affairs Section of the United States Embassy held a two-day “Make-A-Thon Workshop” at the 4thFloor, Henry Luce Library III on August 19-20, 2017.

Dr. Leilani Fatimah L. Trompeta, Director of the Office of International Programs welcomed the participants from the CPU Senior High School. She emphasized the integral partnership of CPU and the U.S. Embassy in a number of programs and outreach.

Prof. Leilani Fatimah L. Trompeta, Director of the CPU International Programs, and Mr. Sean Edgley, English Language Fellow of the United States Department’s Office of English Language Programs together with U.S. Embassy Manila Officers, Ms. Carolyn Glassman, Counselor for Public Affairs and Mr. Randolf Mariano, Information Resource Associate and Ms. Connie Chico, Cultural Affairs Specialist for English Language Programs.

Sean Edgley, English Language Fellow of the United States Department’s Office of English Language Programs, lectured on ”Creative Writing Using Storytelling Techniques” and gave a workshop on how to make found poetry. Edgley is currently staying in the university as an English Language Fellow. According to Prof. Trompeta, Edgley will be part of the teaching staff of the Department of Languages, Mass Communications and Humanities – College of Arts and Science for ten months. He will be teaching specialized courses, namely, creative writing, journalism, speech and oral communication, and issues in English Language Teaching (ELT), both in the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Participants eagerly listen to Mr. Sean Edgley, English Language Fellow of the United States Department’s Office of English Language Programs. 

Ms. Carolyn Glassman, Counselor, Public Affairs, US Embassy Manila, gave a “Digital Photography and Video Workshop.” She talked about the basics of photography and videography and how to use it in making powerful stories.

Keziah Huelar, a 2012 fellow of the U.S. Embassy SUSI on New Media and Journalism and a staff at the CPU Office of Communications, gave a talk about the power of social media and fake news. She highlighted events such as the 2011 Twitter Revolution of Egypt and the 2014 Umbrella Revolution of Hong Kong as historical events made possible by the power of social media.

Dean Illenberger of CPU heads the R-6 College of Arts and Sciences Council of Deans

Dr. Anita V. Illenberger (Center), Dean of the CPU College of Arts and Sciences.

Dr. Anita V. Illenberger, Dean of the CPU College of Arts and Sciences, was elected as President of the College of Arts and Sciences Council of Deans for the whole Region 6 last September 14, 2017 at the Amigo Terrace Hotel. The meeting was organized by Dr. Cesar H. Medina, CESO V, Director IV of the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) Regional Office VI.

During the meeting of all Deans of Higher Education institutions in Region VI, CHED presented the Policies, Standards and Guidelines (PSG) for operating programs under various disciplines. CHED also validated the monitoring and evaluation instruments used in assessing the program compliance of Higher Education Institutions (HEIs). The deans also discussed issues and concerns that affect the operation of academic programs of HEIs in the Region. Moreover, they organized the Council of Deans for various disciplines.

The following are the officers of the College of Arts and Sciences Council of Deans, Region 6:

PRESIDENT           : DR. ANITA V. ILLENBERGER – Central Philippine University

VICE PRESIDENT   : DR. ALEJO P. BITON – Iloilo Science and Technology University

SECRETARY           : PROF. JOSE BENONIE E. DE LA CRUZ, JR – PHINMA University of Iloilo

Asst. SECRETARY   : PROF. CAROLINE GOPUN – St. Paul University, Iloilo

TREASURER           : DR. LEAH MAE CABALFIN – West Visayas State University

Asst. TREASURER   : DR. VIRGILIO TAN II – Riverside College, Bacolod

PIO                       : DR. CARMENCITA Y. ROBLES – West Visayas State University

BUSINESS MGR.     : DR. VERONICA TOLEDO – Iloilo Sate College of Fisheries

AUDITOR               : DR. JOEBEN HUDSON G. DE GUZMAN – Iloilo Doctors’ College

Board of Directors

  1. DR. PROFETIZA I. MAATUBANG – Aklan Catholic College, Aklan
  2. DR. ZENIA L. BALIGUAT – Virgilio A. Javier Memorial Community College, Antique
  3. DR. MARIA TERESA D. COSICO – Filamer Christian University, Roxas
  4. PROF. JOSIE GAITANO – Guimaras State University, Guimaras
  5. DR. ROWENA V. BAÑES – University of St. La Salle, Bacolod
  6. DR. MARJORIE F. SALAS – Western Institute of Technology, Iloilo
  7. DR. YVONNE P. VELASCO – Carlos Hilado Memorial State College, Bacolod


CPU Golden Lions dominate ICDVL

by Atty. Alejandro S. Somo

The CPU Golden Lions College Women Volleyball Team together with their Coach, Anthony A. Arnilla, Asst. Coach John Kenneth A. Panes and CPU Sports Coordinator, Atty. Alejandro S. Somo.

Three CPU Golden Lions Volleyball Teams, namely High School Girls, College Men and College Women, emerged as Champions in the recently concluded Iloilo City Developmental Volleyball League (ICDVL) competition held at the Ateneo de Iloilo and Central Philippine University gyms. The championship games took place last September 16, 2017.

Beaming with pride, CPU Golden Lions continues to inspire Centralians with their discipline and perseverance.

The High School championship game was held between CPU and Dumangas National High School in the morning of September 16 at the Ateneo Gym. CPU won with a 3 sets to 0. The team was coached by Coach Jeffrey G. Alcarde and Asst. Coach Alain G. Tarrazona. The college games were held in the afternoon at the CPU Gym. The men’s game was between CPU and ISAT-U. CPU won 3 sets to 0. The team was coached by Coach John Kenneth A. Panes with Asst. Coach Gary H. Medalle. The women’s game between CPU and Superfly (a collection of Varsity Alumni from different Schools) followed. CPU won again with 3 sets to 0. The team was coached by Coach Anthony A. Arnilla with Asst. Coach John Kenneth A. Panes.

For the glory of God and CPU – CPU Golden Lions College Men Volleyball Team with their coach, John Kenneth A. Panes, Asst. Coach Gary H. Medalle and Atty. Alejandro S. Somo.

Thank you to all who supported and encouraged the teams. We could not have done it without you. To God be the Glory!

International company supports CPU U-Day celebrations; joins Homecoming Run 2017

RCJC President Engr. Jude Marsh Grande and Allianz Managing Partner Dr. Jimmy Jay Bullo sign a Partnership Agreement for  the Homecoming Run 2017.

Allianz, a German company and a corporate partner of the Philippine National Bank (PNB), has signified its support for the Central Philippine University’s U-Day celebrations. In particular, they offered sponsorship to the CPU-Rotary Club of Jaro Centraline Homecoming Run 2017 on September 29, 2017.

Allianz PNB Life Managing Partner Dr. Jimmy Jay Bullo and CPU-Rotary Club of Jaro Centraline (RCJC) President Jude Marsh C. Grande signed a partnership agreement for the Homecoming Run at the Jalandoni Galleria Center in Jaro, Iloilo City last September 16, 2017. Both parties acknowledged their support for CPU and the CPU Alumni Association, advocating the need for a healthy lifestyle.

We pray for a healthy fun run to all CPU Alumni and participants.


CPU Employees Cooperative to help employees’ credit needs

Miss Trinidad Sorongon, CPU Employees Cooperative Chairperson.

The CPU Employees Cooperative (Coop) now operates in cooperation with the University employees and retirees who are actively involved as shareholders. The Coop was registered with the Cooperative Development Authority on February 2017 and serves as a credit loan cooperative. It is temporarily based on the ground floor of the Weston Hall Dormitory of Central Philippine University.

The Coop’s aim is to promote cooperation and collaboration as a way of life—to augment income, and to enhance social, spiritual and intellectual growth. It also encourages thriftiness among the employees while at the same time providing their credit needs. The Coop also plans to hold seminars to help its members develop skills in financial management.

The registration fee to become a member in the cooperative is 200 pesos and a minimum investment of 500 pesos, which is equivalent to one (1) share capital. The University President, Vice Presidents and College Deans are among the first members of the Cooperative.

The following are the duly elected officers of the CPU Employees Cooperative:



Board of Directors






Korean entrepreneur speaks of good values learned from CPU

Daniel Kang talks about how CPU helped him become a successful businessman.

Talking about the values he learned from Central Philippine University, young Korean businessman Daniel Kang is grateful for how CPU has contributed to his career and to their growing business in the Philippines.

After a period of studying English in CPU, he helped his father in managing their family business which is engaged in the direct selling of consumer products. He is grateful that CPU gave him a good training in the English language. He also learned skills and abilities that are necessary for their business in the Philippines and which enable him to talk confidently to Filipino customers and friends.

His first impression of the environment in CPU is that of hospitality—welcoming people, caring professors, and understanding students. He believes that it is because of the influence of Christian ethics and the spiritual experience that Centralians have while at the campus. He has also met many friends and valuable associates that he continues to keep in touch with.

Together with his fellow Koreans who studied at Central Philippine University, Daniel sees CPU as a campus where he found security, friendship and valuable experiences. Because of this, Daniel has hired Centralians to be part of his staff at Atomy International, Iloilo branch.

Daniel plans to go back to CPU soon and finish his degree.


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