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Weekly Centralian Link (October 6, 2017)

CPU holds memorial service and wreath laying ceremonies during Foundation Day

CPU President, Dr. Teodoro C. Robles encourages the Centralian community to continue the legacy of the American Baptist Missionaries. 

To remember the American Baptist Missionaries who dedicated their lives and bravely answered the calling to preach the gospel throughout Panay, Central Philippine University held a memorial service and wreath laying ceremonies at the Philippine-American Cemetery on October 1, 2017. This day marks the 112th year of CPU.

CPU President, Dr. Teodoro C. Robles; Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Irving L. Domingo Rio; Vice President for Student Affairs, Rev. Joniel Howard H. Gico; and Vice President for Finance and Administration, Dr. Florence P. Bogacia, headed the raising of the Philippine and American flags. The invocation was then led by Pastor Mary Grace F. Labis,  followed by a song number by Ms. Crista S. Huyong, Coordinator of the Cultural Affairs Office and the Department of Music.

CPU President, Dr. Teodoro C. Robles stands beside the tomb of William O. Valentine, the first Principal of Jaro Industrial School.

Centralians gather to celebrate the lives of the American Baptist Missionaries that established CPU for the glory of God.

In his reflection, Dr. Robles thanked the lives of the Baptist martyrs for establishing a premier educational institution that glorifies God above all. “When I was a student of CPU, I thought the Americans were only there to propagate American education. They were heaven sent; it must have been very difficult for them to establish CPU because of the economic and political turmoil… but they continued because of their bravery and commitment to the purpose of God.”

Dr. Robles went on to say that the legacy of the Baptist missionaries will live on in the labor and faith of CPU. “Through our time, talent and treasure, we can preserve and continue the legacy of the Baptist missionaries. CPU has become not only a university that offers competitive educational training but a place where faith is molded and strengthened. We have a strong Christian foundation because of the lives of the Baptist missionaries, of which we are celebrating today.”

Chairman of the CPU Board of Trustees, Atty. Von Lovel D. Bedona places a wreath of flower in the tomb of Carol Marden Stuart, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harland Stuart.

For the wreath laying, Rev. Ruth G. Lunasco read an inspiring message. “They say, heroes die twice, the first is when you burry them to the ground, the second is when you forget them. Today, we come to this sacred place not just to adorn the graves of our forebears with flowers. We are not even here to remember their deaths. We are here to remember their lives and to honor their legacies. Today we remember with gratitude the ‘cloud of witnesses’ that propelled Central Philippine University to greater heights. May we, who are alive, carry on the mission they have started. May their lives inspire us all to never grow complacent and satisfied with what we have achieved, but point us to new horizons in the ministry.”

The ceremony was concluded with the benediction led by Rev. Roger Quimpo.

CPUAAI holds Alumni Homecoming 2017

Previous CPU President, Dr. Juanito M. Acanto together with Present CPU President, Dr. Teodoro C. Robles, Chairman CPU Board of Trustees, Atty. Von Lovel D. Bedona together with the members of the CPU Board of Trustees.

On September 30, 2017, CPU Alumni from different parts of the country and abroad, once again gathered at Rose Memorial Auditorium to reminisce the past, enjoy the moment, and plan for the future. The gathering is meaningful every year as every Centralian anticipates to meet with an old pal, an old classmate, or even an old soul mate from his/her campus days.

This year’s theme is “Centralians Sharing 3T’s (Time, Talent and Treasure) for One CPU at 112”.

Past CPU President Dr. Agustin A. Pulido, his wife, Dorothy Pulido and CPU Vice President for Student Affairs, Rev. Joniel Howard H. Gico.

Dr. Teodoro C. Robles together with the CPU Alumni Association Inc. President, Mr. Dan Dorillo and members.

CPU High School Batch 1972 reunites after 45 years.

Good to be back – the alumni of the CPU College of Nursing rekindles their Centralian bond with batchmates. 

The Alumni Homecoming celebration started at 8:30 AM and everyone was seated with their Alumni chapters, classes, or batches. Meeting, greeting and updating one another became more enjoyable because of the tasty pamahaw served: coffee with native delicacies such as suman latikputo bumbong, and ibus.

The invocation was delivered through a song by Ms. Katchry S. Golbin, a Centralian France Got Talent winner. The meditation followed, led by the College of Theology and the University Church. The National Anthem and the Alma Mater songs were conducted by Ms. Crista S. Huyong. The CPU Symphonic Band took part in the celebration by playing for a special dance production number of the CPU Sari-Saot Dance Troupe.

Dr. Teodoro C. Robles, CPU President, delivered his welcome remarks and announced that there would be a global reunion of Centralians in Chicago in 2018, and a grand global reunion on the campus on February 2020.

The alumni were then delighted to a surprise duet from Ms. Golbin and Iloilo City Councilor and CPUAII member of the Board of Trustees Atty. Joshua Alim. Then the Alumni Roll Call began as the CPUAAI Corporate Secretary Engr. Rey L. Balogo read the list of Alumni present; the recognition of Centralian Achievers followed afterwards.

During the second part of the program, the Alumni Fellowship, Engr. Vitini O. Idemne and Ms. Crista S. Huyong led the Central Songs Challenge—Sing that Central Song! There were fun and games, snacks, and a lot of door prizes raffled off.

At 11 AM, the business meeting was called to order. Atty. Noel C. Siosan, Jr., 2016 CPUAAI Corporate Auditor, read the minutes of the previous business meeting for approval. It was followed by the reading of the President’s report by CPUAAI President Mr. Dan Dorillo. Dr. Robles updated the Alumni and thanked the benefactors and donors of Central Philippine University during “The CPU President’s Time.” Mrs. Flora Grace Cudiamat, CPUFOAA President, also gave an update about the activities of the CPUFOAA, and promoted the upcoming Global Reunion 2018 in Chicago through a video.

A hearty lunch was then served by the College of Hospitality Management. After which, the Jubilarians were acknowledged on stage. The awards were next given to the winners: major door prizes were raffled before the program ended at 3:00 PM. Rev. Roger T. Quimpo, Associate Pastor, led the closing prayer and benediction.

In the CPUAAI election for the five members of the CPUAAI Board of Trustees, the following were selected: Engr. Vitini Edhard Idemne, Atty. Joshua Alim, Rev. Francis Neil G. Jalando-on, Atty. Noel Siosan, Jr., and Atty. Alejandro Somo.

A night of the gypsies, bohemians and muses

CPU President, Dr. Teodoro C. Robles and his wife Ma’am Angel Robles during the Almuni Night.

Gypsies, bohemians and muses abound during the Alumni Night held at 7 in the evening at Hotel del Rio on September 30, 2017.

The program started with an invocation. Dr. Robles welcomed the guests, thanking everyone for their presence that makes evening affair thoroughly enjoyable and entertaining every year as part of the Alumni Homecoming celebrations. The University President, Dr. Teodoro C. Robles showed his enthusiasm for the affair by donning a unique headgear completing his bohemian look.

Ma’am Angel Robles together with Prof. Evangelica Diesto-Padernilla and CPUAAI President, Mr. Dan Dorillo.

Alumni Queen,  Ms. Charity Daine A. Gamboa from the CPU High School Class 1984 together with CPU President, Dr. Teodoro C. Robles, his wife, Ma’am Angel Robles and CPUAAI President Mr. Dan Dorillo.

Candidates of the 2017 Alumni Home Queen Pageant showcased grace, wit and talent during the Alumni Night.

Dinner was served as the Technocrats Band played timeless music for everyone. Mrs. Flora Grace Cudiamat, CPUFOAA President, prayed for the food. The guests were next entertained by the CPU Sari-Saot Dance Troupe.

The Alumni Queen Pageant delighted everyone as representatives came from the CPU faculty. Each contestant did her best to showcase her beauty and talent. Dinner paused for a few minutes as winners were announced:

  • Alumni Queen 2017    – Ms. Charity Daine A. Gamboa, Junior High School/HS Class 1984
  • First Runner Up          – Prof. Norma Luz Vencer, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Second Runner Up     – Ms. Valerie Ruth Diesto, College of Nursing/BSN Class 1977
  • Third Runner Up         – Prof. Nelia Bonete, College of Business and Accountancy
  • Fourth Runner Up       – Ms. Necil Magno, College of Education
  • Fifth Runner Up         – Ms. Alyza Marie Halago, College of Hospitality Management
  • Sixth Runner Up         – Ms. Precy Sanchez,   College of Medical Laboratory Science

Nursing Batch 1977, CCINAA launch Natividad C. Caipang Memorial Lecture

For the glory of God – CPU Batch 1977 celebrates at the success of the first Natividad C. Caipang Memorial Lecture Series.

To commemorate the life and works of the late Dean Natividad C. Caipang, the College of Nursing together with the CPU Capiz Emmanuel Hospital and Iloilo Mission Hospital Nurses Alumni Association, launched the Natividad C. Caipang Memorial Lecture Series and International Balik-Turo Program of the Bachelor of Science in Nursing Class 1977-Ruby Jubilarians.

Highlighting the theme “Building a Culture of Excellence through Empowerment, Diversity and International Alliance for God’s Greatest Glory,” the lecture aimed at enriching the participants’ knowledge, attitudes, and skills in building a culture of excellence through encouraging each other, recognizing and respecting differences, and forging alliances throughout the world as exemplified in the life of Dean Natividad Campillo-Caipang.

Dr. Phebe L. Pendon shares that Dean Caipang is the epitome of excellence and perseverance.

In his welcome address, CPU President, Dr. Teodoro C. Robles, thanked the College of Nursing and its alumni for initiating the talk. After which, Atty. Salex E. Alibogha, Dean of the College of Nursing, encouraged the participants to learn from the life of Dean Natividad Campillo-Caipang.

Dr. Phebe L. Pendon talked about the life of Dean Caipang, sharing the legacy she had left behind. “Dean Caipang is the epitome of a Proverbs 31, the wife of noble character. She was working as a nurse full time while taking care of her children. She specialized in community health nursing and became a professional educator. Determined and focused, she has enabled us to carry on to become the person that we are today.”

Cynthia Mendoza, CCINAA, gave an audio visual presentation on the launching of the lecture series.

CPU President, Dr. Teodoro C. Robles thanks Class 1977 for initiating the memorial lecture.

For the memorial lecture, Ms. Nadiene Caipang Catedral, Class 1977 and daughter of Dean Caipang, talked about “Pathway to Excellence: Empowering Nurses for God’s Glory.” For the first lecture in the plenary session, on the other hand, she discussed the “Current Trends in Critical Nursing and Transaortic Valve Replacement or Implantation.” Ms. Lilian June De la Fuente-Veloria talked about Case Management while Ms. Asuncion Mabaquiao lectured about TeamSTEPPS.

For the afternoon lectures, Ms. Jocelyn Estante-Karns discussed Robotics Surgery; Ms. Marian Virgie Ferrer-Gumayan talked about the AIDS Surveillance Research Project of CPU Kabalaka, Philippines; Mr. Josere Calfoforo-Dayao lectured about Small Medium Entrepreneurship in Canada while Ms. Herminia Abonador-Evangelista shared about Small Medium Entrepreneurship in Florida.

The memorial lecture ended with a singing of songs of worship to the Lord.

The synthesis and closing remarks were given by Dr. Phebe L. Pendon. She credited the success of the symposium to the efforts and the faith of her batch mates and the CPU Nursing community. “To God be the glory. God has really helped us since the beginning. I think that this event is a result of our individual closeness to the Lord and our closeness to each other—through our harmony, we have achieved this.”

In recognition of her outstanding contributions to the nursing profession and health education, Dean Natividad Campillo-Caipang received the Distinguished Centralian in Nursing during the 93rd University Day of Central Philippine University in 1998.

Dean Caipang received her BSN (Post-Basic) and MA in Education from CPU in 1954 and 1962 respectively.  Her 17 years as dean of the CPU College of Nursing had brought the college into its current status of distinction, recognized both here and abroad. Under her deanship, the college attained full accreditation status, offered the MA in Nursing Program, and became very active in community health outreach.

She had served as PNA governor for Region VI and was a four-time chapter president of PNA-Iloilo, the first and only chapter to attain the Hall of Fame status. She co-founded the Council of Administrators in Nursing Education in Western Visayas and was its first chairperson.

In 1997, Prof. Caipang received the Anastacia Giron Tupas Award, the most prestigious award in the nursing profession. She was cited as “a professional nurse whose seeds of patience and perseverance brought forth fruits of opportunities in leadership and service in the academe.”  She had received various awards from the PNA Iloilo Chapter, the Association of Deans of Philippine Colleges of Nursing, Region VI, and the most recent, from CPU, Capiz Emmanuel Hospital, and Iloilo Mission Hospital Nurses Association. No wonder, she has been listed in the Who’s Who in the World and the International Who’s Who in Education as early as the 80’s.

The 2nd Natividad C. Caipang Memorial Lecture will be spearheaded by the Nursing Batch 1978.

First RCJC-CPU Homecoming Run – a success!

Ready, set, go! Runners make their way after CPU President, Dr. Teodoro C. Robles fires the starting gun.

The Rotary Club of Jaro Centraline’s Homecoming Run on September 29, 2017 was a resounding success, owing to the support and participation of the CPU Administration, the faculty and staff, and the CPU Alumni Association, Inc. The other Rotary Clubs of Iloilo were also instrumental in bringing runners to join the fun run.

The Major Sponsorship of Allianz PNB Life Insurance and other donors contributed much to the promotion and success of the event. Centralian Police Senior Superintendent and Iloilo City Police Director S/Insp. Henry F. Biñas gladly registered twenty of his police officers to join the Homecoming Run.  They were at CPU at 5:00 AM to join the Zumba dance and attend a short program at the starting area in front of the Loreto Tupaz Building in CPU.

Dr. Teodoro C. Robles, CPU President, fired the starting gun to commence the 4-kilometer race. Passing through the Gate 7, the runners ran along Benigno Aquino Avenue Service Road, towards Barangay Sambag in Ungka, Jaro, Iloilo City and back to the campus. Medals and cash prizes were awarded to the winners for the Men and Women Categories afterwards.

Promoting and covering the event were CPU TV, CPU social media and publications (including the Weekly Centralian Link), along with the newest CPU equipment—a drone camera. This is thanks to the generous efforts of all the personnel under the Office of Communications.

Rotarian Jude Marsh Grande, current RCJC President, looks forward to a bigger Homecoming Run event next year. The Rotary Club of Jaro Centraline thanks everyone who participated and supported the RCJC-CPU Homecoming Run 2017 for the success of the event. To God be the Glory!

CPU emerges as victors during the IIEE’s 13th RSCON

Members of the CPU Quiz Team.

The teams from CPU’s Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering program emerged victorious against those of six other higher educational institutions (HEIs) offering the same program in Region VI during the 13th Regional Student Conference (RSCON) of the Institute of Integrated Electrical Engineers of the Philippines-Council of Student Chapters (IIEE-CSC) last September 28-30, 2017 at the University of Antique in Sibalom, Antique.

The competition involved two phases—the Regional Math Wizard (RMW) and the RQS (Regional Quiz Show). The first involves questions regarding mathematics while the latter includes professional electrical engineering subjects.

For the glory of God and for the pride of Central – CPU Quiz Team with their coach Dr. Alberto A. Java.

In the RMW, CPU was represented by Ziber Jee Ysulat (BSEE-4, team captain), Jaj Sentina (BSEE-4), Von Kleo Marcuelo (BSEE-3), Calvin “Fountain” Leada (BSEE-3), and Julienne Marie Silvederio (BSEE-3). The RMW is composed of two rounds with seven questions per round. The quizzers clashed against each other as the battle of brains ensued. CPU ended up as the 1st Runner-Up with 6 accumulated points, right behind ISAT U which got 7 points.

In the RQS, CPU’s team composition included Adonis John “Busay” Deniola (BSEE-5, team captain), Justin Laurence Lunar (BSEE-5), Julian Paul Querubin (BSEE-5), Daniel Mallorca (BSEE-4), and Wilfred “Toy” Boron (BSEE-3). RQS is a three-round quiz bee with five questions per round. For the duration of the RQS, it was clear that CPU took control and stood out among the rest, with a total accumulated points of 11, showing a relatively big lead of 4 points ahead of CAPSU and ISAT U, each of which garnered 7 points. ISAT U and CAPSU went into an intense sudden death round, and after the fourth question, ISAT U was declared the 1st Runner-Up.

Centralian Teamwork – the CPU Quiz Team poses a picture with their coach Dr. Alberto A. Java.

The CPU IIEE SC team was accompanied by Dr. Alberto A. Java who acted as coach for both the RMW and RQS teams. Dr. Margen A. Java, the Director of the Student Development and Programs, was also present to support the students.

As the top two teams for each competition are qualified to compete in the nationals, CPU will be one of the teams representing Region VI in both the RMW and the RQS in the upcoming National Student Conference (NSCON) this February 2018.

CPU hails new mechanical engineers

Thirteen (13) Centralians passed the recent Mechanical Engineer Board Exam held last September 28-29, 2017. According to the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC), 3,517 out of 5,098 passed. The national passing percentage is 69.00% while CPU got a passing percentage of 85.71%.

Earlier, Centralian Oliver King M. Lee took the Mechanical Engineer Board Exam in the Middle East on September 1-2, garnering CPU a passing percentage of 100% while the national passing percentage is 34.87%.

The following are our new Centralian Mechanical Engineers:


Dr. Sala holds talk in CPU

Dr. Sala encourages everyone to embrace the attitude of forgiveness by offering ourseleves to the will of Christ.

With the aim of promoting Christian values in the workplace, the Review, Continuing Education and Consultancy Center in cooperation with the College of Theology, University Library and the OMF Literature, Inc., held a seminar on Conflict Management featuring Dr. Harold J. Sala at the 4th Floor, Conference Room 2, Henry Luce III Library on September 21, 2017.

For the welcome and greetings, CPU President, Dr. Teodoro C. Robles, thanked Dr. Sala for taking the time to lecture in CPU. He also hoped that the CPU faculty and staff would be able to apply what they learned in the lecture to their workplace. Ms. Lynnie H. Leal, Regional Marketing Specialist, VISMIN, OMF Literature, Inc., then introduced guest speaker, Dr. Harold J. Sala.

CPU President, Dr. Teodoro C. Robles together with guest speaker Dr. Harold J. Sala and CPU College of Theology Dean, Dean Bernabe Pagara.

In his talk, Dr. Sala focused on “Resolving Conflict in the Workplace.” He shared that conflicts do not destroy relationships. It is the refusal to resolve that conflict and to deal with it that tears groups and people apart. “Conflict produces anger. It creates tremendous stress and destroys team spirit as well as our peace of mind. Ignoring the conflict doesn’t work and neither does insulating yourself from the problem. Our natural tendency is always to separate ourselves from the point of conflict.”

Dr. Sala highlighted four points in order to resolve conflict. The first point is confrontation: Matthew 18:15, “If your brother sins against you, go and tell him his fault, between you and him alone. If he listens to you, you have gained your brother.” Choosing the time, place of confrontation is crucial in resolving conflicts.

Dr. Sala entertains CPU faculty and staff after the lecture. 

In his second point, Dr. Sala highlighted that listening is key. One should strive to understand the person with whom one is in conflict“If I were in the other person’s shoes how would I feel? Would I feel neglected? Would I be angry? Is it possible that the other person has a legitimate complaint? A legitimate gripe?”

Third, one should strive to find reconciliation. “It’s give and take, not you giving and the other person taking. Rather, it is to find the middle ground, the peaceful ground and subsequently, you both unite your hearts and efforts, and by the grace of God you put behind you what tore you apart.”

CPU faculty and staff intently listen to the Dr. Sala’s talk about conflict management.

Fourth, one should develop an attitude of forgiveness. “Forgiveness does not mean what you did is okay, because what you did was not okay. Forgiveness means I take this issue and I put in God’s hands. I let Him deal with it, but I refuse to carry the load and burden any longer—it is much too heavy for me.” Forgiveness means giving up one’s right to hurt the other person who has hurt him/her.

Dr. Sala holds a PhD in English Bible from Bob Jones University with proficiencies in Hebrew and Greek. He is a world-renowned speaker, author, and Bible teacher. He is the founder and has served as president of Guidelines International Ministries. He has published over 55 books and hundreds of other literature, some of which have been translated into other languages.

Golf for a cause: How Centralian golfers keep the Central Spirit burning

CPU Golfers actively participate in the celebration of CPU’s 112th Founding Anniversary.

The CPU Alumni Golfers Association will hold its 15th CPU Invitational Golf for a Cause Tournament as a tribute to the 112th Foundation Day of the University. The tournament will be on October 7, 2017 at the Sta. Barbara Centenary Golf Course, Sta. Barbara, Iloilo.

The association’s contributions to Central Philippine University are notable. The following are the CPU Alumni Golfers Association’s major projects:

  • Provided a 21” Color TV to the CPU Junior High School as instructional equipment
  • Contributed a 21” Color TV to the CPU Elementary for use as instructional equipment
  • Gave a DVD player to the Municipalities of Badiangan and Janiuay as instructional equipment for their students.
  • Provided financial assistance to the annual CPUAAI Festival of Lights and Music at Central
  • With CPUAAI, jointly sponsored the payment of miscellaneous fees of indigent but deserving public high school graduating students from the Municipalities of Badiangan, Janiuay, and Leon in Iloilo with priority in availing the Work Student Program if they pursue their college degree in CPU

CPU ISO holds gathering

Smiles transceding borders – members of the CPU International Student Organization with their respective country’s flag.

The International Student Organization (ISO) of CPU held a get together to discuss future activities and their participation in the University Day Celebration. The meeting was held on the 4th floor of Henry Luce III Library on September 23, 2017.

Prof. Leilani Fatimah L. Trompeta, Director of the CPU International Programs, welcomed the members and thanked them for their active participation in the university events.

Beom Cheol Park, President; Saad Alas S Abdel Azim, External Vice President; Chaelim Hong, Treasurer; and Sun Yu Lee, Assistant Treasurer, took their oath of office during the said meeting. Other officers who were not present are Robin Huckleberry, Internal Vice President; Leilan Jasmine Masikat, Secretary; Anthony Niguas, Assistant Secretary; and Andrew Perez, Representative.

CPU is home to students from all over the globe that joyfully share their culture and their stories to the Centralian community.

In his speech, Beom Cheol Park talked about the diversity of the organization and the importance of being united. “We all know that it is not easy to unify. We are from different lands, using different languages, and have different cultures. But we have one thing in common. We are foreign students in this university. Although we are from different places, I hope ISO can bring a positive impact on the school by having one mind among members. I believe that there is no strength without unity.”

The International Student Organization has members from Korea, China, Nigeria, Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, Egypt, Iran, Indonesia and the Solomon Islands, Japan, India, United Kingdom, Australia, Jordan, and Norway.

Members of the International Students Organization during their induction at the Henry Luce III Library.

During the University Day Celebration, the organization participated in the parade. They also put up a kiosk in front of the Purchasing Office where they featured the different cuisines of their respective countries. They sold Korean pancakes called haemul pajeon, noodles and ice cream; they also had Iranian bread and Chinese delicacies.

Centralians enjoyed the unique and authentic cuisines served by the ISO members. Filipino students also gained more insights into the different countries that the members represented.

Unity in diversity—through its activities, ISO continues to raise awareness and to promote respect and appreciation for the different cultures present in the University.

CPU Cross Swords Frasority celebrates 60th Founding Anniversary

CPU President, Dr. Teodoro C. Robles gives Brigadier General Samuel G. Gotico a Plaque of Distinction for his unwavering service for God and for Country.

Celebrating 60 years of brotherhood and sisterhood, the Cross Swords Frasority of Central Philippine University Army ROTC Unit held its 60thFounding Anniversary through a homecoming and testimonial luncheon at the CPU Alumni Promenade Concert Park on September 6, 2017.

In his inspirational message, Brigadier General Samuel G. Gotico recalled that it was their time together in the ROTC that strengthened their bond with each other. “May we all find inspiration in this occasion of coming together. The trials and tribulations we went through in our ROTC days gave us shared experiences and commonalities that forged a bond among us.”

Brigadier General Samuel G. Gotico inspires the alumni with his testimony.

He further encouraged his fellow alumni to celebrate the lessons they learned during their stay in CPU and to continue excelling in faith and in work. “May reliving the past and affirming our beginnings provide us respite from our laborious efforts. But most importantly, may it continue to encourage us to live exemplary lives worth emulating, not for our own glory, not for our own sake, but always with the pure intention of being the best that we can be, such so we all become the gift that God wants us to be.”

CPU President, Dr. Teodoro C. Robles, gave Brigadier General Gotico a Plaque of Distinction for his excellence in the military service and his continued faith and labor in making the Centralian alumni community proud.

Hayley C. Excell (Left) with the ROTC cadets. Photo Credits: Hayley C. Excell 

Throwback – Hayley C. Excell shares that her stay in CPU as a student and a ROTC sponsor taught her the value of cammaraderie and perseverance. Photo Credits: Hayley C. Excell

Also present was Lt. Colonel Billy O. Dela Rosa, INF (GSC) PA (CSF Class 1966), Commander of the CPU ROTC back in 1987-1988. He shared that the university still kept the Centralian flame of brotherhood and sisterhood alive. “I finally came back to CPU after 30 years. I can see a lot of improvements in the campus, our tradition of faith is strong. When I was assigned in Mindanao, I also met other Centralians—we are everywhere and it feels really nice to be with fellow Centralians.”

Lt. Colonel Billy O. Dela Rosa accompanying Brigadier General Samuel G. Gotico, both were Corps Commanders during their student days in CPU. 

Hayley C. Excell, an ROTC sponsor during her college days, also recalled her memories in the university. She recalled that the best part of CPU is the Christ-centered education. “I was already enrolled in Cebu when I visited CPU but I really liked the campus so I decided to study here instead. The reason why I came to study here was that I saw how focused the university is in God and in strengthening the faith of its students.”

BGen Tyne Bañas: Looking back and looking forward in the Central Spirit

Brigadier General Tyne Bañas with his wife, Nelia Bañas in front of the CPUAAI Office.

Brigadier General Tyne Bañas visited CPU on Monday morning, October 2, with his lovely wife, Nelia, from General Santos City. He shared his insights, expressed his gratitude, and reminisced his experiences in CPU. The General is one of three sons of a former CPU teacher, Rev. Prudencio Bañas. He studied at CPU Kindergarten School in 1977 and finished his High School in CPU in 1981. He spent 2 years taking up Mechanical Engineering in CPU before he was admitted to the Philippine Military Academy. He graduated from PMA, Class of 1987, and was deployed to several assignments, even serving as an army officer in General Santos City for 18 years, before becoming a Brigade Commander at Camp Agaab in Sarangani Province, Camp Evangelista in Cagayan de Oro City.

He attributed part of his military success to the ROTC training he underwent in CPU, where he imbibed Christian values and integrity—two important pillars in living a Christian life. Bañas recalled the wisdom he earned from spiritual convocations and Sunday school in CPU. He would share these with his officers and men, encouraging them to do these on a regular basis. Love, friendship, and generosity are important ingredients in his career as a military officer. His group has volunteered in humanitarian efforts in Panay, especially during disasters and calamities. These, he considers, part of his Christian mission.

Bañas believes that the Central Spirit is present when everyone shares something in common. “I often observe this in times when other people learn that I am a Centralian. Anywhere we go, Centralians are accommodated and welcomed,” he added.

Brigadier General Tyne Bañas reads a copy of the Centralian Link as Public Relations Officer Cyrus Natividad shares to him about the new highlights of the publication.

Asked what he could extend to the CPU ROTC Unit in view of the decrease in enrolment brought about by a new military curriculum, he suggested that there be more exposure for the cadets through advocacy programs and dissemination of information. He would like to include the cadets in a complementary study program which he is going to prepare for the CPU ROTC Unit.

BGen Tyne Bañas is presently based in Fort Bonifacio, Metro Manila with his family. His three sons, TJ, RJ and EJ, are all professionals. One of them is following in the military footsteps of their father.

Centralian alumna is Lingkod Bayan Awardee

Prof. Lucia L. Lastimoza, a CPU graduate of Bachelor of Science in Agriculture Batch 1975, was one of the Presidential Lingkod Bayan Awardee. The award was given by by President Rodrigo R. Duterte at the Rizal Ceremonial Hall, Malacañang Palace on September 20, 2017 during the 117th Civil Service Anniversary.

She received a cash incentive, a gold medallion and a presidential plaque with citation signed by the Philippine President.  She received the award because of her exceptional and extraordinary contribution in preserving the patrimony of the nation through her protection and conservation of endangered fauna in the island of Panay, particularly in the highlands of Lambunao. Her Mariit Foundation project focuses on nurturing fauna which are on the verge of extinction.

On the anniversary of the Civil Service, an award for outstanding work performance is given to elected and appointed officials and employees holding permanent, temporary, coterminous, contractual and casual status of employment in the government, whether stationed in the Philippines or abroad. There are two award categories for outstanding work performance: the Presidential Lingkod Bayan Award (PLB) and the CSC Pagasa Award. PLB is given to an individual or group of individuals with exceptional or extraordinary contributions resulting from an idea or performance that had nationwide impact on public interest, security and patrimony. The contribution may be a suggestion, innovation, invention or superior accomplishment. The CSC Pagasa Award is for “outstanding contribution/s resulting from an idea of performance that directly benefit more than one department of the government.”

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