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Weekly Centralian Link (October 27, 2017)

CPU Alumni share expertise in CPU Agri Grand Reunion

It was a full house during the College of Agriculture Grand Alumni Reunion.

Highlighting the theme “CPU Agri Alumni Soaring High Towards Global Agri-preneurship,” the CPU College of Agriculture invited Centralian alumni to share their expertise in agriculture and entrepreneurship at the College of Agriculture Alumni Grand Reunion held at The Bacolod Pavillon Hotel on October 20, 2017.

According to Director Larry Nacionales, President of the CPU College of Agriculture Alumni Association, the seminars are part of the college’s support for helping the agricultural industry, “We want to continue our advocacy of developing communities and helping farmers by sharing our expertise and skills. Through the seminar, we can gather our farmers and they will be able to learn from our pool of experts to improve their agricultural practice.”

Simultaneous seminars took place in two venues.

Roberto “Francis” R. Jalando-on, CPUCA Alumni Negros Chapter President, Engr. Manuel C. Palada, member, CPU Board of Trustees, Dr. Rex Alocilja and Rev. Francis Neil Jalando-on, Director, Office of Communications with College of Agriculture alumni at The Ruins, in Silay, Bacolod.

Reminiscing the years – College of Agriculture alumni pose for a group picture.

At Seminar Area No. 1, Mr. Tim Arandela, the Coffee Coordinator of the Provincial Agricultures Office and a 1987 graduate of Agronomy from the CPU College of Agriculture, lectured about GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) in coffee production and cost and return analysis for the first seminar. He gave pointers on how to plant, manage, and harvest coffee. He also encouraged participants to invest in coffee because it is a sought-after commodity, “Coffee is the second largest commodity next to crude oil. Investing in coffee is also better if you sell your coffee directly to consumers for immediate consumption or by investing in a coffee shop.”

Roberto “Francis” R. Jalando-on, CPUCA Alumni Negros Chapter President thanks alumni and committee members for the success of the alumni grand reunion.

Roberto “Francis” R. Jalando-on, CPUCA Alumni Negros Chapter President and Dir. Larry Nacionales, President of the CPUCA Mother Chapter, led the ribbon cutting signifying the start of the College of Agriculture Grand Alumni Homecoming.

CPU President, Dr. Teodoro C. Robles and Dr. Larry Nacionales, President of the CPUCA Mother Chapter awarded Roberto “Francis” R. Jalando-on, CPUCA Alumni Negros Chapter President a certificate of appreciation for his leadership in spearheading the reunion.

CPU President, Dr. Teodoro C. Robles highlighted the Central Spirit and Faith as the bond that ties CPU alumni.

Engr. Eddie P. Cañuto, owner of Ephrathah Farms, and member of the CPU BOT talked about entrepreneurship during the seminar.

Alumni and guests listen to Rev. Amsil P. Alubog during the devotional.

Rev. Amsil P. Alubog led the devotional during the first day of the reunion.

Together Again – The College of Agriculture Batch 1979 reunites at the alumni grand reunion.

The second speaker, Dr. Jaime Cabarles, Dean of the College of Agriculture, Resources and Environmental Sciences (CARES), talked about native chickens. He highlighted the growing demand of chicken products in Western Visayas and showcased, through a video presentation, the CPU chicken farm in Leon, Iloilo managed together with the Department of Agriculture. In his talk, Dr. Cabarles shared GAP regarding chicken production. He also underscored the grow-out production of organic native chicken, “We want to commercialize native chicken here in Western Visayas. There is still a lot of challenges in achieving this, but we are currently researching ways and methods to commercialize native chicken.”

The last speaker, Engr. Ed Cañuto, owner of Ephrathah Farms, talked about entrepreneurship. Engr. Cañuto attributed the success of this farm to hard work and, above all, faith and obedience to the Word of God, “Ephrathah is the old name of Bethlehem and it means ‘to be fruitful.’ In our farm, we uphold stewardship in everything that we do. Every Monday, to start the week right, we encourage our 75 workers to attend a Bible study. We don’t just want to earn, but we want to transform lives and communities.” He also talked about proper farm operation management, improving the efficiency of farm operations, monitoring of production and cost, and the supply chain.

Meanwhile, at Seminar Area No. 2, valuable knowledge and ideas on agriculture were presented by two Centralian Agriculturists and a Packaging Engineering Faculty.

The first speaker was Dr. Manny Palada, who shared his famous research on moringa (malunggay) and his presentation and output on medicinal-aromatic herbs. He generously imparted his experience and insights on the agricultural production practices in Florida, stressing on the “possibility of increasing production of local herbs such as garlic, ginger and lemon grass.” Dr. Palada added, “They are sustainable here in our country as we have the same tropical climate like the Virgin Islands, which is conducive to aromatic health herbs. Dr. Palada is of the Batch 1966 of the CPU College of Agriculture. He earned his master’s degree from UP Los Baños, and his doctorate degree from the University of Florida. Dr. Palada is the Coordinator of Agricultural Experimental Project at the University of Virgin Islands, which includes areas of St. Thomas, St Croix, and St. John Islands. He is currently a Visiting Professor at CPU.

The second speaker was Dr. Isagani G. Catedral, who lectured on mushroom culture and production. He believes in the potential of mushrooms to provide Filipinos with a good income and healthy food. “Mushrooms provide vitamins and minerals,” according to Dr. Catedral. He presented how he got good business out of oyster mushrooms, which can be grown and harvested anytime of the year. His success in mushroom production grew out of his perspective on the essential mushroom farm which he now operates in Tanauan City, Batangas. Determination and industry are needed to succeed in the mushroom production, according to Dr. Catedral. Dr. Catedral is of the Batch 1969 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Agronomy. He earned his master’s degree in Agronomy and his Doctor of Philosophy from UP Los Baños in 1972 and 1984, respectively. He is a former Executive Director of the Philippine Cotton Development Administration.

The third speaker was Engr. Bernie Cangrejo who gave a talk along with Engr. Ron Adrian Dionaldo.  Engr. Cangrejo and Engr. Dionaldo presented ideas on how farmers could market their products with good packaging and smart marketing strategies. The talk was not only informative. Engr. Cangrejo entertained the farmers with his “fast talk,” animated discussion, and colorful video presentation. The up-to-date presentation of products and actual areas of concerns were particularly explained, with strategic solutions. Engr. Bernie Cangrejo graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering, Batch 1993, and his master’s degree is from Michigan State University-Online. Meanwhile, Engr. Ron Adrian Dionaldo graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Packaging Engineering, Batch 2015.

Engr. Cangrejo’s presentation also included discussions on the Packaging Engineering course being offered at CPU—the only one being offered in the whole of the Philippines. Packaging Engineering, according to Engr. Cangrejo, is a specialized field dealing with packaging problems, including study of products, packages, materials and containers, structures, methods, machinery, and transportation. Scientific and engineering principles are used to solve problems in design, production, and preparation of packaged farm products for distribution. The Packaging Engineering School was initiated by the Dr. Lejo C. Braña, forerunner of the BS Packaging Engineering Course in CPU.

“An Evening with Mayor Bing”

Hon. Evelio “Bing” Leonardia, Mayor, City of Bacolod (center) with Roberto “Francis” R. Jalando-on, CPUCA Alumni Negros Chapter President, Dir. Larry Nacionales, President of the CPU College of Agriculture Alumni Association, alumni and guests at the Bacolod Pavillon Hotel.

University President Dr. Teodoro C. Robles with wife Angel led other Centralians on a trip to Bacolod City in support of the CPU College of Agriculture Alumni Association’s Grand Alumni Homecoming celebration. They brought with them CPU’s best—the CPU Handbell Ringers, the CPU Sari-Saot Dance Troupe, the U-Day Champion Barbershop Quartet, and Ms. Katchry S. Golbin, CPU AB English, Class 2016 and 3rd place winner of France Got Talent to perform at the Pavillon on October 20 in an affair dubbed “An Evening with Mayor Bing.”

The CPU Handbell Ringers was led by Dr. Mai Lynn Bermejo Jacar.

Atty. Renecito S. Novero, Bacolod City Councilor welcomed alumni and guests to the City of Smiles.

CPU Men+s Quartet U-Day Champions endeared alumni and guest with their musical number.

Katchry S. Golbin serenaded alumni and guests during the cultural night.

Mr. Dan P. Dorillo, CPUAAI President thanked the alumni for their presence in the reunion.

Aside from the CPU President, CPU Alumni Association President, Dan Dorillo and Vice President Isagani Jalbuena were also present along with the CPUAAI Board of Trustees. Also in attendance were CPUCA Alumni Association President, Larry Nacionales and other CPUCA Alumni Association officers. There were more than 60 delegates and personnel who came from CPU. Important attendees from Bacolod included Centralian Renecito Novero, a Bacolod City Councilor, who delivered a message on behalf of the Mayor and CPUCAAA Negros Chapter President Roberto Jalando-on, Jr. and officers. Centralian Judge Ramon Delariarte also made an appearance. All in all there were more than 300 Centralians and guests who attended the Cultural Night.

Dinner, courtesy of the City Government of Bacolod, was enjoyed by everyone as the celebration continued with the thrill of Bacolod’s famous Masskara Festival 2017. The Grand Alumni celebration of the CPUCAAA was, in fact, included in the line-up of events for the Masskara Festival.

When Mayor Bing Leonardia arrived a little while later, he was all praises for the Central Spirit. He made mention of some relatives excelling in their studies at Central Philippine University. A picture taking with Mayor Bing followed as he invited everyone to join the celebration of the Masskara Festival.

College of Nursing hopes for Virtual Laboratory Completion in 2018

The virtual lab will be placed at the Loreto D. Tupaz Building, home to the College of Nursing.

With the aim of providing competitive nursing education, the CPU College of Nursing is gearing towards the completion of its virtual laboratory in 2018. According to Atty. Salex E. Alibogha, Dean of the College of Nursing, 5 million pesos has to be raised for the said project to be completed. The realization of the Virtual Laboratory is in compliance to the College’s application to be a Center of Excellence.

Various donors include the BSN Batch 1987 alumni who came from the United States and turned over a check of 100,000 pesos; the BSN Batch 1992, who gave a check of 115,620 pesos; the CPU Capiz Emmanuel Hospital and Iloilo Mission Hospital Nurses Alumni Association, who turned over 240,277.01 pesos last July 3, 2017; the BSN Class 1969; the CPU Alumni Association Central California Chapter; Mr. Narciso Seisa and Mrs. Ann Catedrilla-Seisa. The BSN Ruby Jubilarians Batch 1977 gave 1 thousand dollars on October 19, 2017 in addition to the 292 thousand pesos that the group handed over previously to Dr. Robles for the virtual lab project. They gave another thousand dollars for the Nursing Faculty Development Fund. At present, donations have amounted to 1,050,866.30 pesos.

The fund raising campaign for the proposed project has been ongoing with Nursing Alumni Associations worldwide. It will continue until the amount is enough to finance the proposed project. Atty. Alibogha is grateful that Centralians here and abroad have been generous, “CPU Nursing alumni have been very responsive to the need of the CPU College of Nursing to have the Virtual Lab project realized. A number of Nursing Alumni Chapters from abroad and some individuals have already turned over checks for the project.” Skills Lab Coordinator, Novie Joy Soledad, RN, is managing the said project.

The Nursing Virtual Laboratory will provide simulation of various nursing procedures such as IV therapy, parenteral medications, procedures for patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), and others. Furthermore, the virtual laboratory will have doll simulators, IV virtual laboratory monitors, and camera for other students to watch how procedures are done while in another room. With this Virtual Laboratory, CPU students will be able to practice their delivery of health care and errors will be minimized on actual patients.

CPU hopes that more donations will be raised to complete the project on time. For your donations and inquiries please call (033) 3291971 loc. 1037 (College of Nursing Secretary’s Office) or loc. 2107 (Faculty Room) or email


CPU joins 3rd Global Connect Workshop in Korea

Dr. Rowena Libo-on, Director, Transnational Office, Prof. Leilani Fatimah Ledesma Trompeta, Director, Office of International Relations and Cooperation, Prof. Ma. Medalla P. Baliao, Dean, College of Hospitality and Management, Dr. Maria Amihan T. Panes, Coordinator, CHM Graduate Program, student representatives together with Tomyong University LINC+ officials.

Strengthening global ties—Central Philippine University joined the 3rd Global Connect Workshop at Tongmyong University, Busan, South Korea on October 12-14, 2017.

CPU was represented by faculty members namely, Dr. Rowena Libo-on, Director, Transnational Office; Prof. Leilani Fatimah Ledesma Trompeta, Director, Office of International Relations and Cooperation; Prof. Ma. Medalla P. Baliao, Dean, College of Hospitality and Management (CHM); Dr. Maria Amihan T. Panes, Coordinator, CHM Graduate Program; and student representatives Michaella Joyce Julit, BS Tourism, 3rd Year; Bernanard Ceasar P. Susbilla, BS Electrical and Computer Engineering, 5th Year; Anne Danielle N. Tay, BS Entrepreneurial Management, 3rd Year; and Emman Karol G. Jabat, BS Hotel and Restaurant Management, 3rd Year.

Centralians presenting their feasibility project on “All Natural Food Truck”.

For the opening program, Dr. Libo-on gave a talk about the “Start-up Education in CPU” while the students presented their feasibility project on “All Natural Food Truck” business.

Tomyong University through LINC+ (Leaders in Industry-University Cooperation) has spearheaded this student start-up international conference and exchange for three years now. The purpose of this conference is to share knowledge of start-up trends and entrepreneurship, to establish a student global network, to enhance global start-up capability, to arrange a venue for information sharing regarding global start-up, and to promote international collaborations in establishing a start-up network.

CPU students also joined the workshop.

More than a hundred participants came from invited universities from China, Japan, the Philippines and Korea.

Dr. Libo-on and Prof. Trompeta promote CPU in Korea

Dr. Rowena Libo-on, Director, Transnational Office, Prof. Leilani Fatimah Ledesma Trompeta, Director, Office of International Relations and Cooperation together with Jeoju Insitutte of Technology officials.

With the aim of promoting Central Philippine University to the global community, Dr. Rowena Libo-on, Director, Transnational Office and Prof. Leilani Fatimah Ledesma Trompeta, Director, Office of International Relations and Cooperation, visited partner universities and linked with new schools to establish international academic ties and to discuss programs on student and faculty mobility and internship.

Dr. Rowena Libo-on, Director, Transnational Office, Prof. Leilani Fatimah Ledesma Trompeta, Director, Office of International Relations and Cooperation visited partner institution, Korea University of Media Arts.

Tongmyong College – Dr. Libo-on and Dr. Trompeta discussed possible academic ties and exchanges.

Strenghtening academic ties around the globe, Dr. Libo-on and Dr. Trompeta visited Suwon Science College for possible linkages.

Dr. Libo-on and Prof. Trompeta went to partner universities, namely, Silla University in Busan, Sunmoon University in Asan City, Korea University of Media Arts in Sejong City, and Yeoju Institute of Technology in Yeoju City. The new universities they visited included Inje University and Donga University, both in Busan; Sangmyung University in Cheonan City; Hangkyong National University in Anseong City; Suwon Science College and Suwon University, both in Hwaseong City. Each university visit provided meaningful discussions on opportunities for active academic programs.

The trip was facilitated by Metro Korea (MK) Language Training Center, headed by Mr. Dae-jin Moon, President; Mr. In-Yong Kim, Principal; and Mr. Bong-Sang Lee, Seoul Office Chief.

A Pocket Guide to Ballot Appreciation

Comelec Director Dennis Ausan holds a copy of his book.

Centralian Dennis Ausan, a lawyer, holds a Career Service Executive Eligibility (CSEE), and Director of Commission on Elections, Region 6, has published his third legal reference book: A Pocket Guide to Ballot Appreciation. The book was intended for election workers, COMELEC officers, teachers and legal circles (i.e. judges, lawyers, and law students). Because of the demand for Director Ausan to answer conflict situations, cases after elections, and poll protests, he formulated a solution which he made available for everyone through the publication of the guide book. The pocket guide was printed out of his desire to help his people in the COMELEC offices in Region 6, Ausan admitted.

His other published works, Compendium on Pre-Proclamation Controversies and Compendium on Election Laws, have been very helpful to COMELEC offices and legal practitioners.

The COMELEC Director is a graduate of Political Science Batch 1984 at CPU College of Arts and Sciences and a CPU Alumni Awardee for Government Service. He finished Law at the University of San Agustin, Iloilo City. He is a brother of Atty. Leo Tito Ausan Jr., Deputy Consul General of Vancouver, Canada. Ausan is married to another government official, Mrs. Mara M. Ausan. Mrs. Ausan is the Deputy Register of Deeds of Iloilo City and the Acting Register of Deeds of the Province of Guimaras.  His daughter Kaye Therese is a fourth year student taking up Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Major in Management with specialization in Business Analytics at the University of Asia and the Pacific; his son Ken Justin is in Grade 10 at Ateneo de Iloilo.

CPU hosts training on Business Analytics

A five-day Business Analytics course was opened on Monday, October 23 at the Educational Media Center, Conference Room at 9:00 in the morning. Dr. Lenny Rose P. Mucho, Review, Continuing Education and Consultancy Center (RCECC) Director welcomed the participants on behalf of the University President, Dr. Teodoro C. Robles. Dr. Roldan P. Pescos, Training Coordinator, gave an introduction and updates on the Business Analytics Training. Dr. Mucho acknowledged the participants and introduced the resource speakers for the different subjects of the course.

The Business Analytics Course is specifically designed for Filipino Citizens, although foreign academicians have shown interest in requesting for the training to be held in their countries. Among the subjects offered for the course are Fundamentals of Business Analytics, Data Warehousing, Descriptive Analytics, and Predictive Analytics. The Closing and Graduation Ceremony for the participants who can complete the course requirements will be on Friday, October 27 at the 4th Floor of Henry Luce III Library.

RCECC holds Seminar on handling students with special needs

CPU President, Dr. Teodoro C. Robles, encouraged participants to pursue their passion in teaching.

With the aim of expanding the knowledge regarding special education, the CPU Review, Continuing Education and Consultancy Center (RCECC), in cooperation with the Guidance Services Center and the CPU College of Education (COEd), held a lecture entitled, “Handling Students with Special Needs,” at the 4th Floor Henry Luce III Library on October 13, 2017.

In his opening remarks, CPU President, Dr. Teodoro C. Robles, emphasized the importance of special education in developing communities. He also recognized the dedication and hard work of special education teachers.

CPU RCECC Director, Dr. Lenny Rose P. Mucho, acknowledged participants and encouraged them to learn and listen to the invited expertise of the said seminar.

CPU RCECC Director, Dr. Lenny Rose P. Mucho acknowledged the participants.

Participants from different schools in Iloilo joined the seminar.

The first resource speaker, Prof. Frank Emboltura, who is also a registered nurse, talked about the laws, directives and implementing procedures focusing on inclusive education. He highlighted the importance of being aware of the CHED and DepEd instructions pertaining to handling students with special needs.

For the afternoon session, resource speaker, Dr. Joel Durban, talked about “Understanding the Philosophy of Inclusion” and “Classroom Strategies in Teaching Children with Special Needs.” In his talk, he stressed the importance of inclusion in ensuring that the teacher is able to meet the needs of the students with special needs in the general education classroom. He also shared that variety of knowledge in teaching strategies helps maximizes classroom learning.

Garingo: A Story of Faith and Passion

Gershon shares that it is our faith in God that makes us live life excellently.

Faith and passion—A Centralian in Abu Dhabi is making a name for himself, and is making his Alma Mater proud in the process.

Last July 2017, Gershon Loyd Garingo was the “Be a Star” awardee given by the Abu Dhabi National Hotel in New York University, Abu Dhabi. The Banquets and Catering Department describes him as “very consistent in his work. He is always willing to help and assist other departments to ensure not only his objectives are met, but theirs too! He always considers the safety of others and always ensures that his work is done well with passion.”

Gershon graduated from CPU High School, Class 2007 and was a member of CPU Table Tennis Varsity Team. He also finished his BS in Hotel and Restaurant Management in 2011. To find better opportunities, and also travel to other places, he applied for work in Abu Dhabi. His prayers were answered when he found a job in line with his course. Since 2014, he has been working in the Abu Dhabi National Hotel. He also volunteers as a Staff Ambassador of the Office of Social Responsibility of the New York University, Abu Dhabi and the Abu Dhabi National Hotel.

He is grateful that CPU instilled in him the importance of not just excelling in his academics, but more so, focusing on the spiritual aspect of his life. He believes that the Christian education that he received from CPU is one of the most important things in his life because it has eternal value.

In receiving commendation from his workplace that emphasized his willingness to help, he fondly remembers that kindness is one of the many values that he had learned from his Alma Mater. He said that when one is kind, it creates a positive impact on the people around that person.

What advise can Gershon Loyd Garingo give to Centralians who want to work abroad? He said, “Just continue to love your work and inspire people around you.” His life verse is Psalm 34:10,

“The lions may grow weak and hungry, but those who seek the LORD lack no good thing.”

May the life of Gershon continue to inspire people to hold on to their faith in God, and to be passionate in everything that they do.

Judging from experience

Centralian Judge Delariarte (center) with CPUAAI President Dan Dorillo (right), and Media Relations Officer Cyrus Natividad.

Judge Ramon Delariarte finished his pre-law at Central Philippine University in 1959 and up to second year in Law proper in 1963. He practiced law from 1964 up to 2002, when he became a judge in Bacolod City. He was a member of the Order of Kalantiao of CPU in 1960, and President of the Integrated Bar of the Philippines, Negros Chapter in 1996. He retired from service in 2007.

While practicing law in Iloilo, he was with the group of Demy Sonza, an Iloilo Province Board Member, who brought him to join the Students of Rizal and the Graciano Lopez Jaena Foundation.

The retired judge was glad to be invited to the Bacolod Pavillon Hotel for the Grand Alumni Homecoming by the CPU College of Agriculture Alumni Association. Grateful for and delighted by the honor accorded to him, Delariarte brought back stories of his stint as a work student in CPU, way back in the late 50’s and 60’s. He told his story of how a Centralian work student who labored as a CPU janitor worked his way up to become a successful lawyer and judge.

Judge Delariarte is married to Hermelina Divinagracia from Dumangas, Iloilo, with whom he has four professional children. They reside in Bacolod City.

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