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Weekly Centralian Link (May 5, 2017)

USAF 3rd Civil Affairs Group visit CPU

By Keziah G. Huelar

CPU President Dr. Teodoro C. Robles, Director of International Programs, Prof. Leilani Fatimah L. Trompeta with United States Armed Forces 3rd Civil Affairs Group.

Balikatan has been known as a series of annual military exercises between the Philippines and the United States.  It has been known to embody cooperation in pursuit of peace, standing shoulder-to-shoulder to protect and uplift our nation and fellow countrymen. Balikatan is given another definition in the visit of the members of the United States Armed Forces 3rd Civil Affairs Group at Central Philippine University, May 2, 2017.

CPU ROTC officers talks about their training in the corps.

The group composed of 13 American marine and air force officers headed by Major Ruffins met with CPU President, Dr. Teodoro C. Robles at the Administration Conference Room to share about the on-going projects of Balikatan 2017 with the Armed Forces of the Philippines.

United States Armed Forces 3rd Civil Affairs Group talks about their projects with the CPU Community.

According to Major Ruffins, Balikatan 2017 has put up classrooms and health centers in Malitbog Elementary School, Tapaz Elementary School, Dumalag Elementary School and Duran Elementary School in Capiz. They also taught disaster risk reduction and preparedness to inhabitants of the community near the respective schools.

A stop at the American Corner, 3rd Floor, Henry Luce III Library.

An open discussion with Centralians was held at the Knowledge Development Center, Ground Floor, Henry Luce III Library. An exchange of ideas between Centralians and officers took place; conversations about civil and military life, hobbies, interests were shared between American officers and Filipino students. According to Major Ruffins, the aim of their visit is to showcase the lighter and personal side of the faces behind the service and to establish stronger ties between the United States and the Philippines.

A conversation with Centralians.

When asked about what strengths of a Filipino, Major Ruffins replied that it is our sense of family togetherness.  “Filipinos are resilient people, they have a strong sense of family and it’s something we Americans look up to you. You would do anything for family – they are your greatest strength. It’s something we Americans admire from Filipinos.”

Maj. Ruffins talks about the importance of cooperation in uplifting communities.

According to Prof. Leilani Fatimah L. Trompeta, Director of the CPU International Programs, the activity is an eye-opening discussion about what Balikatan really means. “Balikatan is about cooperation and mutual respect. Discussions like these help us get to know more about each other to develop stronger ties.”

CPU congratulates 25 new Centralian Lawyers

By Keziah G. Huelar

Years of study and prayer yield its reward as 25 out of 32 examinees from the CPU College of Law passed the said examination held at the University of Santo Tomas on November 6, 13, 20 and 27, 2017.

18 new graduates took the said exam and 15 or 83.33% passed; on the other hand 10 or 31.25% out of the 32 repeaters were successfully admitted in the bar.

The following are the 25 successful examinees from the CPU College of Law:

  1. Alejandro, Ma. Venida V.
  2. Agot, Randy R.
  3. Ba-at-Escrupulo, Darren S.
  4. Comoda, Mae Lailour P.
  5. Dolduco-Constantino, Ma. Cassie Jean D.
  6. Gelito, Jose Judhil F.
  7. Gerona, Cyril Joy T.
  8. Grecia, Ujell P.
  9. Hiponia, Rhoan I.
  10. Jayme-Geraldoy, Joy Marie
  11. Liza, Rynelle H.
  12. Odio, Leo J.
  13. Ogatis, Victoria Flor P.
  14. Ortiz, Laurence Susan P.
  15. Perez, Rizalee J.
  16. Pestaño, R’jay L.
  17. Prado-Singian, Annelei F.
  18. Pugon-Perez, April Dream M.
  19. Rosales, Niel C.
  20. Salcedo, Edter Paul A.
  21. Salvilla, Dionne Glenn M.
  22. Siano, Rex P.
  23. Sornito, Fermin Jr. P.
  24. Sayson, Regine Beth T.
  25. Varona, Vincent Enrique


3, 747 of the 6, 344 examinees successfully passed the 2016 bar examinations. The oathtaking will take place at the Mall of Asia Arena on May 22, 2017.

CPU BSN Alumnae awarded for Best Practice in Nursing

By Keziah G. Huelar

Ma. Teresa SV Caipang passion for healthcare was recognized during the Summit Conference of CALTCM

Ma. Teresa SV Caipang, RN, BSN, MSN, Director of Nurses of Norwalk Skilled Nursing and Wellness Centre and a 1980 alumnae of the CPU Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program received the top spot for Best Practice in Nursing awarded during the Summit Conference of California Association of Long Term Care Medicine (CALTCM) – April 29, 2017.

During the event, she presented the fall quality program in from of more than 250 attendees comprising of doctors, advanced practice nurses, nurse leaders, director of nurses, administrators and other health care professionals.

Ma. Teresa SV Caipang bagged 1st Place in the search for Best Nursing Practices in the Summit Conference of CALTCM.

The California Association of Long Term Care Medicine (CALTCM) is the professional organization for California physicians, medical directors, nurses, pharmacists, administrators, and other professionals working in long-term care. CALTCM promotes quality patient care across the long-term care continuum through medical leadership and education. (

‘Receptions & Perceptions’

 A wholesome project of the CPU Alumni Association

 By Cyrus A. Natividad

The CPU Board of Trustees

We have reasons to stop by and appreciate the newly dedicated Alumni Terrace in front of the CPU Alumni Affairs Office.

First is that people,  especially Centralians could relax after walking from elsewhere to the  Alumni Office;  stop by to chat with friends and fellow Centralians, or wait for somebody from the outisde or inside of the alumni office. It’s cool out there – owing  to the fresh green scenery of the Alumni Garden and of the Halfmoon Drive across.

Alumni, Friends and BOT shares a conversation before the dedication program.

The second reason is that we can read the names of past administrators of Central Philippine University, past Chairmen of the Board of Trustees and of the CPUAAI Board; and Officers and Members of the Board of Directors of CPU Alumni Association, Inc. as well – emblasoned on geometrical slabs of brass on corners of the Alumni Terrace.

Outgoing BOT Chair, Atty Peter Irving C. Corvera unveils the brass marker.

But the admirable thing reallly about the construction of the square concrete with low grills is that it is  one of those CPUAAI projects to be treasured forever, to be proud and thankful for  the thoughtfulness of Centralian Alumni- realizing projects every year.

The dedication was held at 4:00 pm, Thursday, May 4, 2017. CPU President, Dr. Teodoro C. Robles led the ribbon cutting together with outgoing BOT Chair, Atty Peter Irving C. Corvera, and Mr. Daniel P. Donillo, CPU Alumni Association President.

Officers of the CPU Alumni Association Inc.

Dr. Robles and Atty. Corvera unveiled the brass markers situated in the two corners of the Alumni Office portico. CPUAAI President expressed his gratitude to all the generous Alumni of Central Philippine University, and for the Present CPU administration for the `all-out’ support.

A healthy merienda cena followed inside the Alumni Office.

Lamparero clinches the best time by a Filipino in the 2017 ASTC Triathlon Junior Asian Cup

By Keziah G. Huelar

Perseverance and faith – Lamparero claims the best time by a Filipino in the 2017 ASTC Triathlon Junior Asian Cup.

Jacqui Rose Lamparero, a CPU senior high school student claimed the best time by a Filipino and ranked 6th in the Junior Elite Women+s Category of the 2017 Asian Triathlon Confederation Triathlon Junior Asian Cup held at ACEA Beach, Subic Bay Freeport on April 29, 2017.

Lamparero was able to finish the 750m swim, 20 km bike and 5 km course in 1:18:02 placing 6th among international contenders from Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and others. Three Filipinos got into the top ten with Lamparero leading; Una Sibayan ranked 7th with a time of 1:19:55 and Victorija Deldio placed 8th with 1:20:04.

In 2016, the 17 year old athlete topped the National Age Group Triathlon (NAGT) Leg 4 Women Sprint Distance in Cagayan De Oro besting 30 other contestants from all over the country. She also won 1st place in the Sprint Distance 16-19 Age Group Female Title in the recently concluded National Age Group Triathlon 2017 Subic Leg on January 29, 2017 at ACEA Subic Bay (formerly Sands of Triboa) with a time of 1:19:45. The Sprint Distance includes 750M swim, 20K bike and 5K run.

Lamparero accomplished her goal of being the first Filipino to finish the triathlon. She credits her win to her training,  family and faith in God.  “It was an honor representing my country in this year+s ASTC Subic Bay International Triathlon beyond grateful to the Man above because He leads me onward.”

The ASTC Triathlon Junior Asian Cup is an international triathlon event organized by the Triathlon Association of the Philippines in cooperation with the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA) and sanctioned by the Asian Triathlon Confederation (ATC) and the International Triathlon Union (ITU).

A Marathon for Success

By Cyrus A. Natividad

Like a running in a race, the participants (including students, parents and friends), and teachers too – will have endless dreams and expectations for a candidate who will march to get his/her award (diploma) at the college commencement excercises. Honor students among them will receive medals aside from receiving a diploma and even cash rewards on stage.

How many of them will pursue a post graduate education, find a job or venture into the world for business or employment ?How many of them wil be employees or how many will establish their careers (nurses, teachers, accountants, engineers.. etc.)

As `perenial as the grass’, there will be those who will get employed and also many who will be unemployed indefinitely – as they stride further on for a job. Many more will be counted in addition to thousands of graduates who still strive to get a job, here or elsewhere. Despite the reality, many would be enlightened, challenged to pursue the search for the greater rewards after graduation.

Success can only be achieved by an enduring belief in oneself, walking with faith and press on to success! If God is with us who can be against us? (Roman 8:31)

Here is my short composition  for those who will strive to find success.

Go find the gold in yonder shores,

or journey not so far…

You have what it means to chart your course,

And trace your guiding star.

Run through the journey on a thorny tail

It’s there for you to trek

Move fast, and while the winds are still,

You must never be weak.

After a crash or failure

You find another track

To move on to the future

You must never hold back.

Downhill or uphill

In sunny days or cold

A lot of pains that you will feel

Can rather make you bold.

Unless you learn to move on

The struggle of your own

The journey that seem so long..

As if you are alone.

Although you’ll find it difficult

Somehow you want to rest,

But you don’t have to find a fault

You need to do your best.

To reach your destination

Of work and happiness

You only need to press on

With hope and cheerfulness

Ever be strong,true and sincere

Believe that you’ll succeed

To find success, you persever

God will provide with what you need.

How to succeed in spite of the circumstances?

By Rev. Francis Neil Jalando-on

The primary topic of speakers during Commencement Exercises is about success. As the Batch 2017 graduates go out of the portals of CPU, here is one success story from the Bible — the story of Joseph the dreamer.

Joseph succeeded in spite of the circumstances that he faced. He was rejected at home. His brothers did not like him because he was favored by their father, Jacob. He experienced an attempted murder by his brothers. He also became a commodity that was for sale. He was sold to merchants and was sold again to Potiphar. He became a slave. Later, he was falsely accused of rape and was thrown into prison.

How did Joseph survive these circumstances? What lessons can learn from the life of Joseph?

First, like Joseph we need to trust God in spite of the circumstances.

Joseph was given a big dream by God. Joseph had all the right to question God — his life was going downhill and his dreams are nowhere near its realization. In spite of this, Joseph trusted God. Later, when everything became clear, Joseph said, “God sent me ahead of you… to save your lives by a great deliverance. So then, it was not you who sent me here, but God.” (Gen 45:7-8)

Are we trusting God in spite of the circumstances?

Second, like Joseph we need to fulfill our responsibilities in spite of the circumstances.

Joseph was faithful, reliable and dependable. He rose in the ranks to become the manager of all the properties of Potiphar. In the prison, he also became the assistant warden. Later, he became the second most powerful man in Egypt next to the Pharaoh. Egypt during this time was the most powerful empire of the whole world.

Are we doing our job in spite of the circumstances?

Third, like Joseph we need to maintain our integrity in spite of the circumstances.

Joseph was tempted by Mrs. Potiphar every day to have an extra-marital relationship. He was handsome and well-built. Egyptian women were probably good in seduction. Just put in mind Cleopatra who was able to seduced Julius Caesar, and after his assassination, also seduced the successor, Mark Anthony. Joseph maintained his purity and firmly stood his ground and said no.

Are we maintaining our integrity in spite of the circumstances?

May the life of Joseph continue to challenge every one of us. Congratulations to the 2017 graduates of Central Philippine University!


Central Philippine University, Jaro, Iloilo City

Tel. No. (033) 329-1971, Local 2155

Email Add:


April 23-29, 2017 @ Iba, Zambales 




Name:                                                                 Year:               Individual:             Over All Results:

  1. BALOGO, Ailter John                                G 10                  1Gold                        Champion

1 Silvers

  1. DEMOTAÑO, Dan Angelo                         G 10                  2Golds                      Champion
  2. PUEBLO, Dexter Patrick M.                       G 7                   1Silver                       Champion

1 Bronze

  1. MABUNAY, Chestair                                  G 10                  1Gold                        Champion

2 Silvers


Name:                                                                 Year:               Individual:               Over All Results:

  1. BALLE, Janfe Marie                                  G 10                  1Silver                       Champion



Name:                                                               Year:                 Individual:               Over All Results:

  1. CASA, Gil Jr.                                           G 7                      1Bronze                      Champion
  2. OLVIDO, Kris Oswald D.                         G 10                                                       Champion
  3. GUIRHEM, Fiona Geeweneth B.            G 9                      1Gold                          Champion
  4. SEPANTON, Jovelyn A.                          G 10                    1Silver                        Champion



Name:                                                              Year:                   Individual:              Over All Results:

  1. JARA, Marc Spencer B.                           G 9                      5 Golds                      Participant

1 Silver


Name:                                                             Year:              Individual:                  Over All Results:

  1. GANCERO, Clarence Jotham F.            G 10                1 Bronze                     Champion
  2. RECABAR, Jieben Lark A.                     G 10                1 Gold                         Champion
  3. REMEGIO, Carl Jason D.                       G 11                1 Gold                         Champion



Name:                                                            Year:              Individual:                 Over All Results:

  1. LISAO, Pearl Dyne P.                            G 10                1 Gold                         Champion
  2. REMEGIO, Nicole Frances D.               G 7                                                      Champion
  3. SALARDA, Marielle C.                           G 9                  1Bronze                      Champion
  4. SOTOMIL, Estrelarryne Polla Ericca      G 9                  1 Gold                        Champion



Dominique P. Endriga

Asst. Coach

Name:                                                            Year:                          Team Results:

  1. DEDOROY, John Emmanuel G.           G 8                              Participant
  2. JANOLINO, Dan Pretz                          G 8                              Participant
  3. LEYSA, Marwell                                    G 9                              Participant
  4. SAN JOSE, Jhon Louie S.                    G 7                              Participant
  5. SORGON, Louie Jan B.                        G 10                            Participant



Jeffrey G. Alcarde

Head Coach

Name:                                                            Year:                          Team Results:

  1. DESTAO, Bea                                       G 7                              Participant
  2. JARUDA, Yssa Maxine E.                     G 7                              Participant
  3. LABADIA, Kristine Lyka G.                    G 10                            Participant



            25        Athletes




Name:                                                Course/Year:           Individual:    Over All Results:

  1. DEOCAMPO, Nazario                 BSIT 2                                              Champion
  2. UNTAL, Mark Anthony                 BSA 2                                               Champion



Name:                                                Course/Year:           Individual:    Over All Results:

  1. BACOS, Angelu                         BSBAMM 3                                       Champion



Mikhail Noel G. Nacisvalencia

Head Coach

Name:                                                         Course/Year:           Team Results:        

  1. FERRANCULLO, Uzzihee Gyle           BSPkge 2                 1st Runner Up
  2. LAGUA, Dave Keith L.                         BSED X 2                 1st Runner Up
  3. PAGAYON, Elleo John P.                     BSEE 2                     1st Runner Up
  4. PAGMANOJA, Japhet A.                      BSBAMM 4               1st Runner Up



Name:                                                            Course/Year:           Team Results:

  1. ZAUDE, Junelene A.                               BST 3                      2nd Runner Up



Name:                                                          Course/Year:           Individual:    Over All Results:

  1. GAITAN, Darwin D.                              BSIT 3                                           Participant
  2. QUERUBIN, Julian Paul V.                  BSME 4                                         Participant



Name:                                                        Course/Year:           Individual:    Over All Results:

  1. SINORO, Krizzle S.                           BSPhar 3                                           Participant



Rev. Francis Neil G. Jalando-on

Head Coach

Name:                                                            Course/Year:           Team Results:

  1. ANECITA, Sharmaine M.                          BSED Eng 2              2nd Runner Up
  2. GALLEGO, Reyna Rose L.                       BSED X 4                  2nd Runner Up
  3. SOLOCASA, Kimberly S.                          BEED 2                     2nd Runner Up



Alan J. Diasnes

Head Coach

Christer John Gersanib

Asst. Coach

Name:                                                Course/Year:           Individual:       Over All Results:

  1. ALCARDE, Ian Gabriel B.           BSIT 2                                                Participant
  2. DIASNES, Alfie A.                       BSED 2                   2Golds                Participant
  3. SIMPAS, Jim Marshall R.            BSCS 3                   1Silver                 Participant



Alan J. Diasnes

Head Coach

Christer John Gersanib

Asst. Coach

Name:                                                         Course/Year:           Individual:        Over All Results:

  1. ARQUIOLA, Jamela P.                        BSBABM 3                1 Gold               Champion
  2. HORMIGOSO, Quinn Pauline O.        BSBAFM 3                2 Golds              Champion
  3. MALLORCA, RJ Bless Joy C.             BSBAFM 3                1 Gold                Champion
  4. VIDALLON, Cara Nicole G.                 BSBABM 2                1 Gold                Champion



Bob Rommel J. Javellana, RMT.

Head Coach

Jorge Jesus G. Bellosillo II

Asst. Coach

Name:                                                            Course/Year:                       Team Results:

  1. AMOGOD, Mark Anthony G.                BSED X 4                            2nd Runner up
  2. BAYANI, Arvin John B.                         BSIT 1                                  2nd Runner up
  3. FRANCIA, Pablo                                  BSHRM 2                             2nd Runner up
  4. LOPEZ, Andre Eugenio S.                   BSHRM 3                             2nd Runner up
  5. MACARAEG, Steven Mark V.              BSBAFM 2                           2nd Runner up
  6. MANEJABLE, Raynce Roville L.          BSPhar 2                             2nd Runner up
  7. MAGNO, Ralph                                     BSHRM 2                            2nd Runner up
  8. MONTILLA, Fritz Louie M.                    BSHRM 2                            2nd Runner up
  9. OREN, Jonas S.                                    BSBAMM 2                         2nd Runner up
  10. SIERRA, Osborn Ervin G.                     BSBABM 3                          2nd Runner up
  11. SIOTING, Noli Boy M.                           BSBABM 2                          2nd Runner up
  12. SUMERGIDO, Patrick J.                        BSIT 2                                 2nd Runner up
  13. SUPEÑA, Andrew S.                             BSHRM 4                            2nd Runner up
  14. SUPEÑA, Joshua S.                              BSBABM 3                          2nd Runner up
  15. TAALA, Nathaniel Jay H.                       BSBABM 3                          2nd Runner up



Name:                                                      Course/Year:           Individual:        Over All Results:

  1. GUMBAN, Joshua Philippe B.           ABPol 4                   1Bronze           1st Runner Up



Keith Dune R. Gallos

Head Coach

Name:                                                            Course/Year:                       Team Results:

  1. ALMERIA, Alex F.                                    DipT-S-4                               Champion
  2. BALDISIMO, John Dexter A.                   BSCS 3                                 Champion
  3. EUGALCA, Jayson A.                              BSBABM 3                            Champion
  4. FADULLA, Jordan M.                               BSBABM 3                            Champion
  5. GANGOSO, RV T.                                    BSBABM 3                            Champion
  6. GALIA, Jay-ar B.                                      BSED X 3                             Champion
  7. PADIOS, Hubert John M.                         BSED X 3                              Champion
  8. SOLTONES, John Christian B.                 BSBABM 2                            Champion



Pastor Kim B. Dela Cruz

Head Coach

Pastor Mark Arliss Cloma

Asst. Coach

Rhea G. Sevilla & Jergen P. Peñafiel



Name:                                                         Course/Year:                       Team Results:

  1. ARNADO, Ma. Marriel F.                     BSEd P 4                               Champion
  2. ATANAS, Krisha Leigh                         BSSW 1                                Champion
  3. BANGCAYA, Jacqueline                      BSED 2                                 Champion
  4. BESIN, Frizzy May B.                          BSED 2                                 Champion
  5. DAJAY, Richel A.                                  BSED X 2                              Champion
  6. DARAS, Jane G.                                  BSED  P4                              Champion
  7. DECHOSA, Geia Lyn D.                       BSSW 2                                Champion
  8. DE LOS SANTOS, Cheryl Marie P.       BSED 2                                Champion
  9. DEL ROSARIO, Jiezl P.                         BSED 2                                Champion
  10. GARCIA, Rica                                        BSSW 1                               Champion
  11. HECITA, Ma. Kesiah                              BSED 2                                Champion
  12. MONICODE, Angielie M.                        BSED X 3                            Champion
  13. SAMSON, Tweedle Gee M.                    BEED 3                                Champion
  14. VELASCO, Beverly S.                            G 11- SHS                            Champion
  15. ZARAGOZA, Julie P.                               BLIS 2                                  Champion



Name:                                                            Course/Year:                       Team Results:

  1. AMPARADO, Deo D.                                BSED X 3                             Participant



Name:                                                            Course/Year:                       Team Results:

  1. YU, Dan Miguel S.                                 BST 3                                     Participant



Anthony A. Arnilla

Head Coach

John Kenneth A. Panes

Asst. Coach

Name:                                                            Course/Year:                       Team Results:

  1. AMBROCIO, Shyrel F.                          BSBABM 3                             Participant
  2. CELIZ, Helene Guia S.                         BST 4                                     Participant
  3. GONZALES, Nestlie D.                         BSHRM 4                               Participant
  4. LEDESMA, Glezel Anne B.                   BSBABM 1                             Participant
  5. PUYO, Dessa Mae S.                            BSBABM 3                             Participant
  6. ROBLES, Julie Ann N.                           BSBABM 3                             Participant
  7. SERRANO, Riza Mae S.                        BSBABM 3                             Participant
  8. TORRES, Joilina O.                                BSHRM 2                               Participant
  9. TRONCOSO, Glaudine C.                      BSBABM 3                             Participant



Name:                                                               Course/Year:           Individual:   

  1. CAMARE, Emman Rocky Clyde                BSSW 3               1Bronze-55kg
  2. MAGSIPOC, Aldion John                          BSHRM 2             1Gold-75kg



Name:                                                Course/Year:                      Individual:   

  1. EXMUNDO, Paula May                 BSSW 2
  2. MIRASOL, Danica Kyle                 BSSW 2                         1Gold-60kg



             75          Athletes

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