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Weekly Centralian Link (March 24, 2017)

Centralian, named as TOSIA 2017 awardee

From Servant Leader to Outstanding Student of Iloilo – Vivienne Songcayawon

Vivienne Songcayawon, a fourth year AB Mass Communication student from the CPU College of Arts and Sciences was named as one of awardees of The Outstanding Students of Iloilo Awards.

Songcayawon is currently the President of CPU Masscom Circle and the Managing Editor of The Central Echo, CPU´s student publication.

Before being recognized as TOSIA finalist, Songcayawon was one of the 64 student aspirants who submitted their bidbook for evaluation. They underwent an elimination round in the form of an Essay Writing. From then, 38 of the aspirants proved themselves in the Interview Round until 22 finalists were named.

10 of the 22 finalist belongs to the College Category while the rest are from the High School Category.

The Awarding Ceremony was held at Robinsons Place Event Center on March 19.

TOSIA, which is now on its eighth year, is one of the flagship programs of the Junior Chambers International Regatta (JCI Regatta). It recognizes Ilonggo high school and college students who excel in academics, leadership, community involvement and faith and aims to inspire the young Ilonggos to become future leaders.

Tell Tales of a Doctor’s Passion – story of the Centralian doctor that ranked No. 10

Centralian Excellence – Nic Tomampos in his graduation toga.

Passion is a powerful word conveying dedication and perseverance, coupled with discipline it transforms dreamers into visionaries, soldiers into conquerors and hopefuls into legends. The Central Philippine University College of Medicine has been producing passionate medical practitioners that have excelled here and abroad.

In the recently concluded Medical Licensure Exam, the CPU College of Medicine has once again proven its dedication to Exemplary Christian Education by producing 16 globally competitive doctors that will be taking the Hippocratic oath to fulfill, to the best of their abilities and judgments, the covenant to respect the hard-won scientific gains of those physicians in whose steps they walk, and gladly share such knowledge as are theirs with those who are to follow. One of them, Dominique Ariel Bingcang Tomampos, a 2015 Centralian Graduate of the College of Medicine ranked no. 10 in this year’s Medical Licensure Exam.

Tomampos graduated with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Nursing at Central Philippine Adventist College in Murcia, Negros Occidental back in 2009. Encouraged by his friends to pursue medicine in CPU, Tomampos decided to take another step in his medical career by becoming a doctor. “After graduation, I realized that by becoming a doctor I could help more people than I am as a nurse.”

He finally became a medicine graduate on March 2015. According to Tomampos, his journey as a medicine student taught him to be persevering and to be understanding towards others. “During my stay in CPU especially during my internship, I met patients from all walks of life. I interviewed patients, got to know their history, and why they ended up in the hospital. You also have to be understanding to see their needs.”

For Tomampos, in pursuing medicine as a degree it is important not to be hard on yourself. “When entering the College of Medicine, never be discouraged by your NMAT scores or your past performance as a student. Try your best to maximize your capacity and do not limit yourself with the hype of others; be your own person, be passionate – have your own story.”

His journey of faith is also important to his success. Tomampos shares that it is his faith that had an important role in his success. “There are things in life that you will never understand – you just have to accept them. Sometimes when we try to understand something too much, we limit it and we also limit ourselves. There is nothing to lose when you have faith; it explains things you don’t have to understand.”

He shares that he was not expecting to top the MLE but he believed that he could pass the examinations. “During the mock exams in the review, I would normally get a high percentage, it encouraged me greatly that I would pass the MLE, but being in the top 10 is a different story. I was the last to know that I got into the top 10. When my friends told me, I thought it was a prank that my friends played on me.”

Tomampos hopes to be a Radiologist and wants to give back to his community in Bacolod City. “Strive and you will reach your dreams. Make use of technology as part of your research when you don’t understand the lesson; there is no excuse to be passionate and to pursue discipline.” /Keziah G. Huelar

Iloilo recognizes Ten Outstanding Elementary School Pupils of the province and city

One of the Ten Outstanding Elementary School Pupils of Iloilo is a graduating and consistent honor student of Central Philippine University Elementary School.  She is Danielle Virl L. Idemne – recipient of many awards in and outside of the University. This outstanding pupil is the 13 year-old daughter of a Centralian couple, Engineering Department faculty, Engr. Vitini Edhard O. Idemne and Rona L. Idemne, Nurse.

Danielle Virl L. Idemne delivers her acceptance speech.

To be one of the Ten Outstanding Elementary School Pupils (TOESP) is to be the pride of the parents, of the Elementary School where she is studying, and of her classmates and friends. But more excellently, she is the pride of the province and city of Iloilo.

The nominee was selected from among the top five students of the CPU Elementary School and was declared as one of the Ten Outstanding Pupils by the TOESP Screening Committee composed of 5 persons coming the province and city of Iloilo. The criteria were based on Academic Achievements (grades and written examinations), Co-curricular Activities and Interview.

CPU President, Dr. Teodoro C. Robles encourages students to continue pursuing a life of excellence.

The awarding ceremony was held at the CPU Educational Media Center on March 17, 2017. Ten selected pupils from different cities and municipal schools attended with their parents, teachers and friends. Also present at the awarding were officials from the Department of Education (DEP Ed), and representatives from the Schools Division of Iloilo. The speakers, as well as the program hosts were all TOESP awardees – (Centralian Engineers Dimpna Castigador and David Robert de Leon, and Dr. Diadem Pearl Sonza Equiña among them).

Centralian Excellence – Danielle Virl L. Idemne has garnered awards and honors for CPU throughout her stay in the university.

Dr. Teodoro C. Robles, CPU President welcomed the participants. Previous TOESP Awardees took parts in reading the citations and delivering messages. Assistant Schools Division Superintendent – OIC Office of the Schools Division Superintendent Division of Iloilo challenged the parents to help their pupil to achieve more by giving them encouragement and space.

This award aims to inspire the pupils to continue in working hard; for leadership and more achievements are expected from them. As the Bible affirms, “For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required.” – Luke 12:48./Cyrus A. Natividad

Centralian alumni appointed as Judge

Meliza Joan Perez Berano-Robite is the newly appointed Judge of MTCC Branch 2, Iloilo City, Photo Credit Meliza Joan Perez Berano-Robite Facebook Page.

Meliza Joan Perez Berano-Robite, a 1996 Summa Cum Laude graduate of the CPU Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and a Cum Laude graduate of the CPU Bachelor of Laws in 2006 has been recently appointed as Presiding Judge of the Municipal Trial Court in Cities Branch 2, Iloilo City.

Before her promotion, Hon. Robite worked as a Public Attorney in the Public Attorney’s Office. She is currently teaching Restorative Justice at the CPU College of Law.

It can be recalled that Hon. Robite was the President of the CPU Republic in the SY 2004–2005.

CPU’s lone bet in the Mechanical Engineering Licensure Exam passes

Cris Arvin F. Clarito, a March 2017 graduate of Mechanical Engineering and the lone examinee from the university recently passed the 2017 Mechanical Engineering Licensure Exam, earning the university a 100% passing percentage while the national passing rate was 56.88%. 1,083 out of 1,904 passed the Mechanical Engineer Licensure Examination given by the Board of Mechanical Engineering in Manila and Cebu this March 2017.

The date and venue for the oath taking ceremony of the new successful examinees in the said examinations will be announced by the Professional Regulatory Commission in the coming days.

CPU celebrates Research and Development Week

The 14th Research and Development Week activities are held at the CPU Knowledge for Development Center (KDC), Henry Luce III Library from March 23 to 24, 2017. The two-day annual event coincides with the 15th CPU Student Research Symposium held on March 23 which involves students from the CPU Junior High School and the rest of CPU Colleges.

Dr. Irving Rio delivers his message highlighting the importance of research.

The program opened at KDC 8:00 A.M. on the first day. Dr. Irving Domingo L. Rio, VP for Academic Affairs delivered his welcome remarks and inspirational message and Dr. Reynaldo N. Dusaran, Research Director, read the Overview and Order of Presentation.

Faculty and staff listens to Dr. Irving Rio´s speech.

One of the interesting parts of the celebration is the research contest which includes a poster competition and exhibit at the lobby of the Henry Luce III Library. Students involved in a research team have to print their research summary in poster form-preferrably on a tarpaulin. Contents include the Title, Author(s), name of Department or College, Brief Introduction and Objectives, Materials and Methods, Highlights of Results and Discussion, Conclusion and Reference.

Dr. Reynaldo N. Dusaran, Research Director, reads the Overview and Order of Presentation.

The criteria for the winning research poster include the content or completeness of data, relevance and timeliness or applicability; visual impact or creativity and clarity of presentation or organization.

Rev. Francis Neil G. Jalando-on, Director, Office of Communications leads the opening prayer.

The Faculty held their 18th Research Symposium on March 24, at the CPU KDC. In his message to the faculty researchers, Vice President Rio said, “I am happy that the research spirit is gaining momentum in our university. Research need not be a traumatic experience. It should be a happy and a developmental experience.” On the other hand, Director Dusaran told the gathered audience, “We have increased in the number of research outputs this year, and more research proposals were also passed. This is so because Vice President Rio gave his hands-on support. Indeed we hope that research will be a joyful, fulfilling and developmental experience for all.”

CPU High School students presenting their study on Yellow Oleander.

The following were the papers presented during the symposium:

Feasibility of Biomass Briquette Production from Municipal Waste Streams by Integrating the Informal Sector in the Philippines by Engr. Aries Roda D. Romallosa

Potential and Demand for Energy from Biomass by Thermo-Chemical Conversion in the Province of the Antique, Philippines. Part I biomass Availability Analysis by Engr. Jeriel G. Militar, Andreas Ortwein, Salvador M. Senerio and Jurgen Sohade

An Assessment of the 2016 Business Registration Processes in Iloilo City by Dr. Mary O T. Penetrante and Dr. Lenny Rose P. Mucho

Impact Survey on the CPU Integrated Outreach Activity for Barangay Liongbukid, San Rafael, Iloilo by Engr. Aries Roda D. Romallosa, Prof. Hope G. Patricio and Dr. Margen A. Java

Perceived Stress and Coping Behaviors in Clinical Practice of Nursing Students at Central Philippine University by Prof. Carolyn L. Yoro, Prof. Susan Sumande, Prof. Cynthia Mendoza, Prof. Rosita Saldajano, and Prof. Janette E. Yap

Reflective Learning and Prospective Teachers’ Conceptual Understanding Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Mathematical Communication Skills by Dr.  Merle L. Junsay

Development of Standards for Teacher Evaluation Based on Evaluation Instruments Anchored on the National Competency-Based Teacher Standards by Dr. Ananias C. Sabijon, Jr.

Indigenous Rice Wine Making in Central Panay by Prof. Emma T. Gico and Prof. Evelyn R. Ybarzabal

Documenting Indigenous Cooking Methods in Central Panay by Prof. Armando M. Hisuan, Jr., Prof. Mary Ann G. Garrido and Prof. Myrna T. Luceño

The current University Research Committee (2016-2017) is chaired and co-chaired by the Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Irving Domingo L. Rio and Dr. Reynaldo N. Dusaran, respectively./CAN

A Photographer’s Ballad – Karl Hipolito´s Story

In his element, Mr. Karl Hipolito enjoys the cold landscapes of Ontario, Canada (where he now resides) as a canvass for his love of photography; follow him on Instagram: @karlito_h (Karl Hipolito).

Photography is the ballad of capturing a moment, to encapsulate the harmony of light and color depicting an honest reflection of life. It is the art of perfect chance. But such chances are honed by years of practice and dedication, the perfect moment doesn’t come – one has to step outside his milieu to create it.

Such is the artistry depicted in the pictures of Mr. Karl Hipolito, a Centralian from Kindergarten all the way to College, where he graduated Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Communications Engineering. Hipolito’s love for photography and travel has showcased the best sceneries in the world, depicting nature as a canvass for the soul.

The sky and water is equal, taken at Glenorchy, New Zealand.

His love for photography began when he finally learned to capture low light photos which at first he thought was difficult. He then went on taking portrait shots of his sister. “My father inspired me to do photography when he first taught me to focus a shot with a film SLR camera way back in high school. When the focus was perfected, he had me use the camera on my own which encouraged me to explore more not only on the camera’s basics but on compositions.”

The dance of the Aurora Borealis taken at Grundarfjordur, Iceland.

When it comes to his favorite subject, Hipolito shares that landscapes are close to his heart. “One of the reasons I moved and migrated to other countries is to shoot landscapes. Every country serves as my playground for my subject which makes it unique to every shot I take. Not only you are framing the picturesque shots, you are also out in the world’s beautiful places with its stunning lighting – sunrise and sunset.”

A symmetry of mountain, sky and water taken at Glenorchy, New Zealand

Previously, he resided in Aukland, New Zealand and worked in one of its IT industries. Now, he enjoys the vista of Ontario, Canada as his home. He has explored the landscapes of Iceland, Norway and New Zealand as subjects of his photography. “These countries are diverse in landscapes. Iceland known to be as the land of Fire & Ice and where Northern Lights are visible; Norway as a country with Northern Lights with breathtaking mountains and fjords; and New Zealand as the land of the long white cloud. Living in New Zealand has inspired me more to appreciate nature’s landscapes as the land was formed through volcanoes and glaciation – a perfect location for photographers which is similar to Iceland.”

Pastel skies serve as a background for Hamnoy, Norway´s valiant mountains and strong seas.

His pictures have been featured in Yahoo New Zealand, World Wildlife Fund (WWF), Popular photos on National Geographic’s “Your Shot” and been printed on ELLE India Magazine.

For Hipolito, the most fulfilling part of being a photographer is the opportunity to express one’s self through its medium and being able to travel with a purpose of capturing the sights and color of nature. “Being a traveler and landscape photographer, travel experiences have become more meaningful and fulfilling including opportunities to know the culture as well as meeting new people.”

Snow covered mountains in Grundarfjordur, Iceland

When asked on what advice would he give Centralians who also aspire to be a photographer, “Just start shooting. Do not even think about the gear, whether you have got the top of the line camera model or you do not. It is essential that you start shooting anything and everything that you perceive. I agree that you develop a good eye for composition and you learn to find your light, and possibly the best advice for all budding photographers – believe in your work. You have a very unique set of eyes and you should fully embrace the way you see things, Hipolito shares./Keziah G. Huelar

To know about his works, follow him on Instagram: @karlito_h (Karl Hipolito).

 CPU ROTC gets 98% rating in RAAFTI

The Central Philippine University ROTC Unit, 604th (ILO) Community Defense Center, 6th RCDG, ARESCOM got an 98.59% rating in its Regional Annual Administrative and Tactical Inspection at the CPU Football Field on March 15, 2017.

Col. Noel Parcon PA (RET) inspires cadets to live a life of discipline.

For her Welcome Remarks, Ms. Annalie D. Gilongos, NSTP Coordinator encouraged cadets to continue pursuing a life of discipline even after the evaluation. “Love of God must come first, then love for country and love for fellowman.”

The introduction of the RAATI Chairman and turnover of unit color was led by Ltc. Evan Bermudo INF (GSC) PA.

Cadets preparing for the inspection.

On the other hand, Col. Noel Parcon PA (RET) – Chairman of the RAATI Team congratulated the cadets for their dedication and hard work. “We need disciplined and responsible citizens uplifting the constitutional obligation to protect our territory and our constitution. I thank you for answering the call of service.”

Part of the RAATI inspection includes a written examination.

For the Administrative Aspects which includes: Office Organization & Management, Filing System, Completeness of Records, Training Aids & Reference Materials, ROTC Commandant (Briefing), Reservist (MOU) and Cadet Organization (Attendance) the CPU ROTC Unit got an average rating of 100%.

For the Tactical Aspects, on the Drill Test the unit got an average rating of 94.87% and 97.25% on the Theoretical Examination. For the Military Stakes, which include Military Courtesy & Discipline, Assembly/Disassembly, Map Reading, DRRO/First Aid Demonstration and Small Unit Tactics, the unit got a 99.23% rating. Over all, the CPU ROTC Unit got 61.13 points out of 62 points earning an average percentage of 98.59%.

CPU College of Engineering conducts seminar at PNHS

With the aim of encouraging young people to appreciate and purse a career in Software Engineering, the CPU College of Engineering held a Software Engineering seminar at Pavia National High School on March 20, 2017.

Engr.  Gelvie Lagos talks about the importance of software progamming in the daily lives of students.

The event was spearheaded by the Software Engineering Department and supervised by Engr.  Gelvie Lagos. Members of the CPU Philippine Society of Software Engineering gave a lecture on the basics of software programming, its importance and how it can be used to help Filipino communities.

PNHS students enjoy games created by CPU Software Engineering students.

The group also taught about Arduino – an open-source platform used for building electronics projects. Arduino consists of both a physical programmable circuit board (often referred to as a micro-controller) and a piece of software, or IDE (Integrated Development Environment) that runs computers and is used to write and upload computer code to the physical board.

Apart from the lecture, the CPU College of Engineering also gave an Arduino kit to PNHS. The kit will help students learn and develop skills in basic software engineering.

CPU holds Advert Expo

Centralians listen to an entrepreneur explaining her cosmetic products.

With the aim of inspiring young entrepreneurs, the CPU College of Business and Accountancy spearheaded Business Expo 2017 Business Exhibit and Exposure at the Alumni Promenade Park, from March 21-23, 2017.

Fanboys gather to look at Gundam action figures.

The business expo gathered entrepreneurs from Iloilo to feature their company profiles. Infinitum Virtual Reality Zone showcased a virtual reality arcade while Twine Decors, Moana Day Spa, Hub, Barista Grounds, Sawadee, Loco Local Coffee, Ziplings and Sprouts, Cups and Saucers, Prestigious and NWorld displayed their products and services at kiosks situated at the Alumni Promenade Park.

Zidlings and Sprouts feature potted cacti as their main product.

The event aimed to showcase the entrepreneurial side of Ilonggos and to encourage Centralians to be business wise in dealing with finances. Centralians enjoyed the three-day exhibit of food, fan art, virtual reality, make up and others.

Job well done

Kudos to the CPU Guidance Service Center Placement Office for facilitating opportunities in a Job Fair held at the Alumni Promenade and Concert Park on March 17, 2017. The ceremonial ribbon was cut by CPU President Dr. Teodoro C Robles, and DOLE Region 6 OIC Director Ms. Salome Siaton. They were assisted by Rev. Joniel Howard H. Gico, VP for Student affairs, Mr. Francisco Heler, President, PESO Province Federation, and Dr. Raquel L. Polec-eo, Director Guidance Services Center.

Dr. Teodoro C. Robles, CPU President, Rev. Joniel Howard H. Gico, Vice President for Student Affairs and Raquel L. Polec-eo, Director, Guidance Services Center .

It was an annual Campus Job Fair for which fresh and unemployed graduates have to thank for. With the Job Fair, more opportunities are available for the applicants. In his Welcome Remarks, Dr. Robles thanked the organizers and benefactors for the job fair in which a lot of college graduates lined up for application. Ms. Siaton also delivered her Opening Remarks with a challenge to applicants — to grab the opportunity as it knocks only once.

Applicants in their pre-orientation interview.

Several companies have accepted and interviewed applicants at the Promenade during the Job Fair. Among the job items open to applicants were those for real estate, banking, sales and marketing, hotels and restaurants, agriculture, retailing and call center business.

These promising jobs were offered at the CPU Job Fair 2017 due to the prospective employers’ expectation of that CPU produces quality graduates./ By Cyrus a. Natividad

Letter of CPU President Dr. Teodoro C. Robles to the students, March 20, 2017

  1. IMPACT of K-12

a. LESS ENROLLMENT COMPARED TO 2015-2016 because of implementation of K-12 Educational Reform:: 1st Semester Enrolment

2015-2016: 14,388
2016-201 7: 13,054 Projected Deficit – PhP 18 M.
2017-2018: 10,670 to 11,070 (Projected Enrolment)
2018-2019: 11,790 to 12,090 (Projected Enrolment)
2019-2020: 12,240 to 12,540 (Projected Enrolment)


The university will use its savings to fund the deficit so that the faculty and staff will receive their salaries and benefits regardless of the size of the deficit.


  1. LESS NO. OF FACULTY NEEDED. Many Tertiary Schools terminated the services of many faculty and staff because of the reduced enrolment.


CPU did not terminate the services of any faculty and staff.

Many CPU College faculty are temporarily teaching in Senior High School so that they can keep their jobs at CPU.

  1. CLASSROOM FOR SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS. A PhP 170 M, 5-storey building will be constructed within the next 24-30 months.


The university will use its savings to construct the building needed to accommodate Senior High School Students.



  1. Salaries in State Universities are much higher than that of Private Universities hence we want to avoid the transfer of faculty from CPU to State Universities. We already lost 2 College faculty to State Universities.


  1. Salaries of teachers in Public Schools (Basic Education) are higher than Assistant Professors at CPU and other private colleges and universities. We already lost some College faculty to Public Schools.


  1. CPU must have salaries COMPETITIVE with other Private Colleges and Universities.


  1. The only source of salaries and benefits for faculty and staff is Tuition Fee Increase (TFI).



76% of the Tuition Fee Increase (TFI) will be used for increases in salaries and benefits of the faculty and staff. The government mandate is 70%. The 24% is for the need of the university such as renovation of old buildings, maintenance of buildings, improvements in facilities, government requirements such as fire alarm systems and sprinkler systems and savings for future needs. Last School year the university spent more than PhP18.5 M for renovation and will be spending more than PhP16M this school year. 


In 2004, the compensation increases given to faculty and staff was more than the 76% of TFI so 50% of SACDAG (later renamed AID )was added to make up for the deficiency . It was embedded in the salary increase of the faculty and staff hence is being sustained, and will be sustained until they retire. The Faculty Association did not believe the assertion of the Administration so they brought the case to court. The SUPREME COURT RULED IN FAVOR OF THE UNIVERSITY. 

  1. TUITION FEE INCREASES. TUITION FEES are used for salary and benefits of all employees and for operational expenses of the university. Savings are also used for improvements of physical facilities. The university should have savings for unexpected calamities and other events such as the K-12 Educational Reform.


2016-2017 – INCREASED ONLY FOR Kinder 1, Grade 1, Grade 7, 1st Year & New Students, 1stYear Law,1st yr Medicine, and Graduate Programs.
2017-2018 – NO INCREASE for those whose tuition was increased in 2016.    
Comparative Tuition Fees for Collegiate for School Year 2016-2017      
    Tuition per unit     Tuition per unit
University A 908.50 CPU 592
University B 628.30 to 947.25 University E 558
University C 604.75 University F 522.30
University D 598.75 College A 460


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