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Weekly Centralian Link (June 23, 2017)

CPU welcomes students with a band

Central Philippine University Symphonic Band
Mr. Ascencion O. Bautista, Director of the CPU Symphonic Band leads in welcoming the students with a perfromance from the band.

More than 10,000 students went back to school on June 19, 2017, the first day of school at Central Philippine University.  The CPU Symphonic Band, stationed at the Half-moon Drive near the Main Gate, welcomed the students with upbeat songs. Mr. Ascencion O. Bautista, the band director, conceptualized this idea so that new and returning students may feel welcomed and be excited to start their learning experience in the campus.

Central Philippine University Symphonic band
The CPU Symphonic Band warming up before their performance.

Indeed, those who entered the campus through the Main Gate were all smiles and flashing a thumbs-up sign to the band members. The band has been doing this for two years already. Mr. Bautista is planning to continue on doing it in order to enliven the first day of school, and to put cheers in the hearts of everyone who enters the campus.

CPU holds Groundbreaking Ceremony of Senior High School Building

The CPU Senior High School Five-Storey Building will be completed in 11 months.

After years of planning, Central Philippine University’s dream of putting up a building for the Senior High School Department has finally come into reality. The university recently held the groundbreaking ceremony of the Senior High School Five Storey Building at the CPU Grounds on June 23, 2017.

Central Philippine University Senior High School
To God be the Glory – the Centralian community looks forward to the completion of the Senior High School Building.

In 2012 the government approved the K-12 program, and with it the Senior High School – Grades 11 and 12. Under the Chairmanship of Dr. Agustin A. Pulido, the CPU Board of Trustees through the recommendation of the President approved the opening of the Senior High School starting 2016. Dr. Robles told the BOT that the Senior High School students will become CPU’s source of first year college students, and we can also make sure that there will be no faculty who will be laid off due to no college enrollment.

CPU President, Dr. Teodoro C. Robles  in his opening remarks.

Dr. Robles narrated that previously the plan was for 3-storey building and then it became 4, and finally a 5-storey building. This is because of the good turn-out of enrollment last year in the Grade 11.  Dr. Robles also recognized the Guanco Ortigas Architects, Project Management Team which is C8A Engineering Design and Construction headed by two Centralians – Engr. Ronna Besa Padilla (Civil Engineering, 1992) and Engr. Clint Albunian (Civil Engineering, 2002), and BSP Company as the General Contractor. With this construction team, Dr. Robles is optimistic that the Senior High School building will be completed in 11 months. The approximate cost excluding the elevator is 191 million pesos.

Behold, I am laying in Zion for a foundation a stone, a tested stone, a precious cornerstone, of a sure foundation. – Isaiah 28 verse 16.

Dr. Robles is grateful to the Physical Facilities Committee headed by Engr. Eddie Cañuto and Vice Chair Rev. Job Santiago. The committee members are Atty. Sam Guillergan, Mr. Carl dela Peña and Engr. Ruben Armadillo. He was upbeat while pointing to an adjacent vacant lot. He revealed that the university plans to construct a Research and Development Center, and in that building two colleges will be housed – College of Medicine and College of Law.

Dr. Robles ended his remarks with these words, “I hope that next time we come back is the dedication of the Senior High School Building.”

Prof. Edgar Eriman, Director of the CPU Senior High School with faculty and staff.

Meanwhile, the road at the back of the Dr. Lenwood Edge Building leading to the Junior High School will be closed during construction time, and another gate will be opened near the Uy Building.

Dr. Robles led the groundbreaking together with Rev. Job Santiago, Vice Chair of the Physical Committee, Rev. Dr. Domingo Diel Jr., member of the CPU Board of Trustees, Dr. Agustin Pulido, member of the CPU Corporation, Prof. Edgar Eriman, Director of the CPU Senior High School, Mr. Bonifacio Eslaban, member of the CPU Corporation, Engr. Ruben Armadillo, member of the Physical Facilities Committee, Dr. Carmen Santos, member of the CPU Corporation, Dr. Samson Guillergan, member of the Physical Facilities Committee, Dr. Expedito Señeres, member of the CPU Board of Trustees and Mrs. Myrna Ilacio, member of the CPU Corporation.

After which, Pastor Alfred Morales led the act of consecration which was then followed by the singing of a community hymn and the Alma Mater song.

CPU holds 2017 Faculty and Staff Conference

CPU President, Dr. Teodoro C. Robles  inspires CPU faculty and staff to unite together in facing challenges.

With the aim of uniting the Centralian community, Central Philippine University held its annual faculty and staff conference at the Rose Memorial Auditorium on June 16, 2017. The theme for this year’s conference is “#T3 for 1 CPU: Turning Points, Transitions, Transformations.”

The conference started with a worship service led by the CPU EXCEL which was then followed by a message entitled “How to Take Care of Your Job and Love it” by Rev. Roger T. Quimpo; his message centered on putting God first in the workplace in order to be productive. “Today I will be sharing with you three tips in order to excel in the workplace: first, approach your work as if Jesus is your boss. Second, endure unpleasant times and third, claim your workplace or school as your mission field.”

CPU Excel leads the worship service.

Rev. Quimpo shares that in order to excel in our respective offices; we have to work with positive enthusiasm and to do more than what is expected. “1 Peter 2:18-20 talks about the context of serving. We have to serve with passion and excellence.”

After the message, CPU President Dr. Teodoro C. Robles gave his welcome remarks. Dr. Robles thanked the faculty and staff for their attendance and participation in the conference. He also encouraged the Centralian community to gear up for the new academic year. “I hope that you will all benefit from our faculty and staff conference. We have survived another school year and we are preparing to this year’s challenges especially with the implementation of grades 11 and 12. By working together we can accomplish any problem and we thank God for the things that we have accomplished and for the things that we will accomplish.”

Keeping the Centralian flame alive.

A talk on financial literacy by Mr. Narciso “Coach K” B. Kintanar Jr. then followed. Mr. Kintanar talked about the importance of removing self-limiting beliefs and disciplining oneself to be contended with what you have but still pursuing the best for yourself.

On the other hand, Dr. Ma. Regina M. Hechanova-Alankay shared about “Work-Life Balance.” According to her, there are two kinds of stress: first, is positive stress – the stress when we get when we are excited about a new idea or a new phase of our lives and second is the negative kind of stress that comes from anxiety, fear and overthinking.

Mr. Narciso “Coach K” B. Kintanar Jr. encourages CPU faculty and staff to make financial decisions based on needs and not wants.

For the plenary, the CPU faculty stayed at the Rose Memorial Auditorium to listen to a talk regarding Outcome-based Education (OBE) while the staff proceeded to the Educational Media Center to attend a talk about gender sensitivity in the workplace.

During the afternoon session, CPU President, Dr. Teodoro C. Robles, Vice President for Finance and Administration, Dr. Florence P. Bogacia, Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Irving Domingo L. Rio and Rev. Joniel Howard H. Gico gave their state of the university address, highlighting the achievements, projects and plans of their respective offices.

Dr. Ma. Regina M. Hechanova-Alankay talks about the two kinds of stress – Eustress and Distress.

To explain the safety and security plan of the CPU with regards to the opening of classes, Mr. Prim Vergara III, Technical Assistant to the President and Occupational Safety and Health Officer talked about ways on ensuring student safety on campus activities. His presentation was then followed by a report from the SSS regarding account benefit and concerns.

CPU Faculty casting their ballots for their representatives in the  BOT and the Retirement Board.

An open forum then took place where faculty and staff from the different departments and colleges aired out their concerns regarding their respective offices.

The committee member of faculty and staff conference.

The elected faculty representative to the Board of Trustees is Atty. Noel Siosan, while Prof. Orpha Vic Faraon and Prof. Ernesto Saquibal were voted as faculty representative to the Retirement Board. On the other hand, Mrs. Amalia Campos was elected staff representative to the Board of Trustees while Mrs. Russell Forteza was chosen as faculty representative to the Retirement Board.

CPU President visits Zhengzhuo University of Industrial Technology

CPU delegation with the officials of Zhengzhuo University of Industrial Technology.

Another Chinese university has inked a cooperative agreement with Central Philippine University. On June 4-7, 2017, Dr. Teodoro Robles, accompanied by Dr. Irving Domingo Rio, VPAA, Prof. Anna May A. Yap-Zerrudo, OIC, Office of International Relations and Cooperation, and Mrs. Angel Robles was treated to an educational tour of the facilities, laboratories, and equipment of this university located at Zhengzhuo City, Henan Province, China.

Courtesy call of Dr. Yang Guangqi, President of Zhengzhuo University of Industrial Technology to Dr. And Mrs. Teodoro Robles.

Zhengzhuo University of Industrial Technology (ZZUIT), established only in 1997, is a private undergraduate university that boasts state of the art equipment, and laboratories that cater to the university’s programs on Architecture, Engineering, Medicine, Management, Economics, and Arts and Literature. This university is considered as one of the best tertiary institutions in the whole of Henan Province. At present, it has developed into a multi-level and application-oriented undergraduate university that has cooperative agreements with big corporations such as Siemens, Huawei, and ZTE.

Another machine is being shown in the Architecture Engineering and Training Center

The Dean of Engineering shows to Dr. Robles one of the many machines in the laboratory.

On June 6, 2017, Dr. Robles was honored to speak before the graduating students as the Commencement Speaker for this year’s graduation exercises of this Chinese university.

Signing of MOA by ZZUIT, CPU and FCYCP.

An organization named Filipino-Chinese Youth Culture Promotion, Inc. based in Iloilo City paved the way for this partnership and collaboration. Dr. Robles expressed that the partnership with ZZUIT will benefit CPU in terms of student and faculty exchange, research collaborations, and other mutual undertakings. Moreover, CPU will also be the provider of Masters and Doctoral Degree Programs for the faculty, staff and alumni of Zhengzhuo University of Industrial Technology.

Signed Partnership Agreement

Pre-fab materials being produced in the laboratory.


Dr. Robles was the Commencement Speaker for the University´s Graduation Program.


Developing friendship with Dr. Yang Guangqi, President.

On the whole, this visit to Zhengzhuo City and Xinzheng City, famous historical cities in the North of China, was productive, beneficial, and meaningful for Central Philippine University, not only in terms of academic partnership, but also in establishing friendship with academic counterparts.

United Board Approves 3 Bamboo Grants for CPU

CPU President, Dr. Teodoro C. Robles discusses the Bamboo Grants to the project implementors.

The United Board for Christian Higher Education in Asia has approved Bamboo Grants for three projects proposed by Central Philippine University that will be implemented in the academic year 2017-2018. The agreement was officially signed by CPU President, Dr. Teodoro C. Robles, on June 21, 2017 at the CPU Administration Conference Room.

The Bamboo Grant program gives grants to enable academic institutions to launch small-scale, start-up activities and social experiments to enhance service learning education in their respective universities.

CPU President, Dr. Teodoro C. Robles officially signs the grant agreement.

The first approved project is  “Capacity Building through Service-Learning for Teacher-Librarians of Iloilo, Antique and Capiz” spearheaded by Prof. Cynthia T. Pelena, Master of Library and Information Science and Bachelor of Library and Information Science Coordinator.  The project saw the need to train teacher librarians of the Department of Education public schools on the core competencies of basic library organization and management. Through this initiative, librarians will be trained using tailored instructional materials that are simple and adaptable to non-librarians.

The second project is entitled “Institutionalization of Campus Sustainability Program” led by Mr. Prim Vergara III, Technical Assistant to the President and Occupational Safety and Health Officer. The project noted the Philippine’s global ranking in terms of disaster risk. The project seeks to provide programs on climate mitigation and disaster risk reduction management. The project will implement a campus sustainability program as part of the whole person education to provide a regional campus model for environment stewardship. The program will include among others, benchmarking and production of videos and teaching modules for the University community and other schools.

All smiles, as CPU once again garners a grant from UBCHEA.

The third project is “Promoting Innovative Barangay – Level Programs and Projects through the Service – Learning Approach” spearheaded by Prof. Renia De la Peña, Coordinator of the Center for Local Governance and Indigenous People Studies. The project aims to promote innovative barangay or village-level projects, to expose faculty and students of the public administration program to innovative village projects and to promote awareness of these projects through the development of a teaching module and hosting of a forum.

The United Board is a non-governmental organization committed to education that develops the whole person – intellectually, spiritually, and ethically. It draws strength from its Christian identity and values and its collaboration with Asian colleges and universities.  It prepares individuals for lives of professional and personal fulfillment and meaningful service in community with others.

CPU RCEC holds Research Seminar

Atty. Salex Alibogha answers legal questions about patency.

With the aim of producing quality research in Western Visayas, the CPU Review, Continuing Education and Consultancy Center (CPU RCEC) in partnership of the Association of Christian Schools, Colleges and Universities (ACSCU) held a research seminar entitled “Building a Culture of Research Through Faculty Initiatives.” The seminar gathered faculty and staff all over the region to learn more about research methods and initiatives at the Educational Media Center on June 15, 2017.

For the opening remarks, Dr. Patricio C. Dionio, ACSCU Trustee and the former Chairman of the CPU Board of Trustees emphasized the value of research in the academe and its value in developing communities.

After which, Dr. Lenny Rose P. Mucho, Director of the Review and Continuing Education and Consultancy Center acknowledged participants from all over the region.

Dr. Patricio C. Dionio, ACSCU Trustee and the former Chairman of the CPU Board of Trustees in his opening remarks.

Resource speaker – CPU President, Dr. Teodoro C. Robles talked about the importance of initiative and management in research. According to him, it is important to think outside the box and explore topics that have not been taken up yet. “Let us not focus on only one type of research. Let us explore other ideas and topics beyond the usual. Thomas Edison had a lot of failures but he managed to produce great ideas because he tried to do something new.”

Participants across the region eagerly listen to the lecture.

The second resource speaker, Dr. Jaime C. Cabarles, Dean of the College of Agriculture, Resources and Environmental Sciences shared about the impact of research to farmers and investors in the agriculture industry. According to him research is one effective way of ensuring quality products in any business to produce good profit.

For the afternoon session, Dr. Mary O’ T. Penetrante, Acting Director of the University Research Center, talked about assessing the needs of funding agencies and developing good relationships with them. She also emphasized the importance of branding. “You need to build a good reputation and produce outputs that are of good quality. Talent is the key, specialize and socialize and most of all learn and share your insights.”

Dr. Lenny Rose P. Mucho, Director of the Review and Continuing Education and Consultancy Center together with Dr. Patricio C. Dionio, ACSCU Trustee and the former Chairman of the CPU Board of Trustees gives a certificate of appreciation to Dr. Teodoro C. Robles for being a resource speaker in the research seminar.

On the other hand, Atty. Salex E. Alibogha, Acting Dean of the College of Nursing shared about the role of the department heads in encouraging faculty, staff and students to do research. He also answered questions regarding patency and health related researches.

For the last lecture, Dr. Irving Domingo Rio, Vice President lectured about Increasing Faculty Involvement in Research: Challenges and Outcomes. He shares that active participation in research work will improve the quality and quantity of research.

Senior High School students share why they chose CPU

Central Philippine University Senior Highschool
Centralian Friendships – CPU Senior High School students welcome the first day of school with a smile.

With the implementation of the K-12 program of the government, CPU opened the Senior High School Department. As of June 22, 2017, the CPU Senior High School has 1,514 students. The number of enrollees was more than the expectation of the CPU Administration.

There are many reasons why students enrolled at CPU SHS. Sophia Jesura, Grade 12 reasoned, “I chose to enroll in CPU because of it quality education.” CPU is committed to academic excellence. In fact, the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) has granted the University a full autonomous status and accredited some of its programs as Centers of Excellence and Centers of Development.

Kristine Joy Basinang, Grade 12, explained that “CPU is one of the best in Panay. It is popular, so I chose to enroll in CPU.” Indeed CPU is popular as evidenced by the ranking. Recently, CPU was ranked no. 1 in UniRank’s Western Visayas Ranking and League Tables and no. 28 in the entire Philippines for the year 2017. The ranking is based on web popularity and activity.

On the other hand, Mariette Celleros, Grade 12, clarified that what attracted her to CPU is the beauty of the campus and the facilities. She said, “I like the facilities of CPU. It helps us a lot in our studies.” CPU is certainly committed to consistently provide superior services by offering fully-equipped laboratories and classrooms. Furthermore, CPU is the only university in Iloilo to be declared by the Iloilo City government as a tourism site.

More importantly, Nicole Plaga, Grade 12, is fascinated by the Christian atmosphere of CPU. She said, “CPU is a Christ-centered university. I love studying here.” CPU is definitely faithful to its vision – “A University committed to Exemplary Christian Education for Life (EXCEL) and responsive to the needs of the total person and the world.”

CPU is hoping and praying that more students will come to the campus and will have a meaningful learning experience both in the curricular and extra-curricular activities.

At Home in Central

by Keziah G. Huelar

Judith Biti Kaomae and Zari Pilapil share a smile with a Centralian.

Isle de Solomon is a sovereign country found in the east of Papua New Guinea and northwest of Vanuatu. Named after King Solomon, this island is home to a rich biodiversity of flora and fauna that is globally recognized. Lush jungles, outstanding tropical vegetation and climate, it is a paradise of clear waters and green scenery – a feast for the eyes.

Because of the ecological wealth of the island, Edmond Walasi from Honoria (the capital of the country) developed a passion of studying and learning the agriculture of his country. According to him, his interest began when he read the Book of Genesis in the Bible. “When God created the heavens and the earth, He created plants and animals. In reading the Book of Genesis, I developed an interest to learn about God’s creation, to take care of it and to use what I learn to help others.”

Solomon Islands enrollee, Martin Laore, posing at the CPU football field.

After graduating with a degree in Agriculture at the University of the South Pacific, Edmond taught at Selwyn College National Secondary School and shared his passion in agriculture. Being a teacher made him realize that there is so much more to learn about agriculture, thus he pursued greater heights for his education.

His love for agriculture brought him 4,920 kilometers away from his home city and into the portals of Central Philippine University to study Masters of Science in Agriculture. When asked where and how he heard about CPU, Edmond shares that Mr. Mauro Somodio, the Vice President of the CPU Federation of Overseas Alumni Association Australasia Chapter, through Facebook sent him information and pictures of the university. “Mr. Mauro Somodio is a great advertiser of CPU. He sent us pictures, videos and information about CPU that made us like the university. I was also encouraged to study in CPU because they offered Masters in Agriculture.”

Edmond Walasi will be taking up Masters of Science in Agriculture in CPU.

Together with seven other people from the Solomon Islands, Edmond will be taking up academic courses in the university; six of them will be taking up Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and one will be studying Bachelor of Arts in Nursing. Edmond shares that they are very excited to attend their classes and know more about the Centralian experience. “The CPU campus is very beautiful. The people are friendly, I am excited to have my classes and learn more about agriculture and Filipino culture.”

For Edmond, education is a crucial tool in developing communities and in improving lives. “My grandparents told me that we need to eat food for our brain – our education is our life and I came here to learn more about agriculture and when I go back to Solomon Islands I will use what I learn to start a farming business and help others.”

Edmond shares that there are cultural similarities and differences between Filipino and Solomon Island culture but he believes both can learn from each other. He emphasizes that despite diversity of culture, it is our faith that unites us. “I believe in the universal culture of Jesus Christ, our faith is what makes us the same with one another. If we follow the universal culture of Jesus, we will learn how to respect, how to be kind and how to help one another.”

For the next four years, Edmond and his friends will be staying at Central Philippine University. Here, they will be learning new things, developing their passions and realizing their dreams. Here, they will experience Centralian friendships and stories to share. Here they are at home.

The Great Centralian Advertiser

by Keziah G. Huelar

The Great Centralian Advertiser, Mr. Mauro Somodio and his wife, Cecelia Somodio.

Central Philippine University boasts of its international pool of alumni around the globe, as some would say it – one can always find a Centralian in every corner of the world. Whether as working professionals, visiting tourists or diplomatic representatives of our country, the Central Spirit is thriving beyond borders through the lives of our CPU graduates.

The Central Philippine University Federation of Overseas Alumni Association (CPUFOAA) with its active officers has not only been promoting Centralian activities in their respective regions but they have also been encouraging enrollment of foreign students by endorsing CPU as an academic institution of excellence.

One of these officers is Mr. Mauro Somodio, a 1973 CPU graduate of Bachelor of Science in Agriculture. As the Vice President of the Australasia Chapter of the CPUFOAA, Mr. Somodio has been consistently showcasing CPU to the people of Solomon Islands.

When asked on how he promoted CPU to the people of Solomon Island, Mr. Somodio shares that he and his wife, Cecelia Somodio (a 1971 CPU graduate of Pre-Nursing) went to Papua New Guinea last June 2013 for a holiday. In their return to Australia they met Levi Wayne Delemani and his four friends – all from Solomon Islands. Delemani and his friends were planning to study in the Philippines. Mr. Somodio and his wife encouraged them to study in CPU. “CPU education is world class so I encouraged them to study there. I left my business card with him and his brother Mr. Kristen William. They contacted me to apply at CPU with his other friends and classmates.  In 2015, there were about five of them who accepted to study at CPU.  However, at that time CPU was not listed as priority list of NTU or Solomon Island Government Scholars, so these students went to other Pacific Island universities.”

Mr. Kristen Willam created a Facebook group called “Solomon Islands Students wishing to study in the Philippines at CPU.” Here, Mr. Somodio posted pictures, board exam results, and videos about CPU to encourage them to study in the university. On the other hand, Mr. Stan Joss & Mr. Charles Haamori, Solomon Island Student Coordinators in Manila sent SIG Scholars to study at CPU.

His efforts finally yielded fruit, as the Centralian community welcomes eight new foreign students from the Solomon Islands; seven of them will be studying Bachelor of Science in Nursing, one will be studying Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and one will be taking up Masters in Agriculture. “In June 2017, Miss Judith Malefodiana Dick enrolled in the Bachelor of Science in Nursing followed by seven students coming from the Solomon Islands. After three years of promotion in Solomon Islands, I am so happy that we finally have enrollees and I look forward to seeing more students in the future.”

To further promote CPU in the international community, Mr. Somodio encourages the CPU faculty and staff to look for opportunities of studying outside the country. According to him, attending post graduate courses will encourage foreign enrollment. “As an alumnus I witnessed the growth of CPU. I believe that if our faculty and staff will be given opportunities to travel outside the country attending post-graduate courses in their field of specialties we can encourage more international enrollment. We also have to market our seminars. The conferences, seminars, workshops organized by CPU have high international standards. If we market them in the region, more partnership programs between universities especially in South East Asia and Pacific Islands including Australia and New Zealand will be established.”

Mr. Somodio encourages the alumni chapters to actively promote CPU wherever they are. “I believe CPU must mobilize all alumni chapters all over the world to entice their children, families and friends to study at CPU.  I suggest that we continue giving placement exams in other places which we started in United Arab Emirates. I believed we can have the Placement exams too in Solomon Islands this year.”

In order to accommodate more foreign students enrollment, Mr. Somodio suggests that CPU should build international dormitories inside the campus if possible and encourage Centralian families to adopt international students. “They can stay in their house and also pay for board and lodging. This will address the issue of lack of dorms inside the campus”.

He plans to further promote CPU in Papua New Guinea and other countries in the Pacific Island. For his fervent efforts in encouraging CPU to the international community, Mr. Somodio has been dubbed by one Solomon Islands enrollee as “The Great Endorser of CPU”, a title given to those who not only uplift CPU as prime academic institution to the world but to those who exude the passion of the Centralian spirit, lighting others as well with the Centralian flame.

Mr. Mauro S. Somodio was given by CPU the Distinguished Centralian Award in International Relations and Community Service last August 6, 2005.

What is Scientia et Fides for me?

by Francis Neil Gico Jalando-on

Central Philippine University Church
The University Church is at the center of the campus – a visible reminder that Christ should always be at the center of CPU affairs.

I have always been fascinated with CPU’s motto of Scientia et Fides since I first heard it in our home. Both of my parents are Centralians and both of them also served as a member of the CPU Board of Trustees under different CPU Presidents and Chairpersons of the BOT (My father – Mr.  Roberto R. Jalando-on, Jr. was under Chairman Atty. Perfecto Yasay and Pres. Dr. Juanito M. Acanto; my mother – Mrs. Josette Gico Jalando-on was under Chairman Atty. Peter Irving Corvera and Pres. Dr. Teodoro C. Robles).

My parents would bring home news from the campus, and were (and still are) always animated in talking about CPU. It was a no-brainer that I would later become a Centralian, and seek employment in my Alma Mater. I studied under a sports scholarship (Table Tennis varsity), and became a work student assigned in the Computer Laboratory. I became a CPUR Senator for two terms, and later as CPUR Vice President. Me and my computer buddies (Inocentes Javellana and Reymund Edrosolano) designed for fun the Unofficial Website of CPU in the early 1990s. The CPU Administration saw it, bought it and made it official. I, then, became CPU’s first Webmaster and re-assigned as a work student under the Alumni Affairs Office. I can still remember the days when I installed US Robotics modems around the campus and programmed the software to dial 9 before dialing the dial-up numbers. The sound of a modem handshake was music to my ears. But I am digressing here (though my experiences in the campus are the catalysts of my perspective). Let me go back to my main focus: what is Scientia et Fides for me?

Let me share two things about how I understand Scientia et Fides.

First, Scientia at CPU is not on a quest to neither disprove God nor invalidate the Christian faith, but rather to enrich Fides. For example, CPU is teaching biology – a subject concerned with the study of life and living organisms, including their structure, function, growth, evolution, distribution, identification and classification. In the course of teaching biology, CPU is not just opening the eyes of students about the amazing complexities and intricacies of living organisms but more importantly, that there is a God that designed and put purpose in all of these. At CPU, science is enriching our Christian faith. In a sense, the more that we study science, the more that our faith in God is affirmed.

Second, Fides at CPU is not on a quest to neither close our eyes about the discoveries of science nor shun scientific methods, but rather to give us the courage to be open about Scientia. One important thing that I learned at CPU is the emphasis that the Bible is a book of faith and not a science book. For example, the Bible is not chiefly concerned about the “how” and “when” of creation but focuses on the “who.” The Fides that I learned at CPU teaches me that God is the creator of everything, and that is the “who” in the creation. Genesis also talks about the “when” which is “In the beginning” and the “how” which is a series of creations in six days. My faith teaches me that I should not be hanged-up with the idea that the start of this universe was when the first book in the Bible was written. CPU’s Fides is teaching me to be courageous enough to be open to what Scientia is telling that our universe was created millions and millions of years ago not just in the last few thousand years. CPU is teaching me that my Christian faith should be the basis of living a life even beyond borders.

I hope that you too will share your stories in campus and understanding of Scientia et Fides.


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