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Weekly Centralian Link (June 1, 2018)

Raphah Ministries Malaysia holds seminar in CPU

CPU Vice President of Finance and Administration, Dr. Florence P. Bogacia, in her welcome remarks, highlighted the importance of family relationships in attaining happiness in life.

With the aim of strengthening family ties and rebuilding broken relationships, Raphah Ministries Malaysia conducted a seminar on “Reclaiming Families and Generations” for the CPU faculty and staff at the Educational Media Center (EMC) on May 28, 2018.

Leading the opening prayer was CPU Vice President for Student Affairs, Rev. Joniel Howard H. Gico followed by the welcome remarks by CPU Vice President of Finance and Administration, Dr. Florence P. Bogacia. In her message, Dr. Bogacia highlighted the role of CPU, as a center for academic and Christian education to encourage young people to pursue God’s calling in their lives.

Featured guest speakers included Rev. Vincent Lau, Ministry Director and his wife, Pastor JayZee Cheah, co-founders of Raphah Ministries Malaysia.

Rev. Vincent Lau, Ministry Director, talked about the importance of faith in God in strengthening family ties.

The first topic was “The Best and the Worst of Times,” which talked about the real dangers and threats to the family and the true call of the Church for such a time as this. The said topic tackled relationship, marriage, and family breakdowns caused by missing parents, the rise of divorce, abandonment and abuse of children, destruction of generational links, and the loss of personal identity and roots. It highlighted the importance of biblical education and raising strong families and disciples to fulfill end-time purposes.

The second topic was “God’s Blueprint for Families and Generations,” which included a lecture on blessings and curses, the family structure ordained by God, the calling of earthly fathers and the Seven P’s of Godly Parenting, namely: passionate, principled, permanent, positive, preserving, purpose-driven, and prayerful.

The third topic on the other hand tackled about “The Reality of Human Lives,” which included an in-depth talk about hurting sons and daughters and the heart of brokenness, which discussed the issue on identity (self-worth) and significance. Pastor Cheah said that “[e]motions are time travelers; we do not bury emotions dead but alive.”

Participants eagerly listen to Rev. Vincent Lau, Ministry Director and his wife, Pastor JayZee Cheah, co-founders of Raphah Ministries Malaysia.

Pastor Cheah further talked about the stories of Tomohiro Kato, Michael Jackson, and a character she simply called “Son.” All of their stories illustrated the importance of self-worth and identity. Pastor Cheah highlighted that it is important to anchor oneself in Christ to realize that one’s worth is priceless.

The last topic entitled “Reclaiming Families and Generations” discussed God’s heart to heal his broken children. It highlighted the need to heal the individual as a pre-requisite for healing the family. According to Rev. Lau, the keys to reclaim family and generations include: humbling oneself, forgiving, repenting, seeking forgiveness and praying, cleansing and re-dedication, reviewing and renewing, intentional set-up, and seeking Christian professional help.

After the lecture, Rev. Lau prayed for the participants and the families represented in the seminar. For the closing remarks, Dr. Bogacia encouraged the CPU faculty and staff to pursue their God-given purpose in the university: “There is a reason why God placed you here in CPU. He has placed you here for the fulfillment of His glory. It is no accident that you are here and that you are part of the CPU family.”