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Weekly Centralian Link (July 21, 2017)

CPU College of Theology holds Pastor’s Seminar

The participants of the seminar entitled ´Gatekeepers Making an Impact on our Community´s Transformation.

With the aim of gathering brothers and sisters in Christ to learn more about the word of God, the CPU College of Theology held a 1-Day Pastor’s Seminar featuring Pastor Wayne Young as guest speaker at the Educational Media Center on July 20, 2017.

The invocation was led by Rev. Lydia G. Gal. It was then followed the welcome remarks of the Dean of the College of Theology, Rev. Bernabe C. Pagara. In his message Rev. Pagara talked about the importance of rebuilding the spiritual walls of our cities and the role of gatekeepers. “Pastors are gatekeeper. They have a multifaceted and complex role in churches, a lot of this has to do with counseling and helping others. We are created in the image of God, thus we look to him as the great counselor as spoken in Psalm 23.”

Dr. Bernabe Pagara, Dean of the CPU College of Theology, explains the multifacted roles of pastors.

In behalf of Rev. Dr. Jerson B. Narciso, General Secretary of the Convention of Philippine Baptist Churches, Pastor Jec Dan Borlado, CPBC Director for Placement, Theological Education and Ministerial Concerns acknowledged guests. He also spoke the purpose of walls and of gatekeeping. “If there is a gate, then there is a lock. We should ask ourselves, what keeps the gate closed? What keeps the locks closed? Walls are built for either protection or isolation. And when we finally welcome someone in; we have to discern what they need.”

Pastor Jec Dan Borlada giving his welcome remarks in behalf of Rev. Jerson Narciso, General Secretary, Convention of Philippine Baptist Churches.

Pastor Wayne’s topic, Gatekeepers: Making an Impact to our Community’s Transformation, talked about loving God and loving people. According to his lecture, gates are important in biblical times because: legal matters were discussed in the gates, produce was sold and bought in the gates, gates were essential to life. “In the book of Nehemiah, we see the prophet heartbroken for the fallen gate. Have we been broken for our city? When was the last time we cried out to the Lord?”

CPU Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Irving Domingo Rio, welcomes the participants to the seminar.

His lecture focused on how churches should act as gatekeepers in their respective communities. “In Genesis 22:17, the bible talks about blessing, God told Abraham that he will have descendants as many as the stars in the sky and the sand in the sea. The verse also says that he shall possess the gates of his enemies. Gates are very important, the church as gatekeepers are agents of change in the community.”

Through the acronym IMPACT, Pastor Wayne talked about how to assist in the transformation of communities. IMPACT stands for: Identifying needs, Modeling Christ-likeness, Pursuing right relationships, Adoring God in worship, Caring for one another and Telling others the “Good News”. “Jesus spoke about the greatest commandment of loving our neighbor as He has loved us. The world is hungry for a genuine representation of Christ. We have to model Christ-likeness and pursue the right relationships – transforming people through a relationship with God and not merely converting them to a religion.”

Pastor Wayne Young challenges the pastors get out of their comfort zones and guard the gates as gatekeepers of Jesus Christ.

After his lecture, an open forum was held with Dr. Florentino P. Alerta II as moderator. After which, Director of the CPU Office of Communications, Rev. Francis Neil G. Jalando-on gave the closing remarks, closing prayer and benediction.

Pastor Wayne has been in ministry for over 27 years. He is currently the Lead Pastor at WestGate Church in Jacksonville, Florida. He is the Founder and President of Living NEW Ministries International and President of LNMI-Philippines/Christian Light Philippines.

Dr. Florentino Alerta II, a Master of Divinity student of the CPU College of Theology, is the organizer of the seminar.

Believing that education is important, once the call of God to ministry has been determined and confirmed, Pastor Wayne has pursued continual growth in this area. He has several degrees, which include a Bachelor’s in Theology, Master’s in Christian Education, and a Doctorate in Ministry, as well as an honorary Doctorate of Divinity. He is often a guest professor/lecturer in seminaries at home and abroad.

ZZUIT faculty members immerse in CPU

The CPU administrative and college officials with the ZZUIT faculty members.

On June 4-7, 2017, CPU President, Dr. Teodoro C. Robles visited ZhengZhuo University of Industrial Technology in the Province of Henan, China. During his visit, a partnership between CPU and ZZUIT was realized through the Filipino-Chinese Youth Culture Promotion, Inc. based in Iloilo City.

The partnership finally bore fruit as CPU welcomed seven faculty members from ZZUIT on July 17, 2017. They were met by CPU Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Irving Domingo Rio, CPU Vice President for Finance and Administration Dr. Florence P. Bogacia and Officer-In Charge, Office of International Relations and Cooperation Prof. Hannah May A. Yap-Zerrudo at the Administration Building Conference Room.

CPU Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Irving Domingo Rio, welcomes faculty members from ZZUIT.

Dr. Yan Bing, Director of Personnel Department of ZZIT, Chen Yang, a specialist in the Beauty of Mathematics in Chinese Classical Culture, Peng Yuexing an expert in the Oriental Wisdom in Chinese Culture, Sun Qianwen an expert in Chinese Folk Music, Yang Zhenhua an expert in Chinese Tai Chi Chuan and a Guinness World Record holder, Zhang Ruijuan a specialist in the Evolution of Chinese Furniture and Zhang Zhuqing an expert in Chinese Machinery will be sharing their expertise to Centralians. The ZZUIT faculty will be observing classes and holding seminars and lectures about Chinese culture.

ZZUIT presents a token of appreciation to, VPAA, Dr. Rio.

The group will be staying until August 11, 2017. Prof. Hannah May A. Yap-Zerrudo hopes the faculty immersion will open more doorways for student and faculty exchange. “We look forward to more activities and partnerships with ZhengZhou. I hope that their stay in CPU will strengthen our friendship with their university.”

According to Dr. Rio, the partnership will enlighten Centralians about Chinese culture and at the same time faculty from ZZUIT will learn about the Filipino culture. “We really want to maximize our partnership with ZhengZhou. In the future, we foresee research ventures together, as well as outreaches with the indigenous people in Panay.”

FCA National Director visits CPU

Introducing himself as Gary V, the National Director of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA), Pastor Gareth Leo “Coach Gary” Visitacion spoke to varsity athletes and coaches of Central Philippine University last July 18, 2017 at the 4th floor of the Henry Luce III Library. A day before that, Coach Gary had a courtesy call with the Vice President for Finance and Enterprises, Dr. Florence Bogacia and Director for Sport, Atty. Alejandro Somo.

Coach Gary Visitacion, National Director of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) explains to athletes and coaches what is FCA.

Coach Gary introduced FCA as an interdenominational Christian sports ministry to see the world impacted for Jesus Christ through the influence of coaches and athletes. He also talked about the FCA values and that our relationships will demonstrate steadfast commitment to Jesus Christ and His Word through Integrity, Serving, Teamwork and Excellence.

Stephen Curry, a two-time NBA MVP, was presented by Coach Gary as one of the ambassadors of FCA. Through a video presentation, the Centralian coaches and athletes were challenged by the ministry of FCA and those who were present committed themselves to help the ministry of FCA. Coach Gary also announced that Pastor Jec Dan Borlado is the FCA area representative for Iloilo and the FCA programs and plans will be spearheaded by him.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) Area Representative for Iloilo discusses the future plans of FCA, including team devotionals that FCA will lead for CPU varsity teams.

Before going to CPU, FCA also visited Baptist Center Church and was hosted by Rev. Rosendo Mije last July 17, 2017. Pastor Gary and Pastor Jec presented the ministry of FCA to pastors, church planters, and church workers. Also in attendance were Goducate staff and representatives from YoungLife ministries. At his national office, FCA representatives also visited Rev. Dr. Jerson B. Narciso, General Secretary of the Convention of Philippine Baptist Churches and discussed partnerships in the ministry.

In a round table discussion with CPU Director for Sports Atty. Somo, Pastor Gary and Pastor Jec talked about helping the CPU sports community in strengthening team devotionals, and bringing 3D coaching course for coaches – a course teaching coaches of going from being a transactional coach to transformational coach. They also discussed future plans like having a “Fields of Faith” program – a gathering of athletes and coaches in Iloilo in the CPU campus. They also planned to bid for an FCA Sports Camp at CPU in 2019. May CPU athletes and coaches continue to impact Iloilo for Jesus Christ.

RCJC’s Induction of Officers: A night of Centralians and Rotarians

RCJC Officers and new members, with guests pose after the Induction.

The Rotary Club of Jaro Centraline (RCJC), the special Alumni Chapter of Central Philippine University celebrated its 24th Year Anniversary with their Induction of Officers and New Members on July 19 at the Westown Hotel, Smallville Complex in Mandurriao, Iloilo City.

The event brought together Centralian Alumni guests and visiting Rotarians – showing an all too familiar Central spirit throughout the program. Prominent among those present were CPU Alumni Association President and Keynote Speaker Mr. Dan P. Dorillo; CPU Office of Communications Director, Rev. Francis Neil G. Jalando-on with his inspiring wife, Hermely; Dr. Lorna Grande, Dean, CPU College of Business and Accountancy, and wife of newly inducted RCJC President Jude Marsh Grande; Past RCJC President PP Trinidad “Trenz” Sorongon, former Coordinator of CPU Lifestyle Management Center; PP Freddie “Butch” Salvania and former CPU Faculty Lydia “Lyds” Grio; RCJC Out-going President Salvador “Budz” Senorio; RCJC Past President Evelyn “Rose” Catilo, PP Rose “Marie”Aguirre; and RCJC Chairman for Public Image, RTN Cyrus a. Natividad, CPU Media Relations Officer.

Newly Inducted  President Jude Marsh Grande challenges the new set of RCJC officers and members.

The program started at 6:30 PM with an invocation led by Reverend Jalando-on. An interpretative dance prayer by Past President Aguirre followed. PP Evelyn Catilo made the welcome remarks. The group of talented Centralians called the 3’s Harmony which included Jones Somosierra of the Office of the University President, Jason Pagunsan, former Acting Director for Communications and Pastor Rodel ‘Boy’ Dianala, former University Library Management Information Manager, entertained everyone with popular folk songs from the 70’s. Their musical performance made the sumptuous dinner even more enjoyable to everyone. The trio has also performed contemporary music in many events for the University.

Keynote Speaker CPUAAI President Dan Dorillo at the podium.

The RCJC new set of officers were inducted by Rotary District 3850 Assistant Governor Joy Visitacion. The Rotaract Club of Jaro Centraline (RCJC Junior Club) Officers  were inducted at the same time by AG Gerald Jones Berondo.

AG Joy Visitacion inducts the new set of RCJC officers.

In his Keynote Speech, CPU Alumni President Dorillo expressed optimism that the alliance of the Rotary Club of Jaro Centraline with CPUAAI will be able to help push the many campus and community projects of Central Philippine University.

Outgoing President “Budz” Senorio in his Valedictory Address encouraged members of the RCJC and the Rotaract to cooperate and choose the right direction in pursuing good projects for their club. He thanked the members for sustaining their existence and pursuit of success for RCJC.

AG Gerald Jones Berondo Inducts New members of the Rotarct Club (with their RCJC Sponsors).

President Grande thanked his fellow Rotarians for electing him and asked members to continue on the community service which has always helped their adopted communities. He promised to do his best for the Club and to realize the vision of “Service above self” and to concretize the universal motto of Rotary International for Rotary Year 2017-2018 which is “Rotary: Making a Difference.” The program ended at 10:00PM.

Celestial Crossover: Joint CCS-CHM Acquaintance Party 2017

Something great happened at the Iloilo Convention Center on Friday, the 14th of July 2017. One has to be there to appreciate the spectacular stage presentation prepared by the College of Computer Studies and the College of Hospitality Management. The event was a joint acquaintance party of both colleges.

Joint stage presentation of CCS& CHM.

The event themed “Celestial Crossover” presented how far the students of Central Philippine University have gone beyond the basics of creative digital production. The program was professionally prepared and delivered to the desire of its audience. Both colleges did their assignments well. The College of Computer Studies showcased what they have learned in their digital art subject; students of the College of Hospitality Management gave out their best in event management and culinary art. Apart from the excellent show, it was impressive to see everybody wearing denim and leather as motif. Their official Hashtag for the event was #CCSxCHMAkwe2017.

Faculty of CHM.

The program started at 6:00pm with an invocation through a song by a duet of Grant Garbosa and Charm Peñafiel. Video presentations were used for the National Anthem and the opening production. Prof. Ma. Medalla P. Baliao, Dean of the College of Hospitality Management, and Prof. Rea P. Balontong (via a video) delivered their opening remarks. Both Deans acknowledged the efforts and talents of students, encouraging them to look forward to “greater challenges in the future.”

CSS Governor Junica Marie Sofia.

According to Junica Marie Sofia, CCS Governor, “It’s time that CCS and CHM coalesced for a good project.” Ayra Ramirez, Student Governor of CHM commented that “This was a start of something amazing.”

There were musical numbers, games, raffle draws and an entertainment video presentation elaborately done by the Student Council. Dinner was served by the student council officers of both the CCS and CHM.

CHM Governor Ayra Ramirez.

The awards were given at around 9:30pm – which included Mr. & Ms. Denim Outfit of the Night, Mr. & Ms. Leather Outfit of the Night, Mr. & Ms. Head Turner of the Night, and Mr. & Ms. Acquaintance of the Night. Student Council Governor of the College of Hospitality Management Ayra Ramirez, and College of Computer Studies Student Governor Junica Marie Sofia made their Closing Remarks.

Crossover Ad on Video.

The program ended with a closing presentation by the Insurgency Crew & DJ Dimas from Stock Room. Balloons, snow and confetti rained as the dance party began with DJ Dimas – and everyone got to crossover the night.


Centralians donate their blood in the annual Blood Olympics

VPFE Dr. Florence Bogacia welcomes the Centralian academic community to the 2017 Blood Olympics.

With the Theme “What can you do? Give Blood, Give Now, Give Often”, Centralians had a parade around the campus and then trooped to the Alumni Promenade Park for the opening program of the Blood Olympics last July 19, 2017. This annual bloodletting drive is a partnership program of CPU and the Philippine Red Cross.

The CPU Red Cross Youth Officials take their oath of office.

Dr. Florence Bogacia, Vice President for Finance and Enterprises gave the opening remarks. She thanked those who gave their blood in last year’s Blood Olympics because it really helped a lot of people especially the faculty and staff and their families. She also presented the plaque given by the Department of Health Region VI to CPU for its exemplary performance in the 2016 National Voluntary Blood Services Program. She also challenged the Centralian community to donate their blood so as to surpass Davao in the national ranking. Currently, Davao is number 1 and Region 6 is no. 2 in blood donation.

After the opening remarks, CPUR Senator Gio Paolo Sorilla acknowledged the presence of all students and recognized the different student organizations who signified their intention to help disseminate the information about the Blood Olympics and for their respective members to donate blood.

Mr. Jojee Roy, Director of the College Red Cross Youth, CPU VPFE Dr. Florence Bogacia & Dr. Dennis Roy Pasadilla lead the cutting of the ribbon in the Blood Olympics.

The host Julie Mae Ticar then introduced the guest speaker. “With the 450cc of blood that you give…only heaven knows that you have extended somebody else’s lives,” Dr. Dennis Roy Pasadilla said these words with gratefulness to the Centralian community. Dr. Pasadilla is the Philippine Red Cross Iloilo Blood Center Manager and the invited speaker of the 2017 Blood Olympics on July 19, 2017 at the CPU Alumni Promenade Park.  He further challenged the Centralians who attended the opening program that when you donate your blood, “you are extending the lives of people so that they can see their children’s smile, ask forgiveness to those whom they have wronged…we donate blood not because of the award but for saving lives.”

Dr. Dennis Roy Pasadilla of the Philippine Red Cross challenges the CPU students, faculty and staff to donate their blood and extend the life of other people.

The opening program also featured the Oath Taking of the CPU Red Cross Youth Officials. The oath taking was administered by Mr. Jojee Roy Juarez, Internet Services Administrator of CPU’s Computer Services Center, and Director of the College Red Cross Youth (CRCY).

A brave CPU student donating his precious blood to help other people.

Indeed blood is precious and our donation can help extend the lives of people. As we donate our blood, let us also remember that it is by the precious blood of the Lord Jesus Christ that we have been saved.

The Discipline of Faith and Passion

Mr. Gallos pose behind contructions going on at Camp Higher Ground. As treasurer of the CPBC, he hopes for more projects in the future.

John 10:10 speaks about Jesus wanting us to live life to the fullest. Apart from the promise of salvation, God has a deep desire that our life will experience His goodness and His love in the land of the living, bearing fruit his faithfulness that through us others may be blessed as well.

Mr. Agripino Gallos’ life is a testimony of the Lord’s goodness. In 1969, he entered the portals of CPU as a working student to study commerce. “I studied in CPU because it gave opportunities to students like me who had limited income to study and earn at the same time. To work and to study at the same time is hard but if you are determined to really finish your studies, you will persist.”

During his high school years, Mr. Gallos brought himself closer to God which was completed when he studied in CPU. Finally, after working 25 years at Energizer Philippines he now devotes his time as a Professor of the CPU College of Business and Management and Treasurer of the Convention of Philippine Baptist Churches. “My stay in CPU molded me as a Baptist. So after I worked and have already helped my brothers and sisters, I promised myself to serve my remaining energy and services to help the church and the CPBC. I was also inspired by a lot of friends to take the position of Treasurer of CPBC. Rev. Jalando-on encouraged me to take the position and be a part of CPBC.” With his learnings as a commerce student at CPU and through his experience and expertise in the field of financial management, Mr. Gallos was able to serve the CPBC with passion and excellence.

A man of persistence and faith, Mr. Gallos has inspired young Christians to serve God through their passion.

According to Mr. Gallos, his stay in CPU made him develop a strong sense of Centralian camaraderie. “Even when we were in college we would always look forward to the CPU U-Day. Being the President of the CBA Alumni Association, the participation of our alumni is strong. I am part of the organizing activities of the association. And I look forward yet again to this year’s alumni homecoming.”

Before taking up the teaching profession, Mr. Gallos was a Sunday School teacher at Jaro Evangelical Church. “I am a Sunday School teacher for 17 years and a Lay Preacher at Jaro Evangelical Church. After taking up Diploma in Christian Ministry, I believe that when you are a pastor and a teacher you have to share your experiences as a Christian be it in a classroom or at church. We have to show people how God works in our lives. When our Sunday School teacher, Rev. Angelina Buensuceso died, she left to me all the Sunday School modules, which made me become a regular Sunday School teacher at church, it also made me realize that I had a passion for teaching.”

When asked who in the bible inspires him to serve God, Mr. Gallos shares that it is the life of Paul that encourages him to have a discipline in both faith and passion. “I would like to follow the footsteps of Paul, that even though he did not start as a preacher, in fact he was a persecutor of Christians later on he was converted by God. I relate to the life of Paul because I think I was late in doing the ministry for the Lord. But for me what is important on doing the ministry of the Lord, you have to dedicate your life in serving him, being strong despite the challenges and obstacles along the way.”

His life is a story of how our passion can be used to serve the ministry and to share the Word of God. As an enthusiast of tennis, Mr. Gallos shares that he would at times share the Word of God to his tennis friends whenever they would play. “I would play tennis to unwind and in the court, I would share the word of God to my friends, so it is also part of my ministry.” Mr. Gallos’ plays tennis at the CPU Tennis Courts. There he encourages other Centralians not only to live healthy through sports but to live healthy in the spirit as well.

To strengthen our faith through our passion is a feat a Christian must conquer. As what Luke 11:33 says: No one lights a lamp and then hides it or puts it under a basket. Mr. Gallos’ life is an inspiration to Christians, encouraging others to let their passions shine for the glory of God.


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