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Weekly Centralian Link (January 20, 2017)

CPU University Outreach Center changed to Community Engagement and Service Learning Center

To further expand the scope of its department and to prepare the CPU for the upcoming accreditation on February 6-10, 2017, the University Outreach Center changed its name to Community Engagement and Service Learning Center effective this 2nd Semester, Academic Year 2016-2017.

Family planning and Teenage Pregnancy Session at Iniligan, Badiangan, Iloilo.

The change, according to Mr. Levi De Los Santos Jr. – Director of the CPU Outreach Center, has been in the making since 2015. “Dr. Robles proposed the name change a long time ago. The purpose of which was to expand the scope and engagement of our department. We focus mainly on two areas which are integration and implementation of community engagement.”

A committee was created to brainstorm the new title of the department. It was resolved that the term outreach usually denotes activities with the concept of dole out strategy“When we hear the word outreach we understand it as something institutions and churches use if they visit a place or a group of people to help them or to give something. It is a good term but it lacks technical and academic description. CPU isn’t just there to help people – we are also there to learn.”

Presently, the department has two major community projects in Iniligan, Badiagan and Bgry. Sua, San Dionisio. The project in Iniligan, which started three years ago, focuses on addressing the issue of malnutrition and poverty; feeding programs, checkups and health and fitness education programs were implemented along with seminars about child care and development and good agricultural practices. A training event was also done together with Mr. Prim Vergara, Special Assistant to the CPU President, to establish a rainwater harvesting project among the elementary and secondary schools within the community.  “We conducted a strategic planning sessions with the barangay council with regards to livelihood programs and good agricultural practice, we also taught beneficiaries, especially young mothers on how to take care of their children and managing the family.”

On the other hand, the project in Brgy. Sua, San Dionisio started after the aftermath of Typhoon Yolanda in 2013. The University Outreach Centre in partnership with the College of Business and Accountancy donated engines for fishing boats while the College of Agriculture Alumni Association donated fishing boats together with engines and fishing nets. A cottage industry of rug making was also implemented in the community together with a swine project. “We link with government and NGOs to give extra help to the communities we adopt, we give importance to the ties that we make especially with our projects. One of our interesting projects we implemented is the swine chain – we gave two piglets to every beneficiary, they raise it then they give us two piglets when the female gives birth and we give them to new beneficiaries, so the cycle goes on.”

With its expansion, the department will be expecting more trainings and developments to address the growing need of community engagements in the region. “We are definitely improving our outreach and development process. We want to further improve our evaluation of the implemented projects so that we will continue to level up our service to the CPU and the community. Right now we are trying to implement a program that promotes soy milk as a healthy alternative drink to the communities we are serving, we are definitely looking forward to more projects and more communities to serve. ”  

CBMA holds 76th Annual General Assembly and Institute

With the theme: “Unleashing Minister’s Full Potential,” the Convention Baptist Ministers Association Inc. held its 76th Annual General Assembly at Camp Higher Ground, Barotac Viejo, Iloilo on January 17-19, 2017.

Prayer: The LORD hears his people when they call to him for help. He rescues them from all their troubles. – Psalm 34:17

The event, attended by 566 participants is a three-day conference and meeting of all the minister members of the Convention Baptist Ministers Association Inc. The program included talks by Dr. Jessie S. Albestor, the CEO – Senior Minister and Church Administrator of Bacolod Evangelical Church, Rev. Jesse Magno, President of the Luzon Convention Baptist Fellowship (LCBF), Metro Manila, Rev. Sunny D. Antono, founder and director of the Upper North Theological Agricultural and Technical School, Rev. Dr. Jerson Narciso, the General Secretary of the Convention of Philippine Baptist Churches and Pastor Rod “Erl” Lotera, founder and director of Brethren Para-Church Ministry. The lecture topics ranged from Church Management and Recordings to Business as a Mission/Tentmaking and Alternative Livelihood and Permaculture.

Participants await the start of the session.

According to Pastor Alfa Dofeliz Sorensen, a pioneer graduate of the CPU College of Theology, the annual general assembly gives fellow ministers all over the country a venue to hear testimonies from other church leaders and be encouraged. “It is wonderful to hear inspiring stories from other people who serve the Lord and use their lives to spread His goodness. There are many familiar faces here, all smiling, and all friendly.”

Camp Higher Ground, Barotac Viejo is the venue of the 76th Annual General Assembly and Institute.

Certified Centralians, Rev. Dr. Jerson B. Narciso and Rev. Samuel G. Talha, CBMA President hope that more gatherings for convention members will be held in the future fostering cooperation and development.


CPU College of Theology releases 6th Annual Journal

The CPU College of Theology published its 6th Journal of Theology for Academic Year 2016-2017, the journal contains four papers written by Rev. Francis Neil G. Jalando-on and Rev. Sharon Rose Joy Ruiz-Duremdes as outputs of their Doctor of Ministry studies.

The first paper entitled “This We Believe” written by Rev. Duremdes is a study attempting to lift two contemporary creedal statements of the church: The Proposed Revised Statements of Faith of the Convention of Philippine Baptist Churches and The Church We Believe In penned by Rev. Elizabeth Tapia, a feminist theologian of the United Methodist Church.

The succeeding three papers were written by Rev. Jalando-on. His first paper “Theology of Worship” talks about how a theology of worship should include two important things: first, a theology of worship should clarify the foundation of worship. Second, a foundation of worship should also clarify the purpose of worship.

In his second paper “Mandates for Worship found in the Bible”, Rev. Jalando-on discusses how the Biblical mandate to worship God stems from a “saving event.” In the Old Testament “event” which Webber calls the “epicenter” is found in the saving events of the Exodus. From this “epicenter” flow all facets of worship found in the Old Testament. In the New Testament, worship flows out of the “saving event” in the sacrificial death of the Lord Jesus Christ.

His last paper “In Search of Clarity: The Search for the Meaning of Local Autonomy in Philippine Setting” is a response to Resolution No.1 released by the Convention of Baptist Churches Assembly held at Capiz Evangelical Church, Roxas City on May 21, 2004. The resolution made it an aim to make a committee to study the definition, scope and limitation of the principle of local autonomy since this has been a constant cause of conflict and dissension.

The published papers aim to strengthen future study and discussion among biblical scholars and for readers to further understand the grasp of faith anchored on biblical studies. The journal is now available at the CPU College of Theology.

On A Higher Trip

By Cyrus A. Natividad

It’s great to be there at Camp Higher Ground in Barotac Viejo on the 76th Annual General Assembly of the Convention Baptist Minister’s Association, Inc. (CBMA). Camp Higher Ground is undisputedly one of the coolest places in Northern Iloilo. There’s an office building and a multi-purpose hall, a basketball court and some unique raw bamboo houses. But the surrounding nature — trees and green living things make it a good site for spiritual retreats.

CBMA President Rev. Samuel G. Talha being interviewd by Cyrus Natividad, Media Relations Officer.

The way up to camp Higher Ground is simply a mountain side which we often pass by on the way to Northern Iloilo — until we went there to fellowship with one prestigious, historical organization of pastors. It is a significant celebration that it has to be covered by Central Philippine University TV’s new program, Profiles of Central.

We interviewed a number of Pastors and Officers of the CBMA organization. We came to know those behind the strong organization of ministers and movers of the Convention of Philippine Baptist Churches’ missions all over the country. The CBMA is part of the oldest umbrella of Baptist churches in the country – the Convention of Philippine Baptist Churches, which the Jaro Evangelical Church in Iloilo City (oldest Baptist Church in the Philippines) belongs.

Donated bamboo cottages being prayed over by members of the CBMA.

We are proud to know among others that two of our Centralian Pastors hold the highest positions in the CPBC and CBMA organizations. Rev. Dr. Jerson B. Narciso, an ordained minister of the Convention of Philippine Baptist Churches who had served in different capacities and later as University Chaplain of Central Philippine University is CPBC’s General Secretary, and Rev. Samuel G. Talha, Professor of the CPU College of Theology, and Department of Social Work is now the CBMA President. Both are supporting CPU in one way or another.

It is good to note that both heads of CPBC and CBMA have good plans for their respective organizations. It is a high calling for their intellectual, spiritual and theological endeavors — to expand, improve and develop the potentials of the Camp Higher Ground site. This year’s theme is: “Unleashing Ministers’ Full Potentials.”

Building A Church Through Faith

By Cyrus  A. Natividad

“Do not be afraid or discouraged, for I the Lord your God, am with you wherever you go” –Joshua 1:9

Faith and Perseverance – Pastor Bonnie E. Cadosale, Minister of Pakao Evangelical Church.

You probably have met persons with disabilities, who never had chances to rise above their situations. They have chosen to live a life of inactivity and apathy. They are neglected, ignored for who they are; denied of opportunities and recognition in society (let alone a circle of friends).

I met a person with disability whose infirmity has never been a hindrance — to live among his fellowmen with significance and a role to play. I was interested to talk to a “differently-abled” who has been serving God for twenty years. He was enabled by the Lord to become a Pastor and is leading  a congregation of a Baptist church under the Convention of Philippine Baptist Churches.

Pastor Bonnie being oriented for the interview by production staff.

It was at the 76th Annual General Assembly and Institute of the Convention Baptist Ministers’ Association in Camp Higher Ground, Barotac Viejo, Iloilo where I met Pastor Bonnie E. Cadosale, a Minister of Pakao Evangelical Church in the upper south of Kabankalan, Negros Occidental.

His story reflects the place where he comes from – high up in a mountain area of Kabankalan, where livelihood and employment were rather limited. His opportunity to get a college education and eventually to employ was remote.  But his resilience and strong faith were what God has looked upon. God gave his blessings so that Pastor Cadosale could enroll in the Theological Education by Extension program of Central Philippine University, an outreach project of the university from the late 1980s up to early 2000s.

So he preached in that mountain village; started with one, two and more people coming to listen to his story of hope and faith. He was able to gather a considerable number of followers that later enabled him to start a small congregation. Furthermore, he began seeking help to build a physical church. His prayers were answered with help from other churches in Negros; cement and construction materials were delivered.

He maintained leadership with more people joining in the Sunday worship service. His determination has become stronger than ever in his desire to procure an audio system (at least a microphone), and some copies of a hymnal.

Pastor Bonnie E. Cadosale is a product of his faith and devotion to the Lord. God’s answer to his prayers is the missionary support of pastors from many evangelical churches. Above all else in the Baptist mission which is centered in preaching the Good News of salvation in Jesus Christ. Cadosale is grateful to Central Philippine University for providing him the theological education. The extension program has stopped long ago, but he wishes that the same will be reopened in Kabankalan for their young people who want to pursue theological education but cannot afford to go to a formal school.
With the CBMA, I would like to echo his idea for the extension program to be one of the projects to be supported and sustained by the Baptist ministers. May the Lord bless those who continue to build his kingdom here on Earth. To God be the Glory!

Service Awardee speeches during the Faculty and Staff Awarding Ceremony on December 16, 2016 at Rose Memorial Auditorium

Israel A. Samilo
40 years in the service of Centralians

Israel A. Samilo, a  certified Centralian by heart delivers his touching speech during the Faculty and Staff awarding ceremony for service awardees.

Masadya kag  mangin malipayon gid kita kay sa sini nga bulan nagasaulog kita sang pagkatawo ni Jesus, ang Diyos kag Manluluwas naton, gani malipayon gid nga paskwa kay may aton ta nga paglaum. Amu ni ang hambal sang bibliya sa John 3:16 “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.”

Matuod gid nga ang Diyos maayo, maayo sa inyo kag maayo man sa akon. Nagapasalamat gid ako sang daku sa Ginoo nga ginhatagan ya ako kahigayunan nga makaobra diri sa CPU. Nagsugod ako sang April 1976 nga nagaextra-extra sa Dining Hall. Sang June may nagresign nga tatlo nga personnel sa Dining Hall kag isa ako nga ginpasulod sa pagbulos sa ila. Nagapasalamat gid ako sa mga tawo nga  amo na ang nagpatigayun sa akon nga makasulod sa pag-obra sa CPU.

Mga kaabyanan, kamautoran sa pag-obra ko sa CPU may mga kalipay, kasubo man kag mga pagtilaw pero ina tanan  bahin sang aton nga pagpangabuhi. Ang Pulong sang Diyos nagahambal sa Romans 8:28 “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.”

Gani nagapasalamat ako sa bugay sang Diyos nga amo ang nagahatag sa akon sang kusog nga  makapadayon tubtub nga maga-retire ako. Ang tanan ko nga kabataan diri nag-eskwela kag nakatapos sang ila nga kurso kag nagaubra na sila. Nagapasalamat ako sa CPU tungod nga mangin instrumento nga mangin successful ang akon nga mga kabataan.  Ini tungod nga ang CPU wala man nagkulang sa iya nga pagtudlo bisan sa atun nga ga-obra diri wala man sila nagkulang sa pagtudlo sa atun sang mga aspeto sa kabuhi parte sa physical, mental, moral kag labaw sa tanan nahanungod sa Diyosnon nga pagkabuhi nga makita sa Bibliya nga amo ang pulong sang Diyos. Gani God bless CPU! Sa Diyos ang himaya! Salamat gid.


Mrs. Ophelia B. Acervo 
30 years in the service of Centralians

Mrs. Ophelia B. Acervo shares her testimony as a Centralian teacher.

This is the day that the Lord has made and we will rejoice and be glad in it.

30 years, gulang na ta, three decades at Central under the leadership of the 3 presidents,  Dr. Agustin A. Pulido, Dr. Juanito M. Acanto, and Dr. Teodoro C. Robles. For my 30 years here in CPU, I thank God for the wonderful life Central has given to me. In behalf of all the faculty awardees, thank you for the wonderful life here at Central.

Everything happens for a reason and we are not here by accident but for a mission and for a good reason. That reason causes change. Sometimes it hurts, sometimes it’s hard but in the end it’s all for the best. Let us be grateful to people who make us happy because they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom according to Marcel Proust.

We do not live in a vacuum. There are people in our lives who are partially or wholly responsible for the accomplishments we have achieved. No one has made it to the top on his or her own. Let us be humble and extend gratefulness to the ones who have been part of our success.

Let us take that extra step in showing gratitude not merely through what we say but also by we do. John F Kennedy once said “As we express our gratitude we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words but to live by them.” Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.

We all have these special people in our lives. We have those special friends that we love as family. I just wanted to say thank you for being and making us part of CPU family and for showing me that family is not just about blood. It’s all about trust, love and respect.

To the committee thank you for making this event possible. To the administration, a heartfelt appreciation for the support and also a blessing not only to us but also to our family. Above all, glory be to God who deserves our highest praises for giving us His only begotten Son. A blessed Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year to one and all.

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