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Weekly Centralian Link (January 19, 2018)

CBMA holds 77th Annual Assembly

Prof. Adele Grace G. Fegarido shares her insights about the struggles of being a pastor and how to overcome them with faith and persitence.

Let us not give up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but encouraging one another and all the more as you see the Day approaching. – Hebrews 10:25

More than 700 pastors from all over the country gathered at Camp Higher Ground, Barotac Viejo, Iloilo as the Convention Baptist Ministers’ Association Inc. (CBMA) held its 77th Annual Assembly on January 18-20, 2018.

With the theme, “Reinventing Servant-Leadership, Responding to the Call of Times,” the assembly aimed to equip and empower pastors as servant leaders in their ministries. According to Pastor Jec Dan Borlado, CPBC Director for Pastoral Placement, Theological Education, and Ministerial Concerns, “This event is a visual expression and a concrete expression of our unity and our fellowship that we belong to one community of faith. It helps renew relationships and revive old friendships as the minsters and church leaders share their testimony to encourage one another.”

Rev. Rosan Valencia-Tabaodaja encourages the participants to hold on to the promises of God.

The ordained ministers of the CPBC during the CBMA General Assembly.

There were lectures aimed at encouraging church leaders to believe in themselves and in their calling and to enhance their knowledge in leading their churches to become an integral ministry of serving the community where they are located. Prof. Adele Grace G. Fegar talked about “Servant-Leaders Ministering Self and Family,” Rev. Dr. Steve Smith lectured on “Servant Leadership Ministering to Institutions and Organizations,” and together with Rev. Dr. Smith, Dr. Emo Yango, Rev. Jasher M. Gastaya and Pastor Russell M. Ban shared their insights on “Servant-Leaders Ministering to other Faiths, Races and Ideologies.”

The annual CBMA General Assembly aims to unite and to encourage church leaders of the convention all over the country.

CBMA is the national organization of pastors serving the churches of the Convention of Philippine Baptist Churches.

The CBMA officers are: Pastor Elizer G. Geromiano, President; Rev. Oliver E. Lambatin, Vice President; Pastor Danna Beatrize R. Yee, Secretary; Pastor Nilo Bacas, Treasurer; and Rev. Mark A. Vergara, Auditor.


Centralian develops Android app for Centralian Link

Engr. Barry Jone T. Matutina envisions to develop CPU mobile apps for the convenience of Centralians everywhere.

For the love of dear Central, Engr. Barry Jone T. Matutina, Human Resource System Staff of the CPU HRD Office and former CPU webmaster, developed an Android application tailor-made for the Weekly Centralian Link. Engr. Matutina saw that the readers of the Weekly Centralian Link could access the newsletter only through the website (, an email subscription, and their Facebook account. He pitched the idea to the CPU Office of Communications to have a mobile app reader that will notify the readers every week when the new Weekly Centralian Link is published online and also read the newsletter through the app.

We are happy to release the first version of the Centralian Link Android app. You may download it It will soon be made available in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. Kindly send us your comments and suggestions for any improvements on the app.

Engr. Matutina is one of the pioneer graduates of the CPU Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering in 2005. He is also an Electrical Engineer (CPU BSEE, 2007), and is currently studying Civil Engineering at CPU. He envisions that CPU can soon develop mobile applications in which students can see their grades and pay their accounts.

The CPU Office of Communications is grateful to the help and innovation of Engr. Barry Jone T. Matutina.

CPU Golden Lions Volleyball Team garner awards at Cong. Cadio Open Invitational Volleyball League 2017

Discipline and Honor – The CPU Golden Lions Tertiary Men Volleyball Team placed 1st Runner Up in the Cong. Cadio Open Invitational Volleyball League 2017.

The Central Philippine University Golden Lions Volleyball Team garnered awards at the Cong. Cadio Open Invitational Volleyball League 2017 held at the Municipality of Leon, Iloilo last December 26 to 29, 2017. The CPU Golden Lions Volleyball Tertiary Women emerged as champions while the Tertiary Men and Secondary Girls were 1st Runner Up and 2nd Runner Up respectively.

There were 16 Teams in the Tertiary Men Division and 7 Teams in the Tertiary Women Division. During the elimination round, both Tertiary Men and Women ranked no.1 while the Secondary Girls ranked no. 2. All three teams advanced to the championship round.

For the championship round, the Tertiary Women defeated Limitless in all three sets of the game. On the other hand, the Tertiary Men played against Iloilo Doctor’s College (IDC) alumni. The 5th set ended with a score of 25-23, favoring the IDC alumni.

The Tertiary Women is coached by Anthony A. Arnilla and John Kenneth A. Panes, the Tertiary Men by John Kenneth A. Pane and assisted by Gary H. Medalle while the Secondary Girls is coached Jeffrey G. Alcarde and Alain G. Tarrazona.

CPU Golden Lions Secondary Girls Volleyball Team hailed as Champions in Governor’s Cup

The CPU Golden Lions Secondary Volleyball Team was hailed as Champions in the Governor+s Cup Invitational Volleyball Tournament. They also placed 2nd in the Cong. Cadio Open Invitational Volleyball League 2017.

The Central Philippine University Golden Lions Secondary Girls Volleyball Team emerged as champions in the recent Governor’s Cup Invitational Volleyball Tournament from December 16-18, 2017.

Without dropping a single set in the championship round, the Golden Lions defeated the Province of Iloilo Selection. Golden Lion Spiker, Kris Ann Susbilla was awarded the MVP Trophy. The Golden Lions Secondary Girls Volleyball Team Captain is Euna Gene Piosca. The Head Coach is Jeffrey “Boyet” Alcarde and he is assisted by Alain “Tapal” Tarrazona.

Other winners include Iloilo National High School who was 2nd Runner Up and Supang National High School from Guimaras who placed 3rdRunner Up.

CPU High School Batch 2007 holds Grand Reunion

Reunited after 10 years the CPU High School Batch 2007 celebrated the Central Spirit through a reunion last December. Photo Credit – Ma. Roma Angela R. Miranda-Gaton. 

Friends and teachers who have become family—The Central Philippine University High School Batch 2007 held its first Grand Reunion at Esca’s Garden Restaurant on December 18, 2017—10 years after their graduation.

Alumna, Ma. Roma Angela R. Miranda-Gaton shared, “A decade and a lot has changed: the name of our high school, the buildings, the curriculum, and of course, us, the students. But whatever that changes have been, they will always be for the better. We are Centralians and we aim to excel.”

The reunion gathered Centralians here and abroad. The batch celebrated their days at Central by reminiscing dear old high school memories, “High school was the time of our lives. We experienced extreme emotions—the happiness of friends and teachers who have become our family, the pain of the first heartbreak and the joy of moving on, the victory in extracurricular activities, and the satisfaction of being compensated for hard work.”

CPU holds pride in its closed-knit alumni community around the globe, providing the testimony that excellent education coupled with the Christian values creates a lasting journey of faithful friends, sharing their love for CPU and commitment to the Lord.

Centralians all over the world are invited to attend the global reunion of the Central Philippine University Federation of Overseas Alumni Association in Chicago in 2018 and the Grand Global Reunion on campus on February 2020.

For details on the reunions for 2018 and 2020, you may contact Mrs. Tina Hortelano at the CPU Alumni Office for more information.

Centralians at Iloilo Mission Hospital

Aloha and her Centralian Assistant, Ash Duma-an.

It is understandable why Centralians or graduates of Central Philippine University are leading the number of employees at the Iloilo Mission Hospital (IMH).  Historically, IMH is a sister institution of CPU, both being founded by American missionaries with other Christian institutions in the early 1900’s. Moreover, Iloilo Mission Hospital is an extension school of the CPU College of Nursing. Nurses, medical assistants, and medical technologists are trained at IMH prior to their graduation in college; thus, they are given priority during employment.

However, Centralians in the medical field and working in IMH are not acknowledged solely for these facts. Centralians are a valuable part of hospital service and courtesy, and these are largely attributed by both patients and the staff to the Central Spirit.

For Aloha Cocjin Genovaña, CPU Med Tech ‘93 and Ms. CPU Alumni 2013, Central spirit “is the spirit of humanism and love of service. Our daily work in the hospital is inspired by the Central spirit. Care is central in our mission to provide quality service to our patients. Putting our best in the workplace is also central in our duties at the IMH.”

Aloha Cocjin Genovaña on duty.

Mae Therese and her Centralian co-worker William Jinon.

Mae Therese on duty at the IMH.

Mae Therese Simpas, CPU High School Batch 1986 and BSMT Batch 1991 is proud of her being a Centralian worker at Iloilo Mission Hospital. Accommodating patients and providing for their needs involve kindness and are motivated by the values she learned from Central Philippine University.

Next time you are at Iloilo Mission Hospital, find the CPU pin on the nurses’, doctors’, and medical technologists’ uniforms and start expecting the quality service inspired by the Central Spirit.

CPUR TAPE, CLAYGO, and Know Your Trash Advocacy: A reminder to Centralians


Cleanliness is next to godliness—CPUR Office of the Parliament initiated a campaign to remind fellow Centralians of the importance of observing proper classroom conduct and proper waste disposal through posters on announcement boards around the campus. They also aim to reduce water wastage by using the slogan “Slow the Flow,” posted on the walls of comfort rooms.

Keeping up with the times, the friendly reminder uses a hugot line in one of their posters: “Hindi Porket Basura ay iiwan mo nalang, even trash deserves a place to be in.”

One can read the following messages on the posters, a way to carry out the Centralian spirit of excellence:

TAPE stands for:

T – Throw your personal Garbage into the bin

A – Arrange your room after class

P – Pick up pieces of rubbish upon leaving

E – Erase write-ups on the board

CLAYGO stands for Clean As You Go. One is encouraged to clean the area before moving out.

Know Your Trash is a systematic way segregating one’s trash into 3 categories:

  1. Residual
  2. Recyclable
  3. Organic

CPUR Prime Minister Charles Arthel Rey places the advocacy stickers to be seen by students.

CPUR hopes that these catchy phrases will encourage Centralians to make the CPU campus more beautiful by practicing 3Rs.

The posters placed all over the campus is one of the many ways of the CPUR to promote environmental conservation.

Bernard Ceasar Susbilla, member of the parliament and the representative of College of Engineering, explained how he thought the TAPE advocacy would affect the practices of the students, “Nowadays, we are enveloped by so many things-responsibilities in school, obligations at home, and duties in our respective organizations to the point that we forget to highlight the things that matter as well, like giving people the courtesy that is due to them.”

“Through the TAPE advocacy, I and my colleagues at the CPU Republic hope that everyone who have heard of this endeavor try to practice it with conviction and eventually share it with others so the word ‘TAPE’ and its objectives, for that matter, reach every Centralian. After all, we just need to be reminded of the things we ought to do.”

He also added, “This project generally aims to remind Centralians to be mindful of our personal actions that significantly affect others and to care more for the environment especially in this age of more and more natural calamities. CPUR believes that it is through our small but collective efforts that we are able to create a difference. Meanwhile, the local government units of the republic are expected to support this campaign at the local level.”

“The next batch of boards will be put up at the Junior High School Department later this semester and the CPUR, through the Committee on Campus Environment, Health and Security, plans on doing a room-to-room campaign for the Elementary Department somewhere in February.”

The campaign will not only preserve the cleanliness and aesthetics of the university, but it will also improve the Centralians as individuals by learning self-discipline and courtesy towards others.

May the CPUR continue to put forward such valuable advocacies as this.

Camp Higher Ground: Moving forward to the greater glory of God

More than 700 pastors attended the 77th General Assembly of the Convention Baptist Ministers+ Association Inc.

At the 77th Annual Assembly of the Convention Baptist Ministers’ Association on January 16 to 18, 2018 at Camp Higher Ground, news was out that a finance corporation has proposed a partnership with CPBC. The proposal was revisited. The motto “Towards a New Horizon” came up as discussions on the proposed partnership project for Camp Higher Ground went on with the Board. However, some unfavorable news later: it was learned that the finance corporation has backed out of the proposed partnership.

Looking at the current activities of the stakeholders, it can be perceived that the Lord has His own plan and direction for the operations and development of Camp Higher Ground. With more than 700 member churches and institutions nationwide, including Central Philippine University, Iloilo Mission Hospital, Filamer Christian University, Capiz Emmanuel Hospital, Bacolod Christian College of Negros and individual donors, a unified support for the development of the camp is not impossible. Former General Secretary of the CPBC and current Executive Minister and Administrator of the Capiznon Kasapulanan, Rev. Job A. Santiago said that “a select group of professionals and executives from the CPBC are consolidating their ideas directed at another plan for Camp Higher Ground at this time.”

Rev. Job Santiago(center) with Australian guest Steve Smith and Mr. Natividad.

Incumbent CPBC General Secretary Rev. Dr. Jerson B. Narciso said that “our pastors and our churches should pray, support, and contribute ideas for the Camp Higher Ground project.”  Engr. Eddie Cañuto, owner of the famous Ephratha Farms in Badiangan, Iloilo and a member of the CPU Board of Trustees, has been revealed to be the chairman of committee that studies and will make a proposal for Camp Higher Ground. Engr. Cañuto took up the challenge to help restore the property to its former glory and, maybe, even make it better as he fondly remembered the many summer camps that he joined during his elementary days at Camp Higher Ground.

Lush green bushes and trees line up along the patches leading to the heritage building and some dormitories. The scenery puts forward a vision of what could be a world class resort. The development of the property into a multi-purpose resort could create a sustainable enterprise providing possibilities for tourism, ministry and conventions, educational training facilities, and many more. This could result to future resource generation that could benefit member churches and pastors, and the various ministries of the Convention of Philippine Baptist Churches.

To God be the glory!

The Call to Serve

The call to ministry is a lifetime of service. It is a commitment bound in faith and perseverance found only in those whose hearts’ desire is to please the Almighty by offering their lives as living sacrifices. It is not an easy task. The road is long and tortuous, but at the end of one’s journey, one could hear his Creator say, “Well done, good and faithful servant,” with beaming love and adulation.

Rev. Jesse Magno, a 1990 CPU College of Theology graduate and Pastor Stevie Leysa, 1993 graduate of the same college have answered such a call.

Heeding the call at God’s perfect time

Dedication and Faith – Rev. Jesse Magno, President of the Luzon Convention Baptist Fellowship, encourages young people be passionate about their faith.

During his first year as a mechanical engineering student at Mindanao State University in General Santos City, Rev. Magno started participating in Christian-based organizations. At that time, he realized that he had a calling from God to be a minister, “As part of the organization, I was asked to share about the Bible, to stand in front of people and talk about God. And there, I realized that it seems that the Lord is calling me. It was not immediate, but every day I lived with that purpose that I have a calling.”

Rev. Magno was encouraged to study in the CPU College of Theology after Dr. Johnny V. Gumban, former Dean of the college, promoted CPU in a Convention assembly at General Santos City. According to him, CPU has equipped him for the long haul.

He is currently the President of the Luzon Convention Baptist Fellowship (LCBF). Under the LCBF are 22 churches. Rev. Magno mentors the leaders and helps them to achieve their vision for their church.

With his heart for preaching and helping others, Rev. Magno’s testimony has encouraged people to persevere and to trust in the purpose of God for their lives.

For his advice to young people who want to know their calling in the Lord, Rev. Magno shared that they should anchor themselves on the Lord and wait for His perfect timing, “There is a difference between sending and going. Moses was called but he had to wait before God could send him. Between the time of calling and sending, they must prepare themselves for ministry, they must seek God’s word fervently.”

Faith and heart for service

Pastor Stevie Leysa, Senior Pastor of Dumangas Baptist Church, is a testimony of God+s goodness and faithfulness to the Convention. Photo Credit – Pastor Stevie Leysa.

In 1983, Pastor Stevie Leysa was offered a distance theological education by the Convention because their church was looking for a pastor. Grabbing the opportunity, he entered the portals of the CPU College of Theology where his faith and heart for service was molded for the ministry.

When asked about what he loves about the ministry, Pastor Leysa shares that it is serving the poor and those in need that fills his heart with joy. As Senior Pastor of Dumangas Baptist Church since 1996, he has encouraged people to pursue God’s purpose, “It is serving the poor and the least that makes me love the ministry, reaching out to them, preaching the Word of God to them.”

He encourages young people who want to pursue their calling to be faithful in Lord and God will surely ordain their steps, “Just be faithful to the Lord then participate in the Lord’s work. By participating, they will learn if the ministry is really for them.”

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