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Weekly Centralian Link (February 9, 2018)

CPU retains Level IV Accreditation Status

A commitment to excellence is a commitment to Christ – CPU hopes to continue in giving not only excellent academic programs but exemplary Christian education for life.

Excellence in Scientia—Central Philippine University maintained the Level IV re-accredited status of six of its undergraduate programs, namely: Secondary Education, Elementary Education, Business Administration, Accountancy, Liberal Arts, and Biology during the survey visit conducted by the Association of Christian Schools, Colleges and Universities-Accrediting Council, Inc. led by Dr. Estrella C. Buenaventura and Prof. Erlizabeth R. Camara on February 6-10, 2017. The said programs are granted a five-year re-accreditation status effective April 2017-2022.

Meanwhile, the programs in Hotel and Restaurant Management and Tourism retained their Level II re-accredited status and were advised to apply for a Level III status. The Elementary Program kept its Level III status while the Preschool Program kept its Level II, both effective April 2017-2022. The Special Education Program, on the other hand, has been granted a Candidate Status effective April 2017-2019. The ACSCU Accrediting Council, Inc. will schedule a formal visit to the said program within the two-year period, provided that the recommendations of the survey team are complied with. The Federation of Accrediting Agencies of the Philippines has also approved the elevation status of Master of Arts in Education Program, Master in Business Administration Program and Doctor of Education Program from Level III to Level IV effective April 2017 to December 2020.

As Central Philippine University prepares for the next accreditation, it strengthens its commitment to quality education and to providing professional opportunities for its students here and abroad. CPU hopes to achieve greater heights by elevating the accreditation status of its academic programs and by producing degree programs that can be hailed as Centers of Development and Centers of Excellence by the Commission on Higher Education.

It can be recalled that the university ranked first for the most number of academic programs hailed as Centers of Development and Centers of Excellence based on the list of the Commission on Higher Education for Academic Year 2016-2017, as ranked by LocalPulse, a social news and entertainment network that provides a forum for the exchange of ideas and a menu of accurate, complete and relevant information. CPU is the only university from Western Visayas to make it to the top 20. The only other university from Western Visayas to be part of the list is West Visayas State University-Lambunao Campus, which is at number 26.

Alumna donates $40, 000 to CPU

1977 Nursing Alumna, Ann Catedrilla-Seisa presented two checks amounting to $20, 000 each for the the construction of the Senior High School Building and the College of Nursing for its 5-million-peso Virtual Laboratory.

Following her inspiring message as speaker of the College of Nursing International Balik-Turo Program, 1971 CPU High School and 1977 Bachelor of Science in Nursing alumna, Ann Catedrilla-Seisa donated a check amounting to $20, 000 for the construction of the Senior High School Building and another $20, 000 to the CPU College of Nursing for its 5-million-peso Virtual Laboratory. Together with Atty. Salex E. Alibogha, Acting Dean, CPU College of Nursing, Seisa presented the checks to CPU President, Dr. Teodoro C. Robles, at the CPU Administration Building, BOT Conference Room on February 1, 2018.

During the turnover of the checks, Mrs. Seisa shared how her stay in CPU has inspired her to pursue excellence and success in her career. “CPU has been an instrument to where I am today. I believe that they molded me with great Christian values, good ethics, professionalism and I am who I am today because of my training at Central Philippine University and it’s time to give to the university that gave us so much to ensure that the next generation of Centralians will be able to sustain the greatness of this university.”

Dr. Robles expressed his thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Seisa and to Centralians here and abroad who continue to love and support the university. “I would like to express my deep gratitude to Ann and Loy Seisa for their valuable contribution to the university, not only in terms of financial contribution but also for their moral support to the university.”

CPU President, Dr. Teodoro C. Robles and Atty. Salex E. Alibogha, Acting Dean, CPU College of Nursing with BSN Batch 1977 Ann Catedrilla-Seisa, her husband, Mr. Narciso “Loy” Seisa and batchmates.

It can be recalled that in 2008, Mrs. Seisa and her husband, Mr. Narciso “Loy” Seisa, sponsored the construction of the covered stage located in the center of the Loreto D. Tupaz Building in honor of her parents Mr. and Mrs. Ponciano Catedrilla. She and her Batch BSN 1977 donated 2 million pesos for the repainting of the Loreto D. Tupaz Building.

In 1986, the couple founded the Vagthol’s Residential Care Center, Inc. in Los Angeles, California. The center started as a boarding facility for senior citizens. Now, the center serves individuals with Phenylketonuria (PKU).

Mrs. Seisa is also the Chief Executive Officer of Solarex Energy International. She was a volunteer at the Frank D. Lanterman Regional Center and later became a member of its Board of Directors and the chair of its Program Services and Strategic Committee. Currently, Mrs. Seisa serves as managing partner for ASN, LLC and Vagthes, LLC, real estate holding companies.

CPU hopes that more donations will be raised to complete the project before 2018 ends. For your donations and inquiries please call (033) 3291971 loc. 1037 (College of Nursing Secretary’s Office) or loc. 2107 (Faculty Room) or email nursing@cpu.edu.

Ann Catedrilla Seisa: Sharing her success to CPU

Seisa challenged the students to strive hard for success in her message at the Loreto Tupas Building Audio Visual Room.

Born to a family of 17 children in Lambunao, Iloilo, Ann Seisa (formerly Ann Catedrilla) resolved to overcome poverty. She worked her way towards graduating from the College of Nursing at CPU. She struggled and faced all the challenges with a faith and determination.

On February 1, 2018, Seisa shared her experience with CPU Nursing students at the Loreto Tupaz Audio Visual Room. Everyone was silent as Seisa came up on stage and introduced herself. Everyone was in anticipation to hear the story of one of the most successful CPU nurses who have worked in the US. They would receive her challenge for today’s generation of would-be nurses from Central Philippine University.

The challenge began with a background of how her life was before she got what she desired. She lived in a mountain farm with her parents and her 16 siblings, but she was determined to get a degree in Nursing from Central Philippine University.

Lambunao is a faraway town from Jaro, Iloilo City where her dream school CPU is located. Sometimes, she would ask the bus driver or the conductor if she could just stand up during the trip so that she would not be charged with the fare or if she could pay only half of the fare. She worked hard from home to school. She would wake up very early and cook rice with some eggs boiled on top. She would use charcoal embers in ironing her clothes as she had only one set of school uniform back then.

Ann resolved to pursue her desire to get a diploma in Nursing, and to become rich, because she said “it’s a matter of choice.” She was reading Napoleon Hill’s book “Think and Grow Rich” at the age of 13. This was something she divulged to her father who blessed her on her quest for success.

All those hardships had prepared her to be a success in all her plans and desires. Upon graduation from CPU, Ann was able to proceed to Manila. She got a job as a nursing aid with the help of a Centralian supervisor in the hospital where she was employed. After a year, she went to the United States with only a suitcase and a hundred dollar pocket money. No relatives, no family.

She did her best at every opportunity and managed to climb, step by step, up the ladder of success. She started as an attendant in a nursing home, then after 6 months became a nursing head. All those hardships “made me what I am today,” she stressed. “Nothing is impossible if you set your mind to accomplish it,” she added.

Seisa encouraged the nursing students to be a thousand percent confident. “Know what you want, go after it, and learn everything you need to achieve it. Develop people skills—know how to deal with people, to get along well with people.” She also shared to them the 3E’s of success: Energy (by eating well, sleeping well, and exercising), enthusiasm (being dynamic and believing in what you can do), and excellence (as what Centralians are known for).

“When you have accomplished, do not forget where you came from. Give back to Central Philippine University,” was her strong advice to the nursing students who gave her a long round of applause.

Ann Catedrilla-Seisa is married to a banker from the U.S. Federal Reserve back in the 80’s. They now have two professional daughters: Christen, 32 and Andrea, 26 who are managing two of their businesses in the U.S.

The Seisa Family gave a donation to the CPU College of Nursing Virtual Laboratory and to the Senior High School.

CPU’s plans on celebrating College Day 2018

CPU students can look forward to the College Day celebrations from February 12 to 15, 2018. An array of enjoyable activities have been prepared by the CPU Republic, with the annual Centralian Festival on the 14th and 15th.

The festival will be composed of events, games, and programs for the students. On February 12, the Councilympics will be held at the Promenade from 8:00AM to 11:00 AM and the Frisbee/Ultimate and Softball Tournament at the Softball Field at the same time. The Kurukasa (Amazing Race) will be held from 1:00PM to 5:00PM.

A Valentine’s Day display of novelties and souvenirs will be displayed in a booth, in the former shelter of the CPU Scale Model at 11:00AM to 1:00PM on the 14th. The “All Star’ Basketball event is expected to fill the University Gym with enthusiasts and spectators on February 13 at 1:00 to 4:00PM.

The Laro ng Lahi will be held at the Big Field at 2:00 to 4:00 PM, and at 4:30 PM, a Boodle Fight participated by students will be held at the Big Field.

There will be no regular classes during the College Day highlights on February 14 and 15, 2018. However, on February 14, 2018, college students are required to attend alternative classes.

CPU Mass Communication Students attend WVACS Ugyon Media Camp

Centalians who attended the UGYON Media CAMP.

Strengthening the link among the Communication students of Western Visayas, Mass Communication students from Central Philippine University attended the 3-day media camp held on January 23-25, 2018 at the University of St. La Salle (USLS) Granada Eco Park, Bacolod City.

A year ago, the creation of an alliance among communication students was made possible through the efforts and perseverance of the Central Philippine University MassCom Circle. They brought together communication students from different schools all throughout Western Visayas. Through an event entitled COMvention the (WVACS) Western Visayas Alliance of Communication Students was established.

Centralian, Joanne Berona is the New President of Western Visayas Alliance of Communication Students.

The theme for this year’s event was “Breaking Media Barriers in the New Millennium,” a challenge for future media practitioners to decide whether they will imbue communication with honest emotion and human sentiment or they will become a part of the barriers themselves.

The camp was packed with activities and lectures from day 1 to day 3. There were a total of eleven speakers who discussed topics in relation to their specialization. Senior Reporter of ABS-CBN Bacolod, Yasmin Pascual Dormido, discussed Media Law and Ethics in the Digital Age. According to her “A good name is worth more than anything. If credibility is lost, then it’s time to leave.”

After all the program and activity, an election was held for the next batch of officers of the WVACS. Joanne Berona, a third year Mass Communication student of CPU, was elected President. She will be replacing fellow Centralian Izza Cassandra Abolucion. The Centralians, indeed, have earned the trust and approval of other institutions as they display the Centralian spirit of leadership.

Agustin Pulido: A Distinguished Centralian

A testimony of commitment to faith and excellence – Dr. Agustin A. Pulido continues to inspire a generation of Centralians.

Dr. Agustin A. Pulido, nicknamed “Gus,” was born to the couple Agustin Pulido, Sr. and Sol Aguilar-Pulido on March 20, 1932 in Cadiz, Negros Occidental. He was brought up by his parents to follow their footsteps as educators. His mother and father were both teachers who believed that “it runs in the family.” For Dr. Agustin A. Pulido, it is an experience that strengthened him to become one excellent educator.

He started his education with a younger brother in a primary school in Cadiz. He was a consistent honor student, until World War II broke out in 1941. He transferred residences with his family several times during the war. They stayed in Isabela with his aunt but later moved to Escalante.

He finished his secondary education in Bacolod City then took up his Bachelor of Science in Chemistry at Silliman University, Dumaguete City. He graduated in 1953, magna cum laude. He pursued his Master of Science in Chemistry from U.P. Diliman in Quezon City. He obtained his Doctor of Philosophy (Physical Chemistry) from Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana, USA.

Turning his back to far more lucrative roles as an educator and researcher elsewhere, Dr. Pulido assumed the presidency of Central Philippine University on September 8, 1971, a post vacated by the passing away of senior friend and fellow Christian, Dr. Rex D. Drilon, the first Filipino president of CPU. He shelved his expertise, as a chemistry professor, to assume a position, which he declared “required a different and higher level of chemistry.”

After 25 fruitful years as President of CPU, Dr. Pulido retired in 1996. Immediately after that, Silliman University’s Board of Trustees chose him to be their 11th President.

Dr. Pulido has served as member of the CPU and SU Board of Trustees and CPU Corporation. He has also served as Dean, Department Chair, Professor and Associate Professor at the University of the Philippines in Iloilo City. He has carried out duties in different committees in these three universities. In other institutions, he has served as Chair, as Vice Chair, and/or as a member. After Dr. Juanito M. Acanto, Dr. Pulido became Chairman of the Management Committee while the search for the new CPU president was ongoing.

With able leadership and selfless dedication, he developed the physical infrastructures, strengthened the financial resources through endowment funds. He upgraded the influence of CPU to make it one of the great centers of higher education in Asia. The Distinguished Centralian Award in Education was presented to Dr. Pulido for his outstanding accomplishments as an educator and University President last 1996 during the 91st University Day celebration of CPU.

The concrete proof of this development under his administration are the Engineering Building, New Valentine Hall, the Elementary School, Henry Luce III Library, the new Rose Memorial Auditorium and other buildings. On the other hand, Dr. Pulido worked hard in the field of alumni relations. He successfully reached out to the CPU alumni all over the Philippines and many other countries, mobilized them into active chapters to support CPU in pursuit of its various programs and projects that offered an Exemplary Christian Education for Life (EXCEL).

Now, he is simply enjoying life with his loving wife Dr. Dorothy Ann Bermejo Pulido, a medical doctor, in their residence near CPU. Dr. Pulido shared some of his secrets in staying active and mentally alert. First of all, he says, “We need to free up our minds with problems, by choosing which one to solve first.” He added, “We can simply subsist on fresh fruits and vegetables, and a bit of exercise by walking.” But the activity that the Pulidos love most is reading.

Their children, Cybele Ann, an elementary and high school graduate of CPU, and married to Engr. Luther C. Risma now lives in the United States with their child Idra Ann. Deneel, also an elementary and high school graduate of CPU and married to Col. Ezra James P. Enriquez, a graduate from the Philippine Military Academy, have two children, Mark James “Wofie” and Joshua James, a famous photographer in the campus and in the Visayas region.

Faith across the borders: The story of Rev. Danilo A. Borlado

Pursuing the leading of Christ – Rev. Danilo A. Borlado has committed his life to serving OFWs in Hong Kong, encouraging them to grow in the Lord.

Almost all Filipino families have a relative abroad—mothers, fathers, sons, and daughters forfeiting the solace and comfort of home to provide a better future for the families they leave behind. It is no easy journey but their hearts remain steadfast knowing that they and their loved ones will meet again soon.

Rev. Danilo A. Borlado, Vice President of the Convention of Philippine Baptist Churches has dedicated his life to encouraging and ministering Overseas Filipino Workers in Hong Kong. It is his heart’s desire that Filipinos far from home will be encouraged by the love of Christ through a community of believers.

His journey with the Lord started when he entered the portals of Central Philippine University. He was enrolled as a student of the CPU College of Agriculture in 1975 when he came to dedicate his life to Christ after attending the Christ Emphasis Week. Two years later, he decided to study Theology in the same university. “I came to know the Lord and commit my life to Him in one of the Christ Emphasis Week celebration. After that, I was engaged with religious organizations in the university. I kept growing as a young Christian through the Campus Crusade for Christ and became part of the University Church choir.”

According to Rev. Borlado, his engagement with the University Church and religious organizations in the campus helped him realize that he had a calling to serve Christ as a minister. “I began to feel that there was an urge, a prompt, to share the love of Christ to others.” His stay in the CPU College of Theology deepened his biblical knowledge and theological perspective towards the poor and powerless. “I had empathy for the less fortunate and vulnerable people, maybe because I came from a poor family myself.”

After graduating from college, he took up his Master of Divinity in the college then pursued his Master of Theology in Australia. He then became a minister at the Baptist Center Church and taught part-time in the CPU College of Theology.

When asked what he loves about the ministry, Rev. Borlado shares that it is seeing people commit their lives to Christ that makes him realize his purpose. “I enjoy helping people. Seeing people commit to the Lord in a personal way, not just intellectual or head knowledge, but to be able to shed light on what it means to know God. Seeing them grow in the Lord gives me great joy. And there is also an added dimension particularly that we are in the OFW ministry in Hong Kong—being able to assist, strengthen and encourage our OFWs abroad. ”

In 1999, Rev. Borlado was invited to attend a Mission Conference in Hong Kong. There he visited two churches, one of which is the International Baptist Church Filipino Congregation. Months after his visit, the convention encouraged him to apply as pastor in the said church. “There were eight applicants and I was the one chosen. I saw that as the Lord’s leading to move into a new area of ministry, specifically in OFW ministry.”

After serving the church for six years, Rev. Borlado established the New Beginnings Christian Fellowship which is now serving and ministering OFWs in Hong Kong for 11 years. There are indeed many challenges of leading a church in a foreign land but Rev. Borlado shares that God has equipped him in the early stages of his ministry. “There was a bit of a struggle on our part because we have teenage children at the time. It wasn’t easy for us to leave them behind. We cannot bring them because the education in Hong Kong is so expensive. That experience taught us to experience firsthand the very struggles of the OFWs that we would be working with, that we would be ministering to. We experienced the loneliness, the pain of separation and living away from your family, and that put us in a better situation to understand and sympathize with the OFWs are going through. That made us minister effectively to them.”

Though away from home, Rev. Borlado is encouraged by the stories and testimonies of faith of the OFWs that they are ministering to and that has fueled his heart for the ministry. “The experiences of our OFWs abroad are always a mixture. There are painful and sad experiences, the loneliness, not being treated well by their employers. Sometimes, you encounter OFWs whose children drop out from school, or their husbands have another woman to the extent that their marriages and families experience breakdowns, and OFWs incurring a lot of debt. Those are the sad stories, but there are plenty of encouraging stories, like an OFW having a lot of difficulty with the present employer then suddenly the contract was terminated and then by way of our prayers and comfort, the terminated employee was able to find a new wonderful employer who gives them more than the minimum wage, treats them like a member of the family and allows them to return to the Philippines more than once a year, all expenses paid; or OFWs who came to know the Lord personally, converted and committed their lives to the Lord Jesus Christ and see them grow in their relation with the Lord and serve God in the church and enroll in our discipleship training, attend our bible studies and cell groups. Those are some of the things in the ministry that are very inspiring.”

For his advice to young people who want to know their calling in the Lord, Rev. Borlado advises them to take heart and pursue God. “To the young people who might feel that they are being called to full time ministry, one of the things that made me hesitant when I felt the prompting of the Holy Spirit calling me to enter the ministry is the doubt about provision for myself and my would-be family, but the Lord proved me wrong because one of the very first things I learned is that when the Lord calls, He will provide. If you feel that the Lord is prompting you, is calling you to the ministry, please do not hesitate to respond and answer that call.”

To Centralians around the globe, he encourages them to anchor themselves in the Lord and see His goodness in their lives. “The experience of loneliness is always there, missing your family, missing your hometown, but always maintain your connection, your anchor with the Lord Jesus Christ. Never neglect, never take for granted the faith dimension because when our faith in God is strong and firm, when we are intimate with the Lord, His presence will comfort us in our moments of loneliness. His strength will sustain us in our moments of weakness and His provision will always be there. His reminders will always be there when we forget. Stay close to the Lord, He is our anchor. He is our strength.”

Rev. Danilo A. Borlado is married to Pastor Mary Lou Silencino Borlado. They have two children who are now pastors: Pastor Jec Dan S. Borlado (married to Mrs. Herme Agriam Borlado), and Pastor Deo Grace S. Borlado. They have one grandson – Matteo Chaim.