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Weekly Centralian Link (February 24, 2017)

CPU commemorates Dr. Rex D. Drilon’s 46th Death Anniversary

CPU President Dr. Teodoro C. Robles leads the floral offering

Centralians commemorated the 46th Death Anniversary of Pres. Rex D. Drilon, the first Filipino President of Central Philippine University by holding a memorial service to remember his life and works at the Evangelical Memorial Garden, Jaro, Iloilo City on February 21, 2017.

Rev. Francis Neil Jalando-on, Rev. Joniel Howard Gico, Rev. Samuel Escobin and Rev. Roger Quimpo singing Once to Every Man and Nation.

For the Words of Welcome, CPU President Dr. Teodoro C. Robles acknowledged everyone who attended the service and encouraged them to be inspired by the Central Spirit of Dr. Rex D. Drilon. “We are here to remember Dr. Rex D. Drilon, we and the alumni all around the world celebrate his life and are continually inspired by the legacy he left behind.”

To further honor the memory and legacy of Dr. Drilon – CPU faculty and staff, Carmelle Frances Romero, Hermely Jaland-on and Kaye Arden Gallo read the message delivered by Mrs. Evangeline D. Padernilla on the 22nd Death Anniversary of Dr. Drilon on the lasting contributions of Dr. Drilon to the Centralian community. “Rex Drilon is remembered in the history of Central Philippine University as the fulfillment of the dreams of his predecessors, the Filipinization of administrative leadership.” – Ms. Romero.

Centralian faculty, staff and alumni pause for a prayer.

As read by Mrs. Jalando-on, Dr. Drilon is fondly remembered by his students as “A journalist from Missouri who walks with a busy man’s heavy tread, keeps a thesaurus in his head and exhibits a mood as stable as the waves.” He envisioned a greater Central which is the one we see today.

Ms. Gallo, on the other hand, shared that Dr. Drilon well knew that the success or failure of the university would be his responsibility and that of his Filipino colleagues. “Dr. Rex D. Drilon was known for his burning hopes and great plans for the University.” She also shared a humorous account of Dr. Rex being criticized for spending time in his garden when he was supposed to be in the office. “He said: Why? When my hands are busy in my garden, my head is also busy thinking of CPU and all its problems. CPU was always foremost in his mind.”

Carmelle Frances Romero, Hermely Jalando-on and Kaye Arden Gallo remembers the life of Dr. Rex D. Drilon by mentioning his achievements and works.

A song number “Once to Every Man Nation” was sang by Rev. Joniel Howard Gico, Rev. Francis Neil Jalando-on, Rev. Samuel Escobin and Rev. Roger Quimpo. As the line of the song goes: “Then it is the brave man chooses while the coward stands aside” – Centralians celebrate the courage of Dr. Drilon to take the challenge of becoming Central Philippine University’s first Filipino president.

For the reflection, Rev. Cris Amorsolo Sian shared Acts 4:36-37 and Acts 11:34. He shared the life of Joseph whom the apostles called Barnabas “The son of encouragement.” Barnabas sold a field he owned and brought the money and put it in the apostles’ feet. He likened the life Dr. Drilon to that of Barnabas, who gave his time, energy and life for the advancement of Central Philippine University.”

Prof. Janet S. Jalbuena, Principal of CPU High School  along with other faculty and staff offer flowers to Dr. Drilon+s tomb.

Rev. Sian further adds that the most vulnerable people are those who have already left us and as Centralians gather to remember the life of Dr. Drilon, we become vessels of his legacy – we make his memory alive. “What kind of legacy do we want to leave behind? How do we want to be remembered? Let it be that we have lived a life armed with Christian character.”

The annual Dr. Rex Drilon Day is organized by these committee members headed by Cultural Affairs Office Director Crista Huyong

A Floral Offering was given to the tomb of Dr. Drilon led by the CPU President, Vice Presidents, Deans, Directors, Members of the Board of Trustees and the CPU Corporation.
For his Closing Remarks Dr. Robles announced the launching of the Dr. Rex D. Drilon Professional Chair for Literature. “We want to further remember the legacy of Dr. Drilon through the pages of a book, the Chairmanship will be for a year and we hope all the faculty and staff will help us in this endeavor of preserving the legacy of Dr. Drilon.”


CPU Packaging Engineering holds Homecoming and Gala Night

Celebrating its 10th year of existence in the university, the CPU Packaging Engineering Department with the theme “10 Years of Excellent Packaging Engineering Education” held its homecoming and gala night at Amigo Terrace Hotel on February 18, 2017. The celebration is also in line with the 80th year anniversary of the College of Engineering.

The CPU Packaging Department staff, alumni, faculty and students.

The event was attended by students, alumni, faculty, university officials and partner companies. In his Opening Remarks, Mr. Ron Adrian Dionaldo – an alumnus and the first Magna Cum Laude of the College shared the timeless success of the College throughout the years. “There is a saying that a knight in shining armor is a man who never had his armor tested. Now, let us ask ourselves is the department still wearing its armor? Has its metal been tested? Yes, our metal has been tested for 10 years and we shined brighter after facing those testing and challenges. The bond of the pack is strong, the alpha helps the omega and the omega helps the alpha.”

Engr. Bernie Cangrejo delivered the State of Department Address highlighting the accomplishments of the department throughout the years. The College has produced strong ties with local, national and international company and industry changers that provide OJT to employment system of Centralian Packaging Engeering graduates.

Engr. Bernie Cangrejo, Head of Packaging Engineering Department awards the Homecoming King Queen, Prince and Princes.

The event was graced by its “Pack Leader” Dr. Lejo C. Braña, former CPU President Dr. Juanito M. Acanto, current CPU President Dr. Teodoro C. Robles and other administrative officials of the university. During the event the department thanked its partner agencies and key personalities.

CPU is the first and only university offering Packaging Engineering in the country. The CPU Packaging Engineering Department was established back in 2006 through the efforts of its “pack leader” Dr. Lejo C. Braña – a High School 1953 alumnus, and the founder and President of G. Packaging Technology Partners Inc.. He donated 11.5 million pesos worth of packaging testing equipment from the United States to CPU. The college produced 19 pioneer graduates with 10 Cum Laudes. Now, it has hundreds of graduates working all over the country and abroad.


Japanese University President visits CPU

CPU President Dr. Teodoro C. Robles together with Rev. Noriko Higuchi (3rd from right), President of Baiko Gakuin University of Japan

Rev. Noriko Higuchi, President of Baiko Gakuin University in Japan, made a two-day visit to Central Philippine University with two of her staff and 10 Japanese students taking up an education course to observe Kindergarten, Elementary and College classes here at CPU.

Japanese students together with Professor Leilani Trompeta, CPU Office of International Relations and Cooperation.

Rev. Higuchi and her delegation met with Dr. Teodoro C. Robles, CPU President in his office at 1 PM on the first day of visit and proceeded to the Kindergarten Department. They had an interaction with the student of the College of Education on the same day. The delegation also visited the Elementary Department on Wednesday afternoon of February 22.

Japanese students observing a kindergarten class.

Baiko Gakuin University is a Christian university in Japan with the motto: “ut filii lucis ambulate” — “let us walk as children of light” drawn from Ephesians 5:8.

Japanese students join an energizer

The visit was facilitated by Prof. Leilani Fatimah Ledesma Trompeta, Director, CPU Office of International Relations and Cooperation. /Cyrus A. Natividad

Japanese students from Baiko Gakuin interact with CPU Kindergarteners.

CPU College of Agriculture officers and core group meet anew for Grand Reunion

“Blood is thicker than water, but Centralians are thicker than blood” – this is how Dir. Larry Nacionales, CPU College of Agriculture Alumni Association President, described the Central Spirit that permeates all Centralians. Dir. Nacionales led the CPU College of Agriculture Alumni Association meeting last February 18, 2017 at Nena’s Chicken House in Bacolod City. The purpose of the meeting was to give updates for the upcoming Grand Reunion of the College of Agriculture alumni on October 20-21, 2017 at the Bacolod Pavillon Hotel.

College of Agriculture alumni plan for the Grand Reunion on October 20-21, 2017

The Negros Chapter President, Mr. Roberto “Francis” Jalando-on, Jr., updated the group with regards to the venue and accommodation. The Bacolod Pavillon Hotel has a big area that can accommodate up to 2,000 people. The Negros Chapter already made reservations for the hotel rooms. (If you plan on attending the reunion and make hotel reservations, you may contact Mr. Roberto R. Jalando-on, Jr – 0920-326-8505). The Negros Chapter is also planning to tour the whole Negros island to campaign for more attendees to the reunion.

Dir. Larry Nacionales challenged the gathered group that it is high time for them to encourage the next generation to enroll at the CPU College of Agriculture, Resources and Environmental Sciences because the alumni who are in the government service and in the agriculture sector will soon be retiring. He stressed that the government needs new Centralians to lead the way.

The core group that plans for the College of Agriculture Grand Reunion keeps on growing

Mr. Dan Dorillo, CPU Alumni Association President, remarked that the CPU College of Agriculture alumni are in the forefront of leadership in the CPU Alumni Association with 5 officers who are graduates of the college including himself. The college can also boast to have the most number of alumni who became Presidents of state colleges and universities, and the most number of Regional Directors. Mr. Dorillo further said that the first night of the Grand Reunion will be open for all Centralians. The first night will be a cultural show presenting “CPU’s Finest” – cultural groups such CPU Handbell Ringers, Sari-saot Dance Troupe and some winners of the U-Day 2017 will be going to Bacolod. The 2016 Miss Paraw Regatta, Vanessa Tse Wing, and Engr. Riego Ferrer Garcia, one of the Ten Outstanding Students of the Philippines, will also be invited to give testimonies for both of them are alumnus of the College of Agriculture, Resources and Environmental Sciences.

Mrs. Delma Umadhay reported that more than 50 pages of the souvenir program have subscribers already. The group is still campaigning for more subscribers. (If you are interested to subscribe, you may contact Delma at 0920-519-0506).

“The CPU Board of Trustees assure you of our support and we always encourage our alumni to come together not just to fellowship but to praise God for what He has done in and through our lives” – These are the words of Mrs. Josette G. Jalando-on’s in her closing remarks to the gathered alumni.

Let us all look forward to this event!


HS Class 1967 “Klasmitz” donate 2 LCD Projectors to CPU HS

CPU HS Batch 1967 presents the two donated EPSON LCD Projectors.

In line with the celebration of their 50th Grand Reunion, CPU High School Batch 1967 “Klasmitz” visited the CPU High School Building and donated 2 EPSON LCD Projectors on February 21, 2017. The said projectors will be installed in HS 116 and in the Science Building Room 101.

CPU HS Batch 1967 Klasmitz with CPU HS Principal Prof. Janet S. Jalbuena and Purchasing Officer, Hermely A. Jalando-on.

Prof. Janet S. Jalbuena, Principal of CPU High School thanked the batch for their donation and for their continuous support to CPU High School. She assures that the donations will be utilized for the academic advancement of CPU High School students.


CPU Junior High Conducts Dental Mission in Iniligan Elementary School

The CPU Junior High School Outreach Team led by Mrs. Juvi D. Guatelara spearheaded the dental mission that was integrated with partner agencies – DepEd Schools Division of Iloilo and Iloilo Dental Association, in cooperation with the Social Work Department and Community Engagement and Service Learning Center (CESLC) in Iniligan Elementary School on February 15, 2017. This activity was attended by the Vice-mayor of Badiangan, Erwin Roy Gaje; Iniligan Barangay Captain, Jayrold Pajadura; PTA President, Rudy Dato-on, Jr., teachers, pupils, and some parents. It was conducted to support the outreach program’s mission – to help solve malnutrition problem in the community.

Students listen as volunteers lecture of proper dental care.

The dental team, composed of 19 dentists, was headed by Dr. Romana Rabago. The team brought with them medicines, tooth extraction equipment, and other materials needed for extraction.

During the program, Dr. Rabago gave a demonstration on the proper caring of teeth and the Singaporean way of tooth-brushing. This was followed by a mass brushing of teeth. After brushing, the pupils were instructed to line up according to grade levels for a dental check-up. Those pupils whose teeth needed extraction have to submit themselves to the next phase – the tooth extraction phase. Pupils showed different facial expressions – usually showing anxiety at the mere thought of seeing blood and injection, happy faces of those who do not have cavities, and crying faces of a few whose teeth have been extracted. A total of 80 pupils have been submitted to tooth extraction.

Volunteers teaching student proper dental hygiene.

Before the program’s closing, DepEd Dr. Grace Arendela-Jamili gave a lecture on proper hygiene, then the CPU team, headed by Prof. Levi De los Santos, and assisted by Prof. Carol Kay Blando, Teresa Balofiños, with the student volunteers of the Social Work Department, distributed additional hygiene kits of toothbrushes, toothpastes, and liquid hand wash to each grade level and a first aid kit for the school.

The outreach gave the students access to free dental services.

According to the school principal, Mrs. Maryfe Panaligan, the integration of CPU and DepEd Dental Mission was the first ever in the history of Iniligan Elementary School. She was expressive of her gratefulness to the sponsors for having conducted this activity, for it has greatly helped open awareness on proper oral hygiene among pupils and parents, and facilitated accessibility of immediate dental attention.

In the afternoon of the same day, the CPU team with the CPU Republic headed to Mainguit Primary School to deliver swings for the school’s playground, a CPUR project and gift for the school children. The Mayor, Hon. Serafin Villa, Jr., was present during the turn-over ceremony, and with him was the Vice Mayor who came with the CPU team from start to finish. The team then proceeded to visit Manaolan Elementary School for its needs assessment.

What’s in a stove?

Representatives from a French NGO called Geres were at the 4th edition of ‘Stove-Plus Workshop’ held at the Knowledge for Development Center, CPU from February 20-24. Guests from India, France and Cambodia also attended the workshop.

Output of StovePlus participant.

The objective of the workshop was to present an economic development with alternative technology to initiate fuel saving and entrepreneurship, particularly for low income communities. Climate change and environmental issues were also discussed.

Local and Foreign Entrepreneurs work on a proposed project at the Stove Plus Workshop

A number of indigenous and innovative stoves were presented. First, the clay model cook stoves which reminded us of our clay projects in the elementary, then the more innovative models with their prescribed fuels – charcoal, wood and blended material briquettes.

One of those stove technologies was designed by a former CPU Agricultural Engineering faculty, entrepreneur, and owner of Approtech Enterprises, Engr. Alexis Daniel Belonio.  The popular stove which he currently manufactures by batch is called the Belonio Rice Hull Gasifier Stoves (RHGS).

One of the durable cookstoves on display at the workshop

The workshop also included input sessions and group presentations. Actual technical presentation was done at the CPU Agricultural Engineering Department. Engr. Aries Roda D. Romallosa, Department Coordinator, College of Agriculture, Research and Environmental Science (CARES), led the boiling water demonstration and shared ideas in biomass production and briquettes production as well.

Central Philippine University is a co-sponsor of the Stove Plus project. /Cyrus A. Natividad

Rex Divinagracia Drilon – the Epitome of the Central Spirit

Dr. Rex Divinagracia Drilon was born in Dumangas, Iloilo on April 21, 1905. On the same year, Jaro Industrial School — the forerunner of Central Philippine College (CPC) — later to become Central Philippine University, was opened in Jaro, Iloilo. The school which was under an American administration will be led later by its first Filipino President Dr. Rex D. Drilon.

Dr. Rex D. Drilon flashes his trademark smile as he is being welcomed back from a foreign trip.

Drilon spent his childhood and primary education in Dumangas, his hometown. He finished his secondary education in 1925 and his Associate in Arts (known then as pre-law) in 1927, respectively with honors from Central Philippine College.

He obtained his Bachelor in English (through a scholarship) at Linfield College, McMinnville, Oregon in 1931 and his Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Master of Arts in Editorial Writing from the University of Missouri in 1937.

Dr. Rex D. Drilon, CPU´s first Filipino President with Philippine President Ferdinand E. Marcos.

He taught in High School and College English classes in the country and abroad—particularly at Central Philippine College from 1938-1939 upon his return to the Philippines. He also served as Assistant Professor of Political Science and Acting Secretary to the President of the University of the Philippines.

He served during the war as an officer of the Panay Guerilla Movement. He resumed his academic work as a faculty in 1945, and also served as Dean, Head, Officer and Director of several units of CPC. CPC formally changed its status into a University on April 1, 1953.

On May 10, 1966 in the historic meeting of the CPU Board of Trustees, the university’s first Filipino president, Dr. Rex D. Drilon, was elected. Dr. Drilon subsequently started his tenure as president on June 1, 1966. His appointment marked the Filipinization of the CPU administration.

His installation into office on April 21, 1967 was administered by his Excellency, President Ferdinand Edralin Marcos. A fifty-voiced choir sang “This Nation Will Be Great Again” with lyrics written by Rex Drilon himself and music composed by Frederick E. Bieler who also conducted the Festival Chorus.

During his presidency, a momentous event happened. On Christmas day, December 25, 1969, the entire university property – land, buildings and equipment – was turned over by the American Baptist Foreign Mission Society to the Filipino Corporation of Central Philippine University. “This was the largest real estate transfer in the history of ABFMS…The deed of donation earned for itself the distinction of being an event without parallel in the history of religious foreign missions. The ABMFS is the first such religious foreign mission to award Filipino title to its properties in the Philippines.”

“A GREAT CENTRAL” was the vision of Rex D. Drilon, his all-consuming passion. When he became President in 1966, it was a turn of a new era characterized by political and social unrest throughout the land. Above all the tumult he nourished his vision and held it high as light in the darkness urging the Board of Trustees, faculty, students, alumni, and friends with the imperative: “We shall move this school as it has never been moved before. Central will be great.” Rex Drilon brought to the Presidency an unparalleled combined acumen of an educator, administrator, and humanitarian.

He was a topflight journalist and political scientist with very strong libertarian and nationalist fervor. He accepted the prestigious yet difficult position prepared with a wealth of administrative experience gained from the places of responsibility he occupied in Central Philippines College and in the University of the Philippines.

President Drilon took his task keenly aware of the role his administration had to play: that of a bridge between the years of American leadership and support, since the founding of the school in 1905, and the unknown future. He very well knew that the success or failure of the University would be his responsibility and that of his Filipino colleagues. In his inaugural address, he appealed for support. In conclusion he said:

“If your Filipino president fails, then the Filipino name is marked
forever.  But if your Filipino president succeeds with your help,
with your loyalty, then the Filipino name shall be honored —
You honor yourselves.”

A staunch advocate of academic freedom, he organized the University Forum where students and faculty could experience what he termed “a free market of ideas.” He allowed students to speak their minds with “no holds barred+ and encouraged the students to write and express themselves in the Central Echo on university policies and student problems, as well as on problems of the local and national governments. He was a humanitarian of the highest water, a champion of the less privileged and the underdog but a thorn in the flesh of the arrogant and the sanctimonious and those who would betray the “Central Spirit.”

Dr. Rex D. Drilon died a sudden death on that sad morning of February 21, 1971. Loved and mourned by thousands, he was brought to his final resting place at the Evangelical Garden by a procession of thousands of students, faculty and staff, friends, and admirers, seen as one of the longest ever witnessed by Jaro.

As a final tribute to its first Filipino president, the University bestowed upon Dr. Rex Drilon the Distinguished Service Award, which was presented to Mrs. Independencia Q. Drilon during the 1971 Commencement Exercises. On March 22, 2002, CPU also bestowed a Posthumous Service Award for his faithful and dedicated service.

Rex D. Drilon is remembered in the history of Central Philippine University as the fulfillment of the dream of his predecessors — the Filipinization of administrative leadership. He is cherished in the hearts of thousands he touched with his compassionate life. Indeed, as Nelson and Herradura wrote in Scientia et Fides, The Story of Central Philippine University, Rex D. Drilon is worthy to be called as the “Epitome of the Central Spirit.”

(Compiled by Cyrus A. Natividad and F. Neil G. Jalando-on from the writings of Nelson and Herradura, Scientia et Fides The Story of Central Philippine University, 1981 and Lucy de la Fuente, Central Echo and Link articles)

CPU Golden Lions roar in the WVRAA 2017 Meet

The CPU Golden Lions delegation.

Congratulations to the CPU Golden Lions who competed in the Western Visayas Regional Athletic Association (WVRAA) Meet 2017 last February 5-11, 2017 at San Jose, Antique. The CPU Golden Lions sent 55 athletes (14 from Elementary and 41 from High School) and 17 coaches, assistant coaches and officials as part of the Iloilo Delegation. CPU had the highest number of delegations among Iloilo schools.

John Ashley Bornales Emil Franc Falsis Cabantug Christian Tope Dequilla of (CPU Golden Lions) ILOILO Secondary Football team. Champion in the WVRAA 2017.


Centralian Valenzuela garners the top spot in regional swimming competition.


Noel A. Sorrilla and his tennis players Lamparero and Nowlakha will be representing Region 6 in the nationals.


The following are the results:


Ronel C. Ballesteros
Head Coach
Mark Jossel S. Mariano
Asst. Coach

1. TELESFORO, Checy Aliena S. Grade 6
Individual: Gold-Board 1
Team: 1st Runner Up

1. MAMON, Selwyn Nickos B. Grade 6 Champion
2. SALAZAR, Jake Michael C. Grade 6 Champion

Simplicio G. Gayoso Jr.
Head Coach

1. DOMINGUEZ, Alain Vincent R. Grade 4
Individual: Gold-Doubles
Team 1st Runner Up
2. MACAVINTA, Nathan Kahli G. Grade 6 Team: 1st Runner Up

Noel A. Sorrilla
Head Coach
1. LAMPARERO, Jan Roger G. Grade 6 Champion-Doubles
2. NOWLAKHA, Nikhel S. Grade 6 Champion-Doubles

1. ALCARDE, Railyn Jeffe I. Grade 6 Champion

Alan J. Diasnes
Head Coach
Christer Jan Gersanib
Asst. Coach

1. DINERO, Chryss Eduard M. Grade 6 Champion
Bronze-Ind. B. Poomsae
Bronze-Team Poomsae
2. MAMIGO, Jake Christian B. Grade 5 Champion
Bronze-Team Poomsae
3. PALONPON, John Patrick Grade 6 Champion
Bronze-Team Poomsae

Alfredo B. Ramaila Jr.
Head Coach

1. AMANTE, Nikka Lorane S. Grade 5
Individual: 1 Bronze
Team Results: 2nd Runner Up
2. BASCO, John Cornelius L. Grade 6
Individual: 2 Silver, 2 Bronze
Team Results: 2nd Runner Up
3. SAMPIANO, Trixie Pauline A. Grade 6
1 Gold, 4 Silver, 1 Bronze
Team Results: 2nd Runner Up


1. TEREUL, Reishan C. Jr. Grade 8 1st Runner Up
2. REDOSENDO, Jane Francis G. Grade 11 1st Runner Up

Jobert H. Pillado
Head Coach
January Love Desamero

1. FRANCO, Kyla Marie B. Grade 7 Champion
2. PIOJO, Nizza Mae S. Grade 9 Champion

1. GABANTO, Precious P. Grade 11 Champion
Ronel C. Ballesteros
Head Coach
Lloyd U. Basco
Asst. Coach

1. TELESFORO, Cyril Felrod S. Grade 9
Individual: Gold – Board 1
Team: 1st Runner Up
2. GUIRHEM, Fiona Geeweneth B. Grade 9
Individual: Bronze – Board 1
Team: 2nd Runner Up

1. BORNALES, John Ashley B. Grade 9 Champion
2. CABANTUG, Emil Franc Grade 11 Champion
3. DEQUILA, Christian P. Grade 9 Champion

Simplicio G. Gayoso Jr.
Head Coach

1. BARIA, John Romel S. Grade 7
Team: Champion
2. CHAVEZ, Joshua C. Grade 8 Team: Champion
3. GAYOSO, J Allan Noel C. Grade 9
Individual: Gold-Singles & Mix Doubles
Team: Champion
4. IMPORTANTE, Den Gabriel F. Grade 10 Team: Champion

Simplicio G. Gayoso Jr.
Head Coach
Jeselle T. Dela Cruz

1. GOMEZ, Clarice Thalia D. Grade 9
Individual: Gold-Doubles
Team: Champion
2. OLIVA, Ann Nicole L. Grade 9
Individual: Gold-Doubles & Mix Doubles
Team: Champion
3. OLIVA, Levee Marie G. Grade 7
Individual: Gold-Doubles
Team: Champion
4. VICENCIO, Jan Ashley R. Grade 7
Individual: Bronze-Singles
Team: Champion

Jeffrey G. Alcarde
Head Coach
Kenny John P. Amar
Asst. Coach

1. AMUAN, Armel B. Grade 9 Champion
2. DORONILLA, Paolo Gabriel T. Grade 10 Champion
3. ESPINOSA, Francis Michael D. Grade 11 Champion
4. SAY, Remton Angelo E. Grade 11 Champion
5. SEDUCO, Francis C. Grade 9 Champion
6. SORGON, Louie Jan B. Grade 10 Champion

Jeffrey G. Alcarde
Head Coach
Alain G. Tarrazona
Asst. Coach
Jonah-El Buenvenida

1. CELIZ, Addrianne S. Grade 10 Champion
2. DENURA, Pearl An T. Grade 10 Champion
3. GUEVARRA, Eunice H. Grade 10 Champion
4. IDEAL, Daniella Christie A. Grade 9 Champion
5. LABADIA, Kristine Lyka G. Grade 10 Champion
6. PERUALILA, Janine G. Grade 11 Champion
7. PIOSCA, Euna Gene D. Grade 10 Champion
8. SUSBILLA, Cris Ann S. Grade 8 Champion

Alan J. Diasnes
Head Coach
Christer Jan Gersanib
Asst. Coach

1. GANCERO, Clarence Jotham F. Grade 10 Champion
Bronze-Ind. B. Poomsae
2. HORLADOR, Adriano III D. Grade 10 Champion
Gold-Mix Poomsae
Silver-Team Poomsae
Bronze-Ind. A. Poomsae
3. RECABAR, Jieben Lark A. Grade 10 Champion
Silver-Team Poomsae
4. REMEGIO, Carl Jason D. Grade 11 Champion
Bronze-Kyoroge Silver-Team Poomsae
5. SALARDA, Ramil C. Grade 11 Champion

Alan J. Diasnes
Head Coach

1. DINERO, Czarylle Faye Edwardine M. Grade 10 Champion Gold-Kyoroge
Bronze-Ind. B. Poomsae
2. DIASNES, Cindy Joy J. Grade 8 Champion
Gold-Mix Poomsae
Bronze-Team Poomsae
Bronze-Ind. A. Poomsae

1. JARA, Marc Spencer B. Grade 9
Individual: 1 Gold, 1 Silver
Team Results: Champion
2. VALENZUELA, Danielle Patricia T. Grade 8
Individual: 3 Gold, 2 Silver
Team Results: Champion

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