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Weekly Centralian Link (February 2, 2018)

CPU College of Nursing and PRC hold Oath-Taking Rites of New Centralian Nurses

CPU President, Dr. Teodoro C. Robles accepts the Certificate of of Recognition for being the 6th Top Performing School in the November 2017 Nursing Licensure Examination.  from Hon. Cora A. Añonuevo, Member of the Professional Regulatory Board of Nursing.

The Professional Regulation Commission Board of Nursing, Professional Regulation Commission Region VI in collaboration with the Central Philippine University College of Nursing held the Oath-Taking Rites of New Nurses at the University Church on January 30, 2018.

For the welcome remarks, CPU President Dr. Teodoro C. Robles congratulated the new nurses for passing the November 2017 Nursing Licensure Examination. He also commended the CPU College of Nursing for their exemplary performance on the said examination, “This is but the beginning of your professional career as nurses. Your hard work and the love and support of your parents have helped you reach this moment. I thank your college because they have helped you become prepared for what you will be facing in your new journey.”

CPU President, Dr. Teodoro C. Robles, Atty. Salex E. Alibogha, Acting Dean, CPU College of Nursing, CPU College of Nursing Faculty and Staff, Ms. Joy S. Jalbuena, MPA, Senior Professional Regulations Officer of the Professional Regulation Commission Regional Office VI and Hon. Cora A. Añonuevo, Guest Speaker and Member of the Professional Regulatory Board of Nursing together with the Centralian nurses.

Ms. Joy S. Jalbuena, Senior Professional Regulations Officer of the Professional Regulation Commission, Regional Office VI, introduced guest speaker Hon. Cora A. Añonuevo, Member of the Professional Regulatory Board of Nursing.

In her inspirational message, Hon. Añonuevo congratulated the new Centralian nurses and talked about the importance of the nursing profession, “As we welcome 56 new Centralian nurses today, I congratulate you—because, now, your names are in the roster of Philippine nursing professionals. Our profession is the backbone of Philippine health care, your education and training in your college will help you in the challenges of discharging your duties.”

She also encouraged the new nurses to take confidence in themselves, “What does it mean when one takes an oath? It means that you will now be looking for a job. Here, branding is important. It is important to brand yourselves as confident nurses. Confidence is the most important tool in your toolbox. Be aware of your strengths. Filipino nurses are the best for Filipinos, the choice of the world.”

CPU President, Dr. Teodoro C. Robles  congratulated the new Centralian nurses and their parents.

For the Glory of God and the pride of Central -CPU nurses officially take their oath at the University Church.

After the message, Atty. Salex E. Alibogha, Acting Dean, College of Nursing, presented the 56 new Centralian nurses for the official oath-taking. Leading the oath-taking is Hon. Añonuevo.

She then presented Dr. Robles and Atty. Salex a Certificate of Recognition to CPU as the 6th Top Performing School in the November 2017 Nursing Licensure Examination. It was then followed by the reading of the Code of Ethics by Alexis Michaela R. Tomon and the Florence Nightingale Pledge was led by Marinel Jane L. Palermo.

Joshua S. Giguera gave the response on behalf of the batch. In his speech, Giguera thanked CPU and their families for honing them and encouraging them to finish the challenging task of their aspirations to be nurses. He highlighted that it was his faith in God that made him persevere. He encourages his fellow batch mates to pursue God and to pray when difficult times meet them in their journey, “It wasn’t just about passing the board. It was about challenging yourself to do beyond what you can do. In those difficult times, my prayers to God made me persevere. I knew he was listening. I knew I could leave my fears and doubts behind. I encourage my fellow colleagues to pursue God and to value the strength of family ties in order for us to succeed in our chosen profession.”

Carolyn L. Yoro, President of the Philippine Nurses Association, Region VI, then led the PNA oath.

CPU College of Nursing holds International Balik-Turo Program

Atty. Salex E. Alibogha, Acting Dean, CPU College of Nursing thanked the alumni for their strong commitment and support to the activities of the college.

With the aim of equipping Centralian nurses with the updates and current trends in the professional practice, the Central Philippine University College of Nursing held an International Balik-Turo Program on “Current Trends in Nursing Practice in the United States of America” by Dr. Susan B. Gabayeron, BSN Class 1990. The event was held at the Audio Visual Room, Loreto D. Tupaz Building on January 31, 2018.

The general objective of the program is to create a venue for academic exchange to update and enrich the perspectives of Centralian nursing students regarding international health care issues. Its specific objectives include discussing the different health care issues confronting the world, explicating the role of nurses in global health care issues confronting patient care, and allowing the participants to express their own perspectives on international issues affecting the nursing profession.

For the opening remarks, Atty. Salex E. Alibogha, Acting Dean of the CPU College of Nursing, highlighted the importance of the Balik-TuroProgram in helping CPU nursing students gain ideas about the international trends in nursing to prepare them before they get into professional practice. He also thanked the strong alumni support of Centralian nurses here and abroad by sharing their time, talent, and expertise to the series-lecture.

Centralian eagerly listen to Atty. Alibogha’s opening remarks.

CPU Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Irving Domingo Rio, in his message, thanked the CPU College of Nursing for holding the Balik-TuroProgram. According to him, the program helps the university produce globally competitive nurses, “This Balik-Turo Program is a matter of privilege; it is free of charge and I thank the CPU College of Nursing and its alumni for creating an activity that encourages our nurses to excel.”

Academic Coordinator, Ms. Joelah V. Rio, introduced guest speaker Dr. Susan B. Gabayeron, a 1980 Bachelor of Science in Nursing graduate of CPU. She took up her Master of Science in Nursing at the University of Phoenix and her Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing at Chamberlain College of Nursing. She is currently a registered nurse at Saint Francis Medical.

She is a recipient of the DAISY (Diseases Attacking the Immune System) Award given to nurses who have passion and as excelled in their professional practice. Gabayeron is also part of the prestigious Sigma Theta Tau, a group of recognized nurses around the globe.

For her lecture, Gabayeron talked about the importance of evidence based practice in creating the best practice and protocols for the nursing practice, “After getting a research fund for sepsis, I was given the task of studying and researching for the best nursing practices to address the disease. Here, I realized the importance of evidence-based practice in finding the best health care solutions in bed care.”

Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Irving Domingo Rio, commended the CPU College of Nursing for holding activities that encourage nurses to pursue excellence in their future professional practice.

A heart for excellence and commitment to the nursing profession, guest speaker, Dr. Susan B. Gabayeron, BSN Class 1990 encouraged the Centralian nursing students to love their profession.

She also answered frequently asked questions on Stroke Preparedness, Bedside Shivering Assessment Score, PT Care Cooling Phase and Pre-Warming Phase and other bed care practices. Gabayeron emphasized the importance of proper documentation in the nursing profession, “Documentation is crucial in the nursing practice. You have to be very detailed in the time, the symptoms, the documentation. This will determine how good you are as a nurse.”

For the closing remarks, Ma. Lourdes Sampiano, Clinical Instructor, CPU College of Nursing thanked Gabayero for sharing her time and expertise to the college. She also hoped that the participants would take into heart the lecture as they become professional nurses later on carrying the banner of CPU.

BSN Class 1990 donates to College of Nursing Virtual Lab

A commitment to a greater Central – the completion of the Nursing Virtual Laboratory will help catapult the CPU College of Nursing as a Center of Excellence in the region. Shown in picture is CPU President, Dr. Teodoro C. Robles and Atty. Salex E. Alibogha, Acting Dean of the College of Nursing accepting the donation from Dr. Helen A. Hofileña, sister of BSN Class 1990 graduate Mr. Jessie Almonares.

The Central Philippine University College of Nursing Class 1990 donated $1, 156 or 58, 724 pesos for the completion of the soon to be constructed P5-million Virtual Laboratory of the College of Nursing. The said donation was received by Atty. Salex E. Alibogha, Acting Dean of the College of Nursing and CPU President, Dr. Teodoro C. Robles at the Board of Trustees Conference Hall on January 30, 2018.

According to Atty. Salex, the funds for the said laboratory have reach 2 million pesos. He hopes that funds can be completed before 2018 ends. The Virtual Laboratory will help the College of Nursing attain a “Center of Excellence” status in the region. The fund raising campaign for the proposed project has been ongoing with Nursing Alumni Associations worldwide. It will continue until the amount is enough to finance the proposed project.

CPU President, Dr. Teodoro C. Robles signs the receipt of the donation from BSN Class 1990.

The Nursing Virtual Laboratory will provide simulation of various nursing procedures such as IV therapy, parenteral medications, for patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), and others. They expounded that this is part of the Outcome-based education (OBE) curriculum. The lab will help prepare students develop their nursing skills, depicting real life situations, before doing it on actual patients. It will be a facility that will have doll simulators, IV virtual laboratory monitors, and camera for other students to watch how procedures are being done while in another room. With this Virtual Laboratory, CPU students will be able to practice their delivery of health care and errors will be minimized on real patients.

CPU President, Dr. Robles thanked the CON Class 1990 for their continuous love and support to the university.  He also encourages Centralians here and abroad to support the cause as the College of Nursing gears for new heights in the field of competitive nursing.

The College of Nursing hopes that more donations will be raised to complete the project on time. For your donations and inquiries please call (033) 3291971 loc. 1037 (College of Nursing Secretary’s Office) or loc. 2107 (Faculty Room) or email

FAFQI and IAVIA Scholarship Awarding Ceremony

Centralian, Mr. Melvin Espiga, Head of the 2018 IAVIA Delegation shared how being a work student in CPU trained him to excel in his professional career.

A heart for Centralian scholars—The Filipino-Australian Foundation of Queensland, Inc. (FAFQI), Ilonggo Association of Victoria, Inc. (IAVIA) held a Scholarship Awarding Ceremony at the Educational Media Center Conference Room on January 26, 2018.

With the spirit of generosity and Christian excellence, the event recognized the individual donors. A Certificate of Recognition to FAFQI and IAVIA donors was awarded by CPU President, Dr. Teodoro C. Robles assisted by Director for Student Development and Programs, Dr. Margen A. Java and Vice President for Student Affairs, Rev. Joniel Howard H. Gico.

Dr. Margen A. Java, Director, CPU Office of Student Development Programs thanked the donors for supporting Centralian scholars.

Ms. Maria Rimando, Head of the 2018 FAFQI Delegation encouraged the scholars to pursue their dreams.

In her message, Ms. Maria Rimando, Head of the 2018 FAFQI Delegation encouraged the scholars in achieving their dreams, “If you want to be successful in life, study hard, try your very best. That’s why people like us are supporting you, because we want you to have a successful life one day and hopefully, just like Mr. Mauro and the other donors, you will do the same.”

Mr. Melvin Espiga, head of the 2018 IAVIA Delegation and a Centralian, inspired the scholars to dream big and pursue excellence wherever their career takes them, “Fourty-nine years ago, I was like you guys—I was working as a student assistant at the university library from 1969-1973. During my time, there were no computers so we manually labelled the books and took care of the books. I was awarded as one of the top 10 outstanding library student assistants and it was my training in CPU that made me have a winning character in my career later on. Because of my training here, I learned about persistence, resilience, team work and hard work.”

Both speakers enlightened the scholars that success is a long process that pays in bulk at the end.

The following are the donors and their scholars:

FAFQI Donors

FAFQI Donors with their scholars.

Filipino –Australian Foundation of Queensland, Inc.

Individual Donors solicited by FAFQI

  1. Linneah Laserna
  2. Somodio Family
  3. Engr. Marion Douglas Diesto
  4. Dr. Neill Jover
  5. Anika McCarthy
  6. Carl Desacola and Emele Bulewa


Individual Donors  Solicited by  IAVIA                              

 Ben Tabanquerao

     Badian, Johna May P., BSPkgE 4

 Anabel Tabanquerao

     Baylen, Davyne Gayle G., BSBA FM 4

Jack F. Moffat

     Caangay, Michelle S., BS HRM 3

Jennifer Yunsay Welk

Eduria, Michelle S., BSBA FM 4

Melvin and Frances Espiga

Pestaño, Joy L., BS SW 3

Julie and Wayne Norling

Sumper, Dennis D., BSEd 2

Nenita and Roger Wallis

Venus, Prince Charles M., BS IT 3

Gloria Kerr

Villagomez, Jyx Bryan A., BSEd M 3

Ivan Monte

  1. Calucab, Joelever Nissi B., BSCE 3
  2. De los Reyes, Camille S., BSBA BM 2
  3. Fuertes, Michael C., BS PkgE 3
  4. Villanueva, Ferlyn Mae P., BSBA FM 3
  5. Yanguas, Dona Mae O., BSBA BM 3

Carmi Clark

Pasilan, Jessica L., BS SW 2

Carwel, Sarah and Alexia Casimiro

Berjamin, Jocelyn C., BS SW 1

Rafael “Popoy” Alamo

Rumay, Aljun Mark J., BEEd 1

St. Peter’s Chanel Parish Church

Sartin, Arnel B., BSBA BM 3

Claritian Missionaries of Melbourne, Australia    

     Jamola, Precious Mae H., BSEd F 3


Palmes, Mary Jane R., BSBA MM 3

Aurelia Cerdana

Pasilan, Reyjane, BS SW 2

Marigold Espiga

Tolones, Margie E., BSpEd 3

Marithes Dumapias

Golen, Jerry Jr. E.,  BS HRM 2

Bedelia Agius

Alolon, Rosa Angelica E., BSpEd 3

DIVINA and CHRISTELLE LEBANAN-CARREON Divine Outreach Program Philippines

Ansino, Honey Grace D., BSBA FM 3

Jonathan and Michelle Batey

Berjamen, Jonalyn C., BSBA BM 4

Sarah Dofeliz Sammut

Camacho, Jezza Pearl B., BEEd Z 3

Mr. and Mrs. Wenifredo O. Catilo

Sogo-an, Joy Reline B.,  BSEd S 3

Sherley Hart

Sucaldito, Dalyn S., BSBA MM 3

Ilocano Association of Victoria, Inc. (IAVI)

Serisola, Susie Faith T., BS SW 2

Orville and Cecilia Lim

Torrecampo, Jenelyn R          ., BS Psych 3

Angelito and Jesusa Rodriguez

Ruel, Rose Mary A., BS IT 3

Murray-Stark Family

Soriano, Rona Mae S., BLIS 3

The IAVIA donors together with the Centralian scholars.

IAVIA Donors

Ilonggo Association of Victoria, Inc. (AUSTRALIA)

Individual Donors solicited by IAVIA

Ben Tabanquerao

Anabel Tabanquerao

Jack F. Moffat

Jennifer Yunsay Welk

Melvin and Frances Espiga

Julie and Wayne Norling

Nenita and Roger Wallis

Gloria Kerr

Ivan Monte

Carmi Clark

Carwel, Sarah and Alexia Casimiro

Rafael “Popoy” Alamo

St. Peter’s Chanel Parish Church

Claritian Missionaries of Melbourne, Australia


Aurelia Cerdana

Marigold Espiga

Marithes Dumapias

Bedelia Agius – Solicited by CPUAAVI

DIVINA and CHRISTELLE LEBANAN-CARREON Divine Outreach Program Philippines

Jonathan and Michelle Batey

Sarah Dofeliz Sammut – Solicited by CPUAAVI

Mr. and Mrs. Wenifredo O. Catilo

Sherley Hart

Ilocano Association of Victoria, Inc. (IAVI)

Orville and Cecilia Lim

Angelito and Jesusa Rodriguez

Murray-Stark Family

Filipino-Australian Foundation of Queensland, Inc. (FAFQI) and Individual Donors Solicited by FAFQI Donors

By Province

  1. Antique               Magno, Angel Joy D                BS AT 3
  2. Capiz                  Sombero, April Marie S           BSBA FM 3
  3. Guimaras            Mucho, Deah Celine M            AB PolS 3
  4. Iloilo                    Guilamo, Ciarra G                   BSBA BM 3
  5. Iloilo City             Salditos, Jeanny Pearl J         BSBA BM 3
  6. Negros Occ.        Villa, Vhon Amerhene M         BSBA FM 3


College of Agriculture, Resources and Environmental Sciences 

  1. Salivio, Lester John J                   BS A 4


Individual Donors Solicited by FAFQI      

Linneah Laserna                

  1. Fara-on, Gwen P                         BS EM 3

Somodio Family      

  1. Braña, Crystal Mae M                 BSBA MM 3

Engr. Marion Douglas Diesto

  1. Quirong, Liza Jane H                 BSBA FM 3

  Dr. Neill Jover

  1. Espiritu, Vania May B               BS SW 2

Anika McCarthy

  1. Ariego, Jeaneb A                       BSBA FM
  2. Barroa, Analiza J                       BSBA FM 4
  3. Caño, Kimberly C                      BS SW 3
  4. Cordero, Judy Ann D                 BSBA FM 3
  5. Estrevencion, Ma. Roisa S        BSBA FM 4
  6. Espiritu, Valerie B                      BSBA FM 3
  7. Guilaran, Caren Jell T.               BSBA BM 3


Carl Desacola and Emele Bulewa

19.    Abaldo, Grace Lynn P                       BSBA BM 3

20.    Buaron, Jenny Pearl C                      BSBA FM 4

21.    Casono, Mary Ann C                         BSBA FM 3

22.    Dello, Jan Marie D                             BSBA BM 3

23.    Galuyo, Ellen Mae G                          BSBA BM 3

24.    Garde, Jeanette G                             BS AT 3

25.    Gustilo, Chris Nhel C                          BEEd 3

26.    Hitalia, Vincent Paul F                        BSBA BM 3

27.    Madera, Artchel A                              BSBA BM 3

28.    Miaque, Christine C                            BSBA BM 3

29.    Resuma, Cathy S                                BSBA FM 3

30.    Sumampone, Klyn S                           BSBA FM 3

31.    Teruel, Ma. Jenina Faith T                  BS AT 4


Ilonggo Association of Victoria, Inc. (AUSTRALIA) (IAVIA)

  1. Bacsal, Japheth D                                 BS SW 3
  2. Calimlim, Joana Marie T                       BSBABM 2
  3. Diaz, Ninesie A                                      AB Eng 3
  4. Esparagoza, Arniel A                            BS SW 2
  5. Quinquero, Geraldine P                        BSEd B 4
  6. Salay, John Mark G                              BS IT 4
  7. Samodio, Kissa D                                 BSBAFM 3
  8. Toledano, Henry Leen A                       BLIS 3
  9. Torotoro, Kerusso L                              BS DMIA 3
  10. Yocogco, Epiphany G                           BSBA FM 4


CPU PSSE holds Seminar Workshop on Engineering Innovations

A CPU Software Engineering student helps participants generate ideas for a community project. 

Bringing technological innovations to students across the province—The Central Philippine University Philippine Society of Software Engineers held a seminar workshop entitled “Engineering Innovations: A Workshop on Arduino Microcontroller” at the Dra. Colleen Aujero Memorial Hall, Dueñas General Comprehensive National High School on January 29, 2018.

For the welcome remarks, Mr. Jerry M. Jison, Head Teacher III, TVE Department, thanked CPU for sharing their time and expertise in holding the said seminar. He shared that he hopes that the participants take into heart the lectures and workshops of the seminar.

For the orientation, Engr. Gelvie C. Lagos encouraged the participants to take an interest in software engineering. CPU Software Engineering students gave a lecture on the basics of software programming, its importance, and how it can be used to help Filipino communities.

The group also taught about Arduino—an open-source platform used for building electronics projects. Arduino consists of both a physical programmable circuit board (often referred to as a microcontroller) and a piece of software, or IDE (Integrated Development Environment) that runs computers and is used to write and upload computer code to the physical board.

Mentorship-training, CPU students teach the participants regarding the importance of Arduino. 

As part of their activity, the participants using the Arduino were given the task of brainstorming and putting into practical use a project which will be beneficial to their school and community in general. Some of the projects include street lights for their municipality and motion sensor lights which will help schools save on electricity.

The CPU College of Engineering also gave an Arduino kit to Dueñas General Comprehensive National High School. The kit will help students learn and develop skills in basic software engineering.

For the response, Grade 10 STEM student Reynald Laurea thanked the CPU College of Engineering for holding the seminar-workshop and for donating an Arduino kit to further improve and develop the programming skills of the students.

CPU hosts PSME Student Congress

Representing the best of CPU – the JPSME Team pose after placing 1st Runner Up in the competition.

The Philippine Society of Mechanical Engineers-Student Chapter of Central Philippine University (PSME-CPUSC) hosted the 4th Panay Integrated Junior Philippine Society of Mechanical Engineers (JPSME) on January 25-26, 2018 in CPU. This year’s theme is “Strengthening ME’s Camaraderie and Unity through Friendship and Sportsmanship.”

The events were held at the Gym, Engineering Building and at the Big Field with the support of the Philippine Society of Mechanical Engineers-Panay Chapter. The participating schools were Capiz State University (CAPSU), Central Philippine University (CPU), Iloilo Science and Technology University (ISATU), Northern Iloilo Polytechnic State College (NIPSC), University of Antique (UA), University of San Agustin (USA) and Western Institute of Technology (WIT). A total of 425 M.E. students from all over Panay participated in the events.

The events included the following events: quiz bee (written format), chess, volleyball, basketball, and Frisbee. The host school, Central Philippine University got First Runner up with WIT clinching the championship. CAPSU was awarded Second Runner Up.

Engr. Jeriel G. Militar, Head of the CPU Mechanical Engineering Department and Adviser, PSME-CPUSC considers the event a booster for ME students of Central Philippine University.

Teatro, Sining, Atbp.

Micah Lustania (right) and friend Sarah Jean Badol at the Art Exhibits.

As the Arts month, February, approaches, different ideas and countless possibilities abound among creative minds, especially, artists who know no limits in integrating skill and concept on canvass and other media.

Asked as to how much computers or interactive art affect conventional or hand constructive art, one young artist – Micah Lustiana said that her preference was for handmade artwork over interactive-computer generated output. She talked about the happiness in having real and actual art made by the person: tactile and tangible, created by the hand, “from your heart and mind”.

Micah is a member of the Teatro Sining Atbp. that put up an Art Exhibit at the CPU Promenade on Wednesday, January 31, 2018. Its aim was to encourage students to develop art and eventually make an artwork for exhibition. The art organization is based in CPU and invites art enthusiasts. For membership call Micah @ 09098587687

CPU College of Business and Accountancy recognizes student for business excellence

Jobert Cautivar’s commitment and passion to excel has inspired Centralians to pursue their dreams.

The College of Business and Accountancy congratulates its returning student Jobert Cautivar, BSEntMg 4, after receiving a number of awards for excellence during the 12th National Product Quality Excellence Awards for 2016-2017.

Cautivar was presented Q Asia’s Seal of Product and Quality Service for his Moana Day Spa in Iloilo at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Ortigas on March 25, 2017. He also received the Global Awards for Marketing and Business Excellence Certificate of Achievement for Best Health and Wellness Spa on August 16 at Hotel Sofitel, Manila, and for the Most Outstanding and Innovative Health and Wellness Spa for his spa’s excellence in company reputation, experience, integrity, product quality and customers’ trustworthiness.

It is his concept and ideas that sets him apart from other competitors. His prior education in Entrepreneurial Management in CPU gave him an edge in preparing a business enterprise while finishing his studies. Prof. Nelia Bonete, Department Head for Business Administration, acknowledged Mr. Cautivar as one example of a student who practically prepares for actual entrepreneurship. Cautivar aims to share his expertise and knowledge in entrepreneurship with his classmates and friends in the college.

The Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurial Management is one of the valuable business courses offered at Central Philippine University.

Centralian crowned Miss Iloilo Dinagyang Iloilo City 2018

Confidence and grace, Centralian Maria Liza Lizada was crowned as Miss Miss Iloilo Dingyang Iloilo City 2018. Photo Credit: Maria Liza Lizada Facebook Page.

Maria Liza Lizada, a 4th Year Medical Technologist student of the CPU College of Medical Technology was crowned Miss Iloilo Dinagyang Iloilo City 2018 during the Miss Iloilo Dinagyang Coronation Night held at the University of San Agustin Gymnasium on January 21, 2018.

Lizada also bagged the Best in Casual Wear Award. Currently she is an intern at the Iloilo Mission Hospital. She also joined the search for Mr. and Ms. CNAHS in 2016.

Central Philippine University prepares for CEW 2nd Semester 2017-2018

The CEW is Central Philippine University’s commitment to holistic Christian education for life.

Christ Emphasis Week is a regular activity that students, faculty, and staff look forward to in the university. It is a semestral activity organized for the purpose of maintaining spiritual consciousness, renewal of faith, and sharing the Word of God to everyone attending the convocations. The University Church Pastoral Staff with the members of Christian Life Committee composed of representatives from each department and offices organize and manage the week-long activities of CEW. They are also responsible for selecting topics, speakers and the theme for the convocation.

Spiritual convocations are scheduled for each college or department throughout the week, with invited speakers from different churches. CPU invites about eight pastors to speak from abroad and other churches in the Philippines. The schedule of the Second Semester Christ Emphasis Week convocations will be on February 23 to March 2, 2018.

The theme for this semester’s Christ Emphasis Week is “With You Always” based on the Scripture text, the ever famous Psalms 23, “The Lord is my Shepherd.”

Dalmacio Carnaje:  Evoking the Centralian experience

Mr. Dalmacio Carnaje (center with his wife), children and grandchildren at a family gathering.

Mr. Dalmacio Carnaje, Sr. may have not studied in CPU, but in thought and in deed, one could say that the Central Spirit is alive within him.

He has many construction projects which, he said, not only strengthened him physically but also spiritually. “Tatay Dalmacio” in his nineties walks without a cane; recounts his daily routine that includes walking around the village, taking fruit juices and eating vegetables. His friendship with then CPU President Dr. Juanito Acanto, who hails from the same municipality of Janiuay; College of Engineering Dean, Walden Rio and other university officials and unit heads made him realize he is one with the university.

The facilities which were mostly constructed during the time of Engr. Rio begins with the Main Gate of CPU. The quality massive posts and parallel grills were done by Carnaje and his group. His other admirable works include the bleachers at the University Swimming Pool and reinforcement of old buildings such as the Franklin Hall.

But more than the memories of his works at CPU, Carnaje expressed gratefulness to CPU for his three children who have been blessed with success and continue to reap the fruit of their struggle, even long after they have graduated from the university.

His daughter Norma Luz, eldest of the three children and married to the late High School Centralian Rudy Vencer, Sr. graduated her Bachelor of Science from CPU in 1973 and proceeded to teach in CPU. She finished her MA in teaching and MS in Math at U.P. Diliman and De Lasalle University, respectively. She continues to teach in CPU until this time; grateful for her three children who also graduated in the University.

Norma Luz Vencer has three successful children named Rod Andrew, an Engineer; Rudy, Jr., a Commerce graduate; and Lucien, a Chemist.

The next eldest is Percival an Electrical Engineer-businessman, and Eleazar (youngest), an Engineer and civil works contractor.

The elder Carnaje always thank Central Philippine University and shares the experience of happiness and God’s blessings for his family.

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