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Weekly Centralian Link (February 17, 2017)

CPU HS Batch ’67 “Klazmits” Celebrates 50th Grand Reunion

With the theme: Reconnect, Reminisce, Relieve, the batch rekindled their Centralian spirit of Camaraderie. The batch celebrated their 50th Grand Reunion by organizing a 4-day event, from February 16-19, 2017 which included tours not only in the CPU Campus but also in Ephrathah Inland Resort and Guimaras.

CPU HS Batch 1967 singing Central Spirit, Raise a Song for dear old Central and Central will Shine.

Familiar smiles and faces gathered at the CPU Educational Media Center as CPU High School “Klazmits” Class 1967 celebrated their 50th Grand Reunion at the Educational Media Center on February 16, 2017. For the Welcome Remarks, Prof. Janet S. Jalbuena, Principal of CPU High School, greeted the alumni as and thanked them for the continuous love and support they continue to give to Central Philippine University.

For the Opening Remarks, Atty. Melwen A. Sustento recalled and reminisced their memories in CPU and emphasized the importance of reconnecting with each other despite the distance. “We try to reconnect with classmates here and abroad, even those who have left us. We reminisce what we have in our high school days to remember the memories and to always be grateful of where we came from.”

CPU HS Batch 1967 Klazmitz with CPU President Teodoro C. Robles, Rev. Roger Quimpo, CPUAII President, Mr. Dan Dorillo and Principal of CPU Junior High School, Prof. Janet S. Jalbuena

CPU President, Dr. Teodoro C. Robles for his Inspirational Message thanked the alumni for coming back to CPU and encouraged them to continue to live out the Central Spirit wherever the tides life take them. “How can I inspire you when you have already been inspired with how much you have achieved in your life? This month CPU has been welcoming a lot of alumni and I’m sure there will be more alumni that will be coming back. My encouragement to you is that wherever you are, bring the name of CPU, the faith that you have developed here and let it shine.”

The event was also graced by two of their beloved teachers; their English teacher, Mrs. Carmen Pama-Santos and their Values Education teacher Mrs. Miriam Delariman-Garingalao. Mrs. Santos shared to the alumni about the importance of happiness, “You will look good if you are happy with your children, your family and what you have done with yourself and I know right now that you have done a lot.” On the other hand, Mrs. Garingalao reminded the batch that they should glorify God wherever and whenever, “You have become part of my good experiences. Always remember that traps and struggles are blessings in disguise. Whenever, wherever we are planted let us do everything for the glory of God.”

For the response, Mrs. May Celiz-Rogers encouraged the batch to reconnect, reminisce and relieve. CPUAII President, Mr. Daniel Dorilla gave a short message and distributed certificates of attendance to Batch 1967.

Centralians bag awards in International Digital Art Competitions

Juniors Carmelli Mareeze A. Pandan, a Bachelor of Science in Advertising student and and Kwesi Pearl Faith Y. Magdato a Bachelor in Science in Digital Illustration and Animation major respectively bagged the 3rd and 2nd spot in the XP-Pen Digital Art Contest while Allen Grace B. Tabi, also a Bachelor of Science in Advertising student, got into the top 3 of the 2016 MAMA Fan Art Contest.

Dean Winchester from the American drama series Supernatural, photo by Kwesi Pearl Faith Y. Magdato.

The theme of the XP-Pen Digital Art Contest was to draw someone you love. Pandan drew Saeyoung Choi a.k.a. 707 from the mobile game Mystic Messenger. “Saeyoung is a character from Mystic Messenger. He is deep and fun, one of the characters that really bring the game to life.” On the other hand, Magdato drew Dean Winchester one of the protagonist of American drama series Supernatural. “I was supposed to draw my parents but I only had to draw one person, so I chose Dean from Supernatural instead. I am a big fan of the series and him because he is very funny.” The contest winners were based on likes. Pandan got 400´ likes while Magdato got 599 likes, they used Paint Tool Sai software to create their artworks. Both won an XP Pen Graphics Drawing Tablet.

Saeyoung Choi a.k.a. 707 from the mobile game Mystic Messenger, photo by Juniors Carmelli Mareeze A. Pandan.

Tabi joined the 2016 MAMA Fan Art Contest, and using Photoshop she created a portrait of Kim Tae-Hyung and Jeon Jungkook  popularly known as members of the South Korean Boy Band BTS. Her artwork of Kim Tae-Hyung got her 26,000 likes and 461 shares on Facebook earning her a place in the top 3 of the competition. She won two tickets to the Mnet Asian Music in Hong Kong.

Kim Tae-Hyung popularly known as V from the South Korean Boy Band BTS, photo Allen Grace B. Tabi.

Life, Love and Works of Nelfa Querubin

Life is not all art, there is a yearning in the human heart to love and be loved – Nelfa Querubin-Tompkins.

The dancing sea surrounding tall mountains in Concepcion were inescapable to the eye, the rustling winds gently toss coconut trees to and fro while the sun warms sandcastles made by children on the rustic shore – it was a canvass of serenity but for Nelfa Querubin-Tompkins it was a celebration of the Creator´s love.

A full house, Centralians gather at Henry Luce III library to listen and be inspired by Ma´am Querubin.

Querubin-Tompkins, an artist by profession, grew up in the humble town of Concepcion, Iloilo. With 12 other siblings, her eyes were opened to the reality of poverty at an early age. But it did not thwart her love of art, during her elementary days she drew on banana leaves and worked her way to school.

A collection of clay art by Ma´am Querubin donated by Ma´am Querubin to CPU

Querubin, an alumni of the CPU High School came back to her Alma Mater on February 14, 2017 to share her life, love and works as an artist and as a strong Christian woman. Her testimony about pursuing her career and finding love encouraged students that to succeed in life one has to anchor everything that he or she has on the foundation of God’s love. “Selfishness shows no support, attraction does not ensure romance. Only the unconditional love of Jesus Christ can give us the kind of love we are not afraid of giving to others.”

Dimpna C. Castigador, Director of the CPU Office of Institutional Advancement introductes Ma´am Querubin.

Her artworks have been featured in the Ayala Museum, Museo De Iloilo, UP Diliman and UP Visayas among others. Querubin has donated some of her artworks to Central Philippine University. Her works can be found at the 4th floor of the Henry Luce III Library.

CPU conducts fire drill with Iloilo Bureau of Fire

To promote safety and emergency response awareness, Central Philippine University in partnership with Iloilo Bureau of Fire conducted a fire drill simulation and briefing at the Henry Luce III Library on February 16, 2017.

Different modes of carrying injured victims were taught by IBF.

During the simulation, students and faculty were observed on how they reacted to a fire emergency. Centralians walked in a calm and orderly manner outside the library while the CPU fire and rescue response team, including an ambulance, came rushing to the area to put out the fire and provide medical service to those injured.

An actual simulation on how to use a firehose.

The Iloilo Bureau of Fire also held a briefing involving the security and safety personnel of CPU. They reminded the CPU personnel to always refresh themselves with the basic response drills during fire and rescue operations in order ensure the safety of people in the buildings.

Members of the Korean Red Cross teach Centralians how to respond to accident victims.

The Korean Red Cross also participated in the event, giving lectures on how to apply first aid. Centralians participated in a lecture demonstration by the Korean Red Cross on how to treat wounds, carry accident victims and others.

IBF orients Centralians on how to respond during a fire emergency.

The CPU campus is expecting more fire drills to prepare Centralians during emergencies.

Alumni Global Reunion 2018 on CPUAAI agenda

A Centralian Celebration, Alumni Board celebrates the birthday of Engr. Aurora Lim, former Vice President for Operations of CPU

The Board of Directors and Officers of the CPU Alumni Association, Inc. in their meeting at CPU Alumni Affairs Office last February 10, opened up on several projects which included the CPU Alumni Global Reunion 2018. CPUAAI Alumni Association, Inc. President Dan Dorillo discussed the agenda with Central Philippine University Federation of Overseas Alumni Association (CPU-FOAA) President Flora Grace Cudiamat, and Perla Waters, former FOAA President and consultant.

Alumni Board Meeting last February 10, 2017

Final date and venue : July 5-8, 2018. Crowne Plaza Hotel, Rosemont, Chicago, Illinois

What makes it a model Alumni Association?

By Cyrus A. Natividad

Good food and good company – alumni and friends celebrate Luz, Nestor and Direk Larry´s Birthday.

There are more than one hundred fifty CPU Alumni Associations all over the world: Strong, Supportive, Sympathetic (SSS), and I´d say symbiotic. And if you’re finding the reason why it’s priceless to become a member of one of them, you have to find out how a senior organization get together, celebrate and feed each other (literally).

Wednesday is the scheduled regular weekly meeting and fellowship of the alumni of the CPU College of Agriculture Alumni Association of CPU at the Agri Fellowship House. The other day, we are invited again to lunch with them in their ‘hideout.’ The affair was no secret anyway because of the tarpaulin announcing a triple birthday celebration for CPU Alumni  Larry P. Nacionales, former DA Region 6 Director and President of the CPU Agriculture Alumni Association, Nestor Verdeflor and Luz Cordero.

The convergent place is a mini-farm near the entrance of the CPU Centennial Village in Aganan, Pavia, Iloilo. A modest hut in the center serves as pavilion and meeting place of this admirable alumni  association. All around are green and leafy vegetable patches; organic papaya, ampalaya, malunggay, and fruits — grown to be harvested and shared by everyone in the association. Guests cannot leave without bringing home some fruits and vegetables on their way out.

An organic luncheon was served after a short devotional (food for the soul) was shared by Rev. Francis Neil G. Jalando-on, CPU Communications Acting Director. There was an abundance of native dishes served with organic black rice, grilled pantat, dila sang baka, ampalaya salad; luscious mango, banana and pineapple; milky bibinka, lumpia and other native delicacies – cooked right there in the farm. Certainly, a real first ‘farm-to-table’ experience.

I say they are Strong – there were around 30 of members who responsibly attended the meeting – cum  birthday party. How can they be not strong at their 60´s with everything organic in their food list? That’s a real organic feast experience that we got there. They are Supportive – they do the extra mile for each other; everyone seemed to be lifted up by everybody whenever there is a problem. “One for all, all for one” is a theme that they adhere to. They are Sympathetic too. They help people in the field of agriculture; extending knowledge and technology to farmers.

We are looking forward to the bigger convergence in Bacolod City, when the Negros Chapter of the CPU Agriculture Alumni Association hosts the Grand Agriculture Alumni Homecoming at the Pavillon Hotel on October 20 to 21, 2017. See you there!

Central Spirit: Felt and Seen

By Nestle Taala

Central Philippine University´s annual Students Organization Evaluation last February 9-10, 2017 with the theme, “CPU Student Organizations: Living the Central Spirit Beyond Borders” at the Alumni Promenade Concert Park and Halfmoon area brought fun and exciting booth displays and gimmicks as well as tension to those who take the evaluation seriously.


Booth exhibits during the Annual Student Organizations Evaluation and Exhibit

With the total number of 74 organizations that set up their booths last Thursday and Friday, the Accounting Technology Society (ACTS) was declared the Most Outstanding Organization and received the prize of P10,000.00.

The following are the Outstanding Organizations in the following categories:
Academic Category – Accounting Technology Society (ACTS)
Special Category – Clerical Student Assistants (CSA)
Cultural Category – CPU Teatro, Sining, Atbp.
Religious Category – Chi Alpha Campus Fellowship
Municipal Category – JJC Anahaw
Sports Category – Central Philippine University Mountaineering Society

The Best Booth Exhibits winners are:
Academic Category – Institute of Electronics Engineers of the Philippines
Special Category – Library Student Assistants (LSA)
Cultural Category – CPU Teatro, Sining, Atbp.
Religious Category – CPU Gospel Team
Municipal Category – Leon Centralians
Sports Category – Central Philippine University Mountaineering Society
Fraternity Category – Beta Sigma Fraternity

The Outstanding Advisers are:
Academic Category – Engr. Mary Earl Daryl Grio of the Philippine Institute of Civil Engineers
Special Category – Prof. Rodel Palomar of the Work Student Organization (WSO)
Sports Category – Prof. Donie S. Jardeliza of the CPU Mountaineering Society
Municipal Category – Mrs. Emcy J. Sanchez

Most Outstanding Adviser:
Mrs. R. Cheyenne C. Aberia of the CPU Teatro, Sining, Atbp.

Setting aside ranks, Centralians enjoyed and were overwhelmed because of the exhibit. Booths were filled and inspired by each and everyone´s own concept for this year´s evaluation and various tactics that caught up other people´s attention.

“It was my first time witnessing such event so I explored and enjoyed a lot,” said Maria JC Emmanuelle Momblan, a Senior High School student of CPU. From academics to special organizations, it never failed to satiate the eyes, minds, hearts and souls of every Centralian who passed by.

Indeed the organizations at CPU are not only made for its members but also for its fellow Centralians that do not belong to a certain organization, or even those beyond borders. It has made the Central Spirit “visible” once in a while.

Every organization might have different styles, objectives and activities; but all have one goal, and that is to live the Central Spirit today and for the days to come.

Scientia et Fides!


Canata of IEEP student org pens the winning essay in the annual campus contest

One of the features of the 2017 Annual Student Campus Organizations’ Evaluations and Exhibits is the Essay Writing Contest based on the Theme: “CPU Student Organizations: Living the Central Spirit Beyond Borders.”

The winners of this year’s contest are: First Place – Eula Louise M. Canata from the Institute of Electronics Engineers of the Philippines; Second Place – John Dave V. Jabatan from the Integrated Electrical Engineers of the Philippines; Third Place – Meneyen C. Silbor from the Leon Centralians.

Here is the winning essay of Eula Louise M. Canata:

Who does not dream of exceeding limitations? Being members of Central Philippine University’s student organizations, we do not only try to surpass the borderline; we jump overboard and challenge the insurmountable.

We are a collective crowd of learners from various backgrounds and upbringings, yet from this natural diversity we form groups of different kinds which may individually serve a specific purpose but are unified in reaching three ultimate objectives: to use our talents, skills, and abilities to influence our fellowmen; glorify the name of the One who endowed these to us; and extend our impactful undertakings beyond the campus premises.

We are Centralians, enveloped by one bond we call the Central Spirit, which continues to empower us to strive to be the best versions of ourselves and which permits us to climb not only up to the topmost ladder of excellence but also to the ethereal stairs beyond it. Our student organizations are ways for us to meet new people, gather fresh experiences, and participate in community services, and therefore serve as mediums for us to communicate the Central Spirit into the world. Later on, when we graduate, our individual stories will, in one way or another, contribute changes to the lives of others as we continue to practice the professions, lessons, and values that our dear Central has instilled upon us.

We are the student organizations, an assorted bunch of personalities, but with unity, goodwill, and general welfare as our prime goals, we live the Central Spirit beyond borders.

Who does not dream of exceeding limitations? Truth be told, we may have insufficient abilities and varied perspectives, but we believe that with the Central Spirit given to us by the One True God, together we could defy gravity and soar to heights man is yet to behold.

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