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Weekly Centralian Link (December 8, 2017)

17K witness CPU Festival of Lights and Music 2017 Opening

A sea of stars – Centralians await the countdown for the opening of lights and fireworks display.

Ushering in the yuletide season—An estimated crowd of 17,000 Centralians and guests alike gathered to witness the Central Philippine University 2017 Festival of Lights and Music Switching On of Christmas Lights and Fireworks Display at the CPU Campus on December 1, 2017. The live-telecast of the opening also garnered 15, 577 views and reached 45, 176 people on the CPU Official Facebook Page.

With the theme “Sharing Centralights for One CPU,” CPU aims to highlight the importance of sharing one’s time, talent, and treasure to bring light to the lives of others and, most of all, to remain anchored in Jesus Christ, the main source of light and the reason for Christmas.

According to Engr. Isagani J. Jalbuena, Overall Chairman, 2017 Festival of Lights and Music, the theme expresses the desire of the university to produce exemplary Christian learners that will share the light of Christ wherever God’s plan will take them, “We merged the word Central and Christmas lights together. We would like to share the light of CPU not only in the campus but in the community.”

Prior to the opening celebration, the CPU Symphonic Band with Mr. Ascencion O. Bautista conducting, serenaded the crowd with Central Songs and classic Christmas ballads.

A symphony of sound and spectrum – CPU welcomed 17,000 Centralians and guests during the opening night of the CPU Festival of Lights and Music.

Rev. Cris Amorsolo V. Sian, Senior Pastor, University Church then led the invocation at the beginning of the program. It was followed by the Philippine National Anthem and Alma Mater Song conducted by Ms. Crista S. Huyong, Director, CPU Cultural Affairs.

In his Christmas greetings, Engr. Jalbuena hoped that Centralians and guests would enjoy the spectacle of lights at the CPU Campus, “We hope that you will enjoy the presentation tonight. This year, we went back to the basics by bringing back the traditional parol—the biggest parol has 12 stories hand-painted by our Centralian artists. We hope that you and your friends will enjoy strolling around the campus and looking at the lights.”

The giant parol situated in the heart of the campus contains 12 stories of Christmas.

CPU President, Dr. Teodoro C. Robles, in his message, thanked Centralians and guests for joining the opening night of the festival and hoped that they would remember the only reason why we celebrate Christmas—and that is the birth of our Lord and Savior, “This evening we are celebrating the opening of the 2017 Festival of Lights and Music. We celebrate the faithfulness of God to CPU for 112 years. The lights tonight are not without meaning, but they represent Jesus, who is the source of light. They also represent Centralians and alumni all over the globe who serve humanity with their time, talent, and treasure.”

Also present for the event is the Third District Congressman, Hon. Arthur R. Defensor, Jr., who thanked CPU for its invaluable contribution of producing graduates that contribute to the social and economic progress of Iloilo City, “The lights that will open tonight are a symbol of the role Central Philippine University has in the City of Iloilo. CPU has an important contribution to the excellence and progress of the city and also of the province.”

After the giving of messages, the CPU Stereo Swaggers rendered a dance number. It was then followed by the releasing of 112 helium balloons with LED lights. According to CPU Republic Prime Minister, Charles Arthel Rey, the balloons represent 112 years of excellence for the university as well as new heights as CPU gears towards more development.

For the Switching On of Christmas Lights, Atty. Von Lovel D. Bedona, Chairman, CPU Board of Trustees; Mr. Dan P. Dorillo, CPUAAI President; Ms. Junel Ann P. Divinagracia, Iloilo City Tourism Officer; Ms. Charity Daine A. Gamboa, 2017 Alumni Homecoming Queen; Mr. Jan Christian Española, CPU Republic President together with Dr. Robles, Engr. Jalbuena, and Hon. Defensor, switched on the lights while the CPU Symphonic Band conducted by Mr. Bautista played Christmas songs.

The Centennial Walkway was the first to be lighted up, followed by the Smile Hill, the Rose Memorial Auditorium, and finally, the University Church. The crowd cheered with delight as the CPU Campus became a Christmas wonderland for the young and old alike.

After the lights were switched on, a 10-minute firework display illuminated the sky with colorful explosions of light.

CPU celebrates the Festival of Lights and Music to welcome Christmas and to share Centralight with everyone.

CPUAAI holds fellowship dinner and induction of CPUAAI Board of Trustees

Mr. Daniel P. Dorillo 2016-2017 CPUAAI President led the induction of honorary Centralians, Mrs. Delia Ciriaco, Sir Donald Lebrilla and Sir Edwin Laru-an.

Celebrating Centralian friendships—The Central Philippine University Alumni Association Inc. (CPUAAI) held a fellowship dinner and inducted the incoming CPUAAI Board of Trustees for Academic Year 2018-2020 at the Educational Media Center on December 2, 2017.

The invocation was led by Pastor Alfred C. Morales, CPUAAI Trustee. This was then followed by a musical number from the Techno Trio and Centralian violinist, Mr. Chris John P. De Guzman, BSSpEd 4.

Mr. Daniel P. Dorillo, CPUAAI President for Academic Year 2016-2017,  inducted the honorary alumni, Mrs. Delia Ciriaco, Mr. Donald Lebrilla, and Mr. Edwin Laru-an. He then headed the induction of CPU Medical Technology and CPU College of Agriculture Alumni Association Officers.

CPU President, Dr. Teodoro C. Robles and 2016-2017 CPUAAI President together with the newly inducted 2018-2020 CPUAAI Officers.

The alumni association officers of the CPU MedTech.

The alumni officers of the CPU College of Agriculture Alumni Association.

After which, CPU President, Dr. Teodoro C. Robles, led the induction of the CPUAAI Board of Trustees for Academic Year 2018-2020. Atty. Joshua C. Alim, Engr. Vitini Edhard O. Idemne, Rev. Francis Neil G. Jalando-on, Atty. Noel C. Siosan, Jr., and Atty. Alejandro S. Somo officially took their oath as the incoming Board of Trustees of CPUAAI.

For his Christmas message, Mr. Daniel P. Dorillo, thanked the alumni for their invaluable contribution to CPU and for bringing Centralight to whichever part of the globe Centralians may be. He also highlighted the Christmas season as an opportunity to make Centralight shine bright not only in the campus but to the outside community as well.

A song number was then given by the CPUAAI Board of Trustees led by Engr. Idemne and Ms. Crista Huyong.

For the acknowledgement and closing remarks, Engr. Isagani J. Jalbuena, CPUAAI Vice President and Overall Chairman of the 2017 CPU Festival of Lights and Music, thanked the support of the alumni for making this year’s festival opening a success. Engr. Jalbuena hoped that the lights of the campus would remind alumni and guests about the greatest light of all—Jesus Christ.

Engr. Idemne then led the singing of “Auld Lang Syne,” celebrating the bond of Centralians here and abroad as they meet together to welcome the yuletide season and revisit the memories and friendships they made in CPU.

The closing prayer was then led by Rev. Roger T. Quimpo, Outreach Pastor of the University Church.

CPU Symphonic Band performs at Robinsons Place, Jaro

CPU President, Dr. Teodoro C. Robles  thanked Robinsons for being its partner in the musical event.

On a Sunday afternoon, December 3, 2017 at 3:00 PM, Central Philippine University entertained the public with two of its best talent groups, the CPU Symphonic Band and the Sari-Saot Dance Troupe at the Robinsons Place, Jaro.

The show entitled “CPU Symphonic Band Christmas Concert,” under the baton of Master Conductor Ascencion O. Bautista, was flocked by shoppers, enthusiasts, and Centralian friends. CPU officials led by University President Dr. Teodoro C. Robles and his supportive wife, Mrs. Angel Robles, were there with the CPU Alumni President, Mr. Daniel P. Dorillo and CPUAAI Vice President, 2016-2017 and Overall Chairman of the 2017 Festival of Lights and Music at Central, Engr. Isagani J. Jalbuena.

Ms. CPU 2017 Angela Aninang hosted the event.

Central Philippine University and the CPU Alumni Association in cooperation with Robinsons Place, Jaro successfully brought CPU’s best to the mall’s Activity Center at the ground floor. The area was filled with people reaching up to the 3rd Floor Gallery to watch the concert show. The program started at 3:00 PM with a Doxology, “Great is Thy Faithfulness,” in dance by the CPU Sari-Saot Dance Troupe under the tutelage of Mrs. Necile Magno.

In his Christmas message, Dr. Robles acknowledged the participants and thanked Robinson Place for the accommodation and venue. Dr. Robles shared that the spirit of Christmas aptly symbolizes the celebration of the birth of our Savior, Lord Jesus Christ. He also emphasized that Christmas without Christ is without meaning.

The CPU Symphonic Band impressed the crowd throughout the show with their rendition of movie themes soundtrack and live concert video themes. Among them were medley themes from the movie FrozenKing-Kong, and Pirates of the Carribean, and songs by The Beatles. Later, the CPU Symphonic Band also rendered Christmas songs, “Christmas is Coming,” “Sleigh Ride,” “Christmas Festival,” and “We Wish You a Merry Christmas.”

The Sari-Saot Dance Troupe was applauded for their performance, including the dance interpretation of the music theme from the nostalgic movie, The Titanic.

Passion and focus – Mr. Ascencion O. Bautista, conductor, CPU Symphonic Band leads his team of musicians.

The CPU Sari-Saot showcased their talent in a dance number.

The CPU Symphonic Band plays an important role in preserving CPU’s history and legacy.

There were also solo performances which included Feldianne Aragon on the piano. She performed musical excerpts from Pure White (aka Van Ros Kloud). Fervince Benoman with his guitar, strummed the song “I Won’t Give Up” by Jason Mraz. “Through the Years” was played on saxophone by John Ian Pitaliar. Helle Fritz with the trumpet and John Ian Pitallar with the saxophone played an instrumental jazz, “Feel So Good” by Chuck Mangione.

Intermission numbers were also performed by guest musicians namely, Chris John de Guzman with the violin and Robin Huckleberry with the euphonium with Ms. Agnes Quimpo on the piano.

Certificates of Appreciation were given to the guest talents and performers. Engr. Jalbuena commended the performers and acknowledged everyone who contributed to the successful musical show at Robinsons. CPUAAI President Dan Dorillo delivered his closing remarks. The songs “Central Will Shine” and “Centralite” were played for the recessional. The Symphonic band Concert ended at around 6:00 PM.

The program was hosted by Ms. Angela Aninang, Miss CPU 2017.

CPUAAI, Inc. elects its new set of officers

2018-2020 CPUAAI Officers (From Left), Atty. Noel C. Siosan Jr., Auditor, Engr. Rey L. Balogo, Treasurer, Rev. Francis Neil G. Jalando-on, Secretary, Atty. Joshua C. Alim, Vice President and Engr. Isagani J. Jalbuena, President together with 2016-2017 CPUAAI President, Mr. Daniel P. Dorillo.  

On their December 7, 2017 meeting, the CPUAAI Board of Trustees held an election for the new set of officers for the next two years.

The following are the new CPUAAI, Inc. officers:

President:                    Engr. Isagani J. Jalbuena

Vice President:            Atty. Joshua C. Alim

Secretary:                    Rev. Francis Neil G. Jalando-on

Treasurer:                    Engr. Rey L. Balogo

Auditor:                      Atty. Noel C. Siosan, Jr.

The 2016-2017 CPUAAI Officers together with the incoming 2018-2020 CPUAAI Officers.

Incoming CPUAAI President, Engr. Jalbuena, challenged the new set of officers and the CPUAAI Board of Trustees to remember an acrostic of CPU that he coined, “C-Cooperation is needed to make our every activity a success. P-Participation is necessary especially to all officers and members of the Board of Trustees. U-Upbeat spirit in every endeavor so that all alumni will feel the passion of our service.”

Outgoing CPUAAI President, Mr. Daniel P. Dorillo, was grateful for all the help and support shown by the members of the Board of Trustees during his term. He promised to continue supporting the programs of the CPUAAI.

On December 15, 2017, the new set of officers will be inducted during the closing celebration of the 2017 Festival of Lights and Music at the Alumni Promenade Concert Park. The incoming officers will start serving their term in January 2018.

A walk through the beautiful Central

CPU is a 24-hectare campus situated in the heart of Panay Island.

The campus of Central Philippine University is known for its cool environment and old buildings constructed in the early 1900’s. Some of them were chosen as local heritage or legacy buildings by the Iloilo City Cultural Heritage Conservation Council. The buildings are surrounded by manicured lawns, lush green bushes, and flowering plants. The beautiful landscape spans 24-hectares, a property bought by the American Baptist missionaries through a grant given by John D. Rockefeller, an American Baptist philanthropist.

It is interesting to walk through the campus avenues and road networks. Along the Anahaw road is a well-laid Centennial Walkway paved with glazed outdoor tiles made through the generous support of the CPU Alumni. This was inaugurated last 2005 during the centennial year of CPU. The walkway stretches through the length of the Anahaw Road, bordered by iron grill fences. The Engineering Alumni Association had started extending the pavement along the road across the Roblee and Franklin Halls. Four gazebos stand like sentry outposts in the four corners of the Football Field; one is located across Weston Hall, the other stands opposite Roblee Hall, while the other two gazebos are located at each end of the Centennial Nuñez Garden across the University Church and the Kindergarten School.

Several structures other than the gazebos are enjoyed by visiting alumni and friends, students, and CPU employees and families. The Prayer Garden near the Henry Luce III Library is a solemn place of prayer and solace. The place is also conducive for study like any other corner in the campus. It is refreshing to sit on one of the benches and commune with God and nature. Around are green bushes, flowers and trees. These attributes were part of the consideration for Iloilo City Regulation Ordinance 2013-329 declaring CPU as a tourism site. CPU is also ranked No. 8 among 47 attractions in Iloilo on Social Media’s Trip Advisor.

The Anahaw Drive beside the Centralian Walkway is a popular route during University Parades.

The University Church is a testimony of CPU’s devotion and faith in Jesus Christ.

One of the most nostalgic places in the university is the curved covered walkway that connects the Third Gate to the university’s Main Gate, the Halfmoon Drive. Students, faculty, staff, and visitors, can always be found along the benches, chatting, eating, thinking, taking in the football game or Frisbee, simply enjoying the day away. The Smile Hill with the portrait of Jesus inside a globe connects one half of the curved shed to the other and stands straight across the University flagpole reminding people that Jesus is Central in the university.

However, at this time of year, during the Christmas season, the Halfmoon Drive is converted into a hub, where people mill around morning until evening. All throughout the stretch of the Halfmoon Shed, students, faculty, staff, and visitors enjoy barbecue, shawarma, ice cream, halo-halo and many other delicacies because of the festival of lights in the university.

Until the closing of the Festival of Lights season on December 15 at Central Philippine University, everyone is invited to drop by, see the lights, witness the nightly shows, experience the carnival rides and taste the many delicious treats offered to everyone.

CPU signs MOU with BSP

CPU President, Dr. Teodoro C. Robles, Dr. Melda L. Estember, CPU Director of Libraries and Sir Christian Mosqueda, CPU Library Staff (In-Charge of the Reference Section) together with the BSP, WVSU and Iloilo Provincial Government Officials.

With the aim of expanding public access to publication and materials that aim to provide financial and economic literacy, Central Philippine University, West Visayas State University and the Iloilo Provincial Government signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) at the BSP Iloilo Branch on December 6, 2017. The signing also marked the launching of BSP’s Knowledge Resource Network in Iloilo City.

The BSP Knowledge Resource Network (KRN) to be situated in the CPU Library, WVSU Library, and the Iloilo Provincial Library and Archives will provide the general public with research network libraries, BSP publications, an indirect access to BSP’s print collections, national and international journals, magazines and newspapers.

For the welcome remarks, Ms. Joanne Marie G. Castelo, Deputy Director, BSP Iloilo Branch, thanked both universities for their favorable response to the said initiative, “This event is very special. As we sign the Memorandum of Understanding between our institutions, we recognize that the Knowledge Resource Network will have a magnanimous contribution in assisting the public with regards to their financial and economic learning. Your libraries are ideal in being hubs of knowledge and information.”

In her message, Atty. Leonides B. Sumbi, Director, BSP Cebu Regional Office, highlighted the importance of the newly formed partnership, “We are very grateful that you are now our partners. Together, we will be empowering Filipinos by providing them with up-to-date data on financial and economic decisions.”

CPU President, Dr. Teodoro C. Robles  and Dr. Melda L. Estember, CPU Director of Libraries represented the university in the MOU signing.

CPU President, Dr. Teodoro C. Robles thanks BSP for choosing CPU as one of its partners.

Ms. Marylou Sumbing, Community Affairs IV, Iloilo Provincial Government thanked BSP for their valuable contribution to the Iloilo Provincial Library and Archives. On the other hand, Dr. Bobby D. Gerardo, WVSU Vice President for Administration and Finance, talked about the importance of the KRN in helping the academe provide competitive training.

CPU President, Dr. Teodoro C. Robles, highlighted KRN’s social impact in the university and the community, “We are glad that we have been chosen as one of BSP’s partners. The Knowledge Resource Network will help disseminate accurate financial and economic data and information to the academe and the community in general. With this information, we will know what really is happening in the economy, in finance, and in banking and this will help us make good financial decisions.”

Representing CPU for the Memorandum of Understanding signing are CPU President, Dr. Robles and CPU Director of Libraries, Dr. Melda L. Estember.

Ms. Nelia R. Balagapo, Manager, BSP Economic and Financial Learning Center, gave the briefing. According to her, KRN will provide learning and reading materials on subjects aligned with BSP’s mission and vision, namely, banking, economics, money, credit, finance and investments, business management, payments and settlements, and supervision. Information services offered to KRN partners include access to BSP’s print collections which include more than 10,000 books at the main office and branches, open shelves for BSP publications and statistical collection, on-line subscriptions within BSP libraries, online journals, and e-books through EBSCO, Science Direct, Springer, McGraw Hill on subject areas of economics and finance, analytical reports such as Economist Intelligence Unit and Business Monitor International, Mylegal Whiz, Philippine law, jurisprudence, principles, forms and legal research assistance. BSP hopes to establish 285 Knowledge Resource Networks by the end of 2018.

For the closing remarks, Ms. Doreen M. Santerva, Acting Manager of BSP Iloilo Branch thanked CPU, WVSU and the Iloilo Provincial Government for their support in the said project, “This public and private partnership will provide a facility for information and knowledge. We thank you for your support and hope for more future projects to stem from our partnership.”

CPU, BSP opens Knowledge Resource Network at Henry Luce III Lib

CPU Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Irving Domingo L. Rio highlighted the importance of economic literacy in developing communities.

Following the signing of the Memorandum of Agreement between Central Philippine University and Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP), the launching and ribbon-cutting ceremonies of the BSP Knowledge Resource Network (KRN) was held at the Reference Section, Ground Floor, Henry Luce III Library on December 6, 2017.

For the welcome remarks, CPU President, Dr. Teodoro C. Robles, thanked BSP for partnering with CPU in the endeavor of providing financial and economic literacy to the public, “This is a very important undertaking because there are data and information that the library cannot provide. The books and reading materials given by Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas will help CPU and the public at large in making good financial and economic decisions.”

BSP aims to put up 285 Knowledge Resource Centers by 2018.

CPU President, Dr. Teodoro C. Robles and Atty. Leonides B. Sumbi, Director, BSP Cebu Regional Office led the ribbon cutting.

The Knowledge Resource Collection corner aims to increase financial and economic literacy among Centralians.

For his message, CPU Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Irving Domingo L. Rio, highlighted the importance of being financially and economically literate, “Understanding the different happenings and trends in economics and the financial world is a form of enlightened self-interest. An informed public will accept the decisions and policies of the BSP because they have understood and read the reasons behind these policies. There is a need to strengthen economic education and it should begin in basic education. The education ladder should assist Filipinos in their financial and social decisions.”

Atty. Leonides B. Sumbi, Director, BSP Cebu Regional Office, thanked CPU for its support to BSP’s mission of expanding financial and economic literacy to the public, “We thank you for partnering with us and our mission of providing financial literacy to the public. We visited your beautiful campus and library yesterday—it will truly make a home for our books and reading materials.”

The ribbon-cutting was then led by Dr. Robles, Atty. Sumbi, Dr. Rio, together with Vice President for Finance and Administration, Dr. Florence P. Bogacia; CPU Director of Libraries, Dr. Melda L. Estember; BSP Economic and Financial Learning Center Manager Ms. Nelia R. Balagapo, and BSP, Iloilo Branch Deputy Director Ms. Joanne Marie G. Castelo.

Stackleague holds Coding Tournament at CPU

Billy Yuen founder of Startrek together with Prof. Rea P. Balontong, Officer-in-Charge, CPU College of Computer Studies.

Winner takes all—Stackleague enterprise in partnership with startup IO Philippine Community and Proxor, brought the coding tournament to Central Philippine University on December 5, 2017.

Stackleague “ASEAN’s Biggest E-sport for Developers” is a citywide premier coding tournament that will challenge the skills and expertise of aspiring contestant developers and programmers in Iloilo, open to both student and professionals alike.

The event which started 3 o’clock in the afternoon was proctored by Proxor-Authentic Examinations??, the industry leader in the rating and certification of software developers, a group that provides assessment ratings of software development in Java and C, using technology and methodology. The exam which was based on two sets of software, the Java CSV and the Spreadsheet allowed the developers to showcase their knowledge and capabilities in Object Oriented Programming. The program lasted for 5 hours and ended at around 8 o’clock in the evening.

Tested and proven—All major prizes were hard-earned by fellow Centralians, Kim Benedict Gulmatico, as he bagged home 50,000 pesos for the first price; he managed to achieve Proxor level 1, a level only 2% of the programmers around the world have achieved. June Dick Espinosa took home 30,000 pesos for the second price and Proxor level 2 achievement. Richard Michael Coo, Jason Lewis Chan, Marlon John Ynion, and Obed Abing all won 20,000 pesos for the third price and all four of them achieved Proxor level 2. A true testimony of the quality education in the field of computer programming and data coding rendered at Central Philippine University. The event gathered almost 500 computer programmers to compete.

According to Espinosa, a part time instructor at the College of Engineering, Software Engineering Department and 2005 alumnus of CPU, the event showcased the software programming proficiency and talent of Centralians, “I did not expect to win. The outcome of the competition showed that Centralians are competitive in the field of software engineering.”

Espinosa shares that to excel in the field of software engineering one has to remember the basics, “Always remember the basics of programming. If you master the basics, your level competitiveness will improve.”

CPU Staff Retirees Association holds Christmas Party for the first time

Christmas is a time of celebrating  the faithfulness of God and the gift of true friendship. Photo Credit Jo Bet Facebook Profile.

Gonzaga Mansion was alive with hotel staff busy preparing for a party. The catering service arrived and different kinds of dishes were arranged for the celebrant, or celebrants. “Yes, we have a birthday celebrant—Jesus Christ, but all of us are having Christmas Party for the first time,” one of the attendees clarified.

It is the first time that the staff retirees of CPU organized a Christmas Party. On Wednesday, December 6, 2017, around 25 retirees attended and enjoyed lunch at the Gonzaga Mansion Hotel inside CPU. Everyone was at their best. There were some parlor games and prizes, gift giving, and fellowship with one another.

It started as a huddle of visiting retirees at the campus earlier this year. It turned out to be an organizational planning fellowship. An election of officers was held later, and the first Christmas party was decided upon by the newly elected set of officers composed of Trinidad ‘Trenz’ Sorongon, President; Joe Calderon, Vice President; Antonieta Eguico, Treasure; and Myrna Abototo, Secretary.

The former members of the CPU staff “will grow to become bigger and stronger as active Centralian Alumni group. The association will get more involved in the University activities, as they shall forever belong to the CPU Family,” said Sorongon.

Atty. Pol Causing: Of fellowship and friendship of Centralians

Atty.  Leopoldo “Pol” T. Causing together with Media Relations and Publishing Officer, Mr. Cyrus A. Natividad.

For Attorney Leopoldo “Pol” T. Causing, Central Philippine University is where fellowship and friendship build up a perfect environment for hospitality, understanding and trust. He is a lawyer and husband of another Centralian, Dr. Virgilia “Virgie” Basoliña Causing, Certified Public Accountant and Professor at CPU College of Commerce for more than twenty years.

Atty. Causing, fondly called “Pol” by friends and associates, studied his Master of Business Administration at CPU and finished his law studies at the UP College of Law. He was a long-time professor of Political Science at the West Visayas State College (now a University).

At times while Dr. Virgie attends to her classes, Atty. Pol would visit friends in nearby offices (particularly the Office of Communications). He would share and discuss current issues and topics of interest. One of his favorite topics is “Federalism.” Atty. Pol is an advocate and one of the movers of the Federal Movement of the Philippines. He has written and published booklets on Federalism and authored three textbooks which CPU used for the students some years ago. These are The Revised Constitution of the Philippines, Explained and Annotated, 1982 and 1985 Editions; The Nation and Philippine Government Under the New Constitution, 1980 Edition (co-authored by his wife Dr. Virgie Causing) and Obligations and Contracts, 1973. His friends in the university and media often call him “Mr. Constitution”.

The generosity of Atty. Pol at sharing information extends to his friends who thank him so much for the ideas and wisdom of a legal expert. Atty. Pol is a political analyst who was able to assess and assist candidates in their bid for a position in the local and national administration. A well-respected consultant on political affairs, Atty. Pol is an extensive researcher and resource person in some political and economic fora.

He is one of the Founding Directors of the Graciano Lopez Jaena Foundation, Inc. Other notable positions he had held were: Chairman of the NAMFREL Speakers’ Bureau in 1984, Past President and Vice President of the Rotary Club of Jaro Centraline, Vice President of Iloilo executive Toastmasters Club in 1986 and of the YMCA of the Philippines in 1987. He is also a recipient of the UP Visayas Outstanding Alumni Award in the Field of Political Science. Another noteworthy contribution to society is his proposal in 1980 for WVSU to purchase Don Benito Hospital. Granted the budget of 27 Million Pesos in 1986, WVSU appointed him legal counsel for the said purchase.

What we do not know about Atty. Pol Causing, we learn from publications and information from friends in the media. In fact Atty. Pol is a member of the Iloilo Press Club, an original panelist and co-host of Danny Fajardo in a local TV show Reklamo Publiko, a Centralian journalist, and Panay News publisher.

Atty. Pol and Dr. Virgie Causing, who are active in both academic and social affairs, have a successful marriage with three professional daughters: a banker, a doctor and nurse in the US.

“Fellowship and friendship among Faculty and Staff coupled with very important Christian values are two reasons why Central Philippine University is exciting,” according to Atty. Pol.

CE wins in COPRE 2017

osh Lunasco, Central Echo, Feature Editor is Miss Regional COPRE 2017.

Central Echo (CE), student publication of Central Philippine University, bagged awards in the recently concluded Regional College Press Conference 2017 held at Iloilo Convention Center last December 5, 2017. Their awards included:

First Place:                 Best Magazine

Best Feature Page

Best Newspaper Layout

Best Sports page

Central Echo bags 11 awards in COPRE 2017.

Second Place:             Best Magazine Layout

Best Literary Folio

Best Newspaper


Third Place:               Best Editorial Page


Fourth Place:             Best Magazine Cover


Lorenz Castronuevo won Third Place in Copy reading (English) and a special recognition was given to Celina Lava Maloto for her article, “ASEAN Summit to ignite Filipinos’ spirit of Bayanihan.”

Along with those awards, CE feature editor, Rusieljs Lunasco, was crowned Miss COPRE 2017. Through her Facebook account, Rosh, as she known to her friends, thanked her Central Echo family for the support during the contest.

The Regional College Press Conference is a yearly activity which recognized and awarded student writers in the field of development journalism conducted by the Philippine Information Agency (PIA)-6. Among the persistent winners of the awards is Central Echo of Central Philippine University.

The CE staff offer their awards for the glory of God.

Golden Lions Bags awards in ILOPRISAA 2017

CPU bagged the top spots in Football Secondary Boys. Photo Credit – Chad Gerona Alba.

The CPU Golden Lions brought home various awards during the 52nd Iloilo Private Schools Athletics Association, Inc. (PRISAA) Meet held on November 15-25, 2017. The Western Institute of Technology (WIT) is this year’s Iloilo PRISAA host. The following are the results:


Athletics – Secondary, Boys

Basketball – Secondary, Girls

Beach Volleyball – Secondary, Boys

Beach Volleyball – Tertiary, Women

Chess – Elementary, Boys

Chess – Secondary, Boys

Chess – Secondary, Girls

Football – Tertiary, Men

Football – Secondary, Boys

Futsal – Secondary, Girls

Table Tennis – Elementary, Boys

Table Tennis – Secondary, Boys

Table Tennis – Secondary, Girls

Table Tennis – Tertiary, Women

Taekwondo – Secondary, Boys

Taekwondo – Secondary, Girls

Taekwondo – Tertiary, Women

Tennis – Elementary, Girls

Tennis – Secondary, Boys

Volleyball – Secondary, Boys

Volleyball – Secondary, Girls

Volleyball – Tertiary, Women

Dance Sports, Latin-America – Secondary Level

Dance Sports, Modern Standard – Secondary Level

The CPU Golden Lions Volleyball Secondary Girls garnered the top spot in PRISAA 2017.

1st Runner Up

Beach Volleyball – Secondary, Girls

Chess – Tertiary, Women

Football – Elementary, Boys

Table Tennis – Tertiary, Men

Taekwondo – Tertiary, Men

Tennis – Elementary, Boys

Tennis – Secondary, Boys

Tennis – Tertiary, Women

Volleyball – Elementary, Boys

Volleyball – Elementary, Girls

Volleyball – Tertiary, Men

2ND Runner Up

Badminton – Secondary Level

Badminton – Tertiary, Men

Basketball – Tertiary, Men

Basketball – Tertiary, Women

Chess – Tertiary, Men

Karatedo – Tertiary, Women

Swimming – Elementary Girls

Mutya ng PRISAA


Binalaybay – Elementary Level

Current Events – Elementary Level

Philippine Folk Dance – Elementary Level


Philippine Folk Dance – Secondary Level


Filipino Oration – Tertiary Level

Atty. Alejandro S. Somo, CPU Director for Sports said that Softball, Volleyball and Tennis events in Iloilo School Sports Council (Integrated Meet) 2017 on December 5-9 will have its respective venues at Central Philippine University.