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Weekly Centralian Link (December 23, 2016)

CHRISTMAS MESSAGE from CPU President, Dr. Teodoro C. Robles

This year, Central Philippine University celebrates the Yuletide Season with the theme, “Sharing the Centralian Christmas Spirit Beyond Borders.”

This theme is a beautiful reminder of what we could do to make this time more meaningful not just to us but to the community we live in.

As an institution that has greatly benefited from the generous hearts of her alumni and her corporate partners,  CPU believes that she has all the reason to give back to the community through her many outreach programs and numerous scholarships. All these are Central’s way of making a significant impact in areas which she knows she will truly make a difference.

The idea of sharing has been inculcated in us, and so, we do our best to give a portion of what we have to those who need it most. What makes this act of sharing extra special is when it is done to affect change, to bring out the best in people and to help others overcome adversities.

With all the things happening in this fast-paced world, may we not forget to pause, to look around and to allot a piece of our time, finances, and talents to make this world an even better and happier place.
Merry Christmas to all of us!



University Christmas Parties Emphasize the Light of Christ

Lots of food, enjoyable performances from different departments and colleges, and door prizes.

After Jesus was born in Bethlehem in Judea, during the time of King Herod, Magi from the East came to Jerusalem and asked, “Where is the one who has been born King of the Jews? We saw His star when it rose and have come to worship Him.”

Mathew 2:1-2 are the verses that were emphasized in this year’s Central Philippine University’s Faculty and Staff Christmas Party. According to Dr. Teodoro C. Robles, in his Christmas Message, Christ is our guiding star as we continually serve the university and its students.

The university had three Christmas Parties for its employees; one for the rank and file employees, one for both faculty and staff and one for the departments under the President’s office. The aim of the celebration is to thank every individual who contributed to a success of CPU and to thank God for a bountiful year of His faithfulness. The Christmas Parties included games, raffles and singing of Christmas song to usher in the Holiday spirit of thanksgiving.

The Band of Rudel Dianala, Joel Somosierra, Barry Matutina, Dr. Luisito Conducta and Mr. Rodrigo Sotto , entertained the CPU Faculty and Staff during this year´s Christmas party last December 16.

President Robles emphasized that the university Christmas Parties are yearend reminders of how Jesus has continually guided our university to greater heights, and how the Holy Spirit has given Centralians wisdom and unity to pursue its endeavors. CPU has so much to be thankful about, this year the university has garnered a myriad of championships in this year’s PRISAA, it has three new partner universities in Korea and it is looking forward to put up another building for its High School Department.

RAFLU – the union of the staff of Central Philippine University celebrated its Christmas party last December 14 at the CPU High School Gym. Dr. Teodoro C. Robles gave an inspirational message, and Rev. Francis Neil Jalando-on delivered the Christmas reflections.

The theme of this year’s Christmas Parties is the guiding light of Christ. As a Christian university, CPU continues to shower in the Light of Christ not only through the lights of its campus but also through the service it offers not only to Centralians but to the community here and abroad.

As the star has led the Magi to Jesus, we Centralians also have to use the faith, hope and love that Christ has given us to see His light and use it also to help others. The Light of Christ is about giving back, about letting others feel that Christ lives in us and through us – that they may  see our good works and praise our Father in heaven. The Centralian spirit thrives when we go beyond the borders of our comfort zone and extend our hands to those in need and let them experience the warmth and love of the Christ.  More than just celebrations, the yearend Christmas Parties help us usher in the new year with pockets full of good memories and promises to look forward to./Keziah G. Huelar



Christmas is a time for reunions and rekindling the Central Spirit

Centralians all over the world have started their Christmas fellowships starting in the first week of December. Here are some of pictures that were sent to us. Hopefully, you can also us some pictures and descriptions of your gatherings.

CPU Golden Lions Sports Director Atty. Alejandro Somo led the celebration of the victory party and Christmas fellow last December 17 2016

The BS Accountancy Batch 1997, which CPU Communications Director, Rev. F.Neil Jalando-on belongs, had a dinner last December 22 2016

CPUAA Northeastern USA headed by President Rev. Felix Colinco gathered last December 11 2016

CPUAA Thailand had their Christmas Party last December 5. They will be hosting President Dr. Teodoro C. Robles and, wife Angel on December 26 aboard Chao Phrya Princess, a cruise ship

CPUAA Thailand Chapter enjoying their get together fellowship and Christmas party last December 5 2016


A Story of Central Spirit going beyond borders: A Tribute to Tito Ed Antonio

Mr. Ed Antonio was the first president of the World Foriks Alumni Association, the first web based CPU Alumni Association that formally started on 2007

My name is Erwin Talento. I’m a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Nursing, CPU batch 2007. Most of you may wonder what I’ve got to do with Mr. Ed Antonio. So, please allow me to share a few things about how he became a part of who I am now.

It was in my last year in College when I felt it was so hopeless for me to continue my studies. I came from a poor family and the only reason I was able to enroll in College is through the University Scholarship, which is granted to High School Valedictorians. I was so lucky to avail it but this single scholarship was not enough to pay my accounts since the miscellaneous fees are expensive, most especially for junior and senior students, who are having hospital duties.

As I continued my college days, my account balance never went anywhere but up. I and my family were struggling with each semester. The financial resources we had were just not enough. I can’t remember a single semester where I don’t have to write a promissory note just to take the major exams. Until the time came when the University won’t permit me to take the major exams unless I pay a considerable amount of money, and the sad thing was, it was supposed to be my last year before graduation. Seemingly hopeless, I never did lose the faith. An idea came to me and I thought of sending emails to some of the CPU alumni abroad, asking for help, if somehow they could. With fervent prayers, I sent the emails and waited for any response.
God is indeed a prayer-answering God.  Mr. Mauro Somodio and his Australian friends sent their assistance. Then, in just the right time, Mr. Ed Antonio came to help me. I was very happy. Beyond any words can say. He paid for my remaining account balance so that I may be able to finish the Nursing course. We both agreed that when the time comes that I would have a job abroad, I will have to pay back what I owed.  I will set aside the same amount of money for his fund, to be called the “Ed Antonio Endowment Fund,” which is also intended for deserving college students who are struggling with their finances. I felt more than honored to do that, because I can relate.

I am humbled to say that I graduated Cum laude in Nursing. Everything was not possible without Tito Ed. Since then, I and Tito Ed communicated with each other through emails. I updated him from time to time with what’s going on with my life, from my review classes, to the time that I passed the Nursing Licensure Exam, until I landed a local job.

Mr. Ed Antonio, needless to say, is one of the greatest blessings that came to my life. When I heard what happened, I felt like someone who was so close to me, like a father, passed away. It was crushing. I did not even have the chance to prove to him that he did not make a mistake in helping me.

From the time that I graduated from nursing to the time that I passed the NLE and became a Registered Nurse, I have been looking forward to that day where I am going to meet him again. But he passed away unexpectedly.

Despite what happened, what he had done for me will not just pass away. His kindness will always be engraved in my thoughts, and his words of grace will always be fondly remembered. I see Tito Ed as a man of God. Even in our last communication, that was November 2, 2008, he asked me if I have received the Lord Jesus Christ in my heart, which I told him that I already did back in college.

I will not end here. His passing away creates in me a sense of mission that should carry the banner which I believe he had been bearing all his life as a man of integrity and faith. As I go on and strive for my own success, I will follow the footsteps of the man whose success is, I believe, out of diligence, faith and selflessness.

To Tito Ed’s family, I would like to personally thank you. You have no idea how Tito Ed’s act of generosity means so much to me. You are the only ones I’m left to thank with. As I have often told Tito Ed, he is and will always be a part of my every success in life. Thank you!/Erwin R. Talento

This was a tribute in honor of Mr. Ed Antonio, past President of CPUAA, Toronto, Canada and first President of the CPU World Foriks Alumni Association. The Central Spirit cannot be fully understood yet on reading this you will have a glimpse of what the Central Spirit is all about. Erwin Talento is now a Medical Doctor and I+m very proud of his achievements./Mauro Somodio.



The last concert of the CPU Symphonic Band for 2016

Cyrus A. Natividad

It was a memorable night at Central Philippine University. I was looking at the lanterns and Christmas lights that seem to pierce my eyes, while listening to the sound of music like the wind coming into my ears, to penetrate my soul.

CPU Symphonic Band

It was the last evening show of the CPU Symphonic Band and other guest performers at the Alumni Promenade and Concert Park. The nightly show of the Festival of Lights and Music @ Central made everyone stay and listen to the unique musical rendition under the baton of conductor Prof. Asuncion Bautista of the Music Department under the Cultural Affairs Office. Each number touched on the spirit of Christmas, which included the thematic cultural and traditional songs from our time. The clash of cymbals and string ensemble goes with the brilliant direction of the conductor with his elegant moves. The light brought the fantasy as well.  The audience loved the way CPU Symphonic Band played the instrumental Christmas carols – and then there was more.

The forces behind the success of the Festival of Lights and Music at Central 2016 — the Officers of the CPU Alumni Association Inc. led by President Mr. Dan Dorillo.

The symphony was observed with elation and delight; simply analyzed to have been prepared with careful long periods of practice. One relevant analysis is that the University was able to encourage discipline and determination with the way workers (the Symphonic Band for one) present their diligence and talent. But the real observation is that the excellent music couldn’t have worked like a symphony, had the musicians not coordinated their tunes on each own different instruments.

For the successful Festival of Lights and Music at Central 2016, and for that last night concert of the CPU Symphonic Band, we attribute the achievement to the cooperative – well coordinated efforts and talents of the employees – the workers who made sure that the Christmas events in CPU this year were all a success.

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