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Weekly Centralian Link (December 22, 2017)

Centralians speak at the HER

Dr. Domingo J. Diel, member of the CPU Board of Trustees encourages the participants to emulate the life of the martyrs.

Celebrating the 74th Anniversary of the Hopevale martyrs and the 500th Anniversary of the Protestant Reformation, Dr. Domingo J. Diel, Jr., Member, CPU Board of Trustees, and Centralians Rev. Francis Neil G. Jalando-on, Director of the CPU Office of Communications; Dr. Liza B. Lamis, newly elected new Executive Secretary of the International Committee for the Fellowship of the Least Coin; and Rev. Dr. Melvin Mangana, Director of the Capiz Emmanuel Hospital, shared their knowledge and expertise during the “HER: Hopevale. Education. Reformation,” A Church People’s Conference at Filamer Christian University, Roxas City, Capiz on December 18-20, 2017.

The talk was organized for several reasons. The first was to reflect on the 500 years that has passed since Martin Luther’s Protestant Reformation; another was to speak on matters of faith and culture in the modern times, and to remember the martyrdom of Hopevale missionaries. The event was also to gather CBMA affiliated ministers, to cater to their need of continuing theological education on the specific topic of Protestant Reformation and CPBC heritage and history, to organize a CPBC dialogue regarding pastoral skills that are most needed in the existing theological seminaries, and to inspire the apt reformer in each participant and challenge them to address areas in their life and relationships that need reformation. The talk was also a prelude the 75th year anniversary of the martyrdom at Hopevale next year.

In his opening address, Dr. Diel highlighted the importance of remembering the lives of men and women whose faith has inspired the present believers. He also encouraged the participants to emulate the lives of those who have both died and lived for Christ.

Participants of the Hopevale Education Reformation share insights during a group session.

Remembering the life of the Martyrs, exemplifying their faith through practice.

Rev. Jalando-on’s talk focused on the challenge of Reformation. He encouraged every Baptist to pursue his or her faith with passion and perseverance and not merely adhere to what is popular or accustomed. He also shared lessons and reflections on the Reformation and Renaissance of the Baptist denomination throughout history.

Dr. Lamis talked about the importance of Reformation in education. She shared that education is an essential tool to reformation and vice versa—one should work hand in hand with the other to pursue faith grounded in knowledge, wisdom, and  in obedience to Christ.

On the other hand, Dr. Mangana encouraged the participants to be firm believers and to have a heart for others by serving Christ not only through the church but also through the everyday purpose God has given to each and every one. He also emphasized that as a Christian, one should not forsake the basics, that is, “going back to the Bible.”

The conference was organized by the Pastoral Placement, Theological Education, and Ministerial Concerns (PPTEMC) department of the Convention of Philippine Baptist Churches (CPBC). The Director of PPTEMC is Pastor Jec Dan S. Borlado, and the General Secretary of the CPBC is Rev. Dr. Jerson B. Narciso. Both of them are also Centralians. CPBC is planning a bigger celebration next year for the 75th Anniversary of the Hopevale Martyrdom and it will be held at Central Philippine University.

Hopevale martyrs remembered

Rev. Job Santaigo leads the prayer during the 74th Anniversary of the Hopevale martyrs.

On December 20, 1943, 74 years ago, 11 American Baptist missionaries and a little boy were executed by the Japanese soldiers. Twenty months before their martyrdom, these 11 missionaries chose not to surrender but evacuated to Katipunan, Tapaz, Capiz where they found a hide-out in the mountains which they called “Hopevale.” They even built an open-air chapel, the “Cathedral in the Glen.” This Cathedral in the Glen became an enduring symbol in that many replicas were made in the United States and in the Philippines to immortalize their martyrdom.

Remembering the lives of the martyrs by inspiring the next generation through their legacy.

Rev. Jerson B. Narciso, CPBC General Secretary, Dr. Melvin Mangana, Director, Capiz Immanuel Hopsital, Rev. Job Santiago, Chair, Capiz Emannuel Hospital and Dr. George Cortel, President, Filamer Christian University offer a wreath of flowers during the 74th Anniversary of the Hopevale martyrs.

In celebration of the 74th anniversary of their martyrdom, the Convention of Philippine Baptist Churches and its member institutions (Central Philippine University, Filamer Christian University, Capiz Emmanuel Hospital, Iloilo Mission Hospital) held a memorial service on December 20, 2017 at the Hopevale Garden near the Capiz Emmanuel Hospital.

A hymn written by Rev. Dr. Francis Howard Rose, one of the martyrs, prophesied his martyrdom for the faith. Rose is remembered as a talented composer of most of the Central Songs, the designer of the CPU seal, and the one who coined the term “Central Spirit.”

Martyr’s Hymn by Francis Howard Rose

(To the tune of “Lord, Speak to Me That I May Speak”)

All human progress up to God

Has stained the stairs of time with blood;

For every gain for Christendom

Is bought by someone’s martyrdom.

For us he poured the crimson cup,

And bade us take and drink it up.

Himself he poured to set us free.

Help us, O Christ, to drink with thee.

Ten thousand saints come thronging home,

From lion’s den and catacomb.

The fire and sword and beasts defied;

For Christ, their King, they gladly died.

With eye of faith we see today

That cross-led column wind its way

Up life’s repeated Calvary.

We rise, O Christ, to follow Thee!

We remember the Hopevale martyrs:

Jennie Clare Adams

Charma Marie Moore Covell

James Howard Covell

Dorothy Antoinette Dowell

Signe Amelia Erickson

Frederick Willer Meyer

Ruth Violet Schacht Meyer

Francis Howard Rose

Gertrude Hazleton Coombs Rose

Erle Frederick Rounds

Louise Beulah Cummings Rounds

Erle Douglas Rounds


Rev. Jalando-on shares lessons Baptists can learn from the Reformation

Rev. Francis Neil G. Jalando-on, Director, CPU Office of Communications received a plaque of appreciation from the HER committee.

During his talk at the Hopevale Education Reformation Conference in honor of the 74th Anniversary of the Hopevale martyrdom and the 500thAnniversary of the Protestant Reformation at Filamer Christian University, Roxas City, Capiz on December 19, 2017, Rev. Francis Neil G. Jalando-on, Director of the CPU Office of Communications, shared four lessons Baptists can learn from the Reformation, and the Renaissance.

It was on October 31, 1517 when Martin Luther sent a letter that included the 95 Theses to the Archbishop of Mainz. Luther also nailed these Theses disputing the practice of indulgences. According to Rev. Jalando-on, Baptists are sons and daughters of the Reformation and the Renaissance.

The first lesson was ecclesia reformata semper reformanda (“the reformed church must always be reformed”) or always reforming. “We must not stop reforming. We must acknowledge that we are all a work in progress, and that we must allow God to work in and through us.”

The second lesson was, “challenge tradition, challenge everything. What are the things in our denomination (Convention of Philippine Baptist Churches) that we need to challenge? We need to challenge the tradition of the principle of local autonomy which has caused dissention among us.”

The third point was cogito ergo sum (“your mind is the limit”). “Rene Descartes coined the saying, ‘I think, therefore I am.’ This means that we must not blindly accept what is before us. We must continue to dig deeper and learn more.”

And the last point was, “explore beyond borders. This started the exploration of the world. This means that we must go out of our comfort zones. Because of this, the missionary movement was once again reborn. This is the reason why Christianity came to the Philippines.”

CPURAFLU-FFW holds Christmas Party

For the glory of God – the CPURAFLU aims towards preserveing the history of faith and excellence of CPU.

A celebration of the yuletide spirit of labor and unity—The Central Philippine University Rank and File Labor Union held their annual Christmas party at the Educational Media Center on December 19, 2017.

The event was graced by CPU Vice President for Student Affairs, Rev. Joniel Howard G. Gico, who thanked the CPU faculty and staff community for invaluable contribution in making CPU an institution of excellence and faith. He encouraged them to continue serving CPU as they serve Christ.

In his inspirational message, CPU President, Dr. Teodoro C. Robles, encouraged the RAFLU-FFW members to take good care of their health and their hearts as they dedicate their hard work and effort for the betterment of CPU, “This Christmas season, with all the celebrations, take care of your health, eat as much fruits and vegetables as you can. Take good care of yourself as you take care of others. I thank you for your dedicating your time and talent to CPU.”

For her words of encouragement, Vice President for Finance and Administration and Finance, Dr. Florence P. Bogacia, highlighted the crucial role of the faculty and staff to the university, “God has a specific reason why you are here in CPU. He said in His word that He knows the plans that He has for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you. God placed you here because you have an important role to play for the university.”

After the messages, the games and dinner followed. CPURAFLU members received giveaways. Pastor Nathaniel Soldevilla and Mr. Joel Somosierra gave a song number. Several members also won prizes during the raffle draw.

Ms. Amalia Campos, CPURAFLU President, in her message, thanked the members for their attendance. The closing prayer was then led by Mr. Freddie Salvania.

Copies of the CPURAFLU-FFW Constitution and By-Laws were given during the event.

UC presents its annual Christmas Cantata

The University Church Choir led the singing during the Christmas Cantata.

With the theme “The Heart for Christmas,” this year’s University Church Cantata Choir once again was shared their golden voices in their annual Christmas musical held last Sunday, December 10, 2017 at 6:00 pm at the University Church, Central Philippine University.

The lighting of the 3rd advent candle by church members dressed like kings marked the start of the program. Rev. Samuel R. Escobin, Associate Pastor of the University Church, led the opening prayer. Engr. Jose Rizaldy Harder, Chairman of the Church Council welcomed everyone. He emphasized that this year’s cantata is not just a mere presentation but a celebration with a message—that a person is capable of spiritual transformation that will have an impact for eternity. He also added that a Christmas celebration is not just for fun, but should focus on forgiveness and reconciliation.

The story of Christmas encompasses all generations and culture.

A place for the night – scenes of the Christmas Cantata tell of Joseph and Mary’s journey to Bethlehem.

Glory to God in the highest – the University Church’s annual Christmas Cantata tells the story of God’s greatest gift, His Son, Jesus Christ.

According to Joshua Jonathan C. Quimpo, Musical Director of the Cantata Choir, the cantata is described as a modern and theatrical way of presenting Christmas through song and drama. The joint participation of Jubilant, Bahandi, Children and Church Choirs turned the program into a night of passionate singing for the glory of God. Solo and group performers were able to express the importance of Christmas as they sang songs that narrate how Jesus came from humble beginnings.

The songs were a collection of church musicals from previous years. Quimpo said that it was “one way of giving back to the Lord is to share his talent to gather members and aspirants who have the passion to sing and the humble spirit to be trained.” He also said that while singing in the church enhances their love for music, it would change the notion that learning music is expensive.

Rev. Roger T. Quimpo, Associate Pastor for Outreach of University Church, offered his Christmas message, guidance, and blessings to glorify the Lord at the closing of the successful Christmas Cantata.

Offices under the Office of the President celebrate Christmas Party 2017

CPU President, Dr.  Teodoro C. Robles and Ma’am Angel Robles with the staff of the different offices and departments under the President’s Office.

For the offices under the CPU President’s Office, the Christmas party on the night of December 16 was a double treat. They had gifts, prizes, and food—especially the scrumptious and mouthwatering lechon. Other surprises abound for the party goers. A videoke intermission numbers was inserted in the program. Participants were randomly picked to sing popular songs and Christmas tunes—at any time during the program. It gave everyone the chance to cheer and laugh.

University President Dr. Teodoro C. Robles welcomed everyone and appreciated what he called “a joy to know that a lot of us are blessed with a talent in singing.” He further noted that the work his staff have been doing has contributed much for the good of the University and its employees. He also emphasized that Christmas is about Jesus Christ, the center of the celebration.

Christmas in our hearts – the lady directors of the different office showcase their talent in a song number.

CPU President Dr. Robles encouraged the offices and departments under his office to pursue greater heights for CPU.

CPU’s Handyman – Mr. Cyrus A. Natividad, Media Relations and Publishing Officer sang during the Videoke Challenge.

Human Resource and Development Office Direct, Mr. Rodel C. Palomar joins his staff in their intermission number.

The ladies of the Alumni and President’s Office dance and sing to Jingle Bell Rock.

With Dr. Robles was his ever supportive wife Angel, who took part in the preparation of food.  Ms. Crista Huyong who was able to put together the talent and skills of the industrious and talented staff so that dinner was beyond expectation.

Everyone went home happy, filled with memories of that “wonderful night with the University President.”

CPUAANE USA celebrated Christmas in New Jersey

Centralians around the globe gather together to celebrate the yuletide seasons and rekindle their Centralian Spirit.

Central Philippine University Alumni Association of Northeastern USA held their Christmas Party on December 9, 2017 in Clifton, New Jersey.

Their guest speaker, Ms. Margaret “Pitsik” Dominado, an active CPU Alumni and Centralian beauty queen and one of the founders of Positively Centralian Facebook Group, delivered a Christian message that was full of hope, “Even when there is snow, the fire of our Central Spirit blazes.” Ms Dominado encouraged everyone to realize that hunger and homelessness pervades where they are working as OFWs. She presented to the audience facts and figures of struggle, senseless violence, and lawlessness in their home fronts, and challenged Centralians to do their part in the spirit of Christmas. She emphasized the advent message of “Peace on Earth, Goodwill to Men.”

The CPU Alumni Association of Northeastern USA’s current President is Rev. Felix B. Colinco. Rev. Manuel ‘Mawe’ De la Fuente is the association’s chaplain. The alumni chapter has been helping the CPU Table Tennis Group of CPU which is managed by Rev. Francis Neil G. Jalando-on, current Director of the CPU Office of Communications. It can also be recalled that CPUAAN USA was the mover behind the realization of the CPU Tennis Court.

Global Health Perspective lecture held for CPU College of Nursing

The Loreto D. Tupaz Building is home to the College of Nursing, College of Medical Technology and the College of Pharmacy.

The Delmar College of Nursing based in Corpus, Christi Texas, U.S.A. held a lecture for its Exchange Program for the CPU College of Nursing on December 15, 2017 at the Audio-visual Room of the Loreto D. Tupas Building in CPU. Dr. Irving Domingo L. Rio, CPU Vice President for Academic Affairs welcomed the participants, and expressed his thanks for the lecture-seminar, brought about by the Academic Exchange Program of the Delmar College of Nursing and Central Philippine University.

The topic “Global Health Perspectives from Unheard Voices” was discussed by professional nurses from USA: Donna Huddleston, PhD Nursing; Sylvia Wells, PhD Nursing; and CPU BSN Class 1982, Maritess Sewell, PhD Nursing. Seven nursing students from Delmar College were with the speakers who came all the way from United States. The academic exchange was conducted to enrich perspectives of the participants on global health issues.

At the end of the lecture-workshop, participants were able to present and discuss healthcare issues confronting the world and explicate the roles of nurses in global health care issues confronting the patient. The participants also expressed their own perspectives on global health care issues in an open-minded intellectual discussion and illuminate health care issues in light of the ASEAN and Asian and global integration.

Atty. Salex E. Alibogha, Acting Dean of the College of Nursing gave the closing remarks. Alibogha said that he was looking forward to continuous partnerships and linkages with other schools and organizations. “The virtual laboratory which will be realized next year would be a big factor in the growth and progress of the CPU College of Nursing,” he added.

CPU CCS students win in DTI Pitching Competition

CPU President Dr. Teodoro C. Robles, Prof. Rea P. Balonto-ong, Officer-in-Charge, College of Computer Studies and Mr. Mark Clemens J. Ortaliz, Webmaster, CPU Office of Communications with the winners.

Students from the College of Computer Studies placed third in the Department of Trade and Industry Pitching Competition held at DTI Region 6 Audio-Visual room, Corner Aduana JM Basa Street, Iloilo city last December 6-7,2017.

Contestants from nine different schools in Iloilo with a member of four to six students each group presented their ideas on solving different social and environmental community problems. The winning entry of CPU was entitled “Traffic.AI-Density Based Smart Traffic Control System Using AI-Assisted Object Detection.” Their proposal was to install cameras above existing traffic lights that measures the density of vehicles on each lane using object detection, then data is sent to the central server for processing and, in return, it sends values that will affect the countdown timer depending on which lane has the most number of vehicles. They gave emphasis on the system’s AI, meaning, it is fully automated and requires no operator or watcher.

Nereo Valeriano jr., Von Villamor, Jules Nathaniel Perez, and Rotherford Marimbe received P5,000 cash prize for being in the top three. When asked why they chose to propose the Traffic.AI system, Valeriano answered, “Every day we commute or we travel and we are affected by traffic. Because of the steady increase on the number of cars, our old traffic system cannot keep up. It should be that when the number of cars are increasing, our traffic system must also cope.”

Centralian elected as Executive Secretary of ICFLC

Dr. Liza B. Lamis has been passionate about empowering women through her prayer ministry. Photo Credit  – Liza B. Lamis Profile Page.

Centralian alumnae, AB Religion graduate, Dr. Liza B. Lamis, was elected as the new Executive Secretary of the International Committee for the Fellowship of the Least Coin effective January 1, 2018. Lamis has served as the Women’s Program Coordinator of the National Council of Churches in the Philippines for seven years (2001-2008). She has also worked as a Communications Consultant of the Christian Conference of Asia in Chiang Mai, Thailand for two years (2009-2011), and she was the Acting Coordinator of the Asian Women’s Resource Centre for Culture and Theology in 2013, in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

She is currently an adjunct-professor of the CPU College of Theology. As a member-leader of the Convention of Philippine Baptist Churches, Lamis has taken various roles serving the ministry and spreading the Gospel.

The International Committee for the Fellowship of the Least Coin mission is to encourage women of all languages and culture to take part in movement of prayer and to gather fund to help those in need. In their website (, ICFLC states that “Each time a woman prays, she sets aside the least coin of her local currency as a symbol of the prayer. Women’s national groups collect the coins and send them to the central FLC Fund c/o World Council of Churches in Geneva, Switzerland. The prayers offered and the least coins collected support projects for women and the children around the world.”

Jalbuena leads CPUAAI AY 2018-2017

Engr. Isagani J. Jalbuena shares his Christmas greetings to the Centralian community.

Isagani Jayme Jalbuena, CPU Engineering Batch 1967, Incoming President of the CPU Alumni Association AY 2018-2019, took his oath office on Friday December 16 at 6:00 PM at the CPU Educational Media Center (EMC) Conference Hall with members of the CPUAAI Executive Board.

The Vice President for AY 2017-2018 and overall Chair of the 2017 Festival of Lights and Music at Central, Jalbuena takes over the presidency from current CPUAAI President Daniel P. Dorillo.

The incoming President is the son of Miguel and Carmelina Jalbuena. He is a resident of Jereos, Lapaz, Iloilo City and married to a Physician, Dr. Lucita Depakakibo Jalbuena. They have two children named Bryan Carlo and Lou Camille Jalbuena.

“Gani,” as fondly called by friends and associates, is a true blue Centralian who studied in CPU from elementary to college. He also graduated from National University, Manila with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering.

He is a member of different organizations including Lions Club International where he served as President, CPU Alumni Association Vice President, and CPU Corporation among others. He is a recipient of several distinctions and recognition awards and has been a speaker and trainer at several government programs and conferences.

Having served the government for a long time as Project Manager of the National Housing Authority, Engr. Jalbuena is actively involved in many CPUAAI programs and activities – in support of the CPUAAI President and the University President, particularly the annual Festival of Lights and Music at Central.

His previous performance and involvements in different organizations will ensure the CPU Alumni Association with an efficient leader.

It is Jalbuena’s plans for CPUAAI during his term to continue the following projects:

1. Cash rewards for board placers (of government exams)

2. Outreach Program

3. Membership Program

4. Pasidungog Program

5. Pasalamat Program

6. Induction of non-Centralians to the CPUAAI;

7. Alumni Homecoming and Search for Alumni Homecoming Queen;

8. Festival of Lights and Music at Central

His new plans for AY 2018-2019 include the following:

1. Review and make amendments, if necessary, to the CPUAAI’s By-Laws

2. Workshop on the roles and responsibilities of each working committee

3. Creation of additional working committees, if necessary

4. Plan projects of the association

5. Prepare for the 2020 Global Reunion to be held in the campus on February 2020


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