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Weekly Centralian Link (December 2, 2016)

Events at Central:  


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December 2, 2016 – January 6, 2017 – CPU Festival of Lights and Music
December 3, 2016 (6:30 PM) – A Perfect Christmas with the “King of Christmas Carols” Jose Marie Chan and Company
December 9, 2016 – University Outreach Day
December 14, 2016 – White Gift Service and Advent Celebration

Centralians Vie to Retain Miss Dinagyang Crown

Centralian Beauty – Vanessa Ann Caro is Miss Dinagyan 2016

Two Centralians, Merry Grace Tubelleja, 1st Runner Up, Miss CPU 2016 and Mae Anne Mariano Manipud, Miss CPU 2014, passed the final screening of the search for Miss Iloilo Dinagyang 2016 as announced last October 24, 2016 at the Iloilo Grand Hotel.

Grace Tubelleja charms the crowd with her poise and beauty

Both candidates are now vying to retain the Miss Dinagyang crown for CPU. The current Miss Dinagyang, Ms. Vanessa Anne Caro also hails from CPU and is currently a CBA student. Tubelleja and Manipud together with eight other ladies will be showcasing their talent, wit and charm in a series of pre-pageant activities leading up to the pageant night from January 20-22, 2017.

Proud Centralian – Mae Anne strikes a pose

According to Mr. Alex Soncio, Miss Iloilo Dinagyang Chairman, this year’s search will have new revisions as new titles are up for grabs. Miss Iloilo Dinagyang Philippines will be joining Miss Earth Philippines, Miss Dinagyang Heritage will be joining the National Competition and Miss Dinagyang Aliwan will be representing Iloilo in the search for the Reyna ng Aliwan Festival.

The Beauty of Optimism

Mae Anne is the kind of woman that sees the world not as it is but as it could be. Optimism is never an easy feat but for this Centralian Beauty Queen, the choice to see the good in everything and in others is the best crown she has ever worn – a crown that she selflessly shares with others.

A winning smile – Mae Anne in one of the pre-pageant activities of Miss Iloilo Dinagyang 2017

Mae Anne Mariano Manipud is a 2016 CPU Cum Laude graduate of Bachelor of Science in Tourism. But apart from being an academic laureate, she is also passionate about beauty pageants. “Being a Beauty Queen you have to be more than just a pretty face, you also have to prove that you can do something for others.”

She won her first pageant at 14. Inspired by her sister to pursue the stage of beauty, she grew up knowing that it is a passion close to her heart. “When I got my first crown, I was really happy and from that moment I told myself that I think I have the passion for this and I want to use my crown to influence people, especially the younger girls.”

When asked how her journey in CPU started, Mae Anne recalls the night she told her mother she wanted to be a Centralian. “I told my nanay that I want to go to Iloilo and that I wanted to study in CPU. When she asked me why, I told her that I heard that CPU is a Christian university. So aside from excelling in the academic part you get to improve your faith as well.”

Her stay in CPU encouraged her to pursue more beauty pageant ventures. Here, she met people who believed in her wholeheartedly. “When I entered CPU, I saw the poster of Miss CPU 2012 and I really wanted to be like her. When we had our orientation at the Rose Memorial Auditorium I was daydreaming that I was walking on the stage competing for the Ms. CPU Title.”

During her sophomore year, she joined the Ms. CHM Competition and won 1st Runner Up. The year after, CHM chose her to represent the college in the 2014 Search for Miss CPU. “I was really honored to have the opportunity to once again pursue my dream of becoming Miss CPU. I worked really hard for it and I was really happy with the trust and confidence my college placed in me”.

Mae Anne became Miss CPU 2014 and won the heart of Centralians not only because of her beauty and grace but because of the kindness of her heart. “Have courage and be kind, I believe that the role of a Beauty Queen is to bring out the beauty in others.”

Now, she is vying for the most coveted beauty title in Iloilo City – Miss Dinagyang 2017. “I would like my fellow Centralians to help me in this pursuit. We have a lot of activities leading up to the pageant night. I really hope they come out and support me”.

In a world where the standard of beauty is always measured, Mae Anne has accomplished the biggest title of her life – to be herself. “Being a Beauty Queen you should have the posture, the walk but I always tell myself never to lose who I really am.”/Keziah G. Huelar

CLIMATE CHANGE: A Global Agricultural Concern

Combat Climate Change by planting green and eating green

The Department of Agriculture and Central Philippine University responsibly bring together local government units, the academe, agri-businesses, and the farming sectors together to the 6th Regional Organic Agri-Research Fair and Exhibits at Central Philippine University. The important event on November 22 to 25, 2016 is not only an event to showcase new technology and research materials, but an event where there is a chance to discuss relevant issues pertaining to the government’s thrust for sustainable food production and development.

This year’s theme of the DA-CPU Agrifair “Massive and Sustainable Food Production for Poverty Alleviation” relates to another opportunity for public-private partnerships in the Region. Participants benefited from the technical seminars particularly in organic agriculture and business. The state of farming and food production was also taken up. By the end of the day, useful information and ideas in agricultural development were shared.

One of the important issues confronting the agriculture sector today is climate change. We cannot disregard climate change when we talk about sustainable food production. In other words food security would be critical as climate change will surely affect agricultural economics and therefore sustainable food supply – against population growth in the near future. Consider that the Agriculture sector also contributes to greenhouse gas emissions – a major contributor to climate change. Farming, fisheries, forestry and agribusiness are in effect among those of the most threatened industries.

In view of the calamities brought about by climate change (the strong typhoons that ravaged the country before, and those that are still to come and its effects) should give our farmers and stakeholders awareness to plan ahead, assess and reinvent strategies.

The Agrifair is an important workshop for the farmers and agribusiness community. In there, are “tools” to be shared and utilized. Lectures and seminars will be useful in the long haul for progress, but sustainable food production can only be had with the support of local government units and non-government organizations to the farmers  through efficient use of technology and knowledge. /Cyrus Natividad


A Testimony Delivered By Prof. Evangelica Diesto-Padernilla
During The Foundation Day Celebration Memorial Service Program
At The Philippine-American Cemetery On October 1, 2016

Prof. Envagelica Diestro-Padernilla delivers speech during the Foundation Day Celebration Memorial Service Program

When I was invited to share during this very special occasion my personal and professional life with CPU, my first reaction was to refuse because I might sound boastful. In talking about my personal life, most likely I would say, “I did this, I did that” but then I remembered what the famous preacher an author Joel Osteen wrote that when you are given an opportunity to speak about yourself, go ahead and declare the power of God in your life, for you don’t do it to get the praise of men, but to praise God the Almighty.

So with God’s inspiration and guidance, I wrote my testimony covering half a century under the dynamic leadership of 4 presidents. Pres. Rex Drilon, Pres. Agustin Pulido, Pres. Juanito Acanto and our incumbent Pres. Teodoro Robles.

Prof. Padernilla inspires Centralian crowd encouraging them to strenghten their faith in God inspite the challenging circumstances

To begin with, let me bring your imagination to a poor country girl like me leaving home to study for my first year of High School in a prestigious school, Central Philippine College, at that time, not as a pay student but as a work student in Weston Hall Dormitory wiping dishes after every meal. That’s the first Central Spirit I learned – the Dignity of Labor.

In my second year, the radio bellowed loud and clear, “Pearl Harbor was bombed!” Thus, the Second World War broke out! Our American president, Dr. Fred Chambers, immediately declared the school closed. I went home with fear and trembling. Kulbaan ako. Guera na!

Afraid of the Japanese army which might land in our coastal town of Dumangas, we evacuated to the mountains of Calinog where my father, The Rev. Genaro Diesto, Sr., became the Pastor of Ulayan Baptist Church. At that time, Rev. Delfin Dianala who was busy hiding our American  missionaries in the thick forest of Katipunan invited my father to take his place as Pastor of the Katipunan Baptist Church in Tapaz, Capiz.

In Katipunan, Dr. Francis Rose and some other lonesome missionaries would sometimes come down to us in the barrio for fellowship and we used to visit them in their secret hide-out which they called Hopevale –the Valley of Hope. In seeing their miserable life situation there, one couldn’t help but admire them for learning their comfort zone to bring the gospel Light to our shores. These are the missionaries whom we are honoring today!

3 CPU University Presidents – Dr. Agustin A. Pulido, Dr. Juanito M. Acanto and current University President, Dr. Teodoro C. Robles paying tribute to the first Principal of CPU – Rev. William O. Valentine

So, I was there when our missionaries were brutally beheaded. That’s why, 50 golden years after their death, I was appointed by the Convention of Philippine Baptist Churches (CPBC) to chair the “Pilgrimage to Hopevale” in honor and in memory of their martyrdom.

After the war, I came back to CPU, earned my Baccalaureate degrees, taught in the Elementary School and became its Principal for 30 years after obtaining my Master’s Degree in Education. (MAEd). As Principal I dreamed BIG for our school with God’s mercy my dream of changing the wooden structure vacated by the Kindergarten into a one storey concrete building with spacious classroom came to reality. Also my dream of having a strong faculty was soon realized, for I got the best teachers in town. Because of that our school was widely known as one of the highest standard school not only in the province of Iloilo, but in the whole region – Region VI.

So, when the Department of Education Culture and Sports (DECS) organized the Western Visayas Private School Principals Association, I was unanimously elected President. Later, when the DECS launched for the first time its search for Outstanding Private School Principals of the Region, modesty aside, I topped the list! In the awarding ceremony, Dr. Macario Ruiz was also awarded “Outstanding College Professor in the college level” – Another feather added to CPU’s cap!

Our Elementary School became so famous that parent flocked to enroll their children here. However, many parents got disgusted with me because I would not accept their children. Why? Because I had no room for them. We had already 45 or more children in a class which was over and above the ideal number. Therefore, it became a problem, but I believed that with God behind me, I could rise above any problem. Again, “Think Big and Pray Hard!” Sure enough, God answered prayers not immediately sometimes for when my good friend, the Grand Old Man of CPU, Trustee Anatolio Viray, presented my dream of a 3 storey building that can accommodate everybody, the Board of Trustees disapproved it for the sole reason that children might fall from a 3-storey building.

It so happened that the Board of International Ministries, ABC in cooperation with CPU sent me as a scholar in the United States to observe Elementary Administration and Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL). On my return, I told Mr. Viray that in U.S. even Kindergarten Children had their classroom on the 4th floor. That convinced the Board and Presto! A 3-storey building was built. There’s nothing impossible with God, Right?

With an imposing new building standing on a sprawling beautiful campus and with efficient and effective teachers, our school passed accreditation with flying colors! Because of that record, I was asked to join the ACSC Accrediting Association (ACSC-AA) usually as Chairman in Accrediting Elementary schools all over the country from Luzon to Mindanao. It was a joy helping other schools raise their standards to a higher level.

I have already retired but I keep on serving CPU as a member of the Corporation under the proficient chairmanship of Atty. Irving Corvera and the competent presidency of Dr. Teodoro Robles.

To me, re-tire means to put on new tires, strong enough to continue serving not only CPU, but the community beyond. In what way? God empowered me to serve Him in numerous ways.

He empowered me as President of the U.C. Widows Support Group to minister to the widows in Church and to the poor and needy widows in the neighboring Barangays of CPU.

God empowered me to host the Gospel Hour which spreads the Gospel through CPU Television Channel 31, Sky Cable.

He empowered me to conduct a signature campaign in petitioning former City Mayor Malabor to help control the consistent flooding of our street after every heavy rainfall. Dr. Pulido, my street neighbor can attest to this.

God empowered me to boldly write a strong letter to Congressman Treñas asking him to help solve the very unhealthy drainage problem in our area. Pres. Robles has a copy of that letter.

He empowered me to be a member of the Ombudsman “Corruption Prevention Unit” which helps ensure excellence in public service delivery and the attainment of good governance.

God empowered me to join the Gideons International Iloilo Camp in distributing Bibles for free in schools, hospitals, jails, police, military and recently to the drug users, pushers and addicts who surrendered for rehabilitation in Barrio Obrero Lapuz, Lapaz. I praise and thank the lord for His bountiful empowerment!

Let me close my testimony with the message of our First Lady, Angel Robles, during our Women’s Federation Sunday in Church entitled “Ordinary Women Making a Difference in People’s Lives.” She said that we don’t have to be Cory Aquino, Golda Meir or any big shot for that matter in order to make a difference in people’s lives. She even mentioned my name as one of those ordinary women which made me feel very humble. I confess though that it is not only my being ordinary, but it is my great faith in God that makes a difference.

To God, I bring back the glory!



2nd Semester 2016-2017 Enrolment Update

Central Philippine University Administration Building

The CPU Registrar’s Office reported the following updates on enrolment for the 2nd semester 2016-2017 inclusive of all academic course offerings: The Collegiate level posted a high of 7,643 enrollees; Pre-Collegiate (including Senior High School) with 2,751, and Post-Graduate with 309, or a total of 10,703 enrollees as of November 29, 2016. On the collegiate level, the College of Arts and Sciences has the highest number of enrollees this semester with 2,020 and the College of Nursing and Allied Health Sciences (CNAHS) – second with 1,363 enrollees.

The enrolment has been extended up to December 7 for College, December 10 for Graduate Programs, and December 15 for Senior High. The enrolment figures will be updated after the final day of enrolment.

The implementation of the K-12 has affected the enrolment of CPU. In the School Year 2015-2016 2nd semester, CPU had 13,752 enrollees. This trend in enrolment may continue until the cycle is competed in five years.

CPU-R Holds Earth Week 2016

The CPU Republic spearheaded “Change Climate Change” in line with the CPU Earth Week 2016 Celebration. The activity held last November 29, 2016 at Rose Memorial Auditorium gathered Centralians with aim of educating them about climate change.

“Climate change is a global reality” – Mr. Arjunn Marven J. Castro, Chief of Planning Engineering, Environmental Education and Special Concerns Unit, Environmental Management Bureau Region VI. Mr. Arjunn, guest speaker of the event, encouraged Centralians to be environmentally aware of their surroundings. He also emphasized that the effects of climate change should not be overlooked.

The seminar also highlighted that the younger generation, full of new and innovative ideas, can combat climate change through fun and creative ways.

CPU Hones Centralian Leaders

With the aim of developing its student leaders, the CPU Student and Development Programs held the Leadership Training Seminar for Recognized Student Organizations last November 24-26, 2016 at the Educational Media Center.

With the theme: Living the Central Spirit Beyond Borders, the seminar gathered student leaders from the different student councils, publications and other recognized student organizations at CPU. The event included activities and forums catering to the development of skills and personalities of student leaders in order to prepare them for future leadership responsibilities.

College of Medicine Holds Special Lecture on Information Technology and the Future of Medical Education and Health Care

In line with the 50th Anniversary of the Association of Philippine Medical Colleges, the CPU College of Medicine held a special lecture on Information Technology and the Future of Medical Education and Health Care at the Educational Media Center, November 28, 2016.

Guest Speaker, Nemuel S. Fajutagana, Professor and Dean of the National Teacher Training Center for Health Professions, University of the Philippines Manila, oriented students and guests about the different medical trends affecting future medical degrees. He also emphasized the importance of being updated on technological innovation regarding health care services.

DA-CPU Agrifair Painting Competition:  A Showcase of  Ilonggo Agricultural Art

Top Three Winners of the 6th Agri Fair Painting Competition

Despite the drizzle due to an expected typhoon, artists from CPU and some municipal representatives brave it out to compete for the painting competition – one of the awaited events of the DA–CPU Agri Research Fair and Exhibits 2016 last November 23, 2016.

Winners in the Drum Painting Contest

This year’s theme “Sustainable Food Production for Poverty Alleviation,” has given art enthusiasts the opportunity to contribute their ideas on agriculture and food production. The cultural influence of ‘samahan’ (cooperation) and` kasipagan’ (industriousness) found their way in the colorful renderings of the artists on the painting on canvass category. Three judges were appointed by Painting Committee Chair Engr. Barry Jone Matutina.

DA-CPU Agrifair Painting Contest Judges

Just like the previous year, the other category `Painting on Waste cans’ was participated by professional hobbyists. The interesting skill produced some of the beautiful waste cans around CPU campus with relevant paintings based on the Agrifair theme.

Garnering the top for the painting contest is Her-Jeyn O. Serbol. Rochen Faith S. Tacardon came in second while Merry Roeuen Kaye Casabuena got the 3rd spot.


In the November 25, 2016 issue of the Weekly Centralian Link article entitled: Two Outstanding Alumni Graces 89th Baccalaureate and Commencement Exercises it was mistakenly stated that Atty. Renecito Novero was a graduate of CPU Bachelor of Laws. Atty. Novero is a UP Diliman Bachelor of Laws graduate.

In the same issue, the article entitled: CPUCA Association Negros Chapter To Head CPU Agriculture Grand Reunion, the correct date of the Alumni Grand Reunion is October 20-21, 2017 and not October 17-18, 2017.

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