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Weekly Centralian Link (August 25, 2017)

Cong. Villarin visits CPU

The small talk discussion included topics in education, labor and legislation. 

Cong. Tomasito “Tom” Villarin of Akbayan Partylist visited Central Philippine University on August 19, 2017 to discuss issues about local government, education, and insights about lawmaking.

Cong. Villarin is one of the co-authors of the Free Education Law and the Anti-Hospital Deposit Law.

He had a courtesy call with CPU President, Dr. Teodoro C. Robles and attended a small group discussion hosted by The Center for Local Governance and Indigenous People’s Studies headed by Prof. Renia de la Peña.

Board of Trustees Vice Chairman, Atty. Peter Irving C. Corvera introduced Cong. Villarin to the Centalian audience. “I have worked together with Cong. Villarin and I’ve known him to be a man of servant leadership and great work ethic. Our small group discussion with him today will be a platform of providing a venue to air our insights and opinions about whatever topic we may discuss.”

CPU President, Dr. Teodoro C. Robles welcomes Cong. Villarin.

Encouraging student participation, Cong.Villarin encouraged Centralian student leaders to be updated with the happenings in society. “The academe has an important role in training the next leaders of this country. It is important that we develop awareness with the happenings in our country.

He entertained questions regarding public and private partnership, government initiatives on drug rehabilitation and others. Present during the discussion are Dr. Teodoro C. Robles, CPU President, Dr. Irving Domingo L. Rio, Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Florence P. Bogacia, Vice President for Finance and Administration, Engr. Dimpa C. Castigador, Director, CPU Office of Institutional Advancement, Mr. Jan Christian Española, CPU Republic President, Prof. Corazon Nievales and Prof. Emma T. Gico, Member, CLGIPS, Prof. Ana Mae B. Cantel, OIC and Knowledge Development Center Librarian and others.

CPU CLGIPS, KDC with DLSU JRIG hold Local knowledge Workshop

Engr. Dimpna C. Castigador, Director of the CPU Office of Institutional Advancement, spearheads the workshop.

With the aim of providing a platform for information sharing and development, the Central Philippine University Center for Local Governance and Indigenous People’s Studies and Knowledge for Development Center in partnership with the De La Salle University – Jesse Robredo Institute of Governance held a Local Knowledge Workshop on Making All Voices Count Project: Universities and Knowledge Partnership for Open Government at the Educational Media Center on August 22, 2017.

For the opening remarks, CPU President, Dr. Teodoro C. Robles acknowledge the participants. “We thank you for sharing your valuable time with us. Rest assured that we will cater to your needs as the chosen venue for this seminar. We hope that this seminar will be a venue for a lively and fruitful discussion that delivers your objectives.”

Participants discuss the usefulness of project outputs.

In his speech, Mr. Dominador Co, Executive Assistant to the Mayor of Iloilo City, highlighted the importance of private-public partnership in developing communities. “We are part of this very active public-private partnership that aim for accountability, transparency and participation of the different sectors to create a culture of business and opportunity.”

Dr. Irving Domingo Rio also spoke about the importance of local knowledge in contrast with mainstream knowledge as a source of research and policy data. “There is a big difference between local knowledge and mainstream knowledge. We should develop a deep appreciation of local knowledge as it really addresses the needs of the immediate community. The role of the academe in all this is to develop research-based information.”

Prof. Renia F. Dela Pena, CLGIPS Coordinator, recognized the participants after which, Mr. Ian Jason Hecita, Program Manager introduced the background of the project. “We are really honored to be in CPU once again to conduct yet another workshop on local knowledge. There was a lot of great input from our participants last and we hope to come up with great ideas and partnerships.”

Prof. Renia F. De la Peña, CLGIPS Coordinator and Mr. Ian Jason Hecita awarded a Certificate of Appreciation to Guest Speaker, Mr. Ted Aldwin Ong, Secretary General.

The first part of the workshop included an insight in understanding the city budget by Mr. Jose Roni S. PenalosaIloilo City Planning and Development Coordinator. His talk included the recent developments in Iloilo City and the allocated budget for the said developments.

It was then followed by a presentation on info graphics analysis by Prof. Renia F. De La Pena. She presented gathered data of CLGIPS from respective barangays regarding their budget statistics. She highlighted the importance of infographics as an effective way of presenting data laymen can understand.

Mr. Glen Gentozala, Gawad Kalinga Team Leader assigned in the Digital Listing Iloilo Urban Poor Affairs Office and Ms. Sheila Salpagio, Officer of the Presidential Commission on Urban Poor talked about the anti-poverty programs of Iloilo City.

Participants during the group work session.

For the topic, CSO and Academe Partnership and Sustainability of Knowledge Portal: Insights from the CSO Perspective, Mr. Ted Aldwin Ong, Secretary General, Western Visayas Network of NGOs emphasized of assessment of data in its political, social, academic and economic dimensions. He also hopes that CSO and the academe will further strengthen their linkages through on-line and off-line portals.

The open forum was mediated by Engr. Jeriel G. Militar, Project Director of the CPU Affiliated Renewable Energy Center while. Engr. Dimpna C. Castigador, Director of the Office of Institutional Advancement spearheaded the Sustainability Workshop on improving the portal and sustaining project gains.

CPU PK’s joins the Annual Assembly of PK’s at Camp Higher Ground

The Pastor’s Kids of the Convention of Philippine Baptist Churches (CPBC) held its annual assembly at Camp Higher Ground last August 19-21, 2017 at Camp Higher Ground with the Theme “Lord, give me this mountain…” based on Joshua 14:10-12.

The officers and members of the CPU Pastor’s Kids Organization led by their president, Alpha Joy Villamor attended the assembly. Fresh from the Christ Emphasis Week (CEW) celebration where they served as one of the praise teams during the daily convocations up to the Praise Jam, the CPU PK’s went to Camp Higher Ground for the weekend to join the CPBC PK’s professional group. There were 16 PKs from CPU that attended the assembly and most of them were sponsored by their elders.

Centralian PKs – (From Right) BOT Chairman, Atty. Von Lovel D. Bedona, Atty. Samuel Galuego, Mr. Carl De la Peña, Member CPU BOT, and Atty. Zacarias D. Bedona Jr., Dean, CPU College of Law.

The Pastors’ Kids together with former member of the CPU Board of Trustees , Mrs. Josette G. Jalando-on.

Professional PKs were present during the gathering to inspire the young generation of PKs to persevere.

The younger PKs were treated by the elder PKs to sumptuous food, grand fun and fellowship.

The Pastor’s Kids were in awe listening to the testimonies of fellow PKs. Former DILG Undersecretary and current Vice Chairman of the CPU Board of Trustees, Atty. Peter Irving Corvera shared his struggles as a son of parents who were both pastors. Atty. Von Lovel Bedona, current Chairman of the CPU Board of Trustees also came together with his brother, Dean of the CPU College of Law, Atty. Zacharias Bedona. The Bedona brothers shared their experiences in the mountains where their father worked, and on how a pastor’s kid like them could become a lawyer. Another lawyer also came in the person of Atty. Samuel Galuego who also shared fond memories and challenges of growing up as a pastor’s kid. Pastor Love Joy Quimpo-Leysa shared how she triumphed over the grand expectations from church members, to which almost everyone present echoed her sentiments. The Francia brothers – Pastor Jack and Francis had so much to share not only in their experiences but how they are helping house the PKs who are studying in CPU.

Pastors’ Kids share their testimonies and stories of encouragement.

CPU Pastors Kids was one the Praise Teams during the just concluded CEW.

“Payag Kalan-an” – PKs pose in one of the building at Camp Higher Ground constructed by their organization. 

Mrs. Josette Gico Jalando-on, member of the CPU Corporation, also shared her life as a PK and the challenge  of breaking up stereotypes of what a PK is when she joined beauty contests during her high school days and in  the search for Miss CPU as the representative of the College of Education where she served as the Governor. Mr. Carl dela Peña, current member of the CPU Board of Trustees and president of the CPBC PK’s shared that although the family of pastors struggles economically, it is a blessing as a Pastor’s Kid. Pastor Jec Dan Borlado, the CPBC Director of Theological Education and Ministerial Concerns, also shared his rare privilege of being a third generation pastor in his family – grandparents and parents are both pastors.

The testimony of Nonoy Neilfred Franco touched the hearts of everyone as he narrated how both his parents, who were pastors, were swept away by raging waters in the mountains of Capiz just a month ago.

All in all the PKs are grateful to CPU for giving them a PK scholarship – free tuition from elementary up to college.

The sharing of testimonies was done without reservations as one is secured in the knowledge that the listeners can relate to one’s experiences.

The gathered PK’s dedicated the “Payag” which was originally located at the Headquarters of the Convention of Philippine Baptist Churches. They also went up to the Cross located in a hill at Camp Higher Ground and held a bonfire activity amidst singing of praise songs and prayers.

The PKs now look forward to their next assembly on 2018. They are hoping that more PKs will join them.

RCECC holds Laboratory Safety and Security in the Workplace Seminar

Mr. Jonathan C. Tumalay, Head of the Security, Safety and Discipline Office introduced the speakers.

With the aim of promoting safety within the university, the Review, Continuing Education and Consultancy Center held a seminar on laboratory safety and security in the workplace at the 4th floor Henry Luce III Library and the Roblee Science Hall Room on August 24, 2017.

For the Opening Remarks, Mr. Prim C. Vergara, Occupational Safety and Health Officers emphasized the importance of safety and security especially in academic institutions. He also read the houserules and mechanics of the seminar. After which, Mr. Jonathan C. Tumalay, Head of the Security, Safety and Discipline Office discussed the objectives of the seminar.

Dr. Florentino Alerta II explains about chemical safety in the workplace.

It was then followed by a lecture on “Overall Review of Chemical Safety in the Workplace” by Dr. Florentino Alerta II. He talked about safety practices that will ensure productive and secure performance in workplaces that are more likely than not to be exposed to chemicals.

Mr. Jun Ozbert Haguisan lectured about “Chemical Safety and Security”. According to him, laboratories must have an integrated system of security programs that employ human security, physical or architectural security, electronic security, operational security and information security.

Laboratory Safety and Security in the academic insitutions catering laboratory practical education is important.

Mr. Edgar Golez talks about Biological Safety and Security.

Mr. Haguisan explains the importance of Personal Protective Equiptment.

For the afternoon session, participants had a practical demonstration on emergency response to laboratory incidents. The demonstration focused on what to do in cases of chemical, biological, pathological and other related incidents in the laboratories.

For the closing remarks, Dr. Lenny Rose P. Mucho, Director of RCECC acknowledged guests and participants for contributing to the success of the seminar.

CNAHS stems into Three Colleges

The Loreto D. Tupaz Building is home to the College of Nursing, College of Medical Technology and the College of Pharmacy.

The different departments under the College of Nursing and Allied Health Science has now stemmed into independent colleges namely: the College of Nursing, College of Medical Technology and the College of Pharmacy.

As recommended by CPU President Dr. Teodoro C. Robles and approved by the CPU Board of Trustees, the independence of the said departments is to address the growing population and the university’s desire to individually cater with the departments’ respective academic needs.

The new Colleges are headed by Atty. Salex Alibogha, Dean College of Nursing, Prof. Darlene Joy Marañon, Dean College of Pharmacy, and Dr. Ma. Corazon Porras, Dean College of Medical Technology. With this change, each department is proud of its own curriculum upholding holistic CPU system of Christian education through medical courses.

Central Spirit soaring high in Hawaiian style

By Kathy Leyble Kriewall

President, CPU Northern California AA

A day in the sun – Centralians bask the summer heat while enjoying each other’s company.

Just as the many Eucalyptus trees standing tall around us raised our eyes, the Central Spirit of the Northern California Alumni Association was likewise soaring ever higher with each participant’s arrival.  There were approximately 60 in attendance on Saturday, August 12th, including children and grandchildren of these CPU alumni who were again inspirational, engaging and full of the Central Spirit. There was added success because of sharing the same date and place of the picnic with the Dumangas Association of Northern California, headed by Marah Rafols Torres, who, along with several of the members of this association, are also the product of Central Philippine University.

The soaring central Spirit was visible in many ways:  Warm greetings and embraces with each new arrival; energetic handshakes for those just meeting for the first time; busy hands working together in every aspect; and the absolute plethora of scrumptious Filipino Cuisine–as each one was eager to bring their specialties and/or favorite Filipino restaurant dish to contribute.

To highlight the August celebration of birthdays, our own retired attorney Pat Desales made sure we had a whole Lechon for the feast.  All this wonderfully followed by many colorful and tasty cakes and other desserts.

The chapter gained 4 new members that day and our very own Nieto and Susan Xavier saw a need to donate a portable microphone/megaphone for future use. It was hard to finally end the picnic but hearts were again warmed with anticipation for our next gathering.

The Central Spirit of Central Philippine University Alumni Association keeps on soaring high.  God bless us all!

Prof. Peleña engages in library exchange visitor program in Georgia, USA

At John Bulow Campbell Library, Columbia Theological Seminary, Decatur, Georgia.

Mrs. Cynthia T. Peleña is on a two-month library exchange visitor program in John Bulow Campbell Library, Columbia Theological Seminary, Decatur, Georgia. This library internship course from August 1, 2017 – October 1, 2017 is part of the Professional Enhancement and Training Program of Central Philippine University (CPU). It aims to provide training and exposure in administering quality theological library education especially to students of diverse nationalities.

CPU offers Master of Library and Information Science with Specialization in Theological Librarianship (MLIS-TL). As academic coordinator of the MLIS-TL program, Mrs. Peleña engages mostly with international students. Last April 2016, 12 scholars from Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Taiwan, Thailand, and the Philippines have graduated from this course. This academic year 2017-2018, another 12 librarians from Myanmar, Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan and Philippines have enrolled in the program.

This internship program is in partnership with the Association for Theological Education in South East Asia (ATESEA) and the Foundation for Theological Education for South East Asia (FTESEA).

Memories of My First CEW Experience

By Rev. Dr. Steve Van Ostran

Executive Minister ABCRM (American Baptist Churches of the Rocky Mountains)

CPU President, Dr. Teodoro C. Robles with Rev. Dr. Steve Van Ostran, Executive Minister of ABCRM.

I thought I knew what to expect when Pastor Neil, then one of the Chaplains of CPU (Central Philippine University) and now their Communications Director invited me to bring a team to lead Christ Emphasis Week (CEW)  there.  I had met Pastor Neil during the Roundtable event held in January of 2016 between a team of Executive Ministers and Leaders of ABC-USA led by ABC of New Jersey and the Convention of Philippine Baptist Churches (CPBC).  Neil shared that the university wanted to deepen its roots and relationship with the ABC. To that end ABCRM took a team of seven to work with the University’s Christian Life Committee in leading CEW from the opening Faculty and Staff convocation on August 11th and finishing up with closing Praise Jam on August 18th.  Altogether the team preached or taught over 40 sermons and lessons during the week.

The idea of a Christian University setting aside a week to emphasize its Christian heritage and the values and faith that guides it was appealing to me.  Ottawa University in Ottawa, Kansas had done something similar during my time as Pastor of the church most closely affiliated to it, so I thought I knew kind of what to expect.  Boy was I wrong!

Enjoying Ilolio – members of the American Baptist Churches of the Rocky Mountains at the Iloilo Esplanade.

First, I was surprised by the breadth and depth of CPU.  Neil had shared that CPU had schools and colleges that ranged from Kindergarten (really Pre-School for us in the States) all the way up to post-graduate work.  We had even walked the Quadrangle of CPU and he had pointed out many of the schools, but I didn’t get the full experience.  We had walked at off times while classes were in session or there was a lull in the hubbub of the University and we had stayed off-campus, missing much of the vitality of CPU.  Being there during CEW and staying on campus was a totally different feel. There was constant activity beginning early in the morning (almost before the roosters began crowing at 4:00 AM) and ending late in the evening.  By my count there are 13 different colleges besides the Kindergarten, Elementary, High School (7-10) and Secondary (11-12)!  And these aren’t small programs. CPU is impacting the lives of literally thousands of people every day!

Second, I was surprised by the impact of CEW.  This week was bigger than homecoming in US Universities.  Many alumni would come back to be part of convocations and events.  Class schedules were altered and professors and teachers made assignments and tests based on the topics and teaching of our team.  This was not some little emphasis for the minority group of committed Christians on campus but a deeply held cultural value for the University.  I guess this should have been expected when the University was literally built around the University Church—their building dominating the quadrangle where so much of University life takes place!  The church pastoral staff and CPU chaplains have been integrated and so the Campus is literally the community the church serves.  It is an amazing thing to see and participate in.

I had the privilege of introducing the theme “ROOTED” the first day of CEW and preaching to packed houses in their huge Auditorium that seats maybe 4,000 people.  It was a great experience and I tried to use Psalm 1 to talk about our Faith in Christ needs to be rooted similar to a tree; adapting to its environment while at the same time changing, having lateral roots that reach out to its neighbors to entwine with them for support and stability and finally going deep to find the living water of Christ.  I expanded on that in my later addresses to the individual colleges by encouraging them to change their environment by seeing, feeling, hearing, going, doing and being with “the other” just as Jesus did.  My colleagues tackled the topics of being rooted in your relationships with others and in Christ.

The CPU Rose Memorial filled with Centralians during the CEW Opening Program.

It was a powerful week and we saw lots of decisions, we prayed for and with lots of students and felt the Spirit move.  All of us left with new friends and life-long memories.  For me three memories stand out: The People, Their Passion and the Purpose.

Our team was hosted well, from being met at the airport by Pastor Chris Sian to the students and faculty of the School of Hospitality that provided lodging and meals for us.  The Chaplaincy staff supported us throughout the week in the worship services and University Churches’ talented and deep music ministry provided the multiple praise teams needed for the multiple worships.  Everyone we met was gracious and patient with our team.  We felt warmly welcomed and loved during our time there.

And then when the people came to worship, they did so with a passion.  The people didn’t just sit and listen to the praise team perform the various worship songs that always included the theme “Cornerstone”, they joined in and worshipped along with them.  When the songs were upbeat the congregation responded with energy.   And when the songs slowed down they sang with reverence and love.  Even the Kindergarten had a group of their kids who stood up to lead “live” in the worship videos they used for their worship times!  It was amazing to see how this passionate faith has become part of the University’s culture, even with the large number of students who are Roman Catholic or profess other religious beliefs.

And the Purpose of CEW is unapologetically evangelical.  The Spiritual Life Committee had counselors prepared to take the information of those who made decisions either to make Christ Lord of their life, to rededicate or to seek prayer for specific situations in order to guide those people to local congregations… not just University Church or even just churches that are a part of CPBC, but local churches who are ready and willing to support the students in their decisions to follow Christ more closely.

I am grateful to have had the opportunity to participate in CEW with our team from ABCRM.  I know that many lives were impacted and changed as a result of our visit in the Philippines: including no only students, staff and faculty members and the seven lives of our ABCRM team members.  Not a one of us came home unchanged by this powerful week of worship and praise of Jesus.

Thanks be to God!

Jethro Mark G. Jerez (Grade 11 STEM-3) Response Speech during Scholarship Awarding at the CPU Promenade on August 7, 2017

Jerez was awarded as one of the Ten Outstanding Boy Scouts of the Philippines.

Dr. Teodoro Robles, President of Central Philippine University. Honored guests, donors, teachers, parents and fellow students a pleasant afternoon to all. Today, I was given the task to give a speech in behalf of all the scholars of our school Central Philippine University. Being a part of this Christian Institution is something I can really be proud of.

A University which hones students to be physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually fit. Establishing high standards let everyone in the education system of our school knows what to aim for. They allow every student, every parent, every teacher to share in common expectations of what students should know and be able to accomplish. And today, as scholars, we must close the door of our past, open the door to our future, let’s take a deep breath, step on through and start a new chapter of our life.

Our Education is important because it is our key to success, our gateway to a better future and of course it can lead us to beautiful destinations that life may offer.

Taken from the words Mac Anderson, “Behind me is infinite power, before me is endless possibility, around me is boundless opportunity”. These words enlightened my mind that life is like a flowing river. Full of opportunities, it’s up to you whether you take a bucket or spoon from it. Obtaining success is not an easy task; you can’t get it with just a snap, a magic potion or even with just a wish. But rather you need to strive and work hard for it.

Life is challenging, Yes! That is true. But challenges are what makes life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful. How you handle the challenges of your life will define your life. And as students I believe we had and will still continue to encounter problems, trials and difficult moments in our journey towards success. Let us consider them as stepping stones in reaching our dreams.

Always remember to turn obstacles into opportunities.

It is not easy, but possible. Remember there’s hope. Hold on, Pain ends. Problems are there? So is hope. And at this point I would like to thank God for being such an awesome, loving and caring God. This scholarship of ours is already a big opportunity and a blessing from him. Our school Central Philippine University and our donors are our blessings in disguise. So when opportunity knocks on your door, always be willing to take a chance, because you never know how perfect something could turn out to be.

And in behalf of all scholars here right now I would like to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. We will not try but we will do our best to do good in our studies and in everything that we do. And as I end my speech I would like to share a quote, “Let us strive hard and be a better version of ourselves, remember to start unknown but end unforgettable”. Once again thank you and Good Afternoon.

CPUAA Michigan Chapter holds a Summer Get-Together

Centralian smiles accross the world never fade.

As Centralians here in Iloilo experience rainy afternoons and hot coffee over the cold weather, half way across the globe the CPU Alumni Association Michigan Chapter enjoyed a summer get-together rekindling the Centralian Spirit of camaraderie.

The get together was held on August 19, 2017 at the home of Delia and Ron Greve. Present during the event are CPUFOAA President Flora Cudiamat, William and Merlyn Vail, Cynthia and Jerome Jaurezes, Roger and Roberta Jalandoni, Connie Chan-Jonas, Linda Chang and Alumni Chapter President Mrs. Josefa Derayunan. They also had Mr. Aaron Alfred Lee, honorary Centralian, as special guest.

CPUFOAA President Flora Cudiamat with the Vails (William and Merlyn) and the Juarezes (Cynthia and Jerome).

Flora Cudiamat with Alfred Lee, honorary Centralian.

Flora Cudiamat with Connie Chan-Jonas, childhood North Road neighbor in CPU.

It was a celebration of Centralian friendships that have lasted throughout the years. CPU Alumni enjoyed each other’s company over food and conversations about Central. The true essence of being a Centralian is coupled not only with professional excellence and success but it is in the heart of every Centralian to love each as brothers and sisters in the Lord making them part of a closed knit community of alumni that makes them feel at home wherever part of the world they may be.

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