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Weekly Centralian Link (August 11, 2017)

CPU Ranks No. 1 in number of COEs and CODs in Western Visayas

Science and Faith – Central Philippinie University continues its mission of providing Exemplary Christian Education for Life.

Proving itself as a premier academic institution, Central Philippine University ranks no. 1 in Western Visayas for the most number of academic programs hailed as Centers of Development and Centers of Excellence based on the list of the Commission on Higher Education for Academic Year 2016-2017 as ranked by LocalPulse. CPU is the only university from Western Visayas to make it in the Top 20, the next university from Western Visayas being West Visayas State University-Lambunao Campus is at number 26.

In its ranking, LocalPulse assigned one point for every COE and 0.75 in every COD. The said points were designated based on the difference between COEs and CODs in terms of academic program requirements. In its website,, they wrote that they “compiled CHED’s list of centers of excellence (COEs) and centers of development (CODs) for Academic Year 2016-2017 released earlier this year, came up with an unofficial tally and ranked schools according to the combined number of their COEs and CODs.”

The results showed that Central Philippine University ranked no. 18 all over the Philippines with 5 points earned from designated 4 academic programs of Central Philippine University namely Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronics Engineering and Teachers Education as Centers of Development and two academic programs namely Agriculture and Business Administration of the College of Agriculture Resources and Environmental Sciences and College of Business and Management as Centers of Excellence as announced by CHEDRO VI Memorandum No. 001, Series of 2016.

CHED gives such distinction to academic institutions that pursue curriculums that are at par with ASEAN and international benchmarks and standards and enhance the quality of instruction through faculty development and upgrading of facilities, equipment, and library holdings.

The procedure for selection includes application, initial paper evaluation, ocular inspection and identification. COEs and CODs may request for funding and nonmonetary subsidies of: institutional funding for program evaluation, capacity building, curricular benchmarking, extension and linkages, upgrading of facilities, equipment and library collection and instructional materials development, individual funding for faculty and development grants, training fellowships and other forms of funding. They will also be given priority as CHED institutional partners for CHED developmental projects.

CPU aims for the said rank to increase as academic programs namely: Bachelor of Science in Biology, Mass Communications, Bachelor of Arts in English, Bachelor of Science in Tourism and Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management have complied with the basic COD and COE requirement and are eligible to apply for recognition in 2018.

LocalPulse, a social news and entertainment network that provides a forum for the exchange of ideas and a menu of accurate, complete and relevant information.

CAS holds thanksgiving program for CPU’s newly registered Social Workers

The two topnotchers, Britz Arthur Suelon Sajonia,6th placer, and Gizelle Grace Deado Ciudad 10th placer shared their stories of faith and expressed their gratitude to Centralian community for the encouragement and support.

The College of Arts and Sciences, Social Work Department held a thanksgiving party for CPU’s newly registered Social Workers – board passers in the recent Social Workers National Licensure Exams (July 2017). The celebration was held on Wednesday morning, August 9, 2017 at the Alumni Promenade and Concert Park, with a short program and fellowship.

Dr. Anita U. Ellenberger, Dean of the Collage of Arts and Sciences congratulated the newly registered Social Workers. She challenged them to “find the right place to work after you have found success in passing the licensure exam.”

The successful boardpassers.

Dr. Ellenberger acknowledged that the topnotchers and board passers did not only bring honor and pride to the college, but also to the University. Prof. Kareen Jay D. Lozada, Chair of the Social Work Department reminded the new Social Workers of the tasks and challenges ahead in their field of work.

The two topnotchers, Britz Arthur Suelon Sajonia,6th placer, and Gizelle Grace Deado Ciudad 10th placer (previously featured in the Weekly Centralian Link) thanked their parents, teachers and classmates, and above all, God for letting them pass the board exams. A merienda cenafollowed at the Promenade.

CPU awards Scholarships and Grants-in-aid for 1st Semester 2017

VP for Student Affairs  Rev. Joniel Howard H. Gico thanks donors and benefactors for supporting CPU´s Scholarship Program.

CPU Office of Student Development Programs held its Scholarship Awards and Recognition on Monday, August 7 at 3 pm at the Alumni Promenade and Concert Park. Rev. Joniel Howard H. Gico, Vice President for Student Affairs in behalf of the University President Dr. Teodoro C. Robles who is currently in the U.S., welcomed guests and participants, and thanked the donors and benefactors for the scholarships granted to all deserving students, and presented them with certificates of recognition.

Former CPU UAE Alumni Chapter Fritz Arthur O. Armada – Home for the Scholarship Recognition.

CPU recognized many individuals, private and government organizations in their contribution for the scholarships. There were 93 groups and individuals that received Certificates as Donors of scholarships and grants-in-aid. There were also more than 300 students who received scholarships and grants-in-aid during the ceremony.

Donors, benefactors and scholarship recipients filled the Alumni Promenade Concert Park during the Scholarship Awarding and Recognition Program.

Scholars together with Rev. Joniel Howard H. Gico, Vice President for Student Affairs.

Representatives from companies in the Philippines and even those from CPU Alumni Associations abroad came home to receive the recognition. One of the prominent CPU alumni who came home to receive recognition for his alumni chapter was Atty. Fritz O. Armada (A.B. Pol. Sci. 1986), Legal Consultant of Emirates Advocates in Dubai, and Alumni President of the CPU Alumni Association – U.A.E. Chapter in 2011. “Our alumni association is actively involved in student development and very happy to be recognized in the Scholarship Program of the University”, Armada said. Organized in 2006, the U.A.E. Chapter has more than 200 members. It allocates 5,000 pesos per student scholar every year.

CPU allocates one hundred scholarship slots to CPU Senior High School students

Senior High School Scholars for Academic Year 2017-2018.

For the second straight year, CPU granted scholarships to 100 Senior High School students. There are 100 slots of scholarship for the Senior High School with the following allocations:

25 slots with P10,000.00 per year privilege; 25 slots with P8,000.00 per year privilege and 50 slots with P6,000.00 per year privilege.

The bases for the Scholarship are: 70.0% score in the Qualifying Exam and 30.0% General Average in Grade 10 which totals to 100.0%. On the other hand, the requirement for continuance of the scholarship are: that the recipient should be able to maintain his/her scholarship until grade 12 by not having a grade lower than 85 in all subjects during his/her Grade 11 and general average is not lower than 90.%

Applications for this scholarship for the next school year will start on March 2018.

RCEC and OIRC hold “The Charm of Central China”

The ZZUIT Faculty together with Rev. Joniel Howard H. Gico, Vice President for Student Affairs and Officer-in-Charge of the Office of the President, Dr. Irving Domingo Rio, CPU Vice President for Finance and Administration, Prof. Hannah May A. Yap-Zerrudo, Office of International Relations and Cooperation and FCYCP Inc. founders Mr. Xu Bin and Mr. Yao-Yong Zeng.

The Review Continuing Education and Consultancy Center in cooperation with the Office of International Relations and Cooperation held a one day seminar on Chinese History and Culture entitled “The Charm of Central China” at the Educational Media Center on August 4, 2017. The seminar featured the faculty of ZhengZhou University of Industrial Technology as expert lecturers.

In his opening remarks, Rev. Joniel Howard H. Gico, Vice President for Student Affairs and Officer-in-Charge of the Office of the President welcomed participants and the ZZUIT faculty membered headed by Dr. Yan Bing, Personnel Department of ZZUIT. “We have multi-awarded educators who will give us nuggets of their expertise. May their passion for their craft inspire us to love our own history and culture.”

Ms. Peng Yuexing talks about the different kinds of mask used in Chinese drama. Photo by Kay Marylle J. Ferraris.

Dr. Irving Domingo L. Rio, Vice President for Academic Affairs introduced the resource speakers namely: Chen Yang, a specialist in the Beauty of Mathematics in Chinese Classical Culture, Peng Yuexing an expert in the Oriental Wisdom in Chinese Culture, Sun Qianwen an expert in Chinese Folk Music, Yang Zhenhua an expert in Chinese Tai Chi Chuan and a Guinness World Record holder, Zhang Ruijuan a specialist in the Evolution of Chinese Furniture and Zhang Zhuqing an expert in Chinese Machinery. “Our memorandum with ZhengZhou University of Industrial Technology has provided us this wonderful opportunity of having our guest resource speaker. They are not generalist. Rather, they are specialists of their respective fields.”

Master Zhen Hua Yang shows his Tai Chi Chuan Martial Art moves.

Dr. Yan Bing, in his welcome remarks, expressed his gratitude to CPU for facilitating the seminar. “Words cannot express how excited and nervous we are right now, we also hope to find you at ZZUIT in the near future.” In his speech, Dr. Bing talked about the history and background of ZZUIT.

For the lecture proper, Ms. Zhang Zhuqing talked about Chinese Machinery. She is an expert in machine design, manufacturing and automation and was recently awarded in the national engineering training comprehensive ability competition.

The next lecture is entitled Chinese Tai Chi Chuan by Mr. Zhen Hua Yang. Master Zhen Hua Yang is a world famous teacher of Calligraphy Yoga and a Guinness World Record holder in Martial Arts, having trained since childhood with martial arts and energy masters of Shaolin and WuDang Temples.

CPU Administrative officials with ZZUIT faculty, FCYCP Inc. founders and seminar participants.

The Oriental Wisdom in Chinese Culture was lectured by Ms. Peng Yuexing, an expert in ancient Chinese literature. She has produced numerous articles about Chinese literature and published poems and stories.

Ms. Chen Yeng lectured on the Beauty of Mathematics in Chinese Classical Culture. She is an expert of Fractional Integrals and Telegraph Equation.

Attendeeswith the resource speakers from ZZUIT. Photo by Kay Marylle J. Ferraris.

Ms. Zhang Ruijuan lectured on The Evolution of Chinese Furniture. She is a professor in the Department of Industrial Technology at ZZUIT. Her works focus on interior design, campus culture and heritage.

Chinese Folk Music was discussed by Ms. Sun Qianwen. She has earned various awards in Vocal Music Competitions in China. She is recognized for her outstanding achievements as a vocalist, tutor and educator.

Participants of the event included students, faculty and LGU officers all over Panay. The event was made possible through the Filipino Chinese Youth Culture Promotion Inc. (FCYCP), based in Iloilo. The group aims to establish mutual connections between the Philippines and China through youth education and exchange.

Centralian is Spokesperson in UK Hospital Promotional Video

In a screenshot, Centralian Maria Teresa Maria Quino-Picache promotes a UK hospital in this video.

Central Philippine University has always been renowned for its outstanding nurses here and abroad.  With its strong promotion of EXCEL – Exemplary Christian Education for Life, CPU nurses have been deemed model employees leading with faith and excellence in their respective workplaces.

Maria Teresa Maria Quino-Picache, a 1995 Bachelor of Science in Nursing graduate of CPU has been chosen as one of the spokespersons of the Peterborough City Hospital in UK promotional video. Picache started working in the hospital in 2001, currently she is the Clinical Facilitator of the said hospital. She helps overseas nurses with their documentation and makes sure that they are settled well in the workplace.

In the promotional video, Picache promoted Peterborough City Hospital as an excellent medical institution that promotes the welfare of overseas nurses. She also talked about Peterborough as a safe, fun, family oriented and opportunity field community. “There a lot of brilliant schools around Peterborough. There’s a lot of parks and woodland, and it’s also a very accessible place.” The video can be found in

Picache is part of the Education team helping overseas nurses in their career adjustment and providing them with opportunities to improve their skills and nursing practice.

CPUDHS Batch 1992 holds Silver Reunion

Arvin de Leon, Jojie Balume, Jade de Asis, Hope Millamena-Tesoro, Ramel Florea, Meriam Junin-Florea, Vincent Alocada, Yvonne Moso-Piodena, Venson Ardales, Ivan Arriola (Batch Prexy).

Remembering Centralian friendships and making them last – the CPU Development High School Batch 1992 held their Silver Reunion at Smallville 21 on August 5, 2017.

Present during the event are their beloved teachers. Mrs. Mildred Sazon Harder, one of the batch’s teachers, shared her teaching experience with the batch and expressed her joy to the batch officers for organizing the event. “Thank you Ivan Arriola for organizing this reunion, and to all your committee members. You did a perfect job. So, let´s do it again on the 30th while your teachers are still around and able.”

Mrs. Mildred Sazon Harder expresses her joy in seeing her students again.

Batch members have expressed their intention of holding the Reunion every five years. Dervie Del Rosario- Crespo shares that the celebration of their Alma Mater and wonderful teachers is more than what money can buy. “This makes me proud of our batch. This is more than what money can buy.”

All smiles – the batch looks forwards to more get-togethers in the near future.

The Centralian Spirit is fervently burning in the hearts and minds of CPU alumni around the globe. With the upcoming 2017 Grand Alumni Homecoming and General Assembly this coming September 30th, the CPU campus is ready to be filled with the warmth of the Centralian Spirit of camaraderie.

A night of food, fun and friendship with the former high school teachers.

Engr. Militar attends ASEAN Workshop in Thailand

Engr. Militar voices out his ideas during a workshop session.

Engr. Jeriel G. Militar, the Chair of the Mechanical Engineering Department of the College of Engineering attended the ASEAN Workshop on Promoting Transfer of Renewable Energy Technologies for Low Carbon Resilient Development (Sharing Thailand Experiences with UNFCCC Mechanisms) at Duang Tawan Hotel, Chiang Mai, Thailand on July 24 – 27, 2017.

The workshops is a part of the initiative of the University of Phayao (UP) – in cooperation with Chiang Mai Rajabhat University (CMRU) and Naresuan University (NU), and with the funding support of the National Research Council of Thailand (NRCT) – to promote regional cooperation on technology transfer and capacity building among universities and learning institutions in ASEAN that are involved in training activities in low carbon energy systems, particularly renewable energy technologies.

Participants observing biogas system cooking demo.

Workshop topics in the seminar included the need to better understand the Paris Agreement and how commitments are made in ASEAN countries through their INDC submissions, efforts to support the initiative in developing a network of learning centers to facilitate regional cooperation in technology transfer and capacity building within ASEAN were also discussed.

The keynote presentation of the seminar was the Current situation and potential of Technology Transfer on Climate Change: Thailand Experiences by Dr. Surachai Sathitkunarat, Senior Director, STI Information and Foresight Centre, National Science Technology and Innovation Policy Office (STI), Ministry of Science and Technology & Thailand National Designated Entity (NDE), Thailand.

The delegates of the ASEAN Workshop in Thailand.

Participants also had a field trip in Sri Buaban , Lamphun, where they were introduced to Biogas Production, Distribution and Management.

It can be recalled that Engr. Jeriel G. Militar attended the 1st Regional Meeting – Two-day Experts’ Consultation on Technology Transfer and Capacity Building” held last May 22-23, 2017 at Chiang Rai, Thailand, this workshop is a follow-up of the said seminar.

Engineering grads get ready for the future with “Technopreneurship”

Dean Engr. Dany C. Molina continually plans for the future of the College of Engineering.

One of the reasons why it is not so difficult for CPU graduates to find a job despite the economic crunch nowadays is that Centralians are known to be competent because they are trained in an excellent academic institution. Word of mouth has it that Centralians are preferred by some local companies. It is also known that several foreign employers have hired many of Centralians due to the fact that they fit into the manpower requirement.

The same answer is heard on why the CPU Placement Office regularly holds job fairs in the University. Companies in Manila and elsewhere in the country call up Central Philippine University to inquire on the availability of our graduates.

Engr. Dany C. Molina, Dean College of Engineering, observed that graduates of the College of Engineering must not only be technically trained but must also have other skills and knowledge that will make them competitive. Because of this, the College of Engineering added a timely and relevant subject to their curriculum – “Technopreneurship.”

“Technopreneurship” may be a new term that can be heard from Dean Molina, but this is the title of the subject that was added to the College of Engineering curriculum — in all Engineering courses starting next school year 2018-2019.  Engineering and other “techo-student” used to land on technical jobs after graduation, but in the current trend of our society, certain professionals particularly engineers are inclined to put up their own firm. Thus, our graduates need to be trained in entrepreneurship.

“Technopreneurship” is an integral part of our society now. Central Philippine University has seen this and is now readying its graduates by complementing technical courses with business subjects.

Prof. Libo-on visits Fukuoka University in Japan

Prof. Libo-on taught Globalization to Fukuoka University students.

With the aim of promoting stronger ties with educational institutions throughout the world – Prof. Rowena M. Libo-on, Director of the CPU Transnational Programs went to Fukuoka University in Japan as a foreign visiting professor on August 7-11, 2017.

Prof. Rowena lectured about Globalization to Japanese students. Globalization is important in the free movement of ideas and information. Her visit to Fukuoka University is CPU’s commitment to globalize cultural and academic learnings as an important factor in establishing educational and cultural ties with other schools abroad.

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