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Weekly Centralian Link (April 7, 2017)

CPU Elementary School celebrates its 88th Recognition and Graduation Program

Come and walk by my side – 2 Corinthians 5:7, celebrating the goodness and guidance of the Lord throughout the years, the Central Philippine University Elementary School held its 88th Recognition and Graduation Program at the Rose Memorial Auditorium on April 5 and 7, 2017 respectively.

CPU Elementary School Batch 2017 singing their graduation song “I Know The Plans”.

During the Recognition Program, best performing students were recognized from 1st to 6th grade. The event aimed to recognize the effort and hard work of the students and their parents for a fruitful academic year.

Here at last – CPU Elementary graduates crowd the Rose Memorial Audituriom on Graduation Day.

For the Words of Welcome during the graduation ceremonies, CPU President Dr. Teodoro C. Robles congratulated the graduates and their parents, encouraging them to continue living a life of excellence as they embark a new chapter of their life. He also thanked the parents for their trust and confidence in CPU for their children’s education.

CPU President Dr. Teodoro C. Robles thanks students, faculty, teachers and parents for the fruitful academic year. 

Guest Speaker, Dr. Ma. Gemma Victoria P. Trasporto, 1978 CPUES alumna, shared her experience as a CPU elementary student. “I have so many fond memories here in CPU. In first grade, I remember Ma’am Contreras being very patient with us. I remember watching the first Star Wars movie and I also remember 39 years ago wearing a pink dress, here at Rose Memorial Auditorium attending my graduation.”

CPU President Dr. Teodoro C. Robles gives cash award to Danielle Virl L. Idemne for being one of the recepients of the The Outstanding Students of Iloilo Awards.

Dr. Trasporto also spoke about the importance of character in gaining success in life by sharing the story of Joseph in the bible. “In Genesis 37, the bible tells the story of Joseph the dreamer.  Joseph, in the midst of trials and challenges kept himself upright and trusted God with all his being. His relationship with the Lord revealed who Joseph really was. And it is the same with us. The character of a person matters, it will determine your success in life – it will help you make the right choices.”

Dr. Irving Domingo L. Rio gives Renelyn Faith S. Gabucay who graduated with High Honors her elementary certificate.

CPU President Dr. Teodoro C. Robles led the confirmation of graduates, during the distribution of elementary certificates he was assisted by Prof. Janet P. Jaco, Acting Principal of CPUES together with Miss Ruth G. Fernandez, University Registrar and Dr. Carmen P. Santos, CPUES Consultant.

Graduation Speaker, Dr. Ma. Gemma Victoria P. Trasporto inspired graduation to value character over success.

155 Elementary students received their elementary certificates; 30 students from Grade VI Excel headed by Mrs. Mary Ann L. Saladar, 30 students from Grade VI Faith with Mrs. Melani S. Valencia as Adviser, 32 students from Grade VI Joy with Mrs. Rachel B. Albestor as Adviser, 32 students from Grade VI Hope headed by Mr. Bernaldo B. Villareiz and 31 students from Grade VI Love with Mrs. Ruchelle Kay P. Agrazada as Adviser.

Proud father, Edwin Laru-an accompanies his son as he receives his Recognition Award.

In behalf of the graduates, Renelyn Faith S. Gabucay and Danielle Virl L. Idemne who both graduated with High Honors made responses for their batch. Gabucay thanked her parents and teachers for the wonderful six year stay at CPUES she also encouraged her batch to continue dreaming and excelling for the glory of God. “We may be miles apart but we will always be in one purpose as we dare to dream. I know that the Lord works out for the purpose and good of every one of us.”

Idemne, TOSIA Awardee 2017 and CPUES Alumni Awardee, on the other hand shared that though the graduates will embark on a new challenge, the Grace of God will always be with them. “Your prayers have been important to me. Leaving this chapter of my life is a challenge but just as what Samuel 84:11 says: For the Lord God is a sun and shield: the Lord will give grace and glory: no good thing will he withhold from them that walk uprightly. God will be with us and there is no reason to fear.”

The Elementary Alumni Pledge was headed by Atty. Noel C. Siosan Jr., 1992 CPUES alumnus and the current auditor of the CPUAAI while the Prayer and Benediction was led by Rev. Roger T. Quimpo, Associate Pastor for Outreach.

CPU holds Honors and Awards Ceremony for Elementary Pupils

The Honors and Awards for deserving pupils of the Central Philippine University Elementary School were given on April 6, 2017 at 2:00PM at the Rose Memorial Auditorium. Awardees were with their proud parents in the processional.

Rev. Francis Neil G. Jalando-on, Acting Director, Office of Communications led the Opening Prayer, which was followed by the Pambansang Awit conducted by Danielle Marie B. Abelarde of the CPU Elementary school.

Dr. Irving Domingo L. Rio, inspired the pupils, parents and guests on the values of achievement. Vice President for Academic Affair Rio said, “To be recognized for a meritorious achievement is a psychological need. CPU recognizes this that’s why we give awards to students excelling in different areas – sports, academics, leadership, eloquence and others. Congratulations to parents who are instruments of God in guiding these precious gifts to a life of excellence, and more so towards spiritual maturity. We pray that these students will become productive individuals later on in life.”

Among those presented to the recipients are Scholarships/Incentive (cash) Awards from different benefactors and entities; CPU RAFLUFFW Cash Incentive Award, and the CPU Faculty Association Academic Excellence Award.

The following are the Academic Awardees from Grades 1 to 6 — First and Second Honors, and with Highest Honors (the complete list is in the Elementary Department)

Grade I – First Honors, Sunn Gyann Mae S. Alog; Second Honors, Jaden B. Real

Grade  II – First Honors, Mc Christopher C. Hermosura; Second Honors, Charmae B. Limbungan

Grade III – First Honors, Cresa Alexandra Y. Cuenca; Second Honors, Benjamin Israel O. Fuentespina

Grade IV – First Honors, Daina Elyza M. Cenal; Second Honors, Kent Alfe E. Alvarez

Grade V – First Honors, Moses John C. Hermosura; Second Honors, Francis Emmanuel O. Fuentespina

Grade VI – With High Honors: Renelyn Faith S. Gabucay, Danielle Virl L. Idemne

Special Award was also presented to Danielle Virl L. Idemne as One of the Ten Most Outstanding Elementary Pupils in Iloilo. Other Specials Awards were given in many different disciplines and grade levels. Athletes were also awarded Sports Awards as well as Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, and Boys and Girls Brigade./CAN

BSN Class 77 donates to CPU for Nursing Virtual Laboratory

CNAHS Dean Mrs. Lily Lynn V. Somo is all smiles as Mrs. Daisy Gensaya Jimenea (2nd from left) and Mrs. Emelyn “Chiquit” Uytiepo Armonio (3rd from left) College of Nursing batch 1977 present the check to CPU President Dr. Teodoro C. Robles

Forty years after their graduation, the College of Nursing batch 1977 held one its frequent reunions last February 2017. They also attended the re-dedication of the Loreto D. Tupaz Building last February 3, 2017. In the said reunion, they decided to donate for the soon to be constructed 5-million Virtual Laboratory of the College of Nursing.

Led by two batchmates, Mrs. Emelyn “Chiquit” Uytiepo Armonio, and Mrs. Daisy Gensaya Jimenea (a current faculty of the College of Nursing and Allied Health Sciences – CNHAS), they presented a check amounting to P292,704.29 to CPU President Dr. Teodoro C. Robles, and CNAHS Dean Mrs. Lily Lynn V. Somo. Chiquit explained that the donated fund was their surplus money from a reunion that they had ten years ago. When their batch heard of the plan to have a Virtual Laboratory, they exchanged communications through social media and finally decided to donate the entire extra fund. Only about 30 out of the 150 batchmates are in the Philippines; the rest are working abroad. In addition, one of their classmates, Mrs. Ann Catedrilla Seisa, pledged to donate 1 million pesos for the project.

Dean Somo and Prof. Jimenea explained that the Nursing Virtual Laboratory will provide simulation of various nursing procedures such as IV therapy, parenteral medications, for patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), and others. They expounded that this is part of the Outcome-based education (OBE) curriculum. This will surely prepare students and develop their skills, depicting real life situations, before doing it on actual patients. It will be a facility that will have doll simulators, IV virtual laboratory monitors, and camera for other students to watch how procedures are being done while in another room. With this Virtual Laboratory, CPU students will be able to practice their delivery of health care and errors will be minimized on real patients.

CPU HS student is 2017 TOSIA Awardee

Jerez receiving his award as one of the Ten Outstanding Boy Scouts of the Philippines.

Centralian Excellence – Jethro Mark G. Jerez, a grade 10 Special Science Class (SSC) CPU High School student is an awardee of the Ten Outstanding Students of Iloilo Awards (TOSIA). The award was given at Robinson’s Iloilo on March 19, 2017.

Jerez garnered the TOSIA Leader award which is given to a student who has exemplified outstanding leadership qualities in service to his school and to his community. He is part of the TOSIA Circle of Five, chosen from among the finalist.

In 2016, Jerez was adjudged as one of the Ten Outstanding Boy Scouts of the Philippines at the Philippine International Convention Centre on October 14, 2016.

CPU High School has been awarded as one of the TOSIA Elite for its dedication in producing excellent students throughout the years.

The CPU Junior High School received the TOSIA Elite, an award given to schools for its remarkable and consistent performance in honing outstanding students in Iloilo for five consecutive years.

CPU Junior High School – in high spirits

The CPU High School Gym is covered with the buzzing energy and enthusiasm of CPU HS students.

The campus parade at 8:00AM (April 4), opened this year’s CPU High School Day, even as the Intramurals from March 28 to 31 is over. There was streetdance, and acapella contests in the afternoon from 1:00 to 2:00PM at the High School Gym, and Basketball Game for Boys at 3:00 PM.

High School life is one of the most memorable stages of an individual.

With much cheering from their fans, Girlbands and Boybands played in the morning of April 5 at 9:00AM; Basketball Boys and Basketball Girls Championships at 10:00 AM and 1:00PM, respectively.

CPU High School students flashes a smile during the Opening Parade.

The highlights on Thursday, April 6 included Mr. & Ms Campus Figure at 8:00 AM, Hiphop at 1:00PM and the Battle of the Bands at 3:00PM. The newly-crowned Mr. CPU Junior High School is Douglas Alabe (G8-Gumamela), and Miss Campus Figure 2017 is Glea Hope Clave (G9-Ipil-Ipil). The venue of the events is at the CPU High School Gym in front of the High School Building.

High School Day in High School Life

The newly-crowned Campus Figures, Mr. Douglas Alabe (G8-Gumamela) and Ms. Glea Hope Clave (G9-Ipil-Ipil).

For most, the High School period is the  most enjoyable period in one’s life after the intermediate school, and before one proceeds to college.  Or for now, the most memorable time before Senior High (Grades 11 & 12). What could not be forgotten is during recess period; we spent it with classmates and real “BFF”. You couldn’t spend your time alone in High School – and even when if you try to, you are still together with classmates during your outreach, field trips, proms and graduation. Even your teacher sometimes become your best friend – a long and lasting person you can never forget.

What about working on a group project, study periods, Boy Scout’s and Girls Scout’s campings, other organizations and sports teams; dormitory, canteen, library, dining hall – and even the mall? It seems that you are always together when you are in High School, and nothing can separate you with classmates and friends. All of these make life memorable in High School (oh, your first crush?).

Remembering that Special Day

CPU HS  Principal, Asst. Professor Janet S. Jalbuena, has been serving CPU High School with energy and enthusiasm.

For Asst. Professor Janet S. Jalbuena, Central Philippine University High School Principal, the High School Day is the most expected, special day for all CPU High school students. In this I.T. age, what they had during her time as a High School student may never be the same with the current bunch of High School. But the enjoyment and “glee” in their heyday comes back every High School Day.

The CPU High School Day is a booster for high school students who strive for both the academic and the extra-curricular activities. The 1,539 students in Junior High School make this years’ celebration more colorful – a compact of activities to be enjoyed in three days.

The faculty and staff, no less, are joining in the fun and fellowship with their students. Congratulations CPU Junior High!!! / by Cyrus A. Natividad

CPU Holds Department Fire Drills

In line with the celebration of the Fire Prevention Month and with the aim of promoting student safety and awareness, Central Philippine University with the Iloilo Bureau of Fire conducted several fire drill inspections in its different departments namely: CPU Kindergarten on March 3, 2017, CPU Elementary on March 10, 2017, Weston Hall Women’s Dormitory on March 9, 2017, College of Engineering on March 24, 2017 and CPU High School on March 29, 2017.

Iloilo Bureau of Fire briefing the CPU faculty and staff before the fire drill.

Objectives of the fire drill included: to give the faculty, staff and students an opportunity to practice emergency procedures in a simulated but safe environment, to determine whether the CPU Community can understand and can carry out emergency duties, to Evaluate effectiveness of evacuation procedures and to comply with the requirements of the Bureau of Fire Protection.

CPU Students doing first aid simulations.

With the theme “Buhay at Ari-arian ay Pahalagahan, Ibayong Pag-iingat sa Sunog ay sa Sariling Pamayanan Simulan”, SFO2 Antonio Escobido, Jr. of the Iloilo City Fire Station who led the team of fire fighters in the conduct of the fire drills taught TPASS and ARM to CPU faculty and staff.

CPU Elementary School students evacuates at the CPU Basketball Court during the fire drill simulation.

What to do in case of FIRE? / Upon discovery of FIRE.

The drill includes using firehouse to put out the fire.

TPASS in using the Fire Extinguisher:

CPU staff uses the TPASS mode in using the fire extinguisher.     

  1. Twist the pin
  2. Pull the pin
  3. Aim the nozzle to the base of fire
  4. Squeeze the lever/trigger
  5. Sweep side to side

Discipline is a crucial in responding to emergencies.

Remember ARM:

Safety First – CPU Kindergarten reenacting what to do in a fire emergency.

  1. Announce the exact location of the fire, “SHOUT “FIRE” AND ITS EXACT LOCATION”.

Alarm the sound system, fire alarm, bell or any distinctive sound which everyone will know there is fire.

Alert everyone by calling/informing the people around (CPU Fire Brigade). Immediately call the BFP.

CPU staff ready to respond during the firedrill at Weston Hall.

  1. React  – have presence of mind/know what to do in a systematic manner.

Respond – do your tasks and responsibilities/ do not run but act quickly.

Remove – evacuate or remove any victim quickly.

Report – report all information you know: the victims, etc., as you leave the place, do the

head count  who is missing, who was injured, etc.

Officer from the Ilolio Bureau of Fire giving instructions to CPU staff during the fire drill.

  1. Management – proper management of students or all evacuees from classrooms,

CPU faculty carries studing during a rescue simulation.

laboratories and offices towards  evacuation area and proper management of Incident Command.

CPU students being oriented with the fire drill.

The CPU Fire Brigade Organization is headed by the Fire Chief, Vice President Florence Bogacia during office hours, and Vice President for Student Affairs, Rev. Joniel Howard Gico during non-office hours. The Assistant Fire Chief is Mr. Jonathan Tumalay. The following are the teams and team leaders under the Fire Chief: Communication and Media Relations – Rev. Francis Neil G. Jalando-on; Evacuation – Pastor James Peter Transporto; Medical/First Aid – Mr. Jojee Roy Juarez; Search and Rescue – Prim Vergara III; Security and Traffic – Mr. Jonathan Tumalay; Fire Fighting Team – Engr. Rhett Allan Baldonado.

CPU Junior High Moving up will be on April 21

It will be the first time the Junior High School of Central Philippine University will have a Moving Up Ceremony instead of a Graduation Ceremony this year. The students will receive Certificates of Completion, instead of High School Diplomas during the ceremony on April 21, 2017.

Central Philippine University started implementing the Senior High School (part of the K-12 Educational System –Grades 11 and 12) as prescribed by the Department of Education (DepEd).  Upon completion of the Junior High School, the student must enroll in Senior High School before proceeding to college. He or she may choose from among the General Academic Strand (GAS) that Central Philippine University offers such as medical, business, information technology, arts, etc./CAN

“Pasidungog” – a free sending off concert for all graduating students

Central Philippine University and the CPU Alumni Association, Inc. with the participation of the Cultural Affairs Office will hold a FREE CONCERT honoring our 2017 Graduates and their parents on May 5, 2017, 5:30 PM, at Rose Memorial Auditorium. Dubbed “PASIDUNGOG” the concert features our alumna MS. KATCHRY JEWEL S. GOLBIN, CPU A.B. English Class 2016 (a.k.a. ALIENETTE COLDFIRE) AND 3RD Place, FRANCE GOT TALENT 2016, showcasing the creations of another alumna MS. AUDRY ROSE DUSARAN ALBASON, CPU  Kinder 1992, Elem. 1998, HS202, BSN 2007, MAN 2010. She is the only Filipino invited in the Oxford Fashion Studio Paris Collection AW 2017 in Paris, France./ CLink


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