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Weekly Centralian Link (April 28, 2017)

CPU hosts 29th SIGA 2017

By Keziah G. Huelar

The SSEAYP delegates with CPU President, Dr. Teodoro C. Robles.

Showcasing the best of Iloilo, Central Philippine University hosted the international visit and gala dinner of the Ship for Southeast Asian and Japanese Youth Program International General Assembly 2017 at the Rose Memorial Auditorium on April 27, 2017.

The program was attended by SSEAYP delegates from Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Brunei Darussalam, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar and Cambodia.

The CPU College of Hospitality and Management greeted the guests.

In his welcome remarks, CPU President, Dr. Teodoro C. Robles welcomed the guest to Iloilo and to the university, he shares that the event is a venue for fostering stronger linkages across the ASEAN region. “This is a night of interacting with one other and learning about each other’s culture – a night of celebrating friendships across the ASEAN regions.”

A colorful token from Thailand.

CPU talents such as the Sari-Saot and others entertained delegates to a treat of dance and song performances throughout the night. Delegates also enjoyed a variety of Ilonggo cuisine prepared by the CPU College of Hospitality and Management.

An exchange of tokens between CPU and Singapore.

After the dinner, there was an exchange of token and gifts between CPU faculty and staff and delegates as well as with the head delegates of participating countries and CPU President, Dr. Teodoro C. Robles.

CPU President, Dr. Teodoro C. Robles giving his welcome remarks.

In response, the SSEAYP delegates thanked CPU for the hosting SIGA 2017. Participants to the program are hoping for stronger economic and social ties between the ASEAN regions, more cross-cultural exchanges for cultural awareness and preservation is  sought for.

SSEAYP delegates in their cultural presentation.

SSEAYP is an educational and cultural exchange between the participating countries, it is an annual program sponsored by the Japanese Government Cabinet Office and supported by the member-countries of ASEAN. It gathers together more than 300 youth all over the ASEAN region providing them with the opportunity to live together on board the ship Nippon Maru for over 40 days.

CPU Dance Troupe Sari-Saot entertains SSEAYP guests through a dance presentation.

CESLC and OIA conduct Service Learning Seminar

By Keziah G. Huelar

With the aim of developing the quality of academic participation in its outreach programs, CPU Community Engagement and Service Learning Center (CESLC) in partnership with the Office of Institutional Advancement (OIA) conducted a Service Learning Seminar at the Knowledge Development Center, Ground Floor, Henry Luce III Library on April 21, 2017.

Service Learning is a mix of academic study and application in the community. It aims to expose students to the practical contribution of their learnings outside the classroom and to improve the learning modules of teachers as they create a more responsive subject guideline.

Mr. Levi De Los Santos Jr., Director of the CESLC, lectured on the Five Stages of Service Learning namely: (1) Inventory and Investigation, (2) Preparation and Planning, (3) Action, (4) Reflection and (5) Demonstration. According to him, the importance of service learning is not all about extension but about students and teachers learning the process of creating changes in the community.

He also lectured about the crucial role of Reflection and Journaling. Documentation is a crucial part of Service Learning as it records developments and gives a venue for reflection and evaluation of the academic and practical process of community and classroom engagement.

Participants of the program included faculty and staff of the different CPU colleges.

CPU has Gold in Ramil Salarda

Centralian Pride Ramil Salarda garnered gold in taekwando for CPU in Palarong Pambansa.

On the 4th day of the Palarong Pambansa in  Antique, High School Centralian Ramil Salarda gets a gold medal for winning first in the Taekwando competition. Salarda finds his way to victory once he joined the West Visayas Regional Athletic  Association contingent. He aimed for this opportunity, and through guts and determination was able to overcome his opponent.

Salarda owes his strength and endurance from years of consistent Training in Taekwando while diligently going to school and  learning endurance and discipline during practice at the gym.

Ramil Salarda who hails from the municipality of San Miguel, Iloilo is a Senior High School student at Central Philippine University. He is a Varsity player of CPU and a member of the Iloilo Kyorugi Team.

Before winning in this year’s Palarong Pambansa, Salarda is a  Bronze Medalist in Palarong Pambansa 2015 and 2016.

CAN- with update from Gibbs Geromiano Caluba/CPU Sports Office

7 Lessons from the National games

By Rev. Francis Neil G. Jalando-on

Rev. Jalando-on coach of the CPU Golden Lions Table Tennis Team with his athletes. The Women+s Team bagged the Bronze medal, and Kimberly Solocasa placed 3rd in the Singles Event.

The National PRISAA games in Iba, Zambales from April 23 to 28, 2017 has taught me a lot of lessons. Let me share to you 7 things that I have learned.

The WVPRISAA Sepak Takraw Team mostly from CPU is the National PRISAA 2017 champion under Coach Keith Dune Gallos. Gallos was awarded the Best Coach of the Sepak Takraw tournament.

First, you play with the venue that you are given.

Athletes may have been practicing in conducive venues in their respective schools but when you play in a competition like the National PRISAA you cannot expect the venue to be like that of your school. For example, the Table Tennis tables are not at par with the international standard tables that CPU has. The playing area is open; the wind is breezing anytime, and sun glare is a distraction. You just have to focus and play, and do not dwell in murmuring.

In some ways, this is the same with life. You may plan everything based on your expectations but life oftentimes has a way of ruining your plans. You just have to adjust and go on.

Second, you play in any weather condition.

The intensity of the heat in Iba, Zambales is so high that you can probably cook an egg in a frying pan. Athletes here have to drink twice or thrice as much as their regular intake in order not to be dehydrated. Everyone is wishing that they could have played in air-conditioned areas.

Life is the same. It is not always fair weather. Everyone has to brave the heat of life, or has to navigate the stormy relationships. Expect the unexpected in life and you will not be caught surprised.

After a very long time, the CPU Football Team under Coach Bob Rommel Javellana represented the WVPRISAA and brought home the Bronze medal.

Third, you play with the decisions of the referees.

There will always be bad calls coming from the referees. There are widespread reports that most referees were newbies and just undergone a seminar days before the event. This will surely account to the many non-calls during crunch time. But athletes and coaches should take account of this because the referee´s decision is final. Momentum and morale can be broken because of inutile officiating, but then the game must go on. Athletes should rise above it.

Western Visayas Boys Athletics Team is the champion in the 2017 National PRISAA.

Life is unfair and that is a reality. There are many people who got away and are getting away with their “crime.” But this should not deter us in doing good. Galatians 6:9 reminds us not to be weary and lose heart — “Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.”

Fourth, you play with the schedules that are posted.

Athletes and coaches cannot demand on what schedule their team should play. Some would play here early in the morning, and some late at night. If your schedule is in the middle of the day, then you must brave the heat and play.

In life, time waits for no one. Planet Earth will just continue turning 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. We need to be productive and efficient people with the time given to us by God. At the end of the day, let us ask ourselves if we have contributed something that will make our world a better place to live in.

Congratulations to the Western Visayas Athletics Team led by CPU Golden Lion Coach Lester Cayabyab! National PRISAA 2017 WV Athletics Team Men – Champion, WV Athletics Team Women – Champion, WV Athletics Team Boys – Champion, WV Athletics Team Girls – Champion. 

Fifth, you play with the lots that that you have drawn.

For seeded teams, you are assured of separate brackets. But for non-seeded teams, you just draw the lots and hope that you will land in a weak bracket. If not, then you will be assured of early elimination. But the attitude of players should not be based on what bracket you are in. If you happen to land in a higher seed bracket, then make use of the opportunity to learn from high caliber opponents.

WVPRISAA Badminton Men´s Team, composed of mainly CPU Golden Lions players, and led by Coach Mikko Nacesvalencia bagged the Silver Medal in the 2017 National PRISAA.

In life, we are born in this world without our consent. We cannot choose on whose family we are born into. But this should not be a hindrance. Life is what we make it. If you happen to be born in a poor family, then strive hard not just to survive but to excel. If you are born in a rich family, then it is your privilege to help the poor by sharing your blessings, and not squandering it on vices.

Sixth, you play with the opponents that their regions have sent.

A team cannot stand and just point their finger to another team that they want to play. You cannot choose your opponents. You just have to play to your strength and hopefully win.

We are not alone in this world. We exist with other people. Some may like you, and some may hate you. But all of us are competitors in one way or another. We all want to succeed. We just need identity our strengths and gifts, and use it to succeed in life.

The CPU Golden Lions softball teams regains their golden crown against Davao in the finals of the National PRISAA 2017.

Seventh, you play within the rules.

All games have rules. If you violate the rules, then you will be given a foul and then pay the consequence by adding a point to your opponent, a deduction or through a free throw or penalty kick. Athletes must know the rules and abide with it.

In life we need rules and boundaries. If there are no laws to regulate us, then it becomes the law of the jungle — only the fittest will survive. We have laws in our land but sad to say many are bending it, or not following it. In sports, there are instant penalties, but in real life only a few are enforcing it. But more than this, our motivation in doing what is right is because it is right, and not because we will be penalized if we are not doing it.

Hopefully, these lessons from sports can help us in our lives.

Sharon: A Revolution of Faith

By Keziah G. Huelar

On April 7, 2017,  Filamer Christian University gave Rev. Sharon Rose Joy Ruiz-Duremdes the academic award of doctor honoris causa or honorary doctorate, Doctor of Pedagogy. In Photo: Rev. Dr. Sharon Rose Joy Ruiz-Duremdes is flanked by Dr. Pimentel, Dr. Cortel, Judge Nery Duremdes, and Dr. Chan (Photo Credits: Filamer Christian College).

A woman unfazed by the trials of the life is rare – such a feat is immortalized by her steady inclination to the Author of all things, her devotion to a cause greater than herself and her commitment to the things that go beyond her lifetime.

Rev. Sharon Rose Ruiz-Duremdez has inspired hundreds of Centralians.  Her work and ministry has led others to pursue the calling of living and leading for Christ.  A well-loved professor of the Central Philippine Univeristy College of Theology and a passionate servant of the Lord, her life is a testimony that the goodness of the Lord bestows favor and grace to those who put Him first.

In 1968, Rev. Sharon graduated in CPU with a degree of Bachelor of Arts in English, Magna Cum Laude. Her stay in CPU has molded her to become a woman of faith – passionate for serving the Lord and fervent in helping others. “My parents were teachers, they emphasized the importance academics but they wanted their children to be nurtured with Christian values first and foremost.”

Rev. Sharon became the third Centralian who became a part of the Ten Outstanding Students of the Philippines. Her heart for servant leadership has made her a true ministry worker. “During the TOSP interview, I was asked on what is my role and contribution as a citizen in the development of the society – I am still very much answering that question today.”

According to Rev. Sharon, apart from being an institution devoted to producing exemplary Christian graduates CPU is also a venue for developing friendships that last. “CPU is a place where there is deep closeness among faculty and students forged by respect and common love for the university. Sentimentally, the Central spirit is very much alive. If you graduated from CPU and met someone who also graduated from CPU, although you were from a different batch, there would be an immediate sense of brotherhood or sisterhood – a common way of understanding and looking at life the Centralian way.”

After graduation, Rev. Sharon volunteered as an overseas missionary of the Convention of Baptist Churches. She went to Semerarang, Indonesia and worked with Indonesian students. There she developed a deep fulfillment for sharing the gospel which became her definition of success.

Rev. Sharon entered the portals of the CPU College of Theology in 1973 after studying in Berkeley Divinity School in California, USA. In the college she found joy teaching young people about the word of God and encouraging them live their lives for the glory of the Lord. “It is in the area of theology that we develop a deep understanding of the truths of life. You will understand that the ministry is meant to be for others – it is faith training.”

Several people inspired her to be the woman she is today. The most notable of which are her parents and professors in CPU; “My father was an educator. He encouraged me to develop my ability of expressing what I am thinking. On the other hand, my mother helped me in understanding other people and caring for them. My mother was a very passionate Christian, she told me that to have a deeper meaning of life one has to serve the Lord.”

Another person who helped her develop her potential is Dr. Elisa Griño, the Head of the English Department of the CPU College of Arts and Science. “I was impressed with the way Dr. Griño communicated with other people. She encouraged me to excel and to further develop my mastery of the English language.”

An advocacy close to her heart, Rev. Sharon shares that it is the upliftment of women in ministry, work and society that moves her to action. According to her it is vital that women learn about themselves and identify themselves as someone who has a significant contribution to society. “Women need to discover their God given gifts and talents. My work with women has brought me to communities. There I saw the necessity for me to divest my attention to the plight of women. There is a lot to be done.”

Seeing the victims of an unlivable society, Rev. Sharon forged a revolution against inequality. “Every person is worthy of human dignity. Before I engaged in my advocacy I realized three things: first, I should have a very clear vision of the future and I should draw people to that particular vision. Second, I should be making life livable for others through my talents, abilities and skills. And last, for my advocacy to be successful, I should empower others to join me.”

Rev. Sharon shares that it is not easy to engage in advocacy work, she has encountered a lot of challenges along the way but it is her fervent obedience to her the calling God gave her that made her persevere. “When you engage in an advocacy like this you won’t have many friends. You have to speak the truth, when you do this people who are in power will be threatened because they want to stay in position – many people will not like you. You will have to go on survival mode.”

In her fight for others, she encountered persecution but remained consistent with her purpose. “I was persecuted and put in jail. But when people saw the consistency in my words and actions, the goodness of the Lord was manifested, others began seeing my side of the story – the grace of the Lord sustained me. Just like what Matthew 5:10-12 says: Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.  Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me .Rejoice and be glad, because great is your reward in heaven, for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you.

Rev. Sharon’s greatest joy is seeing younger people respond to God’s calling in their lives. As a theologian educator it is the passion of her students in learning and pursuing the word of God that gives her fulfillment. “Seeing younger people say to me: You make a lot of sense, always brings joy to my heart.”

Short notes on the summer heat

By Cyrus A. Natividad

It’s the hottest day we have this week, and hoping that our athletes at the PRISAA in Iba, Zambales, and at the Palarong Pambansa in Antique are not so badly affected. Just as we pray for your victories, we ask God to lower down the degree of heat which we guess to be at a high of 30 to 40 degrees celsius.

The summer period has remarkably changed into a harmful season, unless we are consciously on guard for the effect of heat on our skin; worse for people who have high blood pressures and them who are not used to drinking a lot of water. The terrible heat strikes anytime of the day – for many weeks now. It eventually prevails in the evening. I go for the open air outside of our home with a glass of cold water and contemplate. Thank heavens – for many years we survived the heat. My mind intruded into the scientific theory of fire at the center of the earth; quite imaginative and jokingly I thought if hell could possibly be there.

We recall many things and experiences with this kind of season.  What I remember was a trip to Boracay on a non-airconditioned bus. We didn’t catch up the AC trip that left an hour ago.  In the trip was a Dutch tourist who reminded everyone that “Hell is nowhere but here on earth!..and adding that “let me go down! this bus is a moving hell!” (chuckle..sweat coming down our cheeks …uncontrolled laughter at the back).

Somehow I long for moments in time (when I was a student). We go for the Eskimo, the coolest bar –downtown in Iloilo City. Actually, a snack bar serving delights and ice cream varieties. You’re already chilled with your Five Pesos (5.00) during that time; comes with sidings of cookies and candies.

On the other hand, there were those who would steal for a hot bowl of Lapaz batchoy (also trending during that time). But the `real thing’ really during those long summer seasons of the 70’s, was the ice-cold Coke! Almost the same still, but now it seems that Coke tastes different from what we used to enjoy.

Anyway to overcome the summer heat, I recommend plain drinking water without ice. Going out without a headgear or umbrella may not be a good thing to do. Take a bath  at least twice a day and stay indoor if there is no urgent matter to go out for. Indulge in fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C.

Now seriously, this phenomenon we call `Climate Change’ is uncontrollable unless every nation, every person here on earth work in cooperation with one another for preventive action. It is dependent on our attitude and respect to God’s creation that we can possibly turn back the twist of time. We can help in the preservation of nature, this beautiful world that God has created for all of us.

CPU Congratulates New Electrical Engineers

The CPU College of Engineering congratulates Joval Earl Ibañez Barcinal, Jett Belandres Tabuada and Charles AC Mezoval Casandra Tomo for passing the Electrical Engineers Licensure Examination this April 2017.

In the said examination, CPU garnered a national passing average of 44.92%. This year 994 out of 2,213 successfully passed the Electrical Engineer Licensure Examinations, the examinations took place in Manila, Baguio, Cagayan De Oro, Cebu, Davao, Iloilo, Legazpi, Lucena and Tacloban.

Singing Councilors

Atty.Councilor Joshua Alim

Attorney Josua C. Alim will sing with Atty. Plaridel Nava during the Pasidungog 2017 concert of Katchry Jewel S. Golbin and Creative Designer Audrey Rose Albason Dusaran on May 5, 2017, 5:30 PM at the CPU Rose Memorial Auditorium. Both Centralian lawyers are members of the City Council. Alim however is a member of the CPU Alumni Association Board of Directors.

Atty. Plaridel Nava

Alim and Nava are known in Iloilo City as the `Singing Councilors’; more often invited to sing in public gatherings and social functions. This must be the reason why they maintain loyal constituents and have always won as City Councilors for years.

Atty. Alim will also perform a duet with the celebrity during the concert./CAN

Summer back to school

Student Assistants help facilitate Summer Enrollment for students at the CPU Alumni Promenade and Concert Park.

It +s amazing to realize that enrollment for summer in CPU has reached 4656, with College achieving the highest enrolees of 4428. Post Graduate and Pre-Collegiate enrolees have 169 and 59, respectively. Enrollment started on April 20, and ended up on April 28.

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