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Weekly Centralian Link (April 21, 2017)

United Board Approves Project Grants for CPU

With the mission of “Whole Person Education”, the United Board for Christian Higher Education in Asia has approved institutional grants for three projects proposed by Central Philippine University (CPU) for the academic year 2017-2018. The grant agreement was officially signed by CPU President Teodoro C. Robles, Ph.D. on April 12, 2017 at the CPU Administration Conference Room.

One of the projects is “Service–Learning Module on Inclusive Education for Elementary Schools” spearheaded by the CPU College of Education under the leadership of Dean Merle L. Junsay, Ed.D.. The college will collaborate with the CPU Elementary School and Jaro I Elementary School for a service-learning program on inclusive education. The project will provide experiential learning to CPU Special Education (SpEd) students and encourage basic education schools to embrace inclusive education. A comprehensive module will then be written and integrated into one of the BS SpEd subjects, particularly SpEd 325 (Inclusive Education).

Another project is “Values Education Module for Teaching and Conduct of Service Learning Seminars” to be led by Prof. Sharlene G. Gotico, Chairman, Department of Languages, Mass Communication and Humanities. The project aims to produce values education learning modules to help teachers become more effective in their teaching of Values Education and/or Religious Education and contribute to the production of modules for the classroom and the wider community. According to Prof. Gotico, their study of the Philippine Norms in the 19th century led them to initiate the study. “We realized that 19th century norms are still very much relevant today. Although times have changed with the introduction of social media, values such as courage, honesty, and others are very much considered important and we want to preserve and promote these moral values to develop the community.”

The third project is “Strengthening University Leadership through Basic Supervisory Training”.  It is for a basic supervisory training for all unit heads. Topics will include, among others, planning, motivating, delegating, employee discipline, resolving conflict and providing feedback. Strengthening of university leadership will benefit unit heads and, ultimately, the students. The two-year period when enrollment is low due to the implementation of senior high school is an opportune time for unit heads to participate in such training. Modules will be written out to facilitate the workshops and help sustain the effort.

The United Board is a non-governmental organization committed to education that develops the whole person – intellectually, spiritually, and ethically. It draws strength from its Christian identity and values and its collaboration with Asian colleges and universities.  It prepares individuals for lives of professional and personal fulfillment and meaningful service in community with others.  The United Board holds office in New York and HongKong.

CPU High School Holds Recognition and Awards Program

CPU Boy Scouts leading the processional.

With the end of a successful academic year, Central Philippine University High School held its Recognition and Awards day at the Rose Memorial Auditorium on April 19 and 20, 2017 respectively.

During the recognition ceremony, In behalf of CPU President Dr. Teodoro C. Robles, Vice President for Academic Affairs DrIrving Domingo Riogave the words of welcome and inspirational message. He congratulated the awardees and their parents and encouraged the students pursue the path of Christian excellence as taught to them by CPU.

Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Irving Domingo Rio giving the words of welcome and inspirational message.

Awards for Literary-Musical, Academic, Journalism, Scouting Awards and Special Awards, Sports and Athletics were given out.

One of the notable awards given to CPU High School is the TOSIA Elite School given by the JCI Regatta Iloilo Chapter to schools who have produced TOSIA Awardees for five consecutive years.

The awardees with their parents.

Awardees include:

Jethro Mark G. Jerez – Ten Outstanding Students of Iloilo (TOSIA) Awardee, TOSIA Leader and one of the Ten Outstanding Boy Scouts of the Philippines.

On the other hand during the awards program, presentation of honors and distribution of awards were conducted.  The following students got High Honors:

Grade 8 – Mark Aaron O. Baylon

Grade 9 – Karen Joy S. Oscares and Arianne Leigh D. Segovia

Grade 9 (Regular Class) – Tracy Jeay B. Canaman, Honey H. Parreño, Gabriel Venz V. Badilles, Aubrey C. Villarete, Lucas Gerard G. Arañador and Mark H. Jutare

Grade 10 (Regular Class) – Christian Philip S. Jimeno, Roy Vincent C. Genogaling, Jocel Grace B. Ruel, Jensen L. Golez, Rachel Angela G. Alonte, Gerlei Kay L. Falayas, Ma. Roshan Jia S. Lañosa, Clint Vincent M. Mecha, Lindsley Valerie D. Bonilla, Shannun P. Begaso, Marian Louise S. Sumbillo, Jamille V. Sucaldito, Lim Miriam P. David and Belle Therese B. Gamuza

CPU High School faculty and staff flash a smile as they bid the fruitful academic year adieu.

Leadership Awards given:

Gerry Roxas Leadership Award – Jethro Mark G. Jerez

USWAG Leadership Award – Marian Louise S. Sumbillo

The United Coconut Planters Award – Jethro Mark G. Jerez

Dr. and Mrs. Nelson A. Pomado Leadership Award – Jethro Mark G. Jerez and Marian Louise S. Sumbillo

Rotary Club of Jaro Centraline Youth Leadership Award – Jethro Mark G. Jerez

Excellence in Leadership and Scouting Award

Boy Scout – Eagle Scout Jethro Mark G. Jerez

BGB of the Philippines – CPU Chapter

(Girl) – Erika Ysobel S. Belgira

(Boy) – Christian Philip S. Jimeno

The High School Recognition and awards program is an event recognizing the hard work and efforts of the students, faculty and parents. Messages from the parents given Mrs. Gona Ruth Alonte and Mr. Gilbert A. Domingo were given as a response to the fruitful academic year.

Katchry Jewel returns

Centralian Pride Katchry Golbin will once again showcase her talent in the upcoming “Pasidungog”. 

If you were entertained by Katchry Golbin a.k.a. Alienette Coldfire, (3rd Placer, France Got Incredible Talent) in her last +dinner show+ at EMC- CPU last December 2016 (courtesy of the CPU Alumni Association), you will be excited to see her on May 5, 5:30 PM at the Rose Memorial Auditorium when she tandems her performance with CPU Cultural Groups, and with a special participation of Audrey Rose Dusaran-Albason –  the only Filipino Fashion Designer invited in the Oxford Fashion Studio AW 2017 in Paris, France.

Central Philippine University and the CPU Alumni Association, Inc., in collaboration with the CPU Cultural Affairs Office will honor the graduates of 2017 in a concert entitled “PASIDUNGOG”- a double treat presentation of Ms. Golbin and Ms. Albason. Once again Golbin will deliver some of her classic, heart rending songs in French and Tagalog -including J’avais Reve D’une Autre Vie (I Dream a Dream), and La Vie En Rose (with Creative Designs provided by A.R.Dusaran Albason).

Interestingly, Katchry will have a Duet number with our very own City Councilor and CPUAAI Board Member Atty. Joshua Alim. The CPU Sari-saot will dance to the Wing’s Sonata by Composer Marisa Montelibano. Other Intermissions will be a Phantom of the Opera Medley by the CPU Handbell Ringers; the CPU Excel Chorale, and a Theme Song from Beauty and the Beast – with Chris John de Guzman and Miguel Davao./ C.A. Natividad

CPU holds convocation for athletes going to the National PRISAA

CPU Golden Lions in a group picture before leaving for Iba, Zambales.

Most of the 100 plus athletes and coaches of the CPU Golden Lions gathered for a convocation on April 17, 2017 at the University Church. The CPU delegation is the biggest delegation representing Western Visayas PRISAA in the National PRISAA on April 23-28, 2017 at Iba, Zambales.

Sepak Takraw Coach, Pastor Keith Dune R. Gallos led the singing of praise songs that were enthusiastically sang by the group. CPU President Dr. Teodoro C. Robles inspired the athletes by telling them that it is already an honor and a privilege to land a spot in the National PRISAA competition. He reminded them that CPU is expecting them to play fairly and to the best of their ability. Winning the championship would just be an added bonus. Dr. Robles assured the athletes that the administration will continue to support the sports program of the University.

Vice President for Student Affairs, and at the same time, President of the WVPRISAA, Rev. Joniel Howard H. Gico gave the inspirational reflection based on the life prophet Jeremiah when he was called by God. Rev. Gico imparted three important lessons: First, be prepared. Second, continue on doing the task that God has given you. Third, put your whole trust in God. With these points, he encouraged everyone to show to whole country the talents coming from Region VI.

For the Closing Remarks, CPU Sports Director Atty. Alejandro Somo put in mind to the athletes and coaches that they must bring the Central Spirit wherever they go, and should not forget that they are bringing the name of CPU. He reiterated that all of them must have faith in God, and should continually look out for each other.

The convocation was ended by a dedicatory prayer led by the University Church Senior Pastor, Rev. Cris Amorsolo Sian.

The convocation leader was Rev. Francis Neil G. Jalando-on, CPU Table Tennis Coach.

CPU sends 2 English teachers to Korea

With the aim of strengthening educational and cultural ties, Central Philippine University sent two English teachers to Korea University of Media Arts. Kay Arden Q. Gallo, faculty of the College of Arts and Science and Carmelle Frances M. Romero, Executive Secretary to the President were sent under the faculty exchange program that will last from April 2017 to February 2018.

Ms.Romero enjoying the vista of cherry blossoms in Korea.

Gallo and Romero will be sharing their expertise teaching English to Korean students. They will also be imparting Filipino culture and promoting Central Philippine University as a center of excellence in the Philippines with regards to English training and proficiency.

Ms. Gallo, a faculty of the College of Arts and Science will be teaching English and at the same time promoting CPU at KUMA.

According to CPU President, Dr. Teodoro C. Robles, the faculty exchange program will enhance and widen CPU’s understanding of Korean culture and education.

Korea University of Media Arts is a partner university of CPU.

Centralian Sonza launches his 21st book

Hon. Demy P. Sonza has a passion for history and its preservation.

Twenty Seventeen of the Twenty First Century is another achievement year for Honorable Demy P. Sonza,Iloilo Provincial Board Member; Centralian leader, historian, and author. On Tuesday, April 18, 2017, Sonza’s 21st book – “Two Most Highly Decorated Filipino Soldiers in World War II: Jose C. Calugas and Ramon S. Subejano of Iloilo” was launched at the Casa Real De Iloilo (the old provincial capitol building).The launching was sponsored by the Office of Culture, Arts and Tourism-Iloilo Province.

Demetrio P. Sonza, fondly called Demy by his peers and circles at Central Philippine University is a prolific writer on any literary, historical, or social interests. Demy hails from the prestigious municipality of Sta. Barbara, Iloilo where the first Philippine Flag was raised outside Manila.

Sonza started working in CPU (mostly in publications and communications) at the office of First Filipino President Dr. Rex D. Drilon, another popular journalist.

Hold on to your dreams (For the graduates of 2017)

By: Cyrus A. Natividad

People would have rejected your ideas, laughed at your situation, and even stripped you out of whatever respect you have in the world. Maybe you have nothing left except only a dream that you can hold on to. The thing is that achievements and materials that come with it are never stronger than self-esteem. This value helps people who strongly believe in their own self-worth. You are now prepared to face the world!

There was a man who lived his life in borrowed suits. But he has done more than any other to create the clothes he could never afford to acquire. The man was Elias Howe who invented the sewing machine. Most of us know Alexander Graham Bell who invented the telephone. People laughed at his idea of bringing the human voice along the wire so that it could be heard for miles. Bell’s self-esteem was very strong, so that he stood against countless trials to realize his idea. People no longer laugh at Bell since his invention succeeded to influence the world. Thomas Alba Edison tested the light bulb more than a thousand times before he succeeded. These people believed in themselves; had consistent faith in God. They believed in their inventions and committed to its success with the help of God.

Noah and his ark continue to symbolize man’s commitment and trust in God. People in their inventions, advocacies and adventures became victorious, getting over the barriers and challenges because they believed the best reward is the belief in oneself coupled with the belief in God. The almighty God helps those who help themselves. Ideas result from reality and experience; the necessity done out of their painstaking observations, studies and analysis.

You are a product of an exemplary Christian  education which your Alma Mater – Central Philippine University is known for. Your School Graduation is a completion. Every completion is a new beginning – a so called commencement. Whatever belief you have in yourself is a great complement to what you have learned from your classroom.

Begin a new adventure with yourself. Criticism, intimidation and doubts will hold you back, unless you believe in yourself. You may listen to other people but follow yourself and hold on to your dreams. Sometimes intuition is better than suggestion – but it depends upon your faith. Faith is the antidote for fear.

Success comes with every acceptance you make. Consider that scarcity of good opportunities in our society is a reality. Don’t let this stop you from moving on to success – from abandoning your dream. Reality is that God knows what you will be, who you will become even before you were born. You may be faulted, blamed, slandered and disregarded, but see to it with steadfast determination that you realize your dream – through your commitment to God, your Creator and provider.

To the graduates of 2017, Congratulations and may God be with you!

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