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Francis Immanuel O. Fuentespina, with high honors, encourages the graduates to trust in the timing and purpose of God for their lives.

Dr. Teodoro C. Robles, our university President; Dr. Irving Domingo L. Rio; our Vice President for Academic Affairs; Ms. Ruth G. Fernandez, the university Registrar; Atty. Doriedel Gimotea Losañes, our distinguished guest speaker; Dr. Carmen P. Santos, H.D. (honoris causa), our basic education consultant; Pastor Cris A. Sian, Senior Pastor, University Church; Pastor Alfred C. Morales, Coordinator, Student Recruitment; to our ever dynamic and hardworking principal, Prof. Janet P. Jaco; Ms. Susan Herga, our beloved Assistant Principal; to our dear teachers; parents; fellow honorees and awardees, good morning.

In Jeremiah 29:11, God said: “For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future.”

Today marks the 89th graduation rites of the CPU Elementary Department, and once more, a fresh new batch of finishers will be sent off its portals on towards the different high schools in Iloilo to start a new chapter of their lives. Although many will still stay in CPU, many others will choose a different school for their desired campus. It is a bittersweet feeling to leave our Alma Mater.

For most of us, the six years of coming to school early, or beating the familiar sound of the Central Hymn every start of the period, the resounding voices of students echoing the hallways, the fun camps, cultural and talent shows, CEW’s, U-day or U-week celebrations, festival of lights, sports fests, summative tests, periodic exams, card-giving days, Family Day celebrations, daily classes with our beloved teachers, and even friendships—all these will come to pass, but the beautiful memories will always remain.

Some of us may find their best experiences in the CPU Elementary as we have slowly grown into better individuals—more learned, more knowledgeable, more mentally and emotionally developed and spiritually equipped, with the guidance and painstaking teachings of our advisers and subject teachers.

Though others may find heartaches in not achieving what they desire —where some may find some circumstances as unfair or difficult, or there are not so good relationships within the community—be reminded that the main objective is to not give up on your dreams, and to not believe that failure is permanent, or that there is a finish line to success.

I may not have some of what I wished to achieve, yet there are so many other good things that I have unexpectedly gained. Sometimes, we plan and work on things to reach a particular goal. It is good if we gain positive results, but sometimes better opportunities are given to those who have experienced failures because it motivates them even more not to give up in pursuing their dreams, and it makes them more appreciative of their achievements. Maybe because they are continually striving and working hard, but I would like to say more so, because it happens in God’s perfect will and perfect timing.

So learn what we can learn, in every lesson, and in every occasion, and in every experience. Use each learning to make ourselves better in the sight of God. God knows ultimately what is best for you and me.

So, today marks the culmination of several years of our hard work, of days of studying hard and learning our lessons, yet, let us not forget that even as we find ourselves in trying situations, we did enjoy many times and many moments in this school. It has been and will always be a part of our growing up years.

Today is a day of celebration, a recognition of our achievements and victories, of commemorating how we labored through and enjoyed our younger years. Through the help and guidance of our parents, the often unperceived hard work of our teachers and the nurturing atmosphere of our Alma Mater, finally, we have reached our initial goal.

May we all find ourselves under the guiding and protecting hands of our Lord, that our wisdom, knowledge, skills and talents, be used and directed for His ultimate glory. May the Holy Spirit be in us always, so that we can always approach God in prayer and expect for His righteous answers.

So in this moment of celebration, where achievements are recognized and honor is given to whom it is due, it is with great pleasure that I welcome you all to another milestone of the CPU Elementary Department.

Welcome, to the 89th graduation ceremonies of the CPU- Elementary Department for the academic year 2017-2018! Congratulations to us all, graduating students. May God bless us all, and Good Morning!

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