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By Cyrus A. Natividad

Resource speaker J. Galang lectures on Financial Literacy and Management at the University Church , CPU.

The University Church Board of Christian Education, and Deacons sponsored a free seminar on “Financial Solutions Today.” The seminar was held on August 25, 2018. Faculty, staff and retirees were invited to a financial literacy session conducted by a team from Nutriwealth Foundation School of Wealth and Wellness.

The seminar entitled “Building a Strong Financial Foundation” presented knowledge and ideas that are timely and helpful to employees, young people, and retirees. Resource speaker Jay Galang, founder and chairman of Nutriwealth, lectured on Value Chain Methodology.

Young people, faculty and staff and retirees joined the Financial Solutions Seminar at the University Church, CPU.

The participants were enlightened on the following topics: The Law of Building Wealth, the Law of Decreasing Responsibilities and the Rule of Money—all discussed with Biblical references. A formula on financial success was also shared by Mr. Galang. He reminded the participants that “financial planning and management principles should be observed in implementing a business or project.” He added, “The two most important principles are cash flow and stewardship.” Galang also emphasized that the cash flow must be guarded with stewardship.

The Value Chain Formula, a principle which Galang’s Foundation shares, is about involving the farmers, producers, and consumers in the blessings of God. As an example, he shared the idea that farmers can benefit from the value chain, which is producing rice and crops and selling it by themselves to supermarkets instead of selling to traders who rakes up most of the profits by whole selling it to the markets.

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