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By Cyrus A. Natividad

Standing (L-R) Dante and Dr. Manny Palada. Seated (L-R) Romeo, Leila and Blanquita.

When Centralians look back to their Alma Mater, they also look back to their beloved mentors. They were the ones who gave their time, not only in class, but in moments when their students seek guidance, clarifications and reactions on the lessons learned from them; oftentimes at their departmental offices at Central.

After a long time, it’s refreshing to recall our mentors. If only we can update them on what has happened to us, where we are now and what have they done for our success? Unless they’re gone forever, there must be a chance to meet them personally.

It was a chance to meet two wonderful CPU alumni; thanks to Doc Manny Palada (CPU Adjunct –visiting professor) for the invitation to join them for lunch at the Atria. With Manny, was Blanquita S. Garcia CPU BS Agriculture batch 1972, and her husband Romeo, and Leila Carole V. Sanco BS Agriculture Batch 1970 with husband Dante (the couple just came back from the U.S.). They’re here on vacation and to visit their beloved Alma Mater. Blanquita is a Magna Cum Laude of CPU.

It was interesting to listen to these former “campus maidens” (circa the early ‘70s) talk about their mentors – more than talk about their classmates, though they had stories about the exams; sweet talks on their students days, and events in CPU. They recall about how the U-days and Christmas celebrations were done during their time, and look forward to the coming Festival of Lights at Central 2022 – a few days from now. They also appreciated a lot of the physical developments in the campus; “Thanks to the generous alumni and their chapters and for the leadership and management of University President Dr. Teodoro C. Robles.”

They mentioned names of their mentors at Central Philippine University College of Agriculture who shaped their professional careers and life. Foremost among them: Dr. Joseph Lenwood Edge, Dr. Wilfredo G. Espada, Dr. Andresito Millamena, Dr. Bernabe Cocjin, Mrs. Rosalinda S. Oro, Mrs. Estrella S. Rio, Mrs. Nellie B. Obligacion, and Ms. Derla Guzon Erwin.

“We owe a heartfelt gratitude to them”, the successful Centralian entrepreneurs said.
They added, “There are a lot of reasons why we need to look back to our mentors. When they are still around, we need to express our gratitude, make our mentors happy for what they have contributed to our success.”

About the Central Spirit, they agreed that, “It must be the presence of an ideal Christian attitude; helping us to succeed in our endeavours.” Thanks to Leila for the treat, and for that delectable valenciana and other mouth-watering dishes at the famous Tatoy’s last November 18, 2022.


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