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By Edwin C. Laru-an

Demadara is 3rd year BS Psychology student.

Name: Victor Fontanilla Demadara
Nickname: Jan Jan
Height: 6′ 2”
Grade/year: 3rd year college, BS Psychology
Team: CPU Basketball Men
Playing Position: Small forward/Center
Coach: Mathew Jan Montalvo & Warren Jalipa
Hometown: Iloilo City

2015 Milo little Olympics (Bronze)
2015 NBTC league (1st runner up)
2016 milo passerelle (1st runner up)
2016 ISSA (champion)
2016 ILOPRISAA (champion)
2016 Integrated meet (champion)
2016 Pintados de Passi (champion)
2016 Regional WVRAA (champion)
2016 Regional WVPRISAA (1st runner up)
2016 Palarong Pambansa (participant)
2017 ISAA (champion)
2017 NATIONAL PRISAA (participant)
2017 ILOPRISAA (1st runner up)
2017 SBP 3×3 Regionals (champion)
2017 SBP 3×3 Nationals (champion)
2017 Dumarao Cup (champion)
2018 ILOPRISAA (champion)
2018 Integrated meet (champion)
2018 WVPRISAA (champion)
2018 WVRAA (champion)
2018 NBTC league (champion)
2018 NBTC League regionals (1st runner up)
2018 Palarong Pambansa (Participant)
2018 wilson 3×3 regionals (champion)
2018 Wilson 3×3 (nationals) participant
2018 Kabankalan City Charter day (silver)
2018 Kabankalan City Charter day (Mythical 5, Best center)
2019 ILOPRISAA Regionals (first runner up)
2019 Iloilo charter day inter collegiate basketball (champion)
2019 ILOPRISAA (1st runner up)

Hobbies: Mobile games and Traveling

Favourite Player:

Most Memorable Game:
2018 ILOPRISAA championship where I scored 8 points 14 blocks and 21 Rebounds.

Principle in Life:
Even if you don’t want to, you have to.

What can you say as a player of CPU Golden Lions:
Representing CPU Golden Lions team is both an honor and blessing. Being a student-athlete has been very challenging. I have to fulfill the responsibilities that each role requires. However, I have been able to meet the demands of both roles since I am part of a community that is supportive and healthy.

Why did you choose CPU:
I chose CPU because of its well-known background. Not only does it have good facilities and wide spaces but also has the supporting cast that can mold and make each individual bring out the best in them.


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