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By Edwin C. Laru-an

Redosendo is currently a BSBABM-3 student.

Our featured athlete for this week comes from the Badminton Men’s Team:

Nickname: Raprap
Height: 5’6”
Grade/year: BSBABM-3
Sports: Badminton
Playing Position: Singles
Coach: Michael Noel G. Nacesvalencia
Hometown: Estancia, Iloilo

PRISAA Gold medalist 2016-2017
Integrated Gold medalist 2016-2017
Regionals Silver medalist 2016-2017
PRISAA Gold medalist 2018-2019
Regionals Silver medalist 2018-2019
PRISAA Gold medalist 2019-2020
Regionals Silver medalist 2019-2020

Hobbies: Playing badminton

Favorite Player: Lee Chong Wei

Most Memorable Game: PRISAA 2018-2019

Principle in life: Wherever your career takes you, always remind yourself to keep your feet on the ground.

What can you say as a player of CPU Golden Lions?
It is a great honor to bring glory to this university who dedicates every achievement back to the Lord Almighty.

Why did you choose CPU?
I’ve chosen this institution because I believe that this is the place where I can harness and develop my skills and abilities to the fullest, not just in the field of sports but also in the career I’ve chosen.


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