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By Cyrus A. Natividad

Students of DMgt 756 in their Tree Planting activities requirement at home.

The pandemic has created a transformation in people and society. The government imposed health protocols that have limited social activities and businesses throughout the nation. It has brought about a phenomenon of people becoming lovers of plants. It has developed a fondness of gardening and collecting (exotic and ornamental plants alike) in individuals and groups. The development provided a healthy alternative to overcome boredom and anxiety. Widespread interest to plant at home and communities suddenly became a good source of income even as the government continues to impose health protocols against Covid-19.

On the other hand, the transformation involved renewal and awareness, responsibility and reattachment to mother-nature. This has resulted in an inclination to plant trees in backyards and home fronts. The recent floods that submerged cities and barangays in different parts of the country reinforced, even more, the need to plant trees.

Central Philippine University, which has included community-outreach activities in its curriculum, particularly highlighted tree planting activities. The CPU School of Graduate Studies, in particular, integrated it with the Doctoral Degree requirements.

Dr. Gynnyn G. Gumban professor for Transformational Leadership at CPU Graduate School said that “Because of the health protocols, we have to comply with individual tree planting activity at home, with the documentation to be done virtually.”

Each student of the class got the better of planting his/her own seedling (mostly fruit trees)-to be nurtured and loved for a lifetime. What Dr. Gumban has instilled in her students is transformation itself. Everyone got to be a leader by themselves. “To live sufficiently is to lead the self to do what is good for life”, she said.

The students of the subject DMgt 756, under Dr. Gumban, have completed the green activity semester. “We resolve for a greener and fresher new year – 2021,” Gumban added.


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