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By Cyrus A. Natividad

Maxine Angela Acejo, SHS Vice Governor , talked about the programs of the SHS Student Council. Photo Credit: Maxine Angela Acejo

Maxine Angela Acejo, Senior High School Vice Governor and Anne Nicole Tulayba, SHS Board Member guested Looking Forward, CPU’s public affairs program to share primarily about the week-long Hinampang 2019 and share their thoughts on some issues concerning senior high school students.

Tulayba shared that Hinampang 2019 is CPU Senior High School’s first sports festival. The event includes basketball, volleyball, futsal (indoor football) and e-sport involving two popular online games. Hinampang 2019 was conceptualized by Tulayba and she served as the chairperson of the event, with the support of the governor and vice governor of the Province of Senior High School. She shared that there were other events scheduled in the evening, such as a singing competition on March 25, a dance competition on March 26, spoken poetry on March 27 and Mr. & Miss Senior High School Republic on March 28. A music festival will then be held on Friday, March 29, to cap the event.

When asked why e-sport was included among the events when addiction to online gaming is an issue among the youth, the event chair explained that the e-sport event was a tribute to all the students who have done their best to make everyone aware of the trend which actually facilitates camaraderie and sportsmanship. These kinds of events gather students, and even faculty members, together, creating enthusiasm and cooperation. Furthermore, she pointed out that although some people may be critical of online games because it encroaches on students’ study time, students actually learn to work together by sharing strategies, not just when they are playing but even on how to manage their time so they could cope with their studies.

When questioned about their parents’ opinion on having to study for two more years in high school, Acejo shared how they and their parents were looking forward to the results of their extended studies on their performance in college: “It is actually in preparation for our college. The strands are all related to our future chosen courses.” Maxine and Anne are planning to take up courses in medicine and engineering in college, respectively.

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