Central Philippine University

by Chelsea Marie S. Sermonia, BAComm-4, Centralian Link Intern

Jefry James Punzalan, Mr. CPU Junior High School 2024 and Isabelle Kathleen Kready, Ms. CPU Junior High School 2024.

The halls of Rose Memorial Auditorium buzzed with excitement as students eagerly awaited the crowning of this year’s Mr. and Ms. CPU JHS. With a dazzling array of performances and awards, the event showcased the exceptional talents and leadership qualities of its participants. The event kicked off with a spectacular production number, setting the stage for what promised to be a memorable occasion. From energetic dance routines to captivating musical performances, the audience was treated to a sensory feast. Next came the showcase of sportswear, where participants flaunted their athleticism and style. The fierce competition was evident as each contestant exuded confidence and grace on the runway.

But it was not just physical prowess on display; the talent segment brought forth a diverse range of skills. The audience was captivated by the sheer talent and creativity of the performers. During the intermission, the JHS Dancesports Team took center stage, wowing the crowd with their precision and elegance. Their performance was a testament to the dedication and hard work of the school’s athletes.

As the event progressed, attention turned to the formal wear and long gown segment, where contestants exuded elegance and sophistication. The serenade by Edward Lee and Khasmire Jane Bulahan added a touch of romance to the atmosphere, as participants showcased their charm and charisma. Amidst the glitz and glamour, special and minor awards were presented to standout individuals.

For the special Awards:
Mr. Photogenic: #1 Jerry James Punzalan
Ms. Photogenic: #1 Isabelle Kathleen Kready
Ms. Congeniality: #2 Izzy Queen Zulaybar
Mr. Congeniality: #3 Amiel John Lemonsito
Mr. Voter’s Choice Award: #4 Sean Ethan Sotto
Ms. Voter’s Choice Award: #1 Isabelle Kathleen Kready.

For the minor awards:
Best in Production Number Male: #1 Jerry James Punzalan & Female: #1 Isabelle Kathleen Kready
Best in Sports Wear Male: #4 Sean Ethan Sotto & Female: #1 Isabelle Kathleen Kready.
Best in Talent Male: #4 Sean Ethan Sotto& Female: #1 Isabelle Kathleen Kready.
Best in Preliminary Interview Male: #4 Sean Ethan Sotto & Female: #1 Isabelle Kathleen Kready
Best in Casual Wear Male: #4 Sean Ethan Sotto & Female: #4 Angelina Sneddon
Best in Formal Wear: #5 Ron Jeremy Labordo
Best in Evening Gown: #1 Isabelle Kathleen Kready
Best in Makeup: #1 Isabelle Kathleen Kready
Best Make-Up Artist: Gemon Elito
The final question segment for the male contestants provided insight into their vision for positive change within CPU JHS. From promoting mental health, implementing stricter rules and regulations, and addressing bullying, each response reflected a commitment to making a lasting impact on the lives of their peers. For the female contestants, the question of becoming Ms. CPU JHS brought forth initiatives to encourage academic excellence, community contribution, and a positive school environment. From instilling a sense of responsibility to promoting the value of fortitude, each response showcased a commitment to leadership and empowerment.

Following a mesmerizing intermission number by Justin Ryan Juarez, the event continued with heartfelt messages from the outgoing Mr. and Ms. CPU JHS, Catherine Richterkessing and Juan Miguel Magbanua, along with tokens of appreciation for the judges. The evening was a celebration of talent, leadership, and vision.

The event kicked off with the awarding ceremony, starting with Mr. ProBoard 2024 (2nd Runner-Up) Dan Michael Buscar and Ms. ProBoard 2024 (2nd Runner-Up) Jhayziene Therese Suazo. Following them were Mr. Jaguars 2024 (1st Runner-Up) Sean Ethan Sotto and Ms. Jaguars 2024 (1st Runner-Up) Angelina Sneddon. Finally, the titles of this year’s Mr. CPU JHS were bestowed upon Jerry James Punzalan and Ms. CPU JHS upon Isabelle Kathleen Kready.

In the end, Mr. and Ms. JHS 2024 emerged as symbols of inspiration and excellence, embodying the spirit of CPU JHS and inspiring their peers to reach for the stars. As they embark on their reign, they carry with them the hopes and aspirations of an entire school community, ready to make a difference and leave a lasting legacy.