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By Cyrus A. Natividad


One of the interesting events held at the Alumni Promenade and Concert Park on Tuesday, November 27, was the painting competition based on the theme, “Ang Duta Bugay sang Dios, Aton Palanggaon: Healthy Soil Produces Healthy Crops for Massive Food Production.” Ten participants, mainly students from Central Philippine University, joined using latex paint as medium for their artwork. Cash prizes ranged from PhP2,000 for first prize; PhP1,500 for the second prize; and PhP1,000 for the third prize.

Mr. Mark Ortaliz, Chairman of the painting contest submitted the following winners:

First Place:      Feldianne S. Aragon (BSDMIA-1)

Second Place:  Edel Lorraine Brasileño (BSIT-3)

Third Place:     Jaycent Louise Suaberon (BSEd-4)

Consolation Winners:

1. Frenz Karryl Geroso (BSEE-1)

2. Hartt Angel Alfaras (Elementary)

3. Reynald Kim Librado (Senior High School)

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