Mr. Alcazaren in the ribbon cutting of CV Freedom Agrivet Store.

The CPU College of Agriculture was the first agricultural college to be recognized outside Luzon. Established in 1951 by Dr. Burl Alba Slocum – its first dean, the college started off with 41 students and three faculty members.

In 1954, the college produced its first fruits – four Bachelor of Science in Agriculture graduates. Now, the college has 10,000 graduates and counting. It now offers Bachelor of Science in Agriculture with majors in Agribusiness, Agricultural Economics, Agricultural Education, Animal Science, and Ornamental Horticulture, Bachelor of Science in Environmental Management and Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Engineering.

The CPU College of Agriculture continues to soar high by producing quality and competitive graduates that have helped shape the agricultural industry here and abroad.

One of the college’s notable alumnus is Mr. Edgar Alcazaren, the owner of CV Freedom Agrivet – one of the largest suppliers of veterinary products in Bacolod City. A graduate of Bachelor of Science in Agriculture Major in Animal Husbandry, Alcazaren found passion in engaging in the agricultural business and at the same time serving the Centralian community.

Newly opened CV Freedom Agrivet store owned by Mr. Edgar Alcazaren.

A native of Capiz, Panay – he was born in a family that valued agricultural pursuits. Alcazaren’s passion for agriculture grew as he helped his parents in their family business of tending animals. “My parents were butchers.  In the trade I learned to take care and love animals – I believe they have a crucial role in the life of feeding the Filipinos every day.”

He originally intended to be a veterinarian but no university was offering veterinary courses in Western Visayas at that time – instead, he took up he took up Bachelor of Science in Agriculture Major in Animal Husbandry at CPU.  “What triggered me to enroll in agriculture is my love for animals. I foresaw my degree to give me technical knowledge on the problems that my parents encountered in the meat section, so that I can help them manage our business. I chose CPU because I heard that they have a good percentage in placement examinations, a lot of agriculture graduates from CPU are successful.”

During his college days, he was able to plant the Centralian spirit in his heart. At CPU, he met mentors that have inspired him to excel in his chosen profession and Centralian comrades that been part of his journey up until today.  “Because of our course my classmates and I were always out in the field taking care of crops, doing farm practices. We were always together – our experiences in the outdoors produced a solid camaraderie within our batch. We placed great care with our connections and our friendships up until now.”

For Alcazaren, the CPU College of Agriculture honed not only his skills in agricultural practices but it encouraged him to be a life-long learner. “I am always learning new things about agriculture. When I conducted my thesis, I chose Broiler Raising as my topic and after graduation was able to implement the results of my thesis and it also encouraged me to venture into other fields of agriculture.”

After graduation, he was hired as a salesman in a veterinary company. After his assignment in Panay he transferred to Negros and there he found his other half – he established his life with his family in Bacolod and got involved in the feed business industry.

Now, Alcazaren serves the agricultural industry as one of its major suppliers of feeds and other veterinary products. According to him, the agriculture industry will constantly grow and so will the demand for agriculturists. “The population triggers the demand for the agricultural industry, how can we feed those people if we don’t focus in agriculture? We are an agricultural country – that is our strength.”

With all his success in the field of agriculture Alcazaren reminds himself that at the end of the day we have nothing but God , all we have is given by Him. God plants seeds of hope in our hearts, and if we persevere and align ourselves to His will we will have a bountiful harvest of the realization of our dreams.

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