By Francis Neil G. Jalando-on

As we look forward to the Alumni Grand Homecoming on February 5-9, 2020, and the annual Alumni Homecoming and General Assembly on September 28, 2019, it is also good to look back on the 50th Golden Anniversary Celebration of Central Philippine University in 1955.

Dr. Anatalio T. Viray, the President of the CPU Alumni Association during that time, wrote a message on why we love CPU:

“Greetings to Central Philippine University, the school we love because:

  1. “In our youthful days, she made our pathway clear…” F. H. Rose
  2. Aside from giving us the education of the mind, she has given us the education of the heart;
  3. Bethlehem has made its way to Central, so that it was at Central that so many of us have found our way to Bethlehem;
  4. In Central everyone is encouraged to search the truth, even the truth that makes the mind and spirit free;
  5. In Central, we find democracy at work and the environment conducive to good citizenship training and study.

Herein lie, we believe, the secret of our love and loyalty to her.

On this 50th year since her founding, we look back with deep gratitude in our hearts with the wish that she remain faithful to her Great Inspirer.”

The Alumni Grand Homecoming 2020 will gather with the Theme: “Central Spirit Leads Us Back Home.” Indeed, only a Centralian will know how the Central Spirit can bring us back to the campus and lead us to fellowship with Centralians anywhere in the world. In the same manner, Dr. Viray wrote in 1950 that every homecoming, the alumni are “eager to meet old friends and to get submerged again into the proverbial ‘Central Spirit.’”

Dr. Almus O. Larsen, President of CPU during the Golden Anniversary, invited everyone to visit the campus. He wrote, “I am sure that our alumni and friends will visit us again to see the change that has taken place since the time they were here. We are happy to welcome you all and to show you around. We hope that at the Alumni Homecoming Banquet a great many of you will be with us. Your presence will make this reunion the greatest in fifty years.” To re-echo President Larsen’s words, we, alumni and friends are all invited to come to CPU on September 28, 2019 and February 5-9, 2020. Let us make this reunion the greatest in the last 114 years of our history.

Dr. Viray added a prayer and that is also our hope that “those who have endeavoured to come and witness the various events and scenes on the campus could say ‘It is good to have come.’” Yes, let us come home to CPU!

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