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By Prof Jayvee J. Jore

CPU Life Science Department delegation to the PSM 30th Annual Regional Convention and Scientific Conference.

Scientific conferences play a pivotal role in advancing knowledge, fostering collaboration, and promoting innovation in various fields. These gatherings serve as platforms for researchers, scientists, and professionals to exchange ideas, present their research findings, and connect with peers from around the world. Scientific meetings, conferences, and symposiums are integral components of the scientific community. They serve as platforms for researchers, scientists, and professionals to come together, share their findings, and exchange ideas. Participation in scientific meetings is not only a professional obligation for many in the field but also a valuable opportunity for personal and intellectual growth.

The Life Science Department recently participated in a scientific conference and highlighted the significance of these events in driving progress in our field. The scientific conference, 30th Annual Regional Convention and Scientific Meetings took place from October 19-20, 2023, at University of St. La Salle Bacolod City. It was a prestigious event that brought together leading experts, scholars, and enthusiasts in our domain. The conference aimed to provide a forum for the dissemination of the latest research, the exploration of emerging trends, and the creation of networking opportunities.

The two-day convention was blessed with the presence of distinguished individuals and plenary speakers around the country. It was divided into 3 plenary sessions touching the topic and research on basic microbiology, agriculture microbiology and education microbiology. Dr. Stanley Maloy, Dr. Thaddeus Carvajal and Dr. Donna May Papa, three of the eight speakers during the convention, are well-known for their works in emerging infectious and bacteriophages. Part of the activity was the fellowship night with a masquerade theme party, where participants were encouraged to make friends, build networks, and create opportunities to talk to fellow researchers and collaborators from other institutions.

As an active participant in the conference, the team played a crucial role in contributing to the scientific discourse and furthering the knowledge in our field. Two of our Biology students, Heart Divine Deloviar and Wallace Hajjyy Lim also participated in the poster session. This format provided an opportunity to visually present their research, answer questions, and engage in one-on-one discussions with attendees. Participants actively attended seminars hosted by other experts in the field. These sessions allowed us to gain insights into the latest trends, methodologies, and technologies, ensuring that we stay updated with the ever-evolving landscape of our discipline. Two of the faculty members of the Life Sciences Department were also elected as new officers of the PSM – Visayas Chapter for fiscal year 2023-2024, namely, Dr. Rolando Pakingking Jr. (Auditor) and Dr. Evelyn Grace Ayson, (Division Representative for Aquatic Microbiology) while Prof. Jayvee Jore was appointed as the Recording Secretary.

Participation in scientific meetings is a cornerstone of the scientific community. It offers numerous benefits, including knowledge sharing, networking, staying updated on the latest developments, and receiving valuable feedback. Beyond professional growth, these events are essential for personal and intellectual development. They inspire, motivate, and foster a sense of belonging within the scientific community. As researchers, scientists, and professionals continue to participate in scientific meetings, the collective pursuit of knowledge and discovery remains at the heart of scientific progress.


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