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By Francis Neil G. Jalando-on

The vision of a great Central – Dr. Drilon was know for his love and unwavering dedication to lead the university to greater heights.

Dr. Rex D. Drilon has the distinction of being the first Filipino president of Central Philippine University. He was president of CPU from 1966 up to his death in 1971. Every year, in February, CPU honors his legacy by having a Dr. Rex D. Drilon Day. This year the celebration will be on February 21, 2019.

Perusing the old Centralites, here are three things that I have learned from Dr. Rex D. Drilon.

First: We must walk with a purpose.

Dr. Drilon is remembered as someone who would always say, “Centralians, walk with a purpose.” He is telling us to always seek God’s will in our lives.

Dr. Drilon wrote, “The World Outside is greedy, parasitic, deceitful, selfish, slanderous, quarrelsome—also kind, generous, noble, truthful, if you know how to reach hard enough beyond the superficies. You will be discouraged at first, but you need not be. For with your training at CPU, you are theoretically armed with the weapons of Christian character and Christian liberal-minded intellect that can make the difference in the eternal contest between the forces of darkness and the forces of light.” (Centralite 1968)

Second: We must learn to listen.

Dr. Drilon said, “The burden of my message is simple. In this day when the country is on fire, we must talk less and do more. The university world, as well as the outside world, is in terrible agony because we talk too much and do too little. Everybody is talking and nobody is listening. We must learn to listen so we can cure ourselves.” (Centralite 1971)

Third: We must always remember the CPU badge.

“The CPU badge that you will carry all your life long is a badge of honor…

You tarnish that badge and you tarnish yourself and your precious heritage.

You live up to it and you place all that is best on a pedestal for the world to see and perhaps to emulate…

We who remain on the campus will watch you make your mark in the world – a world that will test you by means fair and foul as to the kind of man or woman Central Philippine University has prepared you to be.

Stand fast by your Christian principles…, but in doing so do not be self-righteous. Self-righteous people are not trusted and they do not go very far.

When you do all these things – and more – you will be the salt of the earth wherever you will be and whatever you do – big or small.

Remember – always remember your CPU badge!” (Centralite 1969)

Thank you Dr. Rex D. Drilon for your words of wisdom.


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