Central Philippine University

By Christine Joy Hole, BA Communications-4, Centralian Link Intern

To ensure the safety and well-being of students and staff, the administration of Senior High School (SHS) has implemented new guidelines for accessing first aid kits, affectionately dubbed “Hawkits,” situated on every floor of the school building.

Details were taken from the CPU Senior High School Student Council Facebook page, which a publication material was created by CTECH Juliana Biongan.

Here are the key points of the guidelines:

  1. Accessibility: Hawkits are open for everyone to use, allowing immediate access to essential first-aid items during emergencies or medical situations.
  2. Key Distribution: The keys to the first aid kits are available at designated locations within the school premises:

– Office of the Principal

– Senior Plus Red Cross Youth Headquarters (found near the SHS Canteen)

– Office of the Incumbent Board Member for Sports & Health

– SHS Guard Station

  1. Assistance: Students and staff can also seek aid from any member of the Senior Plus Red Cross Youth to access the first aid kits promptly.

Note from the Board Member for Sports and Health:

“The INITIAL plan of the Board Member for Sports and Health was to OPEN the first-aid kits at all times to easily access the kits and shall be used in times deemed necessary. Yet, upon deliberation with the Office of the Principal, the kits were said that it should be locked to monitor the quantity and quality of the first-aid items. Nonetheless, the Board Member opted to provide keys to the aforementioned accessible facilities and personnel to open the kits for people in need of the supplies.”

These guidelines aim to promote a safer and more prepared environment within the SHS community, emphasizing the importance of immediate access to first aid resources in times of need.