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By Uzziel Joy C. Cachopero BA ELS 4

Dr. Teodoro C. Robles and CBA Dean Dr. Lorna T. Grande received the additional donation of P100,000 from Atty. Peter C. Corvera.

The College of Business and Accountancy received a donation of ₱500, 000 from a generous donor, Atty. Peter Irving C. Corvera, who was the Chairman of the CPU Board of Trustees during that time. According to the CBA Dean, Dr. Lorna T. Grande, the donation was for the renovation and refurbishment of their faculty room. After its completion, the faculty room at the New Valentine Building was dedicated last February 1, 2023.

The dedication of the new faculty room of CBA was led by Rev. Francis Neil G. Jalando-on, Director, Office of the Communications and was attended by the faculty members of CBA with the support of Dr. Teodoro C. Robles, University President and VPAA, Dr. Rio. Atty. Peter C. Corvera was the guest of honor of the event.

CBA Dean, Dr. Lorna T. Grande gave her heartfelt response during the dedication of their Faculty Room, “We are honored to have our guests for today our President, Dr. Robles, VPAA, Dr. Rio, and our major donor for the renovation of our CBA faculty room, Atty. Peter Irving C. Corvera. It’s been a dream for the CBA faculty to have this beautiful workplace. Today is the day of thanksgiving, a day worthy to celebrate. Let us praise God for the generosity of Dr. Robles and Atty. Corvera. Atty. Corvera donated the amount of 500,000 pesos. The total renovation cost minus 500,000 was shouldered by the University subject to the approval of the President. I am confident that this new environment has inspired the CBA faculty. The stress and other sad moments due to pandemic hopefully were gone and let us face the so-called new normal. Let us enjoy our life for the Lord our God is always with us. On behalf of the CBA faculty, once again thank you very much Dr. Teodoro Robles and Atty. Peter Irving Corvera.”

In behalf of the Faculty Members, Dr. Christine Golilao, and Head of the Department of Accountancy, also gave a response. Here is an excerpt of the thank you message:

“It is a great privilege to thank our Almighty Father and the people who made this dream of ours long time ago come into reality, especially for us who have been here in the university for several decades already. Of course, this would not be possible without Atty. Corvera’s financial help or assistance and the support of our university president, Dr. Robles and even the hard work of Dean Grande to pursue this project, thank you so much, ma’am and sirs…”

“We were so overwhelmed when Dean Grande informed us that the faculty room’s renovation was approved. More so, when it was finished. I can still recall the reactions of my colleagues when they first visited this new faculty room and looked for their respective cubicles. I could see their excitement, happiness, and even eagerness to start the semester.

Yes, it has also been the dream of the CBA family to have a building that they can call their own, considering that we are one of the colleges with a bigger number of enrollees. But as of now, no one can tell whether that dream will come true, only God knows. So, to my CBA family, let’s continue praying for what we aim for because, with God, nothing is impossible. Right now, let’s just do our best to be part of a better CPU and be thankful for what God has rewarded us. As the saying goes “Be thankful for today because in the blink of an eye your entire life can change.” So again, on behalf of the CBA family, thank you so much ma’am and sirs, for being God’s instrument in answering our prayers to have this amazing and very comfortable faculty room. May God’s abundance and provision continue as we serve our Central!”

On the exact day of dedication, CBA Faculty members were once again surprised by the act of generosity from Atty. Corvera. He donated an additional of ₱100, 000 intended for CBA Professorial Chair. In his message, he remembered his college days at the College of Commerce. He also inspired the faculty members to continue teaching the next generation of Centralians.

Atty. Peter C. Corvera is currently the Chairperson that leads the Search for the new President of CPU. He is a graduate of the College of Commerce, CPU. He was the former CPU BOT Chairman and continues to be a member of the CPU Corporation.


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