By Cyrus A. Natividad

Engr. Gelvie Lagos is an advocate of helping young people become passionate about electronics engineering.

This week’s topic in Looking Forward, a public affairs program of CPU TV Facebook Channel, is about electronics engineering. Engr. Gelvie Lagos, Faculty at the CPU College of Engineering, Department of Electronics Engineering (the new name for the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering), ably discussed the essential academic pedagogy that could help students in driving towards the future of electronics engineering.

Lagos shared the importance of electronics engineering in today’s age of technology: “It is now the vein that connects to the heart of what most young people and students are interested in.” The independent-traditional methods of teaching using the laboratory, he said, rely on the urgency to learn the skills. “While theories are said and written in front of the students, it is necessary to train them on skills of conceptualization and electronic systems design at the same time,” Lagos explained.

Outputs of Engr. Lagos students in one of his classes.

Lagos lets his students independently explore probabilities and perform tests on developing microprocessors, while progressively learning theories and knowledge in electronics. The demand on the subject of electronics, according to Lagos, has allowed students of Electrical, Mechanical and Computer Engineering to integrate their studies with the Electronics Engineering Class.

He considers the laboratory as the Center of Ideation, Realization and Commercialization (CIRAC). Lagos conducts outreach projects with his department inside the campus and in communities in Iloilo City.

Lagos is a graduate of Electronics and Communications Engineering from Central Philippine University in 2001.

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