Central Philippine University

by Satee Lobañes

A creative photo collage for Nazuni Elementary School by Angela Camus.

Prof. Kerwin Luntao, DLMCH Outreach Coordinator, and Prof. Sarex Dipol, CPU Outreach Program and Service Learning OIC-Director, spearheaded a book donation drive and an instructional material literacy outreach program in Barangay Nazuni, Dingle, on November 24th. The aim was to promote literacy and provide educational resources to students at Nazuni Elementary School and Nazuni Summit Comprehensive National High School.

A distinguished professor from DLMCH-CPU, Professor Rhys B. Camacho, hosted the event while Prof. Evy Jansien Victoria Casas taught the children how to use dictionaries, sharing the benefits of their profession with everyone. “The initiative stressed the necessity of creating long-term links between schools and the community, emphasizing the shared responsibility for the growth and success of local educational institutions,” Chelsea Marie S. Sermonia, a BA Comm-4 student and a Secretary of the CPU Communication Circle, said in an interview with ASVP, underscoring the success of the organization in aligning its goals to its cause.

The program directly contributed to the enhancement of public awareness and the well-being of students, which has addressed the need for educational resources at Nazuni Elementary School and Nazuni Summit Comprehensive National High School. The outreach program at Nazuni High School was well-received following inspiring speeches from Principal Ms. Analie C. Ilisan, Principal from Nazuni National High School, and CAS Dean Dr. Stella G. Fernandez.

The event also included activities encouraging active participation among young children, such as providing diverse literary materials, establishing lab cubicles, and lectures specializing in language development. The program presented a chance to make lasting memories, empowering community engagement and collective action in building educational culture. The event concluded in Barangay Nazuni with a sense of accomplishment for the organization and beneficiaries, knowing that the project was well-received. “Those who want to make a difference should realize that meaningful change comes from community engagement and collaborative effort,” Sermonia said, encouraging the readers to broaden their perspectives and seize each opportunity to establish connections and a learning culture that would create a lasting impression on communities. In this way, educational institutions could assess the success of their growth to create long-term engagement in education.