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By Cyrus A. Natividad

Dr. Mario A. Tajanlangit together with his wife Nenita Tajanlangit. Photo Credit: Dr. Mario A. Tajanlangit

On Wednesday, February 13, 2019, the guest in CPUTV’s public affairs program Looking Forward was Dr. Mario A. Tajanlangit, a professor at the CPU School of Graduate Studies.

Dr. Tajanlangit has a doctorate degree in management. He is also a social entrepreneur and a management consultant among several local and international business and enterprises. He is a former Director of the Department of Trade and industry in Guimaras. He also operates some acres of land planted with trees, a lumber enterprise and a diagnostic center in Iloilo City. Moreover, he has foreign partnerships with distributions, export and import companies. These experiences and business ventures enabled him to be proficient in teaching business and management as well as a valuable resource for his students.

He attributes his successful management, entrepreneurship, and teaching careers to how he was educated. “Education is a matter of choice,” he emphasized. He also considers a degree in post graduate education as very important in today’s socio-economic environment. “Many of our students would abandon the idea of proceeding to a [master’s] and [doctorate] degrees after graduating from college,” he added. He further explains that out there, in the search of a good job, an “undergrad” realizes that the first base occupation is good enough to sustain primary needs or financial requirement—until his/her achievement level is no longer competitive for executive or higher positions. Business, as an alternative, requires good family support, wealth and entrepreneurial background. Dr. Tajanlangit reiterated the value of excellence, pursuing higher education as a matter of commitment, “with determination through and through “.

Dr. Tajanlangit also shared some insights on business trends particularly on operating a business abroad. He said that “most of the difficulties in the import-export industry are brought about by barriers in local and international customs.” In addition, Dr. Tajanlangit said, “Foreign trade requires educated and expert entrepreneurs.”

He also suggested that the BPO industry (call center jobs) are, at the moment, the most progressive industry Filipino college graduates can be employed in, but maintained that a rather competitive chance at landing a good job is having a post graduate degree.

Central Philippine University has, among others, a good educational ground for training in post graduate education. He cited the quality of students who enjoys the prospect in career excellence through CPU’s post graduate studies.

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