Central Philippine University

By Rhys de la Banda Camacho

Giving of certificates during the Outreach program at Nazuni Comprehensive National High School.

In these trying modern times against the pedagogical climate, every educational institution must reverberate the vibrant vision and mission in service learning. With the immense premise of collaborative community engagements, Central Philippine University hoists the emblem carrier of such ever-growing functions and roles of change agents through the definitive lens of intercultural communication and community outreach programs.

Under the sterling leadership of the acting chair of CPU Outreach Programs, Prof. Sarex Dalida Pidol, Jr., the Department of Languages, Mass Communication, and Humanities (DLMCH) carried out a substantial turn-over of outdoor concrete study tables and chairs, books, five Acer computer monitors, clothes, and other remarkable items on April 19, 2024, in Dingle, Iloilo. These concerted efforts and galvanized actions were solidified by the DLMCH Community Outreach Programs proponent, Prof. Kerwin Luntao, alongside the unwavering support of the CAS Dean, Dr. Stella Guartero-Fernandez, and DLMCH Chair, Dr. Annelee Lacuesta-Cocjin. While the brief program was managed by Prof. Rhys Camacho, the fortifying presence of Professors Gleason Parcia and Evy Casas, DLMCH Secretary Shannen, six Communication Seniors, and two English majors made the said event more meaningful. Furthermore, there was an insightful lecture on the prevention and risks of teenage pregnancy by Prof. Nenalyn Abioda, Kabalaka Program Coordinator, and Prof. Janette Yap, Birthing Center Administrator, who belong to the College of Nursing as its Dean, Prof. Melba Capaspas-Sale graciously afforded her utmost assistance.

The Nazuni Comprehensive National High School OIC-Principal, Mr. Jessieboy Daza, truly welcomed the CPU Outreach Programs team, as shown and felt in his speech. Meanwhile, these four sets of gorgeous outdoor concrete study tables and chairs were donated by magnanimous and kind people. For instance, the DLMCH spent one set, and another set of chairs and tables (at twenty-one thousand pesos) was provided by Kerwin, Gleason, and Rhys. In essence, when the world is riddled with ensuing rife and unforeseen snags, these teachers and students would like to create one authentic difference: to live a fulfilling and purposeful life. To simply put the wisdom of Mahatma Gandhi in motion, “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”