By Nestle G. Taala

Neste G. Taala,  host of CPU TV Program Centralian Profiles, interviews Yaneshla Aparicio and her mother Chrysta Aparicio.

In the era of social media, Millennials are keen to share whatever’s going on inside their minds. Most of the time, these posts are not being monitored by their parents. Can you blame these parents? They have their own busy schedules too. However, one mom shares her secret on how to be part of her child’s social media life.

In an interview on “Centralian Profiles” on August 7, Miss Chrysta June Aparicio shared that to be able to monitor her daughter’s posts online, she created a page, the Facebook account Chaela and CJ Moments, where both she and her daughter, Yaneshka Aparicio, are admins.

On the FB page where they upload their videos, Miss Chrysta always has the final say on what gets posted, and, according to her, her daughter is fine with that. It’s not about having lesser freedom than other kids have; rather, it is being more responsible with what you post: “Think before you click.”

“Social media really has a lot of effects on them … It’s really important that we, as parents, are guiding them,” Miss Chrysta June explained.

To recall, Yaneshka is a Grade 5 pupil of CPU who made a VLOG (Video Blog) “Alas Dose Na, Fresh pa ba Kayo?” which went viral with 1 million views, 17 thousand shares and 16 thousand likes.

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