Central Philippine University

By Primi Jun Haresco, BACOMM 4, Centralian Link Intern

Congratulations CPU College of Engineering faculty, staff, and alumni team for winning over the Engineering football team with a close score of 3-2.

In an electrifying showdown on May 1, 2024, the College of Engineering at Central Philippine University (CPU) witnessed a nail-biting rematch that kept spectators on the edge of their seats. The faculty, staff, and alumni team emerged victorious over the engineering football team with a close score of 3-2, setting the stage for an eagerly anticipated deciding match.

The intense competition saw both teams demonstrate skill, determination, and sportsmanship, captivating the audience with their impressive display on the field. With each team now claiming one win apiece, anticipation is mounting for the epic conclusion to this thrilling trilogy.

The success of the event would not have been possible without the unwavering support and dedication of the faculty, staff, students, and alumni of CPU’s College of Engineering. Their collective enthusiasm and commitment to fostering camaraderie within the community contributed to the vibrant atmosphere surrounding the match.

A special note of appreciation is extended to all the sponsors whose generous contributions played a pivotal role in making the event a resounding success. Their support exemplifies the spirit of collaboration and solidarity that defines the CPU community.

As anticipation builds for the next kick-off, excitement is palpable among participants and spectators alike. The forthcoming deciding match promises to be a thrilling conclusion to this exhilarating series, showcasing the talent and competitive spirit within the College of Engineering at CPU.

Stay tuned as the College of Engineering prepares to write the final chapter of this gripping saga, where victory hangs in the balance, and the spirit of sportsmanship reigns supreme.