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By Rusieljs G. Lunasco

CPU Republic (CPUR) 16th parliament launched Project Hope, a fundraising initiative to help students under the Work Study Program who are having difficulty in financing their studies due to the pandemic.

The initiative was announced on January 8, 2021 on the official Facebook page of CPUR.
The donations for the project will be used to purchase gadgets and load assistance for work students who will be enrolling in the 2nd semester of this school year.

“As the chairman of our outreach committee, it was my task to think of possible ways of extending Jesus’ love to people, especially to those beyond the halls and walls of Central. However, I was reminded by my fellow CPUR officials that it would be nice if we could cater to the needs of those closest to us, our fellow students. Thus with much prayer and with the help of John Erland Pudadera, CPUR Prime Minister, Prof. Analie Gilongos, Work Student Study Program Coordinator and the rest of the CPU Republic, Project Hope was born,” said CPUR representative Eleanel Ruthvirl Idemne.

“God showed us the need, He called us to help, thus, we simply are willing vessels through whom He can accomplish His purpose and extend His love.”

“There were some work students in the first semester who would have to do online selling and divide their unstable earning between meals and load. Another had to be a house help so she could borrow a laptop and use the home’s WIFI. One hard working young man would do odd jobs to make ends meet. CPUR hopes to give hope to our fellow students.”

Last December 2020, CPUR partnered with the University Church during their Christmas Cantata which also raised funds for Project Hope.


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