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By Edward Pormilos

Participants during the meeting of chapter presidents, alumni group coordinators and advisers.

The Central Philippine University Federation of Overseas Alumni Association, Inc. held its first series of virtual meetings for 2021.

The meetings were conducted on January 23 for the officers and advisers, and on January 30 for the chapter presidents, alumni group coordinators, and advisers. Since it was also the beginning of the term for the new Federation officers, chapter presidents and alumni group coordinators, the agenda for both meetings were focused on getting to know each other, awareness and understanding of the Federation structure and the constitution and by-laws, and an initial discussion on the preparations for the next global reunion.

After the success of the last global reunion at CPU Campus on February last year, which was just before the outset of the pandemic, the next gathering will be held in Toronto, Canada. It should have been a biennial event set for 2022 but because of the Covid-19, it was moved to July 6-9, 2023.

Mr. Rod Gonzales, the new Federation President, who also presided the two meetings, cited that these meetings were aimed to rekindle with one another the Central Spirit, the common denominator that binds the leaders to discharge their duties and responsibilities. He added that the pandemic has not stopped the enthusiasm of everyone to continue serving Central and especially preparing for the next global reunion.

Participants during the meeting of Federation officers and advisers.

It was a wonderful time of getting to know one another especially new faces in the leadership team of the Federation and of the different chapters and alumni groups worldwide. It was inspiring to know different stories of life journey at CPU especially for those who came from humble beginnings on their way to success. Chapter presidents and alumni groups were further motivated to fulfill their duties and responsibilities because of the abiding and assuring support of the Federation. Alumni groups that have at least five members were also encouraged to organize a chapter in their area. Some specific needs of chapters and alumni groups were immediately addressed during the meeting. The Toronto Chapter reported that while they were constrained in their mobility at the moment because of pandemic restrictions, they were all set and excited to host the 2023 global reunion.

Everyone present eagerly looked forward to more meetings in the future for a closer relationship among the chapters and alumni groups and in sharing of ideas on how to have an active and productive organization for the sake of the CPUFOAAI and Central Philippine University. There was a consensus to hold quarterly meetings with the hope that more chapters and alumni groups joining in.

Present during the meeting of Federation officers and advisers:

President: Rod Gonzales (Toronto, CANADA)
1st Vice-President: May Rogers (Midwest, USA)
2nd VP for US: Manuel de la Fuente (Northeast, USA)
VP Region 1 (USA): Arlene Poblador (SoCal, USA)
VP Region 3 (USA, Windsor/ON, Canada): Lilian Lau (Midwest, USA)
VP Region 5 (USA): Louise Vail (Northeast, USA)
VP Region 8 (Western Canada, AK & WA/USA): Sid Emmanuel (Vancouver, CANADA)
VP Region 9 (Eastern Canada): Christine Daquiado (Toronto, CANADA)
VP Region 10 (USA): Leynebel Leysa Senodo (Guam, USA)
Corporate Secretary: Faith Ramos (Toronto, CANADA)
Corporate Treasurer: Melba Debulgado (Midwest, USA)
Corporate Auditor: Lee Plagata (NorCal, USA)
Webmaster: Rodney Gicana (Toronto, CANADA)

Board of Directors (At-Large):
Easter Arora (Florida, USA)
Edwin Frank Arroz (Toronto, CANADA)
Rick Falco (Toronto, CANADA)
Erlinda Galanto (Vancouver, CANADA)
Yolanda Jain (Midwest, USA)
Helen Lebiga (SoCal, USA)

Flora Guillergan-Cudiamat (Midwest, USA)
Larry Lebiga (SoCal, USA)
Emelda Frange-Valcarcel (North Texas, USA)
Perla Londres-Waters (Midwest, USA)

Present during the meeting of chapter presidents, alumni group coordinators and advisers:

Rod Gonzales – CPUFOAA President (Toronto, CANADA)
Faith Ramos – CPUFOAA Corporate Secretary (Toronto, CANADA)
Advisers: Emelda Valcarcel (North Texas, USA), Larry Lebiga (SoCal, USA)

Chapter Presidents & Alumni Group Coordinators:
May Bond (Western Australia, AUSTRALASIA)
Sid Emmanuel (BC-Wash/AK, CANADA)
Norma Van Dusen (Toronto, CANADA)
Jose Ariel Lanada (United Kingdom, EUROPE)
Liza Grace Perez (Las Vegas, USA)
May Rogers (Midwest, USA)
Edward Pormilos (NorCal, USA)
Arlene Poblador (SoCal, USA)
Rufino Gonzales (South Texas, USA)


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