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By Meriam Amy , PRO officer, CPUAA-GTA

On Nov.5, 2022, the CPU Alumni Association Greater Toronto Area (CPUAA-GTA) held and Thanksgiving and Christmas Party at Kalayaan Cultural Community Centre (KCCC), at 5225 Orbitor Drive Suite #3 Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. There were 98 attendees. The celebration had a lot of food, fun and fellowship. The chapter welcomed 10 newcomers.


Our Thanksgiving /Christmas Party was centered around the bountiful harvest. The blessing that we enjoyed together was the various kinds of food as you can see overflowing on the table. The potluck menus have been greatly considered on the kinds of food that all alumni crave for, which serves as a reminder of our distinct Ilonggo taste.


Rinand Escuban and Faith Gicana both did a phenomenal job in setting the stage for drama of the evening. The beautiful rendition of CPU Alma Mater Song was spine-tingling. Centralians really know how to sing the four-part harmony.
The welcome song in Ilonggo, carol singing, Pastor Jim’s trumpet solo of Christmas carols had also jazz up the whole ambiance of the party. We also welcome 10 new attendees and birthday celebrants for November and December.


The Christmas reflection provided by Stanley and Vida Madera was truly a testimony of their transformed lives. They shared the restoration of their marriage relationship and how the Lord has guided their family on a full-time mission

It was a blessing hearing their testimony; a great reminder for all of us to treasure our relationship as couples; and finding our mission and continue serving the Lord in every stage and journey of our lives.


Our annual event had always been planned with set of expectations — FOOD, FUN and FELLOWSHIP with a little bit of fund-raising. Thank you so much to those who donated generously, so together, we can celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas.

We also acknowledge Norma Van Dusen’s leadership and dedication as president of CPUAAGTA for the past 6 years. Thank you!


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